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PDF Files  (plus some standard photos)

The New Files page only is where I'll be putting most of my new PDF stuff (dakara "shin fairu"...).

The Photos with text from 2000 to 2002(+) page contains several combination photo and text files, most of which were put together between 2000 and 2002.

The Historical page consists of a mix of PDF and JPG files, mostly light, but the Hiroshige page is over 1MB, so if you're not using a fast connection, it'll take some time to download.

New Files
This is the file to watch for new PDF material.

Photos with text from 2000 to 2002(+)
A collection of images and explanatory text visually reflecting life in Tokyo.

PDF and .jpg data:  '51 & '52 Korea & Japan; Theodore Roosevelt's 1903 California trip; 1948 Tokyo Map; Hiroshige (Tokaido-53) pictures, etc.