"Fun on the Train...  HaHaHoHo-Ouch!"
Fun On the Train, HaHaHoHoOuch!
 I took this one evening on a not especially pleasant ride home... and - as is generally the case - I am amazed at how settled and relaxed the picture looks.  Nothing like the claustrophobic feelings bringing on near panic while waiting for the suffering of being smashed into strangers in a stuffy train car to end....
    So, how does it look to you? Crowded? Not crowded? Only a little crowded? Very crowded? Not crowded at all? (There is all that empty space above the heads after all - they could load more bodies in on top of everyone to increase efficiency....). Keep in mind that you're only looking at the people standing in the space between the bench seats which are on both the right and left sides of the train car, so there are two rows of people down there completely out of sight.
Copyright 2003 - Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo