"Island" by Lyle H Saxon
This island is sitting in the middle of Tokyo Bay, and I presume the water level was at high tide when I cruised by on the ferry, otherwise the island would end up nearly submerged.  (For scale, note the people standing on the far right of the island.)  I don't know if there is actually someone stationed there, but whenever I see this photo (which I took in April 2004), I find myself wishing I could spend a few days on the island - a few days spent observing, feeling and writing about the experience of being on a very small and very low island in the middle of Tokyo Bay.  Would such an experience provide an insightful perspective on life or just leave me feeling stranded and stupid on a bit of rock jutting out of the bay?  Maybe both!

Copyright 2004 - Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo