"Only When the Wind Blows"


Residents of any megacity on the planet share their air with fire-breathing machinery and the megacities of Japan are no exception.  And so, when powerful winds blow in from across the seas, I am always excited by the drama of dramatic clouds speeding overhead, rain blowing in horizontally, and... the clean and clear air!  On just such a day I visited Yokohama (April 27th, 2004) and took the accompanying photo (original much higher resolution BTW).  A lucky break in the rain allowed me to get out in the open air with my camera and take a few quick photos while hurriedly and nervously wiping the occasional drops of rain off the camera.  Water on a film camera is nerve wracking enough, but on the bundle of computerized electronics that make up a digital camera, it's downright risky!  I accused myself of being a fool for putting my camera in harm's way, but - at least this time - I was able to get a few pictures that I like and the camera seems to still be okay.
     The thing about days when the air is clear, is that I wonder how long we will be cursed with the sloppy technology of internal combustion engines. Until recently I viewed them as something we're stuck with, and envied people in the past who could breathe clean air every day of their lives.  But now... I think we should look forward and really push for better technology for cars.  Breathing exhaust from fire-breathing mechanical monsters doesn't bother everyone, but it is healthy for none!  Until the mechanical monsters retire, I look forward to the next storm.

                                                                                                                             Copyright 2004 - Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo