"Parts" & "Condensation"
Machine parts - some normally unseen bits and pieces of machines have a certain artistry to them born of practical design.  A video tape head must of course be perfectly round to spin at speed, but that perfect roundness has a certain beauty to it.  Well... it doesn't look very nice in this picture (it looks better sitting on my desk), but the HDD platters look interesting (to me anyway).  Those four big patters came out of an old drive that was only able to attain 40MB with all that area!

Condensation... when I lived in a wooden apartment, I don't remember having so much of it, but the concrete building I'm in now certainly gets it in the winter.  This is a typical view of the inside of a window in my apartment in January 2005.

             Copyright 2005 by Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo