"Reflex Motion"
Reflex Motion, by Lyle H Saxon
While I've met thousands of people in Tokyo over the two decades I've been here, I'm realizing that there are only so many people you can really interact with at any given time.  The helping hand of technology notwithstanding (speedy rail travel, e-mail, etc.), there are no more hours in the day today than there were 22,137 years ago, so the extra chances of meeting people end up being like water over the spillway in an already full dam.  Thousands of people, and so few that I can bring to mind as I write this!
     Similarly, when riding in a train, you notice people somewhat while on your way to meet a friend, acquaintance, or whatever, but while you're glancing at an individual to your right, you cannot be simultaneously looking at another person on your left; and while you're focusing on what's out the window, you cannot be focused on what's inside the train.  Thus capturing an instant in time with photography is the only way to stop and look at the semi-parallel lives of the individuals in the train and really sense the number of directions indicated in that one moment... (or six in the case of the pictures above).

Copyright 2005 - by Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo