"Shinjuku Station"
I'm always reading conflicting figures for just how many people pass through Shinjuku Station, but apparently it is the highest number in the country (in the world?).  It's the terminal station for both the Keio Line and the Odakyu Line, both of which send one standing-room only train after another out into the suburbs, not to mention that the station is a transfer point for several other lines, including the very heavily used Chuo Line, the Saikyo Line and of course the Yamanote (loop) Line.  The multicolored board in the above picture has train destinations and times.

About a three minute walk from the first picture, and on the other side of the ticket gates (inside for the first picture, outside for the second) is this scene.  Motionless pictures don't quite capture the feeling of constant motion that is Shinjuku Station, but these might at least give you a hint.                                                                             Copyright 2004 - Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo