Sky Sushi
"Sky Sushi"

This is a single photo by the way - not a composite.  One exposure out the window of a highrise during a sushi dinner up in the sky....  This culminated a day of interpreting for a used clothing importer and one of his overseas suppliers.  It was a fascinating day of traveling around from one retail shop to another.  The number of unique and fascinating retail outlets was astonishing.  I have always liked the back-drawer aspect of Tokyo - you dive into the city and you never know what you'll find.  A casual stroll generally leads to one discovery after another in any event, so when you're with a professional who knows any specific aspect of the city in detail, the vast number and variety of things out there in any given field is an eye-opener.  After an exhausting day for the aging supplier, a slightly more interesting day than usual for the born-and-raised Tokyo man, and busy but fascinating day for myself, I was happy to find myself with them up in the sky for a meal of sushi.

Should I stop there?  Probably.  But to give you the whole story, I should mention that after I said good-bye to the used clothing people and watched them drive off in a taxi, I found myself standing out alone at the base of the high-rise, so I wandered around a bit, feeling the decompression effect after exiting the East-West bridge function that interpreting is.  Imagine it - there you are with a foot on two ships, both captains looking to you when they want to communicate something to the other captain.  You feel as though the world is this warm and exciting place and that you're helping to make it so.  Maybe you are... or maybe it's only an illusion, but either way, when the two ships sail off on their respective courses, you find yourself alone in a turbulent sea wondering what happened to that warm, energized world you thought you were a part of.  A complaint?  No... just an attempt to tell you how it was that night and other similar nights when I've done interpreting work.

Copyright 2004 - Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo