"Train Life"
"Train Life" by Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon
Taken a decade ago, basically the overall image of trains and people hasn't changed much in the past twenty years.  The color and design of the trains and certainly clothes fashions are always changing, but Tokyo being probably the most train-centered city in the world is an ongoing theme.  Development began in the late 19th century and - other than in the war years - has never stopped.  I don't even know how many train lines there are... getting on and off of trains and looking forward to the next new line opening has become something like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west - it's a way of life.
     The train line in these photos is the Yamanote Line by the way, and this style of train car is already out of use on that line, having been replaced with a wider bodied one with dual displays over each door.  While the current Chuo Line trains have been in service for about 22 years now, this model of the Yamanote Line was only in use for about... 17 years I think, beginning in about 1985.  Sorry for the sloppiness of the factual information ("How many train lines?" "What years exactly?"), but it's not important for the purpose of these images and if you really want to know, no doubt it's on the Internet somewhere.

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