"Yotsuya Rampart" by LHS, ITG, Tokyo
                    "Yotsuya Rampart"
   11:11 p.m. on the Yotsuya Rampart.  I would say this group was extremely fortunate in that the weather took a sudden warm turn, bringing out the cherry blossoms before large groups had time to plan and spread blue plastic sheets all over the ground and make it difficult to walk through, let alone walk over to a local store, buy provisions and come back to enjoy the cherry blossoms under a night sky.  While it's nice that everyone enjoys getting out together to drink and talk under the cherry blossoms, the large groups also chase away elusive ambiances....
   Myself?  I was going to meet a friend up there, but they couldn't come, and as it turned out, having a can of chuhai under the night sky alone provided me with a chance to relax and think things over - something not to be taken for granted in the Big City!
Copyright 2005 - Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo

Edo-Tokyo maps....
The Yotsuya area - Edo era on the left and present-day on the right.

Yotsuya Aerial View & Map
The Yotsuya area - standard map on the left and aerial view on the right.