"Meiji Shrine" - Images Through Glass, Tokyo
Meiji Shrine, Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo #1Looking out from the main building of Meiji Shrine (left and right above) and looking down part of the stairs leading up to the main building (center).

Meiji Shrine, Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo #2
The front approach to Meiji Shrine is down a long tree-lined gravel path - pictured above.  It's best to enjoy the trees as you stroll past - otherwise it's a bit of hike to the shrine if you are only thinking in terms of destination.

Meiji Shrine, Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo #3
People buy these boards (center above), write messages (hopes, prayers, sentiments), and then put them on... um... what do you call them?  Posting boards?  I have no idea - anyway, different shrines specialize in different things - one shrine for educational-related things, one for couples, etc.  There's also a nice pay-to-enter garden with a spring-fed pond midway down the tree-lined path to the shrine (right).

Meiji Shrine, Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo #4
Meiji Shrine pond in the fall (left), tree graffiti (center), and one of the long paths leading in and out of the shrine complex.  To visit Meiji Shrine, either get off the Yamanote Line in Harajuku or Yoyogi.  Harajuku is the most popular route and easier to understand from the station.

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