"As Far as the Eye Can See..."
Night Lights from Shinjuku, Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo
Up in a highrise - looking out at the lights of Tokyo, and there is no end to them - the city seemingly goes on to the edges of the earth.  The size of this city is an amazing thing to behold at night.  Down on the streets it doesn't seem quite so huge, but up here in the sky, it's quite a sight.  I suppose that's the way it is in any large city - "The city for the buildings" you could say.
     It's a simple enough experience - you go to a sky-side restaurant, sit by the window, and the world outside seems endlessly interesting.  (It would be nice to have an apartment 50 stories up - turn off the apartment lights and write while contemplating the city of lights stretched out before you like something from a science fiction story.)
     Well - enough on that.  It seemed downright magical when I first contemplated the view, but the more I look, the more ordinary it becomes!  Truly, there is profound in the mundane and mundane in the profound!  (The right photo was taken 15 minutes earlier than the left one - on the edge of twilight.)              Copyright 2006, by Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo