"Outside the Boxes"
Yamanote Line - by Lyle H Saxon, Tokyo #1
Rushing wind, steel on steel, blurred & varying intensities of light and color... these are all to be experienced if you but poke your head out of a speeding train.  It used to be a normal thing to do, but now people seem to think it's unspeakably dangerous, and so most of the time we ride around in sealed boxes on wheels; work within larger sealed boxes, and rely more on air conditioning than on open windows.  (Incidentally, the photo on the left above is in full color and is just as it came out of the camera - that's not a software sepia-tone or black and white - it's just the real world under some structure that the Yamanote Line train I was on passed under.)
Yamanote Line - by Lyle H Saxon, Tokyo #2
The color on the side of the Yamanote Line train going in the opposite direction is an advertisement - for iPods I think.  It depends on the ad of course, but some ads actually make the trains look better.

Copyright 2006 by Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo