"Random Views #2"  (Tokyo, The Auto Show & Boso Hanto)
"Random Views" by Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo #1
The Auto & Model Show is held once every two years for cars and motorcycles.  (Okay, so it's not officially a "Model Show", but what looks nice, looks nice and car manufacturers are selling much more than just transportation after all.)  The right photo was taken at the Kyu Yasuda Gardens (created by Honjo Inaba-no-Kami, domain leader of Hitachi in the Edo period), near Ryogoku Station.  Also nearby is the Edo-Tokyo Museum and the sumo arena.
"Random Views" by Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo #2
Tateyama Castle in Tateyama on the Boso Peninsula.  Dating back to 1590, the original one was destroyed in 1614, and the current building was constructed in 1982.
"Random Views" by Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo #3
(Below)  Sunset in western Tokyo and old and new Tokaido Line trains.  Actually, the sleek silver one is not very common - at least yet.  The dark green and orange trains are being replaced with stainless steel ones, but the sleek train below (which I took from Yokohama to Tokyo) is the two-door (per side) type with all cushy seats in pairs facing forward - much nicer than the usual model designed for the sardine runs.
"Random Views" by Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo #4

(Below)  Cars, trees & music.  It looks somewhat discordant to have the three lined up below, but in the right combination they can go together... which is the whole issue with things.  Getting things into balance is the key.
     Regarding concerts in Japan - there are several concert halls throughout the greater Tokyo area.  In addition to professional orchestras, band classes in high schools and universities are popular, as well as contests between school bands, held at concert halls (the photo below is of a high school band at one such event).  I've been invited to several concerts in which students are performing, and typically friends and family come, but not many other people.  No surprise I suppose, but still, it always bothers me to think of how hard they practiced and that people are happier to listen to CD's than to see an actual performance (even when it's free).  Time is the issue then?  Everyone is forever trying to get ever more and more done....  Time to slow down?
"Random Views" by Lyle H Saxon, ITG, Tokyo #5

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