"Ubuntu Linux Round Table at Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Roppongi Hills Tower"
Ubuntu RT Roppongi Tokyo LHS #1
The advantage to living in Tokyo is that a lot of things will come to you without your having to go anywhere (outside the city).  Most recently, Mark Shuttleworth and a team from Ubuntu Linux stopped by Tokyo for a few days, holding a round table discussion (on February 3rd) in a conference room at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo hotel, which is basically part of the Roppongi Hills complex - with the hotel on the other side from the middle view above.
Ubuntu RT Roppongi Tokyo LHS #2
While it was just a cross-town journey for us Tokyoites, a few of the gentlemen in the picture above came up from Osaka for the event (that's Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu with the purple tie).  Possibly as a token of appreciation for the Osaka crowd, the Ubuntu people treated everyone (who had the time) to a very enjoyable lunch in one of the hotel's restaurants (sorry, no pictures - I was too busy stuffing my face).  In the photo on the far right above, the left side is the Roppongi Hills complex and the right is the Grand Hyatt Tokyo hotel, with the restaurant we ate in behind and to the right of the picture's viewpoint - and in the lower left picture, to the left.
Ubuntu RT Roppongi Tokyo LHS #3
After lunch and further discussion with a few of the people from the Japan Ubuntu group over by Suntory Hall, we went down to the subterranean trains for transportation across town - to Tokyo Station and from there back to Osaka via the Shinkansen super express trains for them and over to the Chuo Line for myself.       Copyright 2006 by Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo