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These were written based on official character introductions.
But I can't English well, the text is divided short. Sorry.

Klonoa The hero. He is spirited, mischievous and a little rash,and curiosity is strong more than it. The type which enjoys a means than the purpose. A sense of justice is strong and he is kind to his friends. He have the attribute of a wind and can manipulate a wind for a while. He is sport omnipotent and especially skateboard and snowboard are a speciality. However, cannot swim. A favorite food is a hamburger. He dislikes a tomato.
Guntz The bounty hunter of wandering. Since he surely shoots down the target which aimed, he is feared by the another name of "golden Death." Although he is traveling to search of a father's enemy, he is unwilling to tell others that not much. He is affected, cool and takes an attitude which looked down upon others. Since he grew up alone, it seems that he has weak consciousness to a woman. He is the expert of a gun and is a gun maniac. Various small arms are brandished lightly and it is proud of preeminent hit accuracy. (Japanese voice actor: Takahiro Sakurai)
Garlen The evil gifted scientist who plans world conquest. He is the mechanism maniac of a degree very much. Founding of a mecha-mecha 1000-year kingdom is his dream, and he is frantic to the fund earnings for it. He has mechanized his own body and strengthening armaments are possible for him in various units. A self-absorption type typical in the speech tone which seems to be great. It goes berserk immediately. Even if he fails, he wants to make it someone's causes. He has not examined himself once, after being born. He invents a too grand plan considering ability, and fails in general. In a sense, he may be the greatest dreamer in Klonoa world. (Japanese voice actor: Yutaka Shimaka) --NOTE-- One of the development staff is talking in the Japanese Klonoa 2 capture book. "In the original schedule, Garlen was a pilot of Biskarsh."
Pango The third playable character in Klonoa Heroes. Pango is gentle and well informed. His hand is dexterous and he makes bombs personally. He meets Klonoa in the middle of the trip for helping a sick only son. Although he is usually mild, if gets angry, he will change suddenly...!? (Voice actor: Syouzou Iizuka)
Janga He declared himself "Janga with poison claws". It seems that he is collecting the energies of nightmare with Garlen and Joka. But that should be observed is the mark of his hat. Don't you have seen it? Guntz:That mark of your hat! You are, you are...! Janga:I see, you are Butz's son! That's funny! Guntz:WAAAAIT!!

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