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Welcome to your dream...

All is a story in the dream of one night.
When is the dream seen? The dream is seen at night. 
However, night is dark.
Night is dark and the dream is not seen.
Let's illuminate night.
Let's illuminate night brightly with the moon.
Let's illuminate the dream brightly with the moon.

Girl: *sob...sob...*

Voice of dream: What's happen? Why are you weeping?

Girl: The fragments of the moon were lost.

Voice of dream: The moon? The fragments?

Girl: If there is no fragment, today's moon is still deep-black.

Voice of dream: Don't weep. Where did you lose the fragments?

Girl: They are taken by artists.

Voice of dream: Artists?

Girl: That. That museum.

It's a mysterious museum.
Strange artists' selfish wayward museum.
The moon is monopolized only by them?
The moon is their collection?
What's the joke?

"I see! I will retrieve them!"

...Then, I was there.

Klonoa: Huepow, Rupuldo! (let's go!)

World1 Quiet Hometown

???: Welcome to the mysterious museum.
Klonoa: Who are you?
???: We are mysterious artists. Please have a look as long as you like.
Klonoa: I don't come to look arts. I want you to return moon fragments.
???: Please come in.
Klonoa: How do we do?
Huepow:It is unavoidable...

Picoo(Pikuu): Oh, this is the peculiar visitor. Welcome to my gallery.
Klonoa: Thank you.
Huepow: Who are you?
Picoo: I am an artist drawing a picture. The wonderful artist who uses people's recollections as a beautiful picture.
Klonoa: Wonderful...
Huepow: Where are moon fragments?
Picoo: Don't worry. They are shining in my picture.
Klonoa: In picture!?
Huepow: You don't say so! Return them!
Picoo: Well, look at this picture.
Klonoa: This is a nostalgic picture.
Picoo: Just like that. This is the picture which will put nostalgia. It is entitled "Quiet Hometown."
Huepow: Are moon fragments in this?
Picoo: Yes. If you want them, go into the picture and search.
Klonoa: Go into the picture?
Picoo: Three fragments are in one scene. If all are collected, you will return from the picture. However!
Klonoa: However?
Picoo: I don't draw ordinary pictures. Since it is intricately complex the inside of a picture, be ready for it. 
Huepow: A threat is not effective against us.
Picoo: Ha ha ha, you can't, you can't solve my art...

Picoo: What... I was surprised. My picture was solved splendidly.
Klonoa: Are the moon fragments all now?
Huepow: It seems that they are insufficient...
Picoo: Hmm... I am still unripe. It cannot be helped. Go to the next gallery.
Klonoa: Huh? Next...?

World2  Fort of Giant

Klonoa: Wah!
Huepow: Wow, what a big statue it is!
Treffle(Torehhuru): Yes. Big. This is the art! I'm great and big artist who made "Fort of Giant."
Klonoa: It is sure that this is so big, but...
Huepow: You look small on the contrary.
Treffle: Hmm! I'm small!? Don't talk big though you are a ball!
Huepow: I'm a ball!? It is you, runt!
Treffle: What! Umm! I have fury!
Klonoa: Well, calm down. By the way, where are moon fragments?
Treffle: Search in the giant freely!
Klonoa: In the giant...
Huepow: Waaah! We are swallowed!
Treffle: I am not runt!

Treffle: *sigh* Oh well. You escaped from the giant...
Klonoa: Are you OK?
Huepow: I'm sorry to say you are runt.
Treffle: Don't mind. I understood that if contents were small even if appearance was large, it is useless.
Huepow: Mister...
Treffle: Next, I will also enlarge contents!
Klonoa: You're right!
Huepow: ...Is it right?
Treffle: Go to the next gallery.

World3 Laughing Prison

Klonoa: Great! It is full of comics!
Huepow: Such is a large welcome!
Koof(Kuuhu): Yes! Comic is the art too! Welcome to my comic gallery!
Klonoa: Are you cartoonist?
Koof: No! I'm comic artist! Comics are composite art! It is first-class art!
Huepow: I approve of it!
Koof: Oh, do you understand? Then, please enjoy fully my "Laughing Prison."
Klonoa: Prison? It's a jail?
Koof: Thrill and horror! Tremble and wobble! This is the art! This is the art!
Klonoa: No! I am opposed to it!
Koof: No! Are you ready? It's show time of the terror!

Klonoa: We have escaped at last.
Huepow: Comics should be only read...
Koof: No...
Klonoa: Let's go to the next...

World4 Palace of Clouds

Klonoa: Is it a photograph?
Huepow: This is a beautiful photograph.
Kaho(Kahoo): Shall I take your photograph?
Klonoa: Are you artist too, lady?
Kaho: Yes! Look at the inside of the camera. There is endless "Palace of Clouds" which is across lens.
Klonoa: Across lens...
Kaho: I will copy you. I will copy your heart and dream.
Klonoa: Huh? ...One moment!
Kaho: This flash is somewhat too dazzling. Take care not to fall apart.
Huepow: Fall apart!?
Kaho: Say cheese!

Kaho: Oh, have you come back?
Klonoa: Are the moon fragments all now?
Huepow: No. A little more.
Kaho: The next is the last gallery. Be ready for it. There is the true art there.
Klonoa: The true art...?
Huepow: No problem!
Klonoa: Let's go!
Kaho: Oh, how spirited boys you are. The moon of tonight may be too bright....

World5 Selfish Museum

Klonoa: Where is here...?
???: Excellent. It's a mercy that you came to here.
Klonoa: Who are you?
Huepow: Are you the owner of this museum?
Museum: No, I'm Museum. I am this museum itself.
Huepow: What!?
Museum: Art is the mirror of the heart. Dreams is also the mirror of the heart. That is, art is the same as dreams.
Klonoa: Why did it become so!?
Museum: If the moon illuminates dreams, art must also be illuminated. Therefore, we wish for the moon!
Klonoa: It is selfish!
Museum: No. Art is the same as dreams. Whose dream is this dream?
Klonoa: ...Huh?
Museum: It's the last! I am "Selfish Museum." Let's have your art shown.


Picoo: What! Oh, what!
Treffle: All of our art were solved.
Koof: No. Now it is...
Kaho: We can't do anything. We can't make anything.
Museum: Oh wah!

Klonoa: Here it is. Is it all right now?
Girl: Thank you. Thank you, boy. Thanks to you, the moon can appear tonight.
Klonoa: It's amazing... The moon was beautiful like this.
Huepow: It looks big more than usually.
Girl: The more dream is large, the more the moon become large. Today's moon seems to be very fine!

Picoo: Oh, what beautiful it is.
Treffle: It sinks into my heart.
Koof: Yes...
Kaho: We lost completely...

Huepow: Art is the same as dreams... If dreams enlarge the moon, art also have the moon twinkles.
Klonoa: I see. Therefore, thoughts of artists have the moon twinkles like that.
Huepow: Dreams...

"Whose dream is this dream?"

Huepow: Yes, it may be so. ...But,
Klonoa: But?
Huepow: That moon is... That moon is your art!

-= Staff Roll =-

Picoo: That moon is the true art!
Treffle: No, I can still do my best!
Koof: Yes! I have not lost!
Kaho: Yes, oh, as for me, creation volition has grown!
Museum: Let's make our dreams! Let's make new art puzzles!

All is a story in the dream of one night...

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