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World 1

Hikari Sakura is 'the bloomless flower,' but if it may bloom by chance, a fortune will come to a dear person.
Klonoa took the Hikari Sakura in order to present Lolo who will study abroad to the sky temple.
Then, monsters appeared in here and there of a village.
With this, it cannot pick up Lolo from the sky temple.
Klonoa went to defeat monsters.
When Klonoa lapsed into a crisis, Guntz appeared.
Klonoa yearns after the Hero medal of Guntz.
However, Guntz didn't hear Klonoa's question and went with the Hikari Sakura.
Although Klonoa pursues Guntz, it he lost to Guntz at once.
Then, Klonoa mastered the special attack and retrieved the Hikari Sakura, and present Lolo it.
On the other hand, Guntz who was looking for the partner invited Klonoa to the journey.
Klonoa started the journey with Guntz.

World 2

Klonoa and Guntz came to Jugkettle.
A prize can be got if the monster which damages the sea is defeated.
While they were getting informations, they met with Karal.
Karal asked them to return his mama(Pamela) sane.
They who thought that it was the true character of the monster dived into the sea with the diving suit 'DeepOne.'
When it becomes a full moon, Karal's mama began to riot. 
They fought with Pamela unavoidably. But, Pamela does not return sane.
Guntz think that only Karal can save Pamela, and tended to beat Pamela in order to rally frightened Karal.
Pamela regained senses when she looked at Karal which protects her desperately. 
Since they didn't defeat the monster, the prize was not able to be got. 
However, Klonoa improved Guntz a little.

World 3

There are many missing persons at the ruins of Moon's recently.
A prize can be got if they are saved.
Although they were stopped by a trip merchant's man Diglo, they went into ruins, respectively.
Guntz found his father's enemy Janga.
However, both of them have been caught by Janga.
Then, PANGO destroyed the wall of the prison and appeared.
They thanks Pango and began search again.
A prison cannot be broken although they found the missing person.
Guntz was looking for Janga rather than it.
When Guntz found Janga again, Janga used Klonoa as the shield and escaped.
Angry Guntz left Klonoa and pursued Janga.
Klonoa looked for Pango who can destroy a prison in order to help the caught person.
Klonoa saved them by cooperation of Pango.
They were Diglo's friends who were taken by Janga as the hostage.
Pango was looking for the cure for his son's sleeping sickness.
Pango said that he goes to the library of the sky temple.
Since Klonoa had heard that the friend of Janga went to the sky temple, he went with Pango.

World 4

Since Pango heared that Klonoa wants the Hero medal, he decided to introduce Klonoa.
Anyone can get a Hero medal in the sky temple if has introduction of a person with a medal.
High priestess asked Klonoa, when giving a Hero medal to him.
"What is the Hero?"
Klonoa thought various.
"Someday, the time when it is asked for the answer comes. Prepare your answer by then".
Next, they looked for the cure for sleeping sickness at a library. However, it was not found.
Lolo said that the old book of Moon's was in the inner shrine.
When they was going to go there instantly, Lolo fell to the waterway.
Klonoa and Pango pursued immediately.
When Klonoa caught up, Lolo was caught by Joka.
The book of Moon's which Pango was looking for(Tradition of the moon and dreams) was also taken by Joka.
Although they follow Joka, they lost to Joka who changed shape.
Joka went away with the balloon which was marked with the national flag of Volk.

World 5

Klonoa and Pango came to Volk to look for Joka, and Guntz came to look for Janga.
They mastered the new special attack to each.
Guntz got his father Butz's gun.
Pango got the new book about gunpowder.
And Klonoa was learned(?) from Balue.
They who joined swore to fight with enemys together.
However, they were not in time for the launch of the rocket for disturbance of Joka, and Lolo was taken away by Janga.
They cooperated, defeated Joka and went to the moon.

World 6

They came to the moon and were surprised that a town is there.
This is a town of the moon's people. They are the posterity of the resident of Moon's. 
Then, Garlen sent the electric wave all over the world to put people to sleep.
Garlen said that he collects their nightmares and will revive Nahatomb.
He is going to conquer the world by the power of the Star medal of Nahatomb.
The moon's people's old man told the tradition of Nahatomb.
Long ago, Moon's was prosperous by the power of the hero Nahatomb.
However, those who avoided it drove them away to the moon.
Nahatomb which got damaged went to long sleep at the moon.
The old man asked Klonoa and others to stop Garlen.
Soon, Janga came by the command of Garlen to beat them.
Guntz defeated Janga at last.
However, Klonoa sufferrd the last attack of Janga and the poison made Klonoa fall into a comatose state.

World 7

Guntz and Pango carried Klonoa to the dispensary, and counteracted the poison of him.
Klonoa was caught by the nightmare by the electric wave of Garlen.
In the nightmare, Klonoa was not able to find out the meaning of the Hero.
However, he worked out the answer, thanks to Guntz and Pango, and he woke up.
They found Lolo. She suited the state of sleeping sickness.
In order to cure Lolo, they go to Garlen's room.
Although Garlen shows his gold medal to threatene Klonoa, Klonoa was braced up on the contrary.
They fought Garlen and they won, but Garlen escaped.
And the nightmare in the world was bundled in Lolo's soul and the Darkness of Nahato was caused at last.

Darkness of Nahato

Garlen who tried to conquer Nahatomb has been conversely taken in by Nahatomb.
Nahatomb woke up and told about the true meaning of the Hero medal.
Nahatomb pulls the wires by the hero medal, and in order that he might eat, he makes heroes to collect dreams.
However, Klonoa denied it, and they fought.
Cornered Nahatomb gulped down Lolo's soul.
Although it hesitated for Klonoa to attack, it turns out that Lolo's soul is kept by everybody, 
and they gave a finishing blow to Nahatomb.


The Darkness of Nahato disappeared. However, Lolo did not wake up.
Pango looked for the cure in "Tradition of the moon and dreams."
Then, it was proved that the light of Hikari Sakura could cure sleeping sickness.
However, Hikari Sakura is "the bloomless flower."
When Klonoa despaired, the Hikari Sakura bloomed.
The Hikari Sakura bloomed only under the weak gravity of the moon.
They returned to the earth.

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