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The star medal which shines glitteringly.
Yearning of children. The sign of hero.
The license of the glory of which everyone dreams.
The hero surely has it!
If don't have, not a hero!
It's a hero medal. It's my dream.
Although it is only rumor....
It is said that there is a medal of the legend which has brightness of the star 
that nobody has still seen in the world....
Someday, surely!
Someday, certainly!
Someday, unfailingly!
It's a hero medal. It's my dream....

ひらかないつぼみ ヒカリサクラ(A broomless bud  Hikari Sakura)

Although the sky was cloudy all the time till yesterday, 
it was very bright from morning today...
It was the best day as start on a journey.

Chipple: Are you OK, Klonoa?
Klonoa: OK, OK, It's a little more, I can reach...
Chipple: If you fall from there, you will be injured.
Klonoa: I am used to being injured. A little more...
Chipple: Look out! The branch has bent very much!
Klonoa: A little...more...


Klonoa: Wa!


Klonoa: Ouch...
Chipple: It's GURUGURU...It is hard to fall on me...
Klonoa: Sorry. Thanks to you, I'm OK.
Chipple: I'm NOT OK...
Klonoa: But, look.
Chipple: Hikari Sakura! You find it!?
Klonoa: Hehe, since I had made a promise!
Chipple: Great! You are true, Klonoa!

"The broomless bud" of Hikari Sakura which swells to the first of year, 
after a cloudy day continues in spring.
Although it is strange in the broomless bud, that is actually right.
But, if it may bloom...
If it may bloom by chance, a fortune will come to a dear person.
The old old legend which is handed down in the village of wind, Breezegale.
I never believe a charm, but only today is special.
Specially special today.

Chipple: It will surely be GURUGURU glad!
Klonoa: Hehe...It is good in that being.
Popka: Klonoa!
Klonoa: Ar?
Chipple: That's Popka.
Klonoa: What's happen, Popka? The departure is the evening.
Popka: Hah,Hah,...It is impossible! The serious matter has happened in the village!
Klonoa: The serious matter?
Popka: Suddenly small monsters appeared, here and there, anything is something!
Klonoa: Anything is something?
Popka: Anything is something! Anyhow, since it is dangerous, go home and lock, the village mayor said to everybody!
Chipple: Really? That's GURUGURU serious...
Klonoa: Small monsters...hehe.
Chipple: Possibly, are you glad? Glad?
Klonoa: OK, let's return to the village! I want to try at once the ring of wind got from Grandpa!
Chipple: Klonoa!
Popka: I'm worried... He is quite rash...

カイブツをぶっとばせ!(Beat monsters!)

Klonoa: Has it already finished?
Chipple: You are very quick.
Klonoa: Hehe. Shall I beat all monsters in the village?
Chipple: It is impossible, useless, and GURUGURU! I go home. I worry about younger brothers!
Klonoa: It is boring.
Popka: Go home too, Klonoa. Grandpa is worried.
Klonoa: No. Grandpa's anxious nature is a usual thing. It is a special incident. A little more, don't it?
Popka: Would it be OK...?

ヒーロー、ヒーロー!(Hero, hero!)

Klonoa: Let's visit to Lolo. She is in Clare's temple, doesn't she?
Popka: Many monsters are also in along a way.
Klonoa: I desire it! Don't you think that a hero is such?
Popka: Umm..Hero...
Klonoa: Hero, hero! And, there is what to pass to her. Let's go! Popka, follow me!
Popka: Hey, don't overwork!

ボクにまかせて!(Leave it to me!)

Klonoa: Lolo!
Lolo: Klonoa!

A childfood friend Lolo.
The girl who is a priestess training which serves goddess called Clare.
Although she is a blunderer for a while, she is endurance.
The endurance was accepted and it was decided to go to the Sky Temple to study.

Klonoa: Luckily, it seems that you are safe.
Lolo: You too, Klonoa.
Klonoa: Is it OK? Today is...
Lolo: Yes...There is a problem...
Popka: What's happen?
Lolo: Do you know the hill of a bell?
Klonoa: In along a highway?
Lolo: Yes. A person to meet of the temple is due to come there, but...
Popka: Monsters are also there!?
Lolo: Particularly large one has taken up position...
Popka: Darn it! Especially such a day.
Klonoa: .......OK, leave it to me!
Lolo: Er?
Klonoa: I do somehow! OK, wait in comfort, Lolo!
Lolo: Klonoa!

ロロとのやくそく(A promise with Lolo)

Klonoa: Popka, wait here. Take the post of Lolo.
Pooka: y, Yes.
Lolo: Do you go truly?
Klonoa: Since I'm hero! By the way, there is present to you...
Lolo: .......I don't receive now.
Klonoa: Er?
Lolo: If you return, I will receive it.  ...Please make a promise. You return safely.
Klonoa: Lolo? Such an exaggerated. Don't worry...
Lolo: Please make a promise!
Klonoa: ...OK! I'll return safely.
Lolo: ...Yes.
Klonoa: Don't worry. Today is a special departure day. I surely carry out somehow!

たいけつ!ジャイアントムゥ(Confrontation with Giant Moo)

Klonoa: That is! What a fairly big, indeed... But, I beat somehow! OK! Wait, Lolo!

ナゾのおとこ(A mystery man)

Klonoa: Are they all now? Such a thing is easy for me...
Klonoa: What!?
Moo: Moo!!
Klonoa: Was it more?
Moo: Momomooo!!
Klonoa: Many like this!? There is too much!
Moo: Momomomomooooo!!!
Klonoa: Wawawa! Wait,wait! Time out! Stop! The ban on entry! AAAAAhhh!


Moo: Moo!!
Klonoa: Er...
???: They are passive monsters. Probably, there is not very much remuneration.

He appeared riding on a crimson bike.
He shines the golden neck and smiles cool.
It is very groovy and had somewhere the atmosphere which cannot approach easily.
But, more than it, more than anything...!

Klonoa: Hero medal!
Guntz: Ar?
Klonoa: What you attach to the breast is the hero medal, isn't it!?
Guntz: What are you?
Klonoa: Sorry. I'm Klonoa. Thank you for help me.
Guntz: Help? What's That? Since there were monsters, I only shot randomly. I see, you were there. It was lucky that you were not hit.
Klonoa: What? It is a hateful fellow...Never mind. More than it, that medal! That's hero medal, isn't it? How did you get it!?
Guntz: Ar?
Klonoa: I want to become a hero. Tell me!
Guntz: Hero? You? Hahahaha! Hey, don't say an impudent thing. You should just go home and be trembling.
Klonoa: What!!
Guntz: Now, a little more...Ar? What's this?
Klonoa: A!
Guntz: A bud...?
Klonoa: I dropped at that time! Return, that is mine!
Guntz: Yours? You are a child truly. Do you pick a flower at that age?
Klonoa: Don't mind! That's valuable! Return!
Guntz: It is trivial. I dislike such a thing.
Klonoa: Stop it!!
Guntz: ...Um?....I'll excuse. This is a rare flower, isn't it? I'm given as gratitude which helped you.
Klonoa: What!?
Guntz: Goodbye, little kid!
Klonoa: Wait! WAAAAAIT!

ヒカリサクラを とりかえせ!(Get back Hikari Sakura!)

Klonoa: Darn it! Where did he go? Hikari Sakura brings a dear person a fortune.
It is absurd to give him a fortune! ...Oh? Since he is not a dear person, isn't a fortune given?
Umm, let me see...At any late, I will surely get back anyhow!

かえせかえせかえせ!(Return! Return! Return!)

Guntz: ...Well, well....
Klonoa: There he is! I found!
Guntz: What?
Klonoa: Return Hikari Sakura!
Guntz: Did you follow on truly? ...It is a troublesome fellow.
Klonoa: Return! Return! Return!
Guntz: Shut up!
Klonoa: Return! Return! Return! Return! Return! Return! Return! Return! Return! Return!
Guntz: Gaaahh! Damn you! You want to become a hero, aren't you? If you want this, take by force!
Klonoa: All right! Don't repent!
Guntz: You, too!

きたれわかものサイキョーとっくん!(The strongest crash course! Come! The young!)

Klonoa: Did you see!?
Guntz: Pooh...Don't grow impudent...Although I think that it's disgraceful, to a child... I become earnest!
Klonoa: Er?
Guntz: Hey! Hey! Hey!
Klonoa: Wa!
Guntz: Heyheyheyheyhey!!!
Guntz: Understand the place, brat!
Klonoa: Darn it...
Guntz: Even if a weak fellow bluffs, it will only be put to shame!
Klonoa: ...Then! Then, I'll become strong! I'll become strong and surely beat you!
Guntz: Is it a bluff?
Klonoa: It's sure! Wait for that time!
Guntz: OKOK.
Klonoa: It's sure!!

Chipple: ...I see. It was misfortune.
Klonoa: I thought that you know how to become strong.
Chipple: I'm weak.
Klonoa: I know.
Chipple: So clearly....
Klonoa: I thought that you know many things since you are weak. Do you know how to become strong immediately?
Chipple: Such convenience....Oh, but...
Klonoa: But?
Chipple: Balue, the boss of Ganstone quarry, he said, "The strongest crash course! Come! The young!"...
Klonoa: That's! Thank you, Chipple!
Chipple: But everyone says, he say a malarky thing and is going to make work gratuitously, probably...oh? Klonoa?

オトコならコブシでかたれ(Talk by the fist if you are a man)

Balue: Do you want to strengthen you? Umm, I understood circumstances...Do you like Lolo?
Klonoa: Yes. She is my friend.
Balue: It is a disappointing answer... Oh well. I specially teach you a special attack!
Klonoa: Really?
Balue: Yes. However, help me a little before it. Strange monsters showed up on the road to the coal mine. 
Klonoa: Monsters?
Balue: When you pass front of it, it blows you to the entrance. 
     Hands and feet's armor is so hard and the aslant attack is not effective at all. 
     Moreover, they appears a lot. Where do I touch first? It is like a puzzle... *sigh*
     Hey, the quarry is dangerous article strict prohibition. I keep the arms. 
Klonoa: Do you tell me to beat with empty hand?
Balue: Talk by the fist if you are a man. 
Klonoa: May I talk by the fist?
Balue: ...Talk by the word now. If you can beat them, I will teach you the special attack. 
Klonoa: I see! I only have not to pass the front of monsters. It's easy.
Balue: If it's easy, I did it. 
Klonoa: Huh?
Balue: A.. Ah, I was making it easy. Overcome the trial. 
Klonoa: OK. I'm sure to become strong!
Balue: Become strong!

クロノア・トルネード・アタック!(Klonoa Tornade Attack!)

Klonoa: Finish!
Balue: Wow, you are wise. I was helped. 
Klonoa: It's a promise. 
Balue: OK. You did well. You exceeded me who was the master. There is no thing I teach you any more.  Defeat him thoroughly!
Klonoa: OK! Let's go... No,No!
Balue: Tut! Don't mind the details. Let me see... The yell! Handle the wind by the yell!
Klonoa: The yell?
Balue: Yes, the yell... the air... the wind... gather the wind...
Klonoa: ...The tornade?
Balue: Yes! The tornade!
Klonoa: The tornade...? I see! I make the power of the wind as the tornade... I can! I can it!
Balue: Good. Name it "Balue Tornade Attack!"
Klonoa: Yes. It's "Klonoa Tornade Attack!" Thank you, Balue! I try it!
Bulue: O, oh, do your best!

You got the special attack "Tornade Attack!"

Balue: However it's irresponsible things, I should try saying.....

ぼくじょうでまってるぜ(I'm waiting in the corral)

Klonoa: I found!
Guntz: You again? I was waiting because you said I must be waiting. 
Klonoa: Really? You are unexpectedly good man. Thank you. 
Guntz: You're silly. It's a lie. I only took a nap. 
Klonoa: Wow What a disagreeable man you are!
Guntz: Why are you desperate so much in only one flower?
Klonoa: It's a promise!
Guntz: Promise?
Klonoa: I return unharmed. I return and pass her the flower. 
Guntz: ... You are romantic though you are a child. 
Klonoa: Fight a duel!
Guntz: Wait. It is trivial in such the wayside. There was a corral beyond this. I'm waiting there. 
Klonoa: Corral?
Guntz: It's a duel. Let's do romantically. 
Klonoa: Huh?
Guntz: So long!
Klonoa: Ah, wait!

マグナぼくじょうのけっとう(Gunfight at the Magna Corral)

Guntz: Indeed! You can came here.
Klonoa: I said I become strong.
Guntz: If you won, I will return the flower. Instead of... When you lose, pay 100000 dreas.
Klonoa: 100000 dreas??? No... It's impossible....
Guntz: What? You are stingy. 
Klonoa: That's you!
Guntz: Oh well. I get all your cash in hand!
Klonoa: What do you say to a child?
Guntz: That is I'm too serious. You should thank me! Let's fight!
Klonoa: OK!

ロロのしゅっぱつ(Lolo's departure)

Klonoa: I did it!!
Guntz: Damn it! Really?
Klonoa: Thank you, Balue!!
Guntz: You are really formidable child... This motorbike is not useful any longer. It is reluctant. Here it is. 
Klonoa: Hikari Sakura! ...You might be a good man after all. 
Guntz: Huh?
Klonoa: This is still neat. You took good care of this. 
Guntz: ...Tush.
Klonoa: I didn't hear your name. 
Guntz: ...Guntz.
Klonoa: Thank you, Guntz!


Klonoa: The hill of the bell! It's already evening! I should hurry up!!
Guntz: ...

Klonoa: Lolo!
Lolo: Klonoa!
Klonoa: *gasp* I may be in time.
Lolo: Klonoa... Is it an injury!?
Klonoa: Don't worry. This is a scratch. By the way, a person to meet from the Sky Temple...
Priestess: Are you Klonoa? You seem to have defended the hill of the bell. Thank you. 
Klonoa: No, Guntz did in reality... Oh well.
Lolo: ...Thank you, Klonoa...
Klonoa: It's a promise! Well, Lolo. This is for you.
Lolo: ...Hikari Sakura...!
Klonoa: I wish your luck.
Lolo: ...Thank you. Thank you, Klonoa. Oh, a small friend is together.
Klonoa: Huh? Oh! Under petals...!?
Lolo: Beautiful...
Klonoa: Guntz notised this. Therefore he took care of it...
Priestess: Then, let's go.
Lolo: Yes. Then, Daddy, Mammy, Klonoa, Chipple, and Popka... I'm going.
Klonoa: Do your best, Lolo!
Popka: I go to play sooner or later!
Klonoa: See you!
Chipple: Farewell!
Klonoa: .................. She has gone. 
Chipple: It becomes lonely. 
Klonoa: ...
Guntz: ...Hey you.
Klonoa: Guntz? You were there.
Guntz: Will you come with me?
Klonoa: Huh?
Guntz: I'm a bounty hunter. I'm looking for a partner. You want to become stronger, don't you?
     You cannot become a hero in such the country. 
Klonoa: ...
Guntz: I don't compel.  I will go out of the village tomorrow morning. 
     I'm waiting in the outskirts of the village if you want. 
Klonoa: Ah, Guntz! ....

Klonoa: Grandpa, I say...
Grandpa: ...
Klonoa: Today I met a man called Guntz.... Ah, and, Lolo had gone to the Sky Temple...
Grandpa: ...
Klonoa: I say...
Grandpa: Monsters are still there. Lock securely the door, and go to bed early. 
Klonoa: ...Yes. Good night...

Klonoa: ...Grandpa, sorry! Oh! Luggage is prepared... Shoes are polished....
     Grandpa... Thank you... I'm going!

サイコーのたびだち(The best starting of a journey)

Guntz: You have come...
Klonoa: Please, Guntz. There is one asking. You are a bounty hunter. I help you. But...
     I aim at the hero! I get the Hero Medal!
Guntz: ...Do as you like. Let's go.

It was very bright from morning that day and it was the best day as start on a journey.
It's suddenly, but I have feelings not suppressed. 
Therefore, although I throb, although I'm a little uneasy, I start on a journey after all.
...Yes. It's good in this!
Grandpa, Lolo, Popka, and Chipple. I promise. I surely become the highest hero. Surely!!

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