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バケモンたいじ(Extermination of the monster)

Klonoa: Look, Guntz! The sea! The sea is seen!
Guntz: Don't make noise in such the sea. Are you a kid? ...You were a kid.

Guntz is a strange guy. 
Although he is usually disagreeable, sometimes a little gentle. 
Which is he a bad guy or good guy?
I was taken by Guntz to the port. 

Guntz: You want a Hero Medal, don't you?
Klonoa: Huh?
Guntz: Then, you should do activity who seems to be the hero. 
Klonoa: Seems to be the hero...?
Guntz: It's extermination of the monster that ruins the town. The exploit is given to you. 
Klonoa: Really?
Guntz: You have gone on journey for that, don't you?
Klonoa: Yes.
Guntz: Show a good point. 
Klonoa: OK! Thank you, Guntz! I try my skill!
Guntz: I trust you. I undertake all prizes. 
Klonoa: OK! .....Not OK!!

Guntz is a strange guy....

カナヅチ、ふなよい、レッツゴー("Cannot swim" and "get seasick," let's go)

Guntz: The monster seems in the offing. It remains unsettled even if waiting. 
        Let's rent the airplane and look for from the sky. 
Klonoa: And next?
Guntz: It's natural. That's in the sea. We will fight directly against that by diving. 
Klonoa: Diving!? No! I can't! Impossible!!!
Guntz: Huh?
Klonoa: Uh... I'm a little weak in swimming... 
Guntz: You cannot swim?
Klonoa: Uh... You're right...
Guntz: ...How useless...
Klonoa: Because that is a sea monster, let's fish with the ship. 
Guntz: Ship? ...No. I can't. Impossible.
Klonoa: Huh?
Guntz: Uh... I'm a little weak in taking a ship...
Klonoa: What? Maybe... You get seasick?
Guntz: Uh... You're right...
Klonoa: ...How useless...
Klonoa: ...
Guntz: ...
Klonoa: W, We had better collect information a little more for the time being. Right?
Guntz: Y, Yes. There should be a big port beyond here. Let's go there. 
Klonoa: O, OK!
Klonoa: ...
Guntz: ...
Klonoa: Le, Let's go!!

すいじょういちばでおっとっと(Oops! in the water market)

Klonoa: Is here a port?
Guntz: It must be correct... But it's awfully quiet... Oops! 
Klonoa: Take care. The ship is a house as it is. ...Oh, you are not good on the ship. 
Guntz: Shut up! I'll be damned if I get seasick in such place!! ...It's still too quiet. Oops!
Klonoa: The cape seems to be livelier a little more. Let's go. 
Guntz: Yes. Oops!
Klonoa: ...You are really not good on the ship...
Guntz: Shut up! Oops! Everyone has one and two fault... Oops!
Klonoa: There is already ground...
Guntz: Oops?

あやしいカゲ(Mysterious shadow)

Klonoa: Oh no.
Guntz: Damn it! There is no useful informations.
Klonoa: How do we do?  ... What?
Guntz: No idea. But... I don't like it because it is stealthy. 


???: Kyuui!!
Guntz: Tush, it's a miss.
Klonoa: Hey! How violent!
Guntz: Let's chase it, Klonoa!
Klonoa: Huh?
Guntz: If it is captured, it might know something. 
Klonoa: Hey, Guntz!!

ママをたすけて(Help mama)

Guntz: There! Stealthy fellow in shadow of rock! If you don't go out, I shoot the rock and all!!
???: ......
Klonoa: Fish? It's still a kid.
Karal: Kyuu...
Guntz: You are the monster ... It's surely not.
Klonoa: Stop it, Guntz! It is completely frightened. I'm sorry the threat. I'm Klonoa. You are... A resident of around here?
Karal: ... Are you heroes?
Klonoa: Hero? Ah, Hero Medal. Yes. I'm a hero... training.
Guntz: But I'm a hero.
Klonoa: Don't domineer for you have the medal. 
Guntz: Hum.
Karal: Please! Help mama! Recover mama's sanity!!
Klonoa: Mama...???
Guntz: Sanity... Ha, I understood. That is the monster's true colors. 
Karal: Mama is not a monster! Mama only becomes crazy because of the full moon!
Klonoa: Full moon? What does the full moon do?
Karal: I don't know. Mama has a nightmare and rages only on the day of the full moon. 
Klonoa: Hm... Oh, it's a full moon soon. Therefore, people were a little in the town. 
Guntz: They are cowardly. 
Klonoa: I see. Guide to mama first. 
Karal: Do you help?
Klonoa: Of course! We are heroes!
Karal: Kyuui!
Guntz: .... You should not to undertake it easily. We don't know how to help.
Klonoa: I will do it somehow.
Guntz: Somehow...? Before it, the problem that we cannot go to the sea is not solved yet. 
Klonoa: Ah.
Karal: If you asks the person in the port, the dive suit will be lent. 
Klonoa: I see! Lucky us! Let's go to the port to collect informations. 
Guntz: ...

かいていへ!(To the bottom of the sea)

Klonoa: We borrowed the suit. Let's go, Guntz!!
Guntz: ...I'm a bounty hunter to the end. If it is unprofitable even if we help it, I'll knock it down ruthlessly. 
Klonoa: Guntz!!
Karal: Well... There is a place where treasures sinks to be near. 
Guntz: Treasure!?
Karal: I don't know whether it is realized as reward or not...
Guntz: Let's go! Klonoa!! 
Klonoa: Hey! Self-interest is always his motive... Oh well. Don't worry! I surely help your mama, Karal!
Karal: Kyuui!

Guntz: ..."Help mama"...

ひっさつ!しにがみファイヤー(Special Attack! Shinigami(Death God) Fire)

Guntz: Here! Look, Klonoa!
Klonoa: ...? Is this gun the treasure?
Guntz: This's a rare gun! This has not rusted at all although this was in the sea!!
       This will knock monsters down at a time! Great! That's great, Klonoa!!

You got the Special Attack "Shinigami Fire!"

Klonoa: Well?
Guntz: Damn you! Don't touch by dirty hands!!
Klonoa: It is unrelated in the sea whether it's dirty or not!
Guntz: It was rewarded that we came here! This grip! This barrel! Wonderful!!
Klonoa: I severely envy though I don't understand at all... Karal! Isn't there something more?
Karal: Kyuu? The rest is... Seaweed Sword that makes tasty soup... Cursed Life Belt that makes be drowned without fail...
       and Chirigami(toilet paper) Fire always wipe the nose. 
Klonoa: I don't want!!!

まんげつ(The full moon)

Guntz: There are a lot of treasures though almost they are useless. 
Karal: They are whats the people on the ground leave. 
Guntz: Leave...?
Karal: Our clan had defended this sea in old times. They are the rewards. 
Guntz: That is offerings? But, it's treated as a monster now. 
Klonoa: Guntz!!
Guntz: It's a fact. Such is a way. When human betray, it will be done easily. 
Klonoa: Don't say such a lonely thing!
Guntz: Hum... It's too difficult for kids. 
Karal: Kyuui...

Klonoa: Oh... Although I didn't notice because we're on bottom of the sea, it's already night...
Guntz: This brightness... The full moon....
Karal: Mama... Mama...
Guntz: ...
Klonoa: Let's hurry up, Guntz, Karal!

エヴィルパメラ(Evil Pamela)

Karal: Mama! Mama, mama, where? Mama!
Pamela: Gu... Karal... Don't come here...
Karal: Mama!
Pamela: That... sleep of moon... again... No... Karal... Leave me...!
Klonoa: ...Sleep?
Karal: Mama!!
Klonoa: Karal!!
Pamela: G, GAA, GAAAH!
Klonoa: Is this... Karal's mother?
Guntz: ...!
Klonoa: Wait, Guntz! Will you fight without warning?
Guntz: Shut up! In what world has mother who strikes her child?
Klonoa: However, there must be some causes!
Guntz: Don't say a easy thing! Those who don't understand by a talk nothing but hold it down by power!!
Pamela: Kyuaaaa...!!
Guntz: Hey, it comes!
Klonoa: Shoot...!

おやこのきずな(Blood ties)

Guntz: I made it!
Klonoa: Are you OK? Karal's mother!
Pamela: Kua! Kyukyukyua!!
Klonoa: Get hold of yourself! Come back to your senses!
Karal: Kyuu... Is it impossible?
Guntz: Yes, it's impossible.
Klonoa: Guntz!!
Guntz: After all, we are others. Although we can knock it down, it's impossible to help it from the first. 
       How is it done? Do I stop the life of it?
Karal: No... Mama, mama...!
Klonoa: No, Guntz!! That's no way to do it!!
Guntz: I already know such a thing. However, when he essential runs away, it will not be solved! 
       "Help mama?" Don't joke!
Klonoa: Don't say unreasonableness! Karal is still little!
Guntz: So what? Does he run away because he is a kid? I hate such thing!!
Klonoa: Nonsense!
Karal: ...!! No! Don't shoot mama!!
Guntz: ...Move aside, or I shoot you too.
Karal: No!!
Pamela: Ka...ra...l...
Klonoa: ...!?
Pamela: Ka...ral... No... Run away...
Klonoa: !!
Karal: No! I protect mama!
Guntz: ...Tush. Let's return, Klonoa. The prize will be put on us when we defeat the kid too even if we defeat the monster. 
Klonoa: Hey, Guntz!
Guntz: Tush, the prize is spoilt..
Klonoa: Guntz...
Pamela: ...Are you called Klonoa...?
Klonoa: Karal's mother! Did you come back to your sense!?
Karal: Kyuui!!
Pamela: I'm still painful... However, I was able to regain myself only a little...
Karal: Mama! Mama!!
Pamela: Thank you about Karal...
Klonoa: ...Yes.

さよなら、ジャグケトル!(Farewell, Jugkettle!)

After all, the cause to which Pamela goes mad has not turned out. 
They said they move away the nest from the port at a while. 
Naturally, we couldn't get the prize, and Guntz seemed to be dissatisfied. 
But, in that time, Guntz...
Was he going to shoot Pamela really?
Or, did he expect this result from the first?
Either way, Guntz's Hero Medal looks only a little more dazzling than usual...
I feeled so.

Guntz: Ueee... I told don't go by the ship... Uoeeee...*puke*
Klonoa: Especially cool end is spoiled.

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