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ゆくえふめいじけん!?(The incident of missing)

We across the sea and came to the ruins of the Moon's. 
Recently, the incident of missing seems to happen in surroundings of ruins. 
Guntz says that the prize is paid if the criminal is arrested. 
Of course, I can approach one step the hero. 
First of all, we visit the tent of the traveling merchant who lived nearby to hear informations. 

Digro: No. Stop it.
Klonoa: It's abruptly!
Digro: This is not a problem of solving it somehow by two children. Return quickly before you injures. 
Guntz: No greeting. Apart from him, don't make light of me. 
Klonoa: Me too!
Digro: ...Our companion also says so, they goes into ruins, and they doesn't come back. You'll not regret following my advice. Stop it.
Klonoa: They doesn't come back? Then, we must go to help still more!
Digro: ...Monsters loiter inside. I don't know whether they are thieves, a strange party loiters. It's impossible to reach the depths. 
Guntz: ...I see. If there are enemies, the tactics is necessary. 
Klonoa: Guntz?
Guntz: OK. Let's do as follows. I act as the decoy. You must sneak in to the inside within those time. 
Klonoa: Huh?
Guntz: For me, shooting is a specialty. If it is a narrow space, you are more advantageous than me.  Right?
Klonoa: Guntz, you...
Guntz: Take this transceiver. I'll contact from me. 
Klonoa: ...Yes! He he. You also have the merit. 
Guntz: This is the tactics to the end. Let's go! ...Mister, I ask a question to make sure.
Digro: Hm?
Guntz: You said "it's impossible to reach the depths."
Digro: Yes.
Guntz: That is "the depth" is there. Do you know something?
Digro: Huh? No, I don't know anything... You'll not regret following my advice. Stop it...!
Guntz: ... Oh well. It will turn out when we go.

オトリさくせん(The tactics with a decoy)

Klonoa: Well, is that the entrance...? I'm waiting here, and Guntz will be sure to cause a commotion soon. 
Klonoa: It's unusual that he act as the decoy by himself. 
Klonoa: Now run wild hugely! 
Klonoa: ..............................Too late! What is he doing?
Klonoa: Uh, the transceiver having been passed by Guntz is... here. 
Klonoa: Well, is the switch this?


Klonoa: Oops!!! It's a mistake!??? Become silent! Shut up! Stop! I'm found by enemies!!
Moo: Moo!?
Klonoa: Wow, hey, I was found!!
Moo: Moo!!!
Klonoa: Darn it! Now, I try to rush desperately!

オトリさくせん?(The tactics with a decoy?)

Klonoa: I came to the interior somehow, but there seems to be no clue of the caught people at all...
Klonoa: Is Guntz safe? ...Uh, the transceiver... This time, I don't mistake... Is this?


Klonoa: Oh no!!!
Klonoa: That is this sounds no matter what it's done!!
Klonoa: Maybe Guntz... Was he going to make me a decoy from the beginning!???
Moo: Moooo!!!!
Klonoa: Waaaa! Guntz, I darn you!!

イヤなよかん(An unpleasant presentiment)

Guntz: Good. Klonoa seems to work well. 
Guntz: It is easy for me to work variously when there is such a simple soul. 
Guntz: Well... Hum. It's as expected. There are a lot of new footprints around here. 
Guntz: That man is called Digro, he looked really doubtful. 
Guntz: There are some secrets in this ruins surely. If it goes well, an excellent profit can be expected. 
Guntz: ...?
Guntz: ...What? My neck rustles strangely. 
Guntz: ...Although I don't know what is it, I have an unpleasant presentiment...

どくのツメのジャンガ(Janga with poison claws)

Guntz: ...?
???: ...He was not able to prevent the intruder... Digro is useless man...
Guntz: Is someone there?
???: ...Shit! That damned man, he made an unlucky accident though it was a little late! Shit! Shit! Shit!
Guntz: ...?
???: ...Shit... Oh well. They're kids... When the time comes, it might be interesting to hurt them... 
Guntz: What? ... What is this rustle...?
???: Let's maintain poison claws after a long time... Kikikikiki.
Guntz: Poison claws? Poison claws!? Hey, you! Wait!! Wait!!
???: ...?
Guntz: ...!!! Your hat... The mark of your hat!! Maybe... You are maybe...!???
???: Huh?
Guntz: Janga!!!
Janga: ...What is this brat? Oh, the intruder Digro said. Kiki, you looks impertinent.
Yes, I'm master Janga with poison claws. And boy, may I have your name, please?
Guntz: Don't say unashamedly!! Pitfall!!?
Janga: Sorry, I have a little business. Be quiet for a while and I'll play with you later. 
Guntz: Waaaaa!!


バクダンおじさん、パンゴ(Bomb man, Pango)

Klonoa: I'm hungry...
Guntz: ...
Klonoa: How long will he confine us here?
Guntz: ...
Klonoa: It's in trouble... 
Guntz: ...
Klonoa: ...
Guntz: ...
Klonoa: Say something, Guntz!!
Guntz: ...Shut up.
Klonoa: What? Because you elaborate an unreasonable tactics, we were caught!
Guntz: ...I told you to shut up.
Klonoa: Don't say a selfish thing! You made me to the decoy! At least, devise the method for escape from here!
Guntz: Shut up!!!
Klonoa: ...!?
Guntz: ...Shit... I'm confused! Become silent a while, shorty!!
Klonoa: ...??? Guntz... What is wrong with you?
Guntz: ...
Klonoa: ......
???: Here we go.
Klonoa: ? Guntz, did you say something?
Guntz: ...
???: 10, 9, 8, 7...
Klonoa: Count down!?
???: 6, 5,
Klonoa: 4, 3,
???: 2,
Klonoa: 1...


Klonoa: What...? Why did the wall explode...???
???: Oh? Oops! Was someone there?

Mysterious man that suddenly breaks wall and appears. 
A gentle smile and unbalanced big bombs. 
Apparently, he seems not to be an enemy...

Man: Sorry, sorry. Are not you injured?
Klonoa: It's a miracle that we are not injured.
Man: That is the miracle seems to have occurred. Never mind. The scratch is not included in the injury. 
Klonoa: Wow, you are dynamic. 
Man: ... Hmm. You seem to have been caught. You can go out if returning in the hole made now. Return to the house quickly. 
Klonoa: Thank you. Are you?
Pango: Uh, I'm Pango. I'm looking for a certain one. Then, I must be going because it hurries. 
Klonoa: Oh, one moment...
Guntz: Mister!! ...Do you know a man called Janga?
Pango: Janga? Hmm. Sorry, no I don't.
Guntz: ... I see...
Pango: Well... Although I don't know your circumstances, don't overwork. 
Guntz: ... Let's go, Klonoa.
Klonoa: Huh? Where?
Guntz: To beat Janga!!
Klonoa: Janga? Wait! Who is Janga? Hey, wait!!

とらわれのピラミッド(Caught in the pyramid)

Klonoa: Guntz!! This prison! There is a person!!
Caught person: ...
Klonoa: He is sleeping? He seems painful... We must help anyway! Guntz! Hey, Guntz!!
Guntz: Just a glance will tell you that. The prison will not break by our weapons.
Klonoa: It's true, but...!
Guntz: Do alone if you want to do. I don't do a useless thing. 
Klonoa: Hey, Guntz! Wait! Wait!!

おめェにゃ わかんねェよ(You can't understand)

Klonoa: The bomb man?
Guntz: He will be able to easily open the prison.
Klonoa: I see... I didn't notice it.
Guntz: Then, let's go.
Klonoa: Yes! ... But, Guntz. You are defiant strangely for some time. What is wrong with you?
       Tell me if you are worry. Although I don't know whether I'm useful, I can hear it...
Guntz: You can't understand. 
Klonoa: Why? We are friends.
Guntz: ...How stupid. I can't take with such a trifling thing. 
Klonoa: ...Huh?

ヒーローきどり(Pose as the hero)

Klonoa: Here too!
Caught person: Umm...
Klonoa: ...He seems to be more painful than a person a little while ago.... 
Guntz: What are you waiting for? Let's go!!
Klonoa: Guntz! Wait! Let's look for around here more a little!
Guntz: How trifling!!
Klonoa: Trifling!? What is trifling? Do you tell to leave them though they seems to be painful?
Guntz: That is we don't have the time related to such fellows! 
Klonoa: Guntz!!
Guntz: Don't pose as the hero any more! You were brought by me! You only have to do as I say!
Klonoa: What!?
Guntz: I'm displeased every time that you put on airs!
Klonoa: I don't put on airs! I want only to help everyone...
Guntz: That is to pose as the hero!
Klonoa: Don't you say so! I want only to do a correct thing! Its what is wrong?
Guntz: Huh!! I get sick to my stomach because it's so trifling!
Klonoa: Guntz!!
Guntz: ...Huh! Do it your own way! I can't relate to you any more!!
Klonoa: Guntz!!! ...I don't do a wrong thing...!!


Klonoa: Guntz... Where did you go?
???(Janga): The result is very best though it was late for a while.
Klonoa: ...?
Janga: I could take a good nightmare. Data was transmitted. Collect and send to Luna Base later.
???(Joka): I understand. I drop in the Sky Temple. Let's meet at Volk later.
Janga: Kikikiki.....Communication end.
Klonoa: Nightmare? The sky temple??
Guntz: Are you there? Janga!
Janga: Ki!
Guntz: Darn you! Give up!
Klonoa: Guntz!
Janga: It's unsafe, brat!
Guntz: Shut up! I'll avenge, the traitor Janga!
Klonoa: Avenge!?
Janga: Avenge? The gun you have... You are maybe!
Guntz: I'm surprised that I could meet you in such a place. I looked for you fairly, you accursed fellow!
Janga: I see, you are Butz's son! That's funny!
Guntz: Wait!!
Janga: You took a friend, Guntz?
         Although I want to play together since you visited with much trouble, I'm busy unluckily.
Klonoa: You are a coward...
Janga: It is my charming point.
Guntz: Damn you...
Janga: Good-bye, Butz's stupid son!
Guntz: Jangaaaaa!!
Klonoa: ....Guntz.....sorry.....
Guntz: ....I was disgusted by you!!
Klonoa: Guntz!!.....Guntz.....

ボクはまちがってない!(I'm not wrong!)

Guntz chases Janga and has gone somewhere. 
Although I would also chase Guntz, I remembered the caught people and decided to keep exploring after all.
It became lonely only a little, and it became helpless only a little. 
But, I must find the bomb man and help the caught people now!
I'm not wrong!
I was strongly convinced so. 

ボックスメアンとうじょう!(Boxmaren appears!)

Klonoa: The number of machines has increased awfully. 
Klonoa: That's natural. Because Janga uses them to experiment of some kind. 
Klonoa: Is there a key or something? ... Oh, here, it is written, "Main computer." ...
Klonoa: I see! It only has to operate this...!! Well...
Klonoa: Click, click, click!
Klonoa: ...................


Klonoa: Oh, my!! I has failed again!??
???: Discovery of intruder. It moves to exclusion from now. 


Klonoa: Good heavens!!
Monster: Stop useless resistance. 
Klonoa: It is not known whether it's useless!! 
Monster: Stop resistance not useless. 
Klonoa: No! I resist!! 

マダマダ イルゾ!(We are still more and more!)

Klonoa: I made it! That's OK!
Monster: Stop useless resistance.
Klonoa: They are still more!!
Monster: We are still more and more! We are without limit! 
Klonoa: Pinch!!
Monster: Stop useless resistance.
Klonoa: I have come to want to stop...
Klonoa: But, the hero don't flinch even in such this case!! Let's start resistance not useless!! 


Klonoa: What?
Monster: Stop... useless... 


Monster: Stop... Stop... Sto...Sto...
Pango: Whew. It was a close call. 
Klonoa: Mister!!
Monster: Sto... boom... clank.
Pango: Even if there are many numbers, if the computer that manipulates them breaks, it's only a mass of boxes. 
Klonoa: You are indeed an adult. 
Pango: You are an unreasonable child at all. 
Klonoa: Tee-hee, it's my value. Oh, Mister, I have the favor to ask of you!!
Pango: Hmm?

パンゴとてんくうじいんへ!(Let's go to the Sky Temple with Pango!)

We were able to rescue the caught people somehow by Pango's help. 
I hear that Digro took orders from Janga by force because his companion were caught by Janga.
Janga's experiment was to make the caught people have the nightmare by force. 
If such data are collected, how do him do it?
...Although I don't know it well, I understood enough Janga is cruel. 
After all, Janga has run away... Guntz has disappeared together. 

Klonoa: < Sleep disease >?
Pango: Yeah, my only son suddenly... It is troublesomely disease of unknown origin that never awakes. 
Pango: I heard that an old record of the specific medicine was in Moon's... But, unfortunately, it was not found. 
Klonoa: Is that so? It's regrettable... 
Pango: There is no help for it. But, I heard a good rumor from the person in the village. 
Pango: I heard that there is an old book that records the legend of Moon's in the large library of the Sky Temple. 
       I will go there and look for the treatment method. 
Klonoa: The Sky Temple...? I remember the companion told with Janga said drops in the Sky Temple...
Klonoa: May I go with you, Mister?
Pango: Yeah, that's all right with me.
Klonoa: There is my friend in the Sky Temple! I'll help you to look for the book!
Pango: I see. It's good to meet you, boy... Oh, we're companion now. It's good to meet you, Klonoa.
Klonoa: Yes, Pango!

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