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ヒーローメダル(The Hero Medal)

The Sky Temple.
The world's largest temple that floats in the sky where the goddess called Clare was deified. 
Lolo has come here to train because she becomes a priestess. 
Does she keep fine...?

Pango: You want the Hero Medal?
Klonoa: Yeah. That's the sign of the hero. I'll surely get it someday.
Pango: Someday? Hahaha! That's perfect. I'll introduce you. 
Klonoa: Huh? Introduce...???
Pango: Look.
Klonoa: Hero Medal!!! Pango, were you a hero???
Pango: I'm a hero? The hero is not an occupation. 
Pango: As for the person who aims at the hero, everyone can become a hero. So to speak, the medal shows the spirit. 
Pango: Everyone can get it in the Sky Temple if there is an introduction of the person who has the medal. 
Klonoa: I didn't know it... That is... Guntz! Did he keep it secret from me and work me hard!?

ここにもげんじゅうが!(Monsters are there too!)

Pango: ...Oh dear! ...It's a bad business. Monsters has entered even such a place! 
Klonoa: ...Maybe...? 
Klonoa: The man called Janga was speaking by the wireless with someone in ruins of the Moon's. That person seems to drop in the Sky Temple. 
Pango: Hmm... This monster's commotion seems to have the fellow who is pulling the wires. 
Klonoa: Let's go to the upper floor. I worry about Lolo. 
Pango: OK.

ボクも、ヒーローのなかまいりだ!(I join in the heroes!)

Lolo: Klonoa!!
Klonoa: ...Lolo!! Lolo! I'm glad to found you at once. 
Lolo: Klonoa, why are you here???
Klonoa: Hehe, I started on a journey of the adventure. You seem to be fine. 
Lolo: I'm glad.
Pango: Hello, Miss. 
Lolo: Hello. Welcome to the Sky Temple. Please wait. I guide now. 
Klonoa: ...That is the entrance. 
Lolo: Huh? Oh? Uh-oh, I'm sorry. I have not become accustomed yet...
Klonoa: ...*chuckle* Ahahahahahaha, Lolo, you don't change at all! Ahahahahahaha.
Lolo: Boo. 

The Sky Temple is a very beautiful place! 
The garden is full of flowers and the clear water is stretched to stream through the stone pavement. 
But, they seems to be embarrassed with monsters show up suddenly. 
Though Lolo seems to hold out... 

Lolo: ...That is why. 
High Priestess: I see.
Pango: Is the word of the recommendation or something necessary?
High Priestess: No, Mr. Pango. That is enough you are an owner of the medal. 
Pango: Thank you.
High Priestess: Mr. Klonoa.
Klonoa: Here!
High Priestess: ...Please don't be tense.
Klonoa: Y, y, y, yes!
High Priestess: ...*smile* Mr. Klonoa... I grant you a Hero Medal.
Klonoa: Yyyyyyesss!!
High Priestess: However, I question only one before that. 
Klonoa: Yes... Yes?
High Priestess: Do you think what the hero is?
Klonoa: Huh? It is... a person who does a correct thing for everyone...
High Priestess: ......
Klonoa: It's a fighter for justice... Or, it's a person who can be nice to others... 
High Priestess: ...... Someday...
Klonoa: Huh?
High Priestess: Someday, you may be seriously asked the meaning as long as you have the medal. 
         You must be looking for the answer that you believe by that time. 
         It is the only obligation of the person who has the medal. 
Klonoa: Yes!
High Priestess: Mr. Klonoa. I grant you a Hero Medal.

The Hero Medal!!
The yearning of everyone! The sign of the hero!
At last, at last I got it! ...Though it was easier than I thought. 
Now... I join in the heroes!!

ロロがおちた!(Lolo fell!)

Klonoa: Blank Medal??
Pango: Yeah, it's a Blank Medal that Klonoa was given is the most below.
Klonoa: The most below...
Pango: There is a kind in the medal. It's changed radiance by how worthy is the owner for a hero. 
Klonoa: I remember Guntz's medal is red. 
Pango: It might be a Bronze Medal. It's above one of the Blank. 
Klonoa: What? Is Guntz above of me?
Pango: There are various heroes.  
Klonoa: Oh, That is, Pango...!
Pango: I'm Silver. It's above one of the Bronze. Though somehow I'm Silver, I don't do something wonderful.
Klonoa: What! But, great. I respect you. 
Pango: Hahaha. It's nothing, really. (*He joked in Japanese)
Klonoa: ...Oh, brother...
Pango: Guffawhahaha!
Lolo: Mr. Pango.
Pango: Oh, Lolo, thank you. Do you find the cure of the sleep disease?
Lolo: It seems there isn't here...
Pango: I see...
Lolo: But, there is an old book "Legend of the moon and dreams" in the library in the innermost shrine in the temple... 
Pango: "Legend of the moon and dreams!!" Mm hm!
Lolo: Do you know it?
Pango: It's a valuable book that Moon's left! Indeed, the cure might be recorded in it. 
Pango: Let's go right away! I want to read it deliberately by all means! 
Klonoa: Pa, Pango!!
Lolo: Oh, wait! Besides, I also found a good book for Mr.Pango... Eek!


Klonoa: Lolo!? Good heavens! Lolo fell in the waterway!! 
Pango: It's serious! We must help... Oh, that book that Lolo has is "All of gunpowder" first limited edition!!
Pango: It's a big trouble! Here was a collecting place of the rare books! 
Klonoa: Now, let's help Lolo!! 
Pango: The dive suit! Let's borrow the dive suit!
Klonoa: Lolo!! 

ギガンティック・ボンバー!(Gigantic Bomber!)

Klonoa: The waterway is a dead end here... Lolo! Lolo!! 
Pango: Oh? "All of gunpowder" is here... Lolo seems to have gone up from the waterway at least. 
Klonoa: Where are you? Lolo!!
Pango: Hmm... Mm hm?
Klonoa: Hey, Pango! This is no time for read the book! 
Pango: Oh, sorry. But... I see! If gunpowder is mixed so... I can! I can make a new bomb!! 

You got the Special Attack "Gigantic Bomber!"

Klonoa: Hey, Pango!!

ジョーカーとうじょう(Joka appears)

Klonoa: A fellow like a crown... 
Pango: He took "Legend of the moon and dreams"... 
Klonoa: Did he kidnap Lolo?
Pango: Hmm... There are some worry thing. 
???: Yipe!!
Klonoa: Lolo!? That voice is Lolo's!!

???: I'm glad when you cooperate me a little. 
      Don't worry. You only sleep for a moment. In the cradle of the moon. 
Lolo: No!
???: Don't say so. Three meals and the catnap are prepared for you now! 
Klonoa: Wait!!
???: Oh?
Klonoa: Did you kidnap Lolo?
Lolo: Klonoa!
???: You are impolite to the other man of the first meeting. 
Klonoa: What are you saying? Part with Lolo! 
???: Even if you say so, I have my circumstances. 
Pango: If you kidnap Lolo, how do you do her?
???: Hmm. Actually, if it's a priestess, everyone is acceptable... This excellent girl attract my attention. 
Lolo: Huh? It's nothing. I am not attractive so much... 
???: No. Because you are the slowest and it seemed to be easy to capture you. 
Lolo: Dear me.
???: Anyhow, I don't make her injure. I will keep her for a while. 
Pango: Hey, you didn't answer! 
Joka: I didn't introduce myself. I'm Joka. Please remember me. However, it is not known whether to meet you again. 
Lolo: Eek!
Joka: Adieu.
Klonoa: Wait!!
Pango: He took "Legend of the moon and dreams"!?
Klonoa: Let's chase! What!
Joka: I was twisting space beyond here a little because I hate it persistent. 
Joka: Returning before you get lost is wiser. Nohohohohoho...
Klonoa: Wait!!


Klonoa: Damn! Where is he?
Joka: Nohohohohohoho...
Klonoa: Oh, he is so far!! 
Joka: Adios
Klonoa: Wait!! ...Darn it! If there was Guntz, it was possible to snipe from here! 
Klonoa: With this, it's wasteful though I get the hero medal with much trouble!! 
Pango: Get yourself together a little. 
Klonoa: What do you say? I cannot settle down! 
Pango: It's wrong exert yourself for the medal because you got the Hero Medal, I think.
Klonoa: Huh?
Pango: ... Sorry. Let's hurry. 
Klonoa: Pa, Pango?

やくそくは まもんなくちゃね!(The promise should be kept!)

Pango: Apparently, it seems the sanctuary of the sky garden beyond here. 
Klonoa: The sanctuary?
Pango: That's the place nearest to god. We should be careful. 
Klonoa: Lolo...!!
Pango: ........OK! I must exert myself for my son, too. By the way, Klonoa.
Pango: If I am killed, may I leave my son entirery to you?
Klonoa: Er? Don't you say so! It's meaningless if you are killed!
Pango: Hmm. Then, Klonoa. It's meaningless if you are killed even if Lolo is saved.
Klonoa: Huh?
Pango: Relax, relax. When you become indiscreet with nervous energy, you are not good at anything. 
Klonoa: Pango...... Yes, that's right! I recalled the promise with Lolo! Return safely certainly. The promise should be kept! 
Pango: Hmm. Then, let's go!
Klonoa: Yeah!

たいけつ!ジョーカー(Confront Joka!)

Klonoa: Look! He is there!!
Pango: Will he take flight with the balloon?
Joka: Oh, you have overtaken. 
Lolo: Klonoa!!
Klonoa: Don't move!!
Pango: .........!?

Pango: That balloon has the mark of Volk... Hmm, I remember Klonoa said the man named Janga also goes to Volk...
Pango: I heard that the space army is making the lunar spacecraft in Volk recently. 
Pango: The experiment of nightmares in Moon's... "Legend of the moon and dreams"... And, relation in Volk... 
Pango: They are strangely related... Let's try to say bluff. 

Pango: By the way, Mr. Joka. How about the condition of the lunar spacecraft?
Joka: What? Wait! Why do you know about the spacecraft?
Pango: (Hit!) Yeah, I questioned Janga closely a little. 
Klonoa: Pango...?
Joka: Damn! That talkative cat! Did he talk about the base in the moon, too?
Pango: (The base in the moon...!?) Oh, yeah, I heard. And, let me see, about the experiment of nightmares, too.
Joka: Eek! Unbelievable!!
Joka: Then, I cannot return this girl and the book more and more!! The special ceremony cannot be interfered! 
Pango: Ceremony?
Joka: Yeah! Nightmares all over the world are collected in priestess as catalyst... 
Pango: Nightmares are collected...?
Joka: And the Star Medal of the legend... 
Klonoa: Star Medal!??? The Star Medal of a phantom!?
Joka: That's it! That like a phantom... Hey, wait! 
Joka: What are you? Don't you know about the Star Medal?........ Could it be that???
Pango: Oh, so close! It might be able to hear a little more. 
Klonoa: Oh, sorry. It was your plan.
Joka: Oh my goah!! A leading question!??? How unfair! How shameless!
Joka: Then, my pride doesn't forgive you! I'll knock you down thoroughly in here!! 
Klonoa: What!
Pango: Does he become huge!?
Joka: Now, it's a show time!

ジョーカーのキュートなパワー(Joka's cute power)

Klonoa: I made it!
Pango: Good!
Joka: *clap clap* How wonderful. It has surrendered.
Klonoa: Joka!?
Joka: You are indeed as strong as you said. I was a little confident of my fake. 
Klonoa: Fake!?
Joka: Though it is reluctant... I will show my cute power!!
Pango: What!
Klonoa: Transformed...!?
Klonoa: Whaaaa!
Pango: Noooo!
Joka: Nohohohohoho... 

むねをはって!(Throw out your chest!)

We were... defeated!! 
For us, having relaxed one's guard thinking the win is one of the causes.
But, he who had become a monster was farther stronger than we. 
We were not able to compete at all. There was too much difference of power. 
Joka took Lolo and "legend of the moon and dreams," and he disappeared. 
We have been defeated!! 

Klonoa: It's a promise!!
Pango: Hmm?
Klonoa: I return safely... I return safely with Lolo!!
Klonoa: Therefore, I must become strong... I must become as strong as I can return safely...!!
Pango: ...Klonoa.
Klonoa: Pango! How do I become strong? What should I do to become stronger!?
Pango: ...Yes. I must become stronger, too... 
Pango: Then, Klonoa. There is a task that should be done first. This is too easy for you. 
Klonoa: What...?
Pango: First, stand up. 
Klonoa: ...
Pango: Next, throw out your chest. 
Klonoa: Throw out my chest...
Pango: Even if you are painful, throw out your chest! 

Begin to walk ahead one step as usual! 

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