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ボルクこうじょうちたい(Factory area of Volk)

We ran after Joka and came to industrial city Volk. 
Joka said, "Base in the moon". 
There is a lunar spacecraft in Volk. 
It is correct. Lolo has come here! 
We must rescue her! It is necessary to become stronger by all means for that! 

Klonoa: Wait, Joka! I will overtake soon and beat you!! 
Pango: ...Is there a possibility that you can win with this?
Klonoa: No!! But, I never give up!! I win absolutely even if defeated!! 
Pango: Hmm... Though it is one method, he as good as take Lolo as hostage.
Pango: Except the case only us, a careless method must not be done. 
Klonoa: Then, what should we do?
Pango: Hmm... 
???: ~~~
Klonoa: Hm?
???: ... Love love lovely raspberry.
Klonoa: What? That voice...
Balue: ... L, O, V, E, lovely Lephise!
Klonoa: Balue!!!
Balue: Oh??? Klonoa! What are you doing in such place?
Klonoa: You too!
Balue: I came to the concert of Lephise... Let me see... Never mind. And you?
Klonoa: Such and such so and so. 
Balue: Oh, really? I see! If that the case, I train you!! 
Klonoa: Really!?
Balue: Leave it to me. If I train, a weak boy becomes a hero of amours!
Klonoa: Though I can't understand well, I trust you! Pango!
Pango: Yes. You found a good teacher.
Klonoa: Shall we go together?
Pango: No, I will look for informations more a little. 
Pango: Because Joka said the base is already made on the moon. In the worst case, we should also take the spacecraft. 
Pango: Leave the spacecraft to me and you must become strong as you like. 
Klonoa: Yes!
Pango: See you later in front of Volk space army's base. 
Klonoa: OK! Let's start the training!!

Guntz: Janga... I don't lose you! I never lose you!!

L・O・V・E ラブリーレフィス(L, O, V, E, lovely Lephise)

Balue: L! O! V! E! lovely Lephise! Repeat!!
Klonoa: L! O! V! E! lovely Lephise!
Balue: Love love lovely strawberry! Repeat!!
Klonoa: Love love lovely strawberry!
Balue: I want love, I want to love...
Klonoa: I... Wait, Balue!! Is this really the training to become strong!?
Balue: Huh? What are you saying? Of course, this is the training for the concert.
Klonoa: No!!! I'm serious... 
Balue: I see, I see. Lolo is in danger. I'm doing seriously, too. 
Klonoa: Really...?
Balue: You were able to relax now. When you are rushed, you become indiscreet. 
Klonoa: Ummm.
Balue: Well! First, show your ability before the training. The factory of Volk ahead here. 
Balue: Kick about monsters in this factory and reach the goal safely! 
Klonoa: Is it all I have to do? 
Balue: Yes. All you have to do is it, and I'm given the ticket of the autograph session as a reward of monsters extermination...
Klonoa: Autograph?
Balue: Ah, no, never mind! Good! Go! For Lolo and my autograph session!! 
Klonoa: OK! By the way, what is the autograph session?
Balue: Go at once!!
Klonoa: Yipe!!

クロノア・サンダー・ハリケーン!(Klonoa thunder hurricane!)

Klonoa: Whew. At last I arrived. 
Balue: Good. Well done!! I confirmed your ability! Choose the special attack you like! 
Klonoa: OK! Hmmm... "Balue G kick", "Balue crash", "Balue lightning slash", and "Balue megaton fillip"....
Balue: I recommend "Balue sexy kiss." It's a good name, isn't it?
Klonoa: Name?... It is not at all likely... Are they all only names?
Balue: Huh? Is it wrong?
Klonoa: Balue!! Do seriously!! 
Balue: Look out!! Don't trip on the plug!! 


Klonoa: Babirebibirebubirebebirebobire...!!!
Balue: Baburabiburabuburabeburabobura...!!!
Balue: I got an electric shock. 
Klonoa: I conked out...
Klonoa: ...Oh, this paper... "Balue thunder hurricane"...
Klonoa: Thunder... Lightning... Electricity... Spark... Ah!!
Klonoa: I can! I can it!! "Klonoa thunder hurricane!!" The new special attack! I can!!

You got the new special attack "Thunder Hurricane!"

Klonoa: I maybe able to beat Joka with this! Thank you, Balue!!
Balue: Wha...?
Klonoa: See you! Thank you very much!!
Balue: What?... Umm? Guaaaaa!!! The ticket of the concert was burned by the electricity!!!!
Balue: Lephise-chaaaaaan!!!

オヤジのかたみ(Father's keepsake)

Guntz: Janga!
Janga: Ki... How persistent brat you are!
Guntz: To pay off regrettable of father, I run after you to the end of the hell!! 
Janga: Oh! How scary! 
Guntz: Drop dead!!
Janga: It is 100 years early, boy.
Guntz: Damn you!!
Janga: Revenge of father? I can't help but laugh at the young of the Bronze Medal. 
Guntz: What!? Don't insult father's medal!! 
Janga: Indeed? Is it a keepsake of Butz? Then, you are third-rate after all. 
Guntz: What!?
Janga: Butz's medal was... Gold. 
Guntz: ...!! Gold? Is father...?
Janga: Kikikikiki. And, the keepsake is...
Guntz: That's... father's!!
Janga: The useful thing like this.


Guntz: Gaaaah!!!!
Janga: Ha! Isn't it 10 years early that you have this mark? 
Janga: Kikikiki, I'm going to let you pass for the moment for Butz's sake. Never stand in my presence. 
Guntz: Darn it... I cannot give up by this... Wait... Janga!!!

しにがみラッシュ!(Shinigami Rush!)

Guntz: Janga!
Janga: Damn, you came once more!
Guntz: I told you that I run after you to the end of the hell!
Janga: Damn brat. It is reluctant. Out of respect for your persistence... Here it is. 
Guntz: Er?
Janga: Go alone to the hell. 


Guntz: Eek...!!!
Janga: Kikikikiki! I don't use poison claws. You are killed by the gun of your dear father! 
Guntz: Damn you...!!
Janga: Get along well with father in the hell!!!


Guntz: ...
Janga: Kikikikikikiki... It is a parting present. This is given to you! Kikikikiki!!

Guntz: ... I am still living... I see... The medal defended the bullet...
Guntz: Father...!! Father....... Father...........!!!
Guntz: Oooooooh!!


You got the new special attack "Shinigami Rush!"

Guntz: I don't forgive! I never forgive you, Janga!!! 

ヒトツがんばるとするか!(Let's exert myself!)

Pango: Excuse me.
Soldier of Volk: Kyuu.
Pango: Sorry, I borrow the computer for a moment. Open the map and... Where is the equipment of the rocket? Ah, that's it!
Pango: I see, they are using the launch experiment of the army. When is the next launching? ... I see.
Pango: Then, if this control center is destroyed, the rocket launching will be able to be obstructed. 
Pango: Hmm, but, it is impossible with my current equipment... 
Pango: ...Oh, there is a gunpowder warehouse to be near! That's it! Let's make some weapons there! 
Pango: Never hesitate in doing what is good... Hm?
Pango: ...Oh, this is a messenger robot of Volk. 
Ngapoko: Nga?
Pango: ...Yeah, I asks you to give the message. Let me see... "Dear my family"... I leave it to you.
Ngapoko: Nga.
Pango: Then, let's exert myself!

ローリングブラスター!(Rolling Blaster!)

Pango: OK, here is a gunpowder warehouse!
Pango: It is indeed Volk! There is a lot of wonderful gunpowder. How many fireworks is made if these are all used?
Pango: Then, this and this... Oh?
Pango: Wow! This is "All of gunpowder returns!!" The book for which all the fireworks masters yearn!! 
Pango: Great! Hmmm... Oh, really? I see!
Pango: I can make a new special attack now! I can help Klonoa with this! 

You got the new special attack "Rolling Blaster!"

Pango: Let's experiment immediately. Rolling... Blaster!!


Pango: ...Cough cough...
Pango: Oops. I took advantage of my luck and the amount of gunpowder has been increased too much...


Pango: Oh no! The warning began to ring! 
Pango: It would be better to turn back once! 
Joka: Janga-chan, Janga-chan, this is Joka. What's happen?
Pango: Joka?
Joka: It seems to have exploded in there. Is the rocket safe?
Pango: ...
Joka: Please prepare the 7th rocket as promised. I leave it to you....
Pango: Hmm... 7th rocket... OK!

ヒーロートリオ(Hero trio)

Klonoa: Where is Pango?...Look! There he is! Pango!
Pango: Klonoa!
Klonoa: I've kept you waiting. Hehehe, I became strong.
Pango: Oh, look out!
Guntz: What?
Klonoa: Ouch!...I'm sorry...Guntz!!
Guntz: Klonoa!?
Pango: Oh, you are...
Guntz: The bomb man? Why?
Pango: I see...You were after Janga...
Guntz: ...!! Do you know Janga!?
Klonoa: Guntz?
Pango: ...OK. You have a situation. Let's speak also about our situation.

Guntz: The moon...?
Pango: Janga's experiment and Joka's action seems to be related to a plan to be carried out on the base in the moon.
Klonoa: It is surely not good!
Pango: Probably this disturbance of monsters might be their act...
Guntz: ...So what?
Klonoa: Guntz!?
Guntz: I only want to beat Janga. Whatever there may be on the reverse side, it doesn't matter.
Klonoa: Hey!
Pango: I think that it's good at it.
Klonoa: Er?
Pango: It is allowed that the purpose is by each men.
Pango: I only want to cure my son's illness, and you only want to rescue Lolo, right?
Klonoa: Yes, but...
Pango: It is not necessary to take over all the incidents by force. But, it is the same that we should do. 
Pango: In the meantime, don't you fight together?
Guntz: .....
Klonoa: ...Guntz...
Guntz: I say....
Klonoa: .....Yes! Let's go!
Guntz: He, hey!
Klonoa: Don't be slow! I leave you!
Guntz: Wait, I don't say anything yet...
Klonoa: Do anything as you like! When went out of the village, I promised to help you!
Klonoa: If you want to beat Janga, I will help you! Instead of that, help me to rescue Lolo! And also cure Pango's son!
Guntz: I say...
Klonoa: Let's go! If there are three people, we strengthen by three times! We must not lose!
Klonoa: If we lose, we cannot become the hero! Since I am not wise, I can't say a smart thing, but...
Klonoa: If we lose...If we lose, we can't win!
Guntz: ...........What....are you saying?
Klonoa: Er?
Guntz: "If we lose, we can't win"...It is natural.
Klonoa: ...Ar...
Guntz: Pooh....Hahahaha...."If we lose, we can't win." That's good! Ahahahahaha!
Klonoa: What!? Is it bad!?
Guntz: Really, you are a child as usual.
Klonoa: Shut up!!
Guntz: ...Hahaha, but, it's good. I like it. "If we lose, we can't win." Let's carry out by it.
Klonoa: Is it ironic?
Pango: Klonoa. Your Hero Medal....Look.
Klonoa: Er...? The color...changed!!
Pango: Haha...Yes. "If we lose, we can't win." It's maybe such a thing.
Guntz: Let's go, Klonoa!
Klonoa: Wait, Guntz!

たいけつ!フラワージョーカー(Confront Flower Joka!)

Announcement: Count down of 7th rocket launching.
Klonoa: Look! There!
Pango: Joka, Lolo! And...
Guntz: Janga!!

Janga: ... Man, he is still alive!?
Joka: How persistent!
Lolo: Klonoa! Klonoa!!
Joka: You cannot escape.
Lolo: Eek!
Janga: What do we do? If they come, we will be in trouble so much. 
Joka: Well... I will play with them. I trust you with the girl, Janga-chan.
Janga: OK. Kikikiki.
Announcement: The sub-engine of the 7th rocket is ignited. 
Klonoa: Wait!!!
Moo: Moo!!
Guntz: Darn it!!
Pango: They breed suddenly!!
Klonoa: Get out of the way!
Pango: Leave it to us!
Guntz: It cannot be helped! Klonoa! Do what you can do it!!
Klonoa: Ooooooooh!! Lolo!
Lolo: Klonoa!!
Janga: How heroic... But, it's time.
Lolo: Klonoa! Klonoa!!
Janga: Kikikikiki...
Klonoa: Lolo! Wait! Wait!!! Lolo!! 
Klonoa: Eek!
Joka: I'm sorry that I cannot pass you.
Klonoa: Darn it!!
Joka: It is a beautiful climax... But, spectators favor the tragedy. 
Klonoa: Move! Move aside!! 
Joka: Shout. Cry. It build up the drama to the climax. 
Klonoa: Get out of the way!!!!
Announcement: 10 seconds till the launching... 9,8...
Klonoa: Whaaaaaa!!!!
Announcement: 7,6...
Pango: Klonoa!
Guntz: Shit!!!
Joka: It is my defeat. Please go, prince. 
Klonoa: Take your hands off! Set me free, Pango!!
Pango: No! It's too late! You will be involved in the impact of the launching!
Announcement: 3,2,
Klonoa: Whaaaaa!!!
Announcement: 1...


Klonoa: Lolo...
Pango: ...
Guntz: ...Damn you!!
Klonoa: ... 
Joka: ...Ah, this is the tragedy. Farewell, my sweetheart. 
Guntz: Damn you! How dare you do...!!
Klonoa: Joka! ... I never... I never forgive you!!
Joka: Yeah, that anger! That hatred! Good situation! Good situation! 
Klonoa: Darn you!!!
Pango: Stop it, Klonoa. Never let ordinary provocations get to you. We should looking for other rocket and go to the moon quickly. 
Klonoa: But!
Pango: I don't tell you to keep cool. Leave your power as it is. 
Pango: But, don't go ahead alone. Let's all pitch in and beat this joking crown!
Joka: Whew! 
Joka: OK! I will clean up tightly and pleasantly return to the moon!
Guntz: No kidding. You must regret! 
Pango: Guntz is there. We have strengthened. Right? We will beat you and...
Klonoa: Go to the moon!!

<ナハトのやみ>?(<Darkness of Nahato>?)

Joka: Indeed? ...I cannot have be defeated... cannot have lost, cannot have given up, and cannot have failed...
Klonoa: ...I made it!!
Joka: ...Umm...
Pango: Well, I have some questions to ask of you.
Guntz: Shake the truth out of you, right?
Joka: ...Heh heh heh...
Klonoa: ?
Joka: It is quite right... Certainly, you who won have the right to know the truth.
Guntz: ...What...?
Joka: Therefore, let's tell only one. We will revive <Darkness of Nahato>. 
Klonoa: <Darkness of Nahato>?
Guntz: What? What relations is it to the Star Medal you said before...!?
Joka: You must examine it. It is only it that I can tell...
Guntz: ...?
Pango: ...!! Look out! Leave him!!
Joka: Farewell, everyone. I was very happy. 
Klonoa: Wait, Joka! No! That won't do!!
Joka: Heh heh... I am satisfied. Because I am not interesting in the result. 
Klonoa: Result...?
Joka: It must be happy to pile up the block. 
Joka: Take care not be led by the nose by the block piled up at most. 
Pango: Look out!
Klonoa: Er...
Guntz: Is it bluff...?
Pango: He said insolent thing to the end...

ロケットで つきへ!(Let's go to the moon with the spacecraft!)

Then, one day later than Janga.
3, 2, 1, 0!!

After much fussing, we stole... no, borrowed Volk's spacecraft without permission and lifted off for the space.
... What is in the moon?
... What is <Darkness of Nahato>?
Is the Star Medal there?
...Lolo... Is Lolo safe?
With anxieties and a little excitement, we leave the Earth.
... Don't worry! We will surely return safely!!

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