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つきのせかい(The moon world)

The universe!
For former me, it is unimaginable that I came to such place. 
Although I want to enjoy the space travel peacefully, 
let's land on the moon to run after Janga first of all! 

Guntz: Look!
Pango: Hmm... It seems really that they are making the base on the moon.
Klonoa: Okay, let's land on the lunar base!
Pango: Hmm, how to land...?
Guntz: Pango, are you okay?


Klonoa: Whaaa!
Guntz: What!?
Pango: Darn it! That's antiaircraft fire! We are sniped by the lunar base!!


Pango: That's unbearable! Let's escape once!

It is not possible to do easily so though I'm mortifying! 
We landed reluctantly in a place left from the base. 
But, there was a bigger surprise there...!

Guntz: ...Really...?
Pango: Well, the universe is full of mysteries... 
Klonoa: Uh, oh... Hello... Do you understand...?

Although it is quiet not modern... 
There are people who live in the moon... 
There is the moon people's town!

げつめんじんのまち(The moon people's town)

Guntz: ...There is considerably a distance up to the base. 
Klonoa: Let's go!
Pango: ...?
Guntz: What's the matter with you, Pango? Do you observe stars in such a place?
Pango: The mist is seen...
Guntz: mist?
Pango: Will you see the one like the mist of the light?
Guntz: Huh? It will be a cloud. 
Klonoa: Hey, let's go!
Guntz: I see. Don't bubble over. Hey, let's go, Pango.
Pango: Hmm...

ひかりのもや(The mist of the light)

Klonoa: Is that...?
Guntz: There is enemy's base in that dome. 
Pango: ...Sure enough! 
Guntz: What happened, Pango? 
Pango: The mist of the light! It has extended more greatly than a little while ago!
Guntz: ...Really? What's that?
Klonoa: That is... not the fog. 
Pango: ...I feel a bad presentiment... 
Guntz: Is it related to <Darkness of Nahato> that Joka said?
Klonoa: ...Ah!!
Guntz: What!?
Pango: A huge screen appeared in space...??? 

This is notification for all the people in all parts of the world. 
My name is Garlen. I am the ruler of your nightmares... 

わがなはガーレン(My name is Garlen)

Garlen: My name is Garlen. I am the ruler of your nightmares.
Pango: What?
Guntz: Who is he!?
Garlen: I give notice. You must sleep promptly, and give me the nightmares. 
        It is useless even if resisting. 
        I am sending special electric waves from the base in the moon now. 
        When the mist of the light generated by the electric wave encompasses the world, 
        all of you will be possessed by the nightmares. 

Garlen: Don't fear it. After all, it is the inside of sleep. You won't die. Feel relieved. 

Garlen: This is not a threat or a joke. Actually the monsters showed up all over the world... 

Garlen: They are those that I'm sending and manipulating... 
        In order to you will have more disgusting nightmares! 

Garlen: I will collect the power of nightmares of all over the world, and cause <Darkness of Nahato>! 
High priestess: <Darkness of Nahato>...? Did he kidnap Lolo for that...!?

Garlen: When you wake up again, I will gain the power of the star medal, 
        and be the ruler of all over the world. 
Balue: Star medal... What's that?

Garlen: For the approaching day! Remember me.
        My name is Garlen! I am the ruler of your nightmares!!

Klonoa: ...It disappeared...
Guntz: That is...
Pango: The real enemy...
Ngapoko: Nga, there are messages for Mr. Klonoa, Mr. Guntz, and Mr. Pango. Nga.
Guntz: ???
Garlen: Welcome to my lunar base. Foolish adventurers!
Klonoa: Garlen!!
Garlen: Janga and Joka seem to have been indebted. I have to hand it to you. 
        Although I want to tear your limb from limb, I am generous. 
        If you turn back straight, I do not do anything. 
        Will you have heard my speech?
        If you cooperate, let's welcome you with pleasure. 
Guntz: What?
Pango: Don't be enraged. This is simply a message. 
Garlen: Please give this Ngapoko the answer. ...Oh yeah, Mr. Pango? 
Pango: Huh?
Garlen: "Dear my family"... Hm, I was very moved by your love for family. 
Pango: What...? Is it my message that I sent from Volk....???
Garlen: It might be surely serious that your son suffering from the sleeping illness. 
        Do you want to give him nightmares any further...?
Pango: Yu, you...!!!!
Klonoa: Pango, there is no cause for panic! 
Garlen: I am sincerely praying that you do a correct judgment. 
Pango: Don't talk rot!!!! 
Guntz: Clam yourself, Pango!
Pango: *Wheeze!*
Klonoa: Pango!
Pango: *Wheeze, wheeze*
Klonoa: Pango...
Garlen: Oh yeah, it advises to make sure. 
Guntz: Is still there something?
Garlen: These are measures for the annoying moon people. 
        The precaution device is set up in surroundings of the dome here and there. 
        It explodes when you are in the same area during the fixed time. 
        Don't have foolish idea. 
Guntz: Darn him...
Ngapoko: Message end. Nga.
Klonoa: ...
Pango: ...Shit... Shit... Oh, man... 
Guntz: ...Pango, don't say such a filthy word. 
Pango: ?
Guntz: You must say like this. ...Hey, messenger robot. 
Ngapoko: Nga?
Guntz: Convey this message to Garlen. Go to hell!! 


Ngapoko: Nga!
Guntz: Let's go, Klonoa, Pango!
Klonoa: Guntz...
Pango: However, there is a precaution device... 
Guntz: He said fixed time. Let's pass the area before the time!! 

クソくらえ(Go to hell)

Klonoa: Okay, we managed to pass! 
Pango: Wow, what is here?
Guntz: The moon people? They were building such a town in surroundings of the dome. 
???: You are...
Klonoa: !?
The senior of the moon: Did you come from mother's planet...?

The senior of the moon: ...I understood... It a mercy that you came to here... 
Klonoa: But, why are you here?
The senior of the moon: You might have seen the precaution device. 
        To work us hard, Garlen is binding us on this place for a long time. 
Klonoa: That's awful!! 
Pango: ...Hey, old man. You said "mother's planet" a little while ago... 
        If you know circumstances, tell us, please.
The senior of the moon: Hmm. I see. 
        We are the people of Moon's. 
        We are far descendants of the people who lived in the Moon's and served Mr. Nahatomb. 

The senior of the moon: 
In far old times, our ancestor has prospered under the hero Nahatomb in the Moon's. 
However, they were neglected from a surrounding country and driven out from the Earth with Mr. Nahatomb. 
Mr. Nahatomb who got wounded got to long sleep in the moon. 
To defend Mr. Nahatomb, we built the town in this place. 

The senior of the moon: When long time passed, and our memory weathered, Garlen came suddenly. 
        Garlen made us make the base, and he is plotting to revive Mr. Nahatomb besides. 
Pango: It is...
Klonoa: <Darkness of Nahato>...?
The senior of the moon: We are not powerful. Please beat that Garlen... 
Guntz: ...I'm displeased. 
Klonoa: Guntz?
Guntz: Garlen said that he would become the ruler in the world by the power of the star medal. 
         The fellow named Nahatomb and Garlen will be birds of a feather.
Klonoa: Guntz! It's rude!
The senior of the moon: ...Because only an old legend remains, I cannot deny the possibility.   
        Therefore, I don't ask to save Mr. Nahatomb. 
        At least... At least, beat Garlen, please. 
Guntz: ...

あくむでんぱ(The electric wave of the nightmare)

Guntz: Ha, I have not heard that the hero revives eating people's nightmare. 
Pango: I get my ideas into shape and it is correct that Nahatomb has the star medal.
Guntz: Star medal. I was thinking that it was simply a fairy tale. 
Klonoa: ...Star medal...
Guntz: What? Do you say that you will want the medal?
Klonoa: I am interested. 
        However, it is after helping Lolo! Joka said, "The priestess is the catalyst". 
        The first considerations are to help Lolo, to beat Garlen, and to erase the mist of light! 
        Let's go! It is no use worrying here! 
Guntz: Ha, what a child!
Klonoa: What?
Guntz: I go with you. I'm also a child! Let's leave the thinking to Pango. I defeat Janga anyway! 
???: That's brave. 
Janga: ...Man, happy fools are crowding. I was asked that to take care of the trouble because of you.
Klonoa: Janga!!
Janga: Too late. The half of the earth has already been covered with the electric wave of the nightmare. 
       Can you see the place covered with that mist? Volk, Jugkettle, Breezegale...
       All sank in the nightmare this time. 
Klonoa: Breezegale!?
Janga: There is the reason. Breezegale is sure to taken special pains. 
Klonoa: You!!!!
Janga: Kikikikiki...


Janga: Ki...!?
Guntz: ...I missed on purpose now... 
       Will you not have come here to make fun out of your the way?
       Let's fight quickly if you want to fight, Mr. Janga!! 
Janga: Ki... I see. But it is after playing a little! 
Guntz: Let's go! Let's bring to an end!! 

たいけつ!ジャンガ(Confront Janga!)

Janga: You have come... 
Guntz: This is the crucial moment, Janga! 
Janga: Don't show off, brat. 
Guntz: ...There is a question before I beat you. 
        You and father must have been the treasure hunters who had been called a good combination. 
        However, why did you betray father?
Janga: Betray? Kikikiki... I didn't betray.  
        Because Butz was the highest hunter. I have approached him to use him from the beginning. 
        Do you know?  Who searched for Moon's ruins, and found the method of causing the <darkness of Nahato>? 
        Guntz, it is your father.
Guntz: !!
Janga: But he opposed to use it... Therefore, I got him to go to the other world. 
        Wonderful ability is troublesome... Kikikiki.
Guntz: I see...
        If so, it is not necessary to hesitate. ...Of course I don't hesitate from the beginning!! 
Janga: Kikiki, Drop dead!!!

ジャンガのどく(Janga's poison)

Janga: A...Gah...Really???
Guntz: The end, Janga.
Janga: w, Wait, stop! I was bad. I apologize, so pardon!
Guntz: What?
Janga: These were all the commands of Garlen. You can understand, don't you?
       Butz is not glad even if you do such a thing. Pardon me. OK? OK?
Guntz: ...You...
Klonoa: Guntz!
Pango: No, wait.
Janga: I was going to betray Garlen from the beginning in fact.
       If you overlook, I will cooperate! Help me. Please. Listen. Listen.
Guntz: ....
Janga: Forgive me!!
Guntz: ...Shameful. It is shameful that I had run after such a darned fellow, and tears fall.
Janga: ...


Guntz: Go away. Never appear.
Janga: Y, yes.
Klonoa: Guntz...!
Guntz: Well, well...What am I doing? But...feeling is not bad, Klonoa.
Klonoa: Wow...Medal's color!
Guntz: ...Did I come near to you about one step?...Father.
Klonoa: Look out!
Janga: Kieeeeee!!
Klonoa: !!!
Janga: Hang it...That's interrupt...
Guntz: Klonoa! Janga, damn you!


Janga: Ki...kikikikikiki...Too late...Your friend is...the other world going by my poison...
       Repent...Repent and...keep being worried...Kieeeee!!
Guntz: Klonoa! Hey, Klonoa!
Klonoa: Guntz...Heh heh...It seems you are safe...
Guntz: What are you affected!?
Klonoa: ...Is...Janga?
Pango: ...He fell to the crevasse. He was swallowed by the ground of the moon.
Klonoa: I see...
Guntz: Klonoa! Klonoa! Cheer up!!
Klonoa: I'm okay...We'll rescue Lolo...and return safely.
Pango: Yes, right! We'll return safely!
Klonoa: ...But, a little...
Guntz: Klonoa! Hey, Klonoa!
Klonoa: .........slee...py...
Guntz: Klonoaaaaaa!!

やみのなかへ…(Into the dark)

I fell into the dark as it was. 

I was feeling that I sank deeply forever. 

The voice to call me was heard from a great distance. 

But I couldn't know that I approached it or went away. 

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