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つよがって つよがって つよくなれ!(Bluff, bluff and grow strong!)

Klonoa: I am!...I am....!!!

Guntz: Hang it! Wake up!
Pango: The found medicine must have neutralized poison.
      But...the electric wave of Garlen may have influenced the moon's surface. If he is caught by the nightmare...
Guntz: No kidding! This optimistic fellow should not lose to the nightmare!
Pango: I also want to think so...Klonoa...Hold out...Hold out and bluff as usual...
Guntz: Don't stop in such a place! By the favor which you helped, I was able to beat Janga.
      It's now my turn to help you! Wake up! Go forward!!

Klonoa: ...!! Something is heard now..."Bluff"..."Go forward"...Yes...I am...
      For myself, for someone, I don't know such a thing, but...I want to...go forward!!
      I want to go forward! Even if I fail and repent, I want to go forward! I want the following one step!
      One step for help! One step for protect! One step for win!
      Even if it's only bluff, I'll bluff, bluff and grow really strong! I want the one step of the beginning of it!
      Therefore! Therefore, I want to become a hero!
???: ......

Klonoa: Aaaaaaah. I slept well. ...What? Guntz, Pango, what surprised you?
Pango: A...Are you safe? Is it normal anywhere?
Klonoa: Yes. Why?
Pango: ......*sigh* Well,well.
Guntz: ...Pooh. Therefore, I said don't be worried by such a optimistic fellow.
Pango: ...Did you say such a thing?
Guntz: Shut up! You waked up, rise quickly! We will go to rescue your friend!!
Klonoa: Yes!...Thank you, Guntz, Pango.
Guntz: What is?
Klonoa: I don't know, but...In my dream...I think that I was helped by you.
      "Bluff." "Go forward at least one step."
Guntz: ...
Pango: There is nothing to pardon. You too, Guntz?
Guntz: a, I don't know. Let's go!
Klonoa: A...!! Silver...medal?
Pango: ...Wow, probably, you had the very good dream.
Klonoa: Such thing...hehehe, maybe happens...
Pango: OK, we all became silver now.
Klonoa: Yes!
Guntz: Hey, what are you doing?
Klonoa: Oh, We'll go now! All right!

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