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English Archive (Selected articles from Bio Journal in English for the period September 2001 to December 2002)

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  • From Bio Journal - December 2002
    Trend: Commercialisation of GM wheat?
    GM contamination in organic soy products in factory
    MAFF's new GM feed safety law
    Unapproved cultivation of GE corn at Tsukuba University
    Biotechnology Strategy Council issues interim report
    Disagreement over handling of deceased fetuses at MLHW
    MEXT moves towards approval of research on human ES cells

  • From Bio Journal - November 2002
    Does Agrobacterium infect animal cells?
    Shinshu University submits gene therapy plan to MHLW
    Plan to use human ES cells made public
    Monsanto's Bt cotton approved in Japan
    Preparing domestic laws in order to ratify Cartagena Protocol
    GMO: Current status of GM crop R&D in Japan's local regions

  • From Bio Journal - October 2002
    GM soy detected in organic food
    NIAS develops a new GM rice variety
    Development of a GM apple
    Additional medical facility to participate in human ES cell program

  • From Bio Journal - September 2002
    First field trials for GM animal applied for
    320,000 signatures demand R&D halt of GM rice
    Decision deferred again on Shinshu Univ. human ES cell plan
    MHLW interim report on policy on science and technology
    Food labelling: Report to include both integration and status quo

  • From Bio Journal - August 2002
    Monsanto's GM cotton deferred
    GM contamination in non-GM food
    Consumers dissatisfied with GM food labelling regulations
    Food Labelling Conference goes for full legal integration
    MHLW completes clinical research guidelines on xenotransplantation
    Abnormalities continue with somatic cell cloned cattle

  • From Bio Journal - July 2002
    No settlement on labeling issue in Codex Committee meeting
    Monsanto Japan sells herbicide business
    Japan Tobacco Inc. pulls out of Orynova
    De facto approval of import of unapproved GM crops by MAFF
    MAFF R&D project on "Regeneration of Food and Agriculture"
    MAFF: Traceability to begin with beef in 2003?
    National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES) gives public presentation

  • From Bio Journal - June 2002
    Honda Motor Co., Ltd. joins with Nagoya University to Develop a Non-Lodging, High-Yield Rice
    DuPont's Next: High-Isoflavone Soy
    Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Creates a Mountain of Problems with its Approval of the "Right to Know Your Roots"

  • From Bio Journal - May 2002
    A New Problem Discovered in GM Soy
    GM Potato Labeling with the USA in Mind

  • From Bio Journal - April 2002
    Towards Hothouse Experiments Using MAT Vectors
    Mitsui Chemicals Initiates Commercial Sales of Rice Seed

  • From Bio Journal - March 2002
    GM pigs and the second generation of GM crops
    Genome sequencing of rice to be completed by year end
    MAFF establishes research centre to study rice genome use
    Unapproved GM papaya discovered
    6 Ministries work for ratification of Cartagena Biosafety Protocol
    Strategy on intellectual property, life patent issue begins

  • From Bio Journal - February 2002
    3 more approvals for GM food, food additives
    Life Ethics Committee starts discussion on human-embryo research

  • From Bio Journal - January 2002
    Japanese Government Establishes a Biotechnology Strategy HQ
    Increasing national budget for rice genome research

  • From Bio Journal - December 2001
    GM Seed Contamination Discovered in Japan
    MHLW Starts GMO Tests on Animals

  • From Bio Journal - November 2001
    Towards GM Potato Labelling
    Suntory Ltd. Withdraws GM Carnation in Japan

  • From Bio Journal - October 2001
    Towards approval of GM corn StarLink in Japan
    Rush for approval of NewLeaf Plus Potato and RoundUp Ready Canola "RT200"

  • From Bio Journal - September 2001
    GM Rice - The Main Market will be Asia
    Monsanto's preferred GM rice option is Koshihikari?

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