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GMO crop approvals for December 2010

GM crops approved for open field cultivation (Type 1 usage)
(Biodiversity Impact Assessment Investigative Commission)
NameApproval Date*
RapeseedGlyphosate herbicide toleranceDuPont61061, OECD UI: DP061061-709 December 2010
RapeseedGlyphosate herbicide toleranceDuPont73496, OECD UI: DP073496-409 December 2010
MaizeLepidoptera and coleoptera insect pest resistence + gluphosinate and glyphosate herbicide toleranceDuPont 1057 × 59122 × MON810 × NK603, OECD UI: DAS-01507-1 × DAS-59122-7 × MON-00810-6 × MON-00603-609 December 2010
MaizeLepidoptera insect pest resistance + glyphosinate and glyphosate herbicide toleranceDuPont1057 × MON810 × NK603, OECD UI: DAS-01507-1 × MON-00810-6 × MON-00603-609 December 2010
CottonGlyphosate and gluphosinate herbicide tolerance and lepidoptera pest resistanceBayer CropScienceGHB614 × LLCotton25 × 15985, OECD UI: BCS-GH002-5 × ACS-GH001-3 × MON-15985-709 December 2010
Pima CottonGlyphosate herbicide toleranceMonsanto JapanMON88913, OECD UI: MON--88913-809 December 2010
MaizeAryloxyalkanoate-type herbicide resistanceDow Chemical JapanDAS40278, OECD UI: DAS-40278-909 December 2010
* Technically, approval is granted after public comments have been accepted.

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