From Bio Journal - May 2011

Hokkaido University and others develop a GM Japanese silver grass

In a joint venture between Hokkaido University and the independent administrative entity the National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, a GM Japanese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis) has been developed for biomass production for use as biofuel. The Japanese silver grass was chosen for its high photosynthetic ability even at low temperatures. This recombination is still one at a basic stage and the issue is whether in fact the GM plant can be applied for biomass purposes in the future or not. (Bitek Joho Fukyu Kai 2011/03/03)

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) develops a pharm strawberry

The Hokkaido center of the independent administrative entity AIST possesses a closed system eplant factoryf for the development of pharmaceuticals. This plant factory is developing GM strawberries, rice, potatoes and so on for the production of pharmaceuticals. Recently, they have been successful in producing the pharmaceutical ingredient interpherone for the treatment of periodontal disease in dogs in the fruit of strawberries. It is reported that production of interpherone for treating humans is also possible, but that the schedule is to apply for approval of the dog-use interpherone first as that is easier to do than for the human version. (Inoprex 2011/02/03)

Monsanto Japan backs up activities of a GMO promotion organization

On March 4, Monsanto Japan introduced in its newsletter the organization gBio Sakumotsu Konwakaifs (Bio Crops Discussion)h gPetition on GM Crop R&D and Outdoor Trialsh activities and indicated that Monsanto Japan would support the movement. (Nihon Monsanto 2011/03/04)

GMO crop approvals for March 2011

GM crops approved for open field cultivation (Type 1 usage)
(Biodiversity Impact Assessment Investigative Commission)
NameApproval Date*
RapeseedGlyphosate herbicide toleranceMonsanto JapanMON 88302, OECD UI: MON-88302-911 March 2011
MaizeLepidotera and coleoptera pest resistance and glyphosate and glyphosinateSyngenta JapanBt11 × B.t. Cry34/35 Abl Event DAS-59122-7 × MIR604 × B.t. Cry1F maize line 1507 × GA21, OECD UI: SYN-BT011-1 × DAS-59122-7 × SYN-IR604-5 × DAS-01507-1 × MON-00021-911 March 2011
* Technically, approval is granted after public comments have been accepted.

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