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Bio Journal - December 2016

Full-scale survey of glyphosate health impacts to begin in USA (Sustainable Pulse 2016/11/4 and others)


  • Fine for GMO proponentsf campaign fought with Grocery Manufacturers Association funds (The Seattle Times 2016/11/2)
  • Nestle USA moves to non-GMO raw ingredients (Just Food 2016/10/25)
  • US newspaper concludes there is no merit in GM crop cultivation (New York Times 2016/10/29)
  • First GM apple harvest in Canada (ISAAA 2016/10)
  • UK government considers change in GMO policy due to EU exit (The Independent 2016/10/26)
  • UK supermarket switches to foods produced with non-GM feed (GM Watch 2016/11/2)
  • First GM maize cultivation on Tanzania (ISAAA 2016/10)
  • Bio company counterattack against assessment of glyphosate as carcinogenic (Huffington Post 2016/10/31 and GM Watch 2016/11/3)
  • Domestic measures finalized for ratification of supplementary protocol

Bio Journal - November 2016

Monsanto gains exclusive patent licensing rights for genome-editing technology (Digital Trends 2016/09/24)


  • "NON GMO" food labeling for general food manufacturers in US supermarket chain (Jiji Press 2016/10/22, and others)
  • USDA approves "Hokkyoku (North Pole) Fuji" GM apple (USDA 2016/09/23)
  • Canadian fish farming industry rejects GM salmon (iPolitics 2016/10/18)
  • Canadian farmers demand investigation of Bayer-Monsanto merger (CBC News 2016/09/30)
  • Will genome-editing technology be subject to GMO regulations? (GM Watch 2016/9/23, 2016/10/03)
  • GM mustard to be approved in India (India's Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF) 2016/10/05)
  • International trial of Monsanto opens (GM Watch 2016/10/15)
  • Situation in Consumer Affairs Agency's review of GM food labelling system
  • Safety review of illegal GM food additive used by Cargill begins

Bio Journal - October 2016

Contamination is discovered again, 10 years after abandoning GM wheat development (Reuters 2016/7/26 and others)


Bio Journal - September 2016

Contamination is discovered again, 10 years after abandoning GM wheat development (Reuters 2016/7/26 and others)


  • US federal GM food labeling bill passes (Inquisitr 2016/7/31, Bloomberg 2016/7/14)
  • Séralini paper withdrawn; Monsanto involvement (GM Watch 2016/7/20)
  • GMO development in India using Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation grant (Swiss info 2016/7/26)
  • Philippine Supreme Court negates GMO ban verdict (ISAAA 2016/7/27)
  • China switches to GMO promotion? (Planet Ark 2016/8/11)
  • Withdrawal from GM cotton spreads in India (Livement 2016/8/6)
  • Lidl (Germany) goes GMO-free for its own milk brand (Food Navigator 2016/7/13)
  • RIKEN and others develop GM potato using RNA interference technology (RIKEN 2016/7/26)
  • GM silkworm pilot plant to begin operation (Nikkei Biotech 2016/7/27)
  • GM salmon farming spreads to South America (AquaBounty 2016/7/28)
  • Current state of GM mosquito release experiment (Washington Examiner 2016/8/6, Fox News 2016/7/18)
  • Monsanto suspends GM seed production in Argentina (Sustainable Pulse 2016/8/7)
  • Genome edited tree moves to outdoor cultivation trials in Sweden (Test Biotech 2016/8/17)

Bio Journal - August 2016

Bill invalidating GMO labeling by states passed in US (Consumer Union 2016/7/6 and others)


Bio Journal - July 2016

US National Academy of Science expresses concern over genome editing technology (The National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine 2016/6/8, ETC Group 2-16/6/8)


  • Use of herbicide mixtures amplifies DNA damage (Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2016/6/1)
  • WHO/FAO joint conference denies glyphosate carcinogenicity (Reuters 2016/6/20 and others)
  • US National Academy of Sciences evaluates GM food as safe (The National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine 2016/5/17, GM Watch 2016/5/20)
  • Florida GM mosquito release experiment premature (AFP 2016/6/10)
  • Market increases for food safety screening in US (ISAAA 2016/5)
  • Herbicide Use by US soy farmers rises sharply (Agweek 2016/6/1)
  • Hokkaido pharmaceutical factory violates Cartagena Act
  • Japanese cedar pollen allergy symptom-alleviating rice to be provided to private sector
  • Human Genome Project-Write announced (AFP 2016/6/6)

Bio Journal - June 2016

Genome editing safety myth is nothing more than propaganda (Independent Science News 2016/4/25)


Bio Journal - May 2016

World GM crop cultivation situation in 2015 (ISAAA 2016/4/14)


  • USDA approves new Monsanto GM corn (EWG 2016/3/25)
  • Canada approves GM potato (Capital Press 2016/3/24) US government agency provides funding for Bt eggplant project (Cornell University 2016/3/29)
  • A series of US food companies announces GM labeling (Tech Times 2016/3/19 and others)
  • US environmental conservation organizations file action against GM salmon approval (The New York Times 2016/3/31)
  • United Farmers of Canada demands suspension of sale of GM seeds (Morning Post Exchange 2016/3/28)
  • GM Pollution: Post-experiment GM petunia seeds commingled with wild strains
  • Risk of skin cancer from exposure to Roundup (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2016, April, 58(4), 370-375)
  • AQUA to expand GM salmon hatcheries (CBC News 2016/4/11)
  • Mushroom modified by genome editing technology considered outside regulatory scope (Nature 2016/4/14)
  • A renewed MAFF research organization and establishment of a new genome technology development center

Bio Journal - April 2016

Ministry of the Environment releases a draft of its revised Cartagena Law


  • WHO recommends the use of GM mosquitoes as countermeasure against the Zika virus (Parent Herald 2016/2/19, Inquisitr 2016/3/12, ISAAA 2016/2, Government of Dominica 2016/2/16)
  • Situation in the Philippines where GM crop commercialization has been temporarily suspended (Invest Asian 2016/2/26)
  • US Congress once again submits a bill blocking GM food labeling (Mint Press 2016/3/12 and others)
  • US Dupont to buy out Dow Chemical? (Mother Jones 2016/3/3)
  • GMO-free zone national exchange conference held in Sendai

Bio Journal - March 2016

Development of living organisms shifts from genetic modification to genome editing (MIT Technology Review 2016/2/9 and others)


  • A series of GM food labeling bills submitted to US state legislatures (EcoWatch 2016/1/29 and others)
  • Application for a GM apple developed from the Fuji variety submitted to USDA (The Seattle Times 2016/1/23)
  • Movements toward the banning of GM salmon in US states (Civil Beat News 2016/2/7 and others)
  • US Food and Drug Agency approves gsecond generationh GM potato (Capital Press 2016/1/13)
  • Application for cultivation of GM potato in Bangladesh (PotatoPro 2016/2/7)
  • Kenya approves test cultivation of GM maize (all Africa 2016/2/11)
  • GM feed additives approved by MAFF
  • Development of a method for direct introduction of genes into plant seeds
  • Sugar beet with resistance to three kinds of herbicides (ISAAA 2016/1)
  • An epigenome edited potato that is not a GMO
  • GM alfalfa pollution expands in US (EcoWatch 2016/1/21)
  • Fertilized ovum manipulation using genome editing technology planned in UK (The Independent 2016/1/14)
  • Chinese state-owned company moves to buy out the Swiss firm Syngenta (Bloomberg 2016/2/3)

Bio Journal - February 2016

GM DARK Act fails to pass US House of Representatives (Center for Food Safety 2015/12/16, Mid Day Daily 2015/12/19, Consumers Union 2016/01/08 and others)


  • Taiwan eliminates GM food from school meals (Focus Taiwan 2015/12/14)
  • Illegal GM maize cultivation spreads in China (Reuters 2016/01/05)
  • Biosafety law enacted in Thailand (Phuket Gazette 2015/12/23)
  • Law banning GM crop cultivation enacted in Venezuela (Eco Watch 2016/01/05)
  • Former Monsanto executive appointed agriculture minister in Argentinian state (teleSUR 2016/01/09)
  • Jackson County ordinance banning GM crop cultivation goes into full force (The Washington Post 2016/01/05)
  • British parliament promotes open field trials of GM insect (The Independent 2015/12/16)
  • Native Americans declare themselves GMO-free (ICTMN 2015/12/29)
  • Disease-resistant orange in USA (ISAAA 2015/12)
  • New GM rice varieties in Japan
  • Epigenome edited potato
  • Dangers of genome editing technology (The Ecologist 2016/01/13)

Bio Journal - January 2016

Gene commercialization "genome cohort studies" begin in earnest


  • Thai government to open the door to GM crop cultivation? (Bangkok Post 2015/11/27)
  • Philippine Supreme Court orders ban on trial cultivation of GM egg plant (Digital Journal 2015/12/14)
  • Indian Supreme Court charges GM crop regulatory agency (The Ecologist 2015/12/15)
  • Chinese state corporation fails to purchase Syngenta (Agweb 2015/11/17)
  • Western Australia law regulating GM crop cultivation to be abolished (Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2015/11/18)
  • Venezuela to ban GM seeds (tele SUR 2015/12/15)
  • Approval canceled for Dowfs herbicide for its herbicide resistant crops (The New York Times 2015/11/25)
  • Where will the trial involving the cancellation of approval for Canadafs GM salmon egg sampling facility go? (The Guardian 2015/11/17 and others)
  • Syngenta countersues Cargill and others (Reuters 2015/11/20)
  • Gene/Genome editing

AIST The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
BRAIN Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution
BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Bt Bacillus thuringiensis
GM Genetically Modified
GMO Genetically Modified Organism
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ES Embryonic Stem (cell)
EU European Union
IPOD The International Patent Organism Depository
JAPR The Japan Association for Advancement of Phyto-regulators
KONARC National Agricultural Research Center for Kyushu Okinawa Region
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
MAT Multi-Auto-Transformation
METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
MHLW Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
MoE Ministry of the Environment
NARC National Agricultural Research Center
NARCH National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region
NARCT National Agricultural Research Center for Tohoku Region
NIAES National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
NIAS National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
NICS National Institute of Crop Science
NIFTS National Institute of Fruit Tree Science
NIFS National Institute of Floricultural Science
NIAH National Institute of Animal Health
NILGS National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science
NIVTS National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science
R&D Research and Development
RCAST Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
SAP Scientific Advisory Panel
SNP single nucleotide polymorphism
vCJD variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease
WeNARC National Agricultural Research Center for Western Region


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