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Bio Journal - December 2017

EU fails to re-approve glyphosate (Greenpeace EU 2017/11/9 and others)


  • France also cancels glufosinate approval (Reuters 2017/10/26)
  • EU GM crop cultivation a flame before the storm (inffOGM 2017/11/7)
  • Arkansas bans Dicamba use, government also to impose restrictions (The Associated Press 2017/11/8 and others)
  • U.S. government forced to put review of biotek regulation on hold (Science 2017/11/6)
  • Illegal GM soy cultivation discovered in India (Times of India 2017/11/8)
  • Genome edited rice harvested
  • Serious human glyphosate exposure (Environmental Health News 2017/10/30)
  • Impacts on ambulation, etc. due to glyphosate in mouse experiment (Neurotoxicology and Teratology 64 2017/11-12)
  • Rat experiments also show impacts on reproductive function, etc. due to Roundup (Ramazzini Institute 2017/10/24)
  • Medical condition improves after ceasing consumption of GM foods (International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine 2017/11/7)

Bio Journal - November 2017

European developments regarding restrictions on food produced using genome editing technology (ENSSER 2017/9/28, IFOAM EU 2017/10/2 and InfOGM 2017/10/5))


Bio Journal - October 2017

Inspections of GM salmon begin in Japan with a view to imports (The Telegraph 2017/8/9)


  • Canada approves second generation RNA interference potato (ISAAA 2017/8)
  • EU begins investigation of Monsanto buyout by Bayer (New York Times 2017/8/22)
  • EU postpones judgment on re-approval of glyphosate till end of year (The Guardian 2017/9/15)
  • Monsanto intervenes in Malawi seed policy (Food Tank 2017/8/23)
  • Suspension of GM crop trials in Republic of Korea (The Hankyoreh 2017/9/3)
  • Risks of GM mosquito releases clarified (GM Watch 2017/9/5)
  • A total of 50 varieties of GM petunia being distributed in Japan
  • China reships US GM clover (Global Times(China) 2017/8/28)
  • No future for genome edited pig (The Pork Site 2017/9/7)
  • Kaketsuken infringes Cartagena laws
  • Monsanto withdraws from Indian cotton seed business (The Economic Times 2017/9/8)

Bio Journal - September 2017

Fertilized human ovum undergoes genome editing in US (Nature 2017/8/2, Center for Genetics and Society 2017/8/2, 2017/8/2, International Center for Technology Assessment 2017/8/2, The Guardian 2017/8/4)


  • 4.5 tons of GM salmon already shipped out in Canada (The Washington Post 2017/8/4)
  • Dicamba damage reaches a million hectares across US (High Plains Public Radio 2017/7/26, AgFax 2017/8/10)
  • Campbellfs Soups quits industrial organization over GM labelling (Politico 2017/7/21)
  • State of US GM crop cultivation (ISAAA 2017/7)
  • Glyphosate detected in ice cream (The New York Times 2017/7/25)
  • Monsanto pressure on the media and scientific research organizations comes to light (The New York Times 2017/8/1, CBS SF Bay Area 2017/8/4)
  • GM white clover outdoor trials begin (Capital Press 2017/8/16)
  • GM mustard approval issue reaches final stages in India (Live Mint 2017/7/31, India Legal 2017/7/24) (First Post 2017/7/30)
  • Australian government approves outdoor trials of GM wheat and corn (ISAAA 2017/7)
  • GM banana developed in Australia (ISAAA 2017/7)
  • Unapproved rice detected in US food products
  • RNA interference potato approved
  • Blue chrysanthemum appears
  • Nagoya Protocol ratified
  • One barrier to xenotransplantion removed by genome editing (AFP 2017/8/11)

Bio Journal - August 2017

RNA interference insect-resistant maize goes to cultivation trials in US (Kyodo News 2017/6/30 and others) For more information, see articles at The Atlantic, Waking Times and Hwaarifan's Blog.


  • Syngenta defeated in unapproved GMO contamination damages trial (Bloomberg 2017/6/23)
  • California designates glyphosate as carcinogenic substance (Reuters 2017/6/27)
  • Arkansas bans use of Dicamba for 120 days (St Louis Post-Dispatch 2017/7/14)
  • Unapproved GM microorganism discovered in supplement in EU (Independent Science News 2017/6/26)
  • GM mustard cultivation banned in seven Indian states ( 2017/7/14)
  • Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences develops new GM cotton (ISAAA 2017/6)
  • Experimental GM moth release in New York State (NOFA-NY 2017/7/7)
  • Approval for GM salmon farming in Canada (CBC News 2017/6/27)
  • Monsanto forms partnership with AI company (AGRI in ASIA 2017/6/29 and others)

Bio Journal - July 2017

Hundreds of unintended mutations may be caused by CRISPR genome editing (Nature Methods 2017/6/14)


Bio Journal - June 2017

State of world GM crop cultivation, 2016 (ISAAA 2017/5/4)


  • Monsanto involved in Roundup safety assessment paper (EU Observer 2017/5/2)
  • Belgian government bans use of glyphosate by citizens (GM Watch 2017/5/1)
  • Mexican Supreme Court confirms GM maize cultivation ban (La Jornada 2017/5/12)
  • Illegal cultivation of GM maize in Bolivia (SOS MAIZ BOLIVIA 2017/5/14)
  • Ghana GM cotton trial cultivation suspended (MyJoyOnline 2017/5/11)
  • Commercial cultivation of GM mustard approved in India (Times of India 2017/5/12)
  • Epigenetically modified potato moves to outdoor trials
  • GM petunia distributed worldwide (Horticulture Week 2017/5/5)

Bio Journal - May 2017

Relaxation of glyphosate residue standards and the health issue (The FERN 2017/4/7, Huffington Post 2017/3/23)


  • California recognizes glyphosate as a carcinogen (GM Watch 2017/3/30)
  • Trump administration complicit in attack on IARC (Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman 2017/4/4)
  • Glyphosate detected in Canadian food inspection (Canadian Food Inspection Agency 2017/4/13)
  • EU approves Dow-DuPont merger (Bloomberg 2017/3/28)
  • GM maize trial cultivation begins in Mozambique (ISAAA 2017/3)
  • Contamination by unapproved cotton discovered in India (Bangalore Mirror 2017/4/7)
  • Situation regarding damage by contamination from GM maize for biofuel (Agri Market 2017/4/7)
  • New biotechnology to be subject to GMO restrictions (GM Watch 2017/4/10)
  • China develops rice using genome editing technology (ISAAA 2017/3)
  • Consumer Affairs Agency releases processed food country of origin labelling draft and reviews GM food labelling
  • EU and USA recognize purchase of Syngenta by Chinese state enterprise (Reuters 2017/4/5)

Bio Journal - April 2017

Trials of first genome edited rice about to begin


Bio Journal - March 2017

Neonicotinoid pesticides used in disinfection of GM seeds (DTN The Progressive Farmer 2017/2/16)


  • GM apple distribution begins in US with QR code label (CBC News 2017/1/22)
  • Deliberations on new regulations for next-gen GMOs to begin in US (STAT 2017/2/2)
  • Monarch butterfly endangered in US (Center for Food Safety 2017/2/9)
  • US consumers avoid GMOs (QSR 2017/1)
  • US chemical industry begins campaign to criticize IARC (Reuters 2017/1/25)
  • Cuba to begin full-scale GM crop cultivation (ISAAA 2017/1)
  • Outdoor trials of new GM wheat begin in UK (BBC News 2017/2/1)
  • NARO to perform outdoor trials of new GM rice
  • EFSA demands complex risk assessment of stack varieties (Environmental Sciences Europe 2017/1/11)
  • Glyfosate suspected to be environmental hormone (GM Watch 2017/2/3)
  • MAFF to abolish the Major Agricultural Products Seed Act (The Japan Agricultural News, 2017/2/2)

Bio Journal - February 2017

Major constituent of herbicide, glyphosate, causes liver disease (Scientific Reports 2017/1/9, Times of Malta 2017/01/12)


Bio Journal - January 2017

Impacts on health brought about by US GM crop cultivation (Pew Research Center 2016/12, Huffington Post 2016/11/23, The Washington Post 2016/12/8)


  • Ordinance on GM crop cultivation ban enforced in Heilongjiang Province of China ( 2016/12/17)
  • Pakistanfs Bt cotton introduction fails (Dawn 2016/11/21)
  • Hawaii County GM crop moratorium annulled (Eco Watch 2016/11/19)
  • Herbicide tolerant lawn approved for commercial planting in US (Center for Biological Diversity 2016/12/7)
  • Canada Food Inspection Agency not considering GM food labeling (Epoch Times 2016/12/8)
  • Planting of dicamba herbicide-tolerant crops causes damage to surrounding farmers (St Louis Post-Dispatch 2016/12/7)
  • GM maize damages gut (Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology 2016/68)
  • Cultivation of Bt cotton causes large reduction in soil bacteria (The Ecologist 2016/11/24)
  • US Environment Protection Agency assesses carcinogenicity of glyphosate as small (Agri-Pulse 2016/12/16)
  • Florida GM mosquito release experiment suspended (Friends of the Earth 2016/12/7)
  • Genome edited food recognized as organic (GM Watch 2016/11/22)
  • Citizens demand suspension of gene drive at Biodiversity Convention COP13 (GM Watch 2016/12/5)
  • Bayer and Monsanto explain the buyout (AgWeb 2016/12/7)

AIST The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
BRAIN Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution
BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Bt Bacillus thuringiensis
GM Genetically Modified
GMO Genetically Modified Organism
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ES Embryonic Stem (cell)
EU European Union
IPOD The International Patent Organism Depository
JAPR The Japan Association for Advancement of Phyto-regulators
KONARC National Agricultural Research Center for Kyushu Okinawa Region
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
MAT Multi-Auto-Transformation
METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
MHLW Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
MoE Ministry of the Environment
NARC National Agricultural Research Center
NARCH National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region
NARCT National Agricultural Research Center for Tohoku Region
NIAES National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
NIAS National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
NICS National Institute of Crop Science
NIFTS National Institute of Fruit Tree Science
NIFS National Institute of Floricultural Science
NIAH National Institute of Animal Health
NILGS National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science
NIVTS National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science
R&D Research and Development
RCAST Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
SAP Scientific Advisory Panel
SNP single nucleotide polymorphism
vCJD variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease
WeNARC National Agricultural Research Center for Western Region


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