From Bio Journal - July 2019

Japanese government closes the curtain on genome edited foods without restrictions

At a June 20 meeting that also included the Consumer Affairs Agency, the Japanese Cabinet Office consumer commission, which had been considering labelling for genome edited foods (see BJ April 2019), ended its deliberations with the decision gnot to label.h As a result, no regulations involving environmental impact assessments under the Cartagena laws, food safety screening under the Food Sanitary Act and labelling under the Food Labelling Act will be enforced. The government will attempt to draw the curtain on genome edited foods restriction by holding explanatory meetings open to the general public in five locations around Japan between July 2 and July 12. Since the conclusion is that there will be no labelling, and as the situation is that consumers will neither be able to know about nor choose to purchase or leave genome edited foods on the shelf, a one-million signatures campaign to demand safety screening and labelling of genome edited foods has been initiated with the Consumers Union of Japan playing a central role.

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