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Bio Journal - December

Bio Journal - November

Efforts to lift ban on genome editing intensify in Europe (GM Watch 2021/10/4)


Bio Journal - October

Sales of genome-edited tomatoes begin


  • Ministry approves sales of genome-edited red sea bream
  • Cultivation trials of GM wheat to start in UK (GM Watch 2021/9/2)
  • Moves to deregulate GMOs in Europe (GM Watch 2021/9/6)
  • UK moving toward non-regulation of genome-edited crops (BBC Sounds 2021/9/6)
  • UK citizens' group criticizes genome-edited tomato (GM Watch 2021/9/21)
  • Canadian government releases new GMO regulatory guidance (CBAN 2021/9/2)
  • Method for tracking GM animals in the environment (PLOS ONE 2021/8/26)
  • Worldwide exports of illegal GM rice products from India (InfOGM 2021/9/8)
  • Further expansion of India's Bt Cotton damage (Millennium Post 2021/9/1)
  • Chromosomal disruption arouses concern for carcinogenicity (Nature Biotechnology 2021/7/15 and others)
  • Labeling and organic certification of genome-edited crop seeds and seedlings

Bio Journal - September

Philippines approves cultivation of Golden Rice (New Age 2021/7/29 and others)


  • GM papaya detected in imported pickles
  • Abnormal outbreak of insect pests on Bt cotton in India (The Times of India 2021/8/6)
  • GM soy burger aims for commercialization in Australia and New Zealand (FoE Australia/Gene Ethics 2021/8/3)
  • Commercialization of genome-edited fish coming soon
  • New York Tomes Magazine eulogizes GM tomato (New York Times Magazine 2021/7/20)
  • Gestation period shortened due to exposure to glyphosate (Environmental Health News 2021/8/6)
  • Criticism of UN Food Systems Summit intensifies (ETC Group 2021/7/23)

Bio Journal - August

EU approves edible insects


  • Don't underestimate the risk of genome-edited foods (BioTech 2021/6/22)
  • No new risk for genome editing, says European Commission (Testbiotech 2021/7/14)
  • Corteba holds patents on genome editing (Testbiotech 2021/6/25)
  • Genome editing of chloroplasts (Nature Plants 2021/7/1)
  • 100 million yen wasted gm wheat development costs in Britain (GM Watch 2021/6/26)
  • Glyphosate has profound effect on microorganisms (Third World Network 2021/7/12)
  • Modified lignin demonstration plant begins operation

Bio Journal - July

Starring role for biotechnology in MAFF's "Green Food System Strategy"


Bio Journal - June

MAFF to promote RNA pesticides


Bio Journal - May

Intense activity toward commercialization of genome-edited food


  • Abnormalities with genome editing occur even in the on-target region (bioRxiv 2021/2/16)
  • EPA approves release of GM mosquitoes in Florida (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists 2021/4/19)
  • Applications for RNA pesticides in US (EcoWatch 2021/3/9)
  • People oppose deregulation of GMOs in Wales (GMWatch 2021/3/24)
  • European citizens demand GMO and genome editing labelling (Greens/EFA 2021/3/30)
  • Several herbicide-tolerant crops developed using genome editing in US (Plants 2021/3/24)
  • Toxicity of Bt toxin amplified in crops (Science 2021/4/2)
  • Impacts of glyphosate on sex hormones (Sustainable Pulse 2021/4/7)
  • Measurement of concentration in urine of surfactants used in herbicides becomes possible (Environmental Research 2021/4/1)
  • Production of a monkey-human chimera (Cell 2021/4/16)

Bio Journal - April

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to promote RNA pesticides


Bio Journal - March

German scientists point out problems with high GABA tomatoes (Testbiotech 2021/2/3)


  • German parliament to discuss bill to ban glyphosate (Reuters 2021/2/10)
  • Reversal as protagonist genome food bill fails to pass in Italy (Navdanya International and European Coordination Via Campesina 2021/1/21)
  • French government begins discussions toward not regulating genome-editing crops (GM Watch 2021/1/20)
  • Norwegian marine researchers eat genome-edited salmon (The Magazine Research Ethics 2021/2/4)
  • European citizens say "no" to gene drive (Stop Gene Drive 2021/1/27)
  • FDA Commissioner rejects GM animal regulation bureau change (DTN Progressive Farmer 2021/1/13)
  • Glyphosate May Affect Intestinal Bacteria (Environmental Health Perspective 2021/1/27)
  • MHLW Council begins deliberations on genome-edited fish

Bio Journal - February

Move toward commercialization of genome-edited fish by Kyoto University venture company


  • Mexico issues total ban on GM corn (Sustainable Pulse 2020/12/18 and others)
  • Biden administration to accelerate GMO promotion? (The Guardian 2020/12/21)
  • Moves to deregulate GM animals in US (GM Watch 2021/1/6)
  • UK government genome editing technology promotion policy post-Brexit (Sky News 2021/1/10, The National 2021/1/7)
  • Bt toxin had up to 20 times the assumed toxicity (Testbiotech 2020/12/21)
  • Impacts appear for up to 10 generations in genome-edited animals (Testbiotech 2020/12/22)
  • Public comments solicited for the approval of the GM Phalaenopsis orchid

Bio Journal - January

Japanfs first genome-edited food item, a tomato, gets green light for distribution


  • GM pig approved for food and medical use in US (CNN 2020/12/15)
  • Mexican president indicates stance toward banning glyphosate (GM Watch 2020/12/3)
  • Switzerland continues GMO moratorium (Le Matin 2020/11/19)
  • Singapore approves sales of schmeat (The Guardian 2020/12/2)
  • Suspension of cultivation demanded for Philippine Golden Rice (PAN Asia Pacific 2020/11/13)
  • Glyphosate accelerates the extinction of living beings (Center for Biological Diversity 2020/12/3)
  • Glyphosate impacts certain microorganisms in the body (US Right to know 2020/11/23)
  • Bill to amend the Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act approved and passed

AIST The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
BRAIN Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution
BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Bt Bacillus thuringiensis
GM Genetically Modified
GMO Genetically Modified Organism
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ES Embryonic Stem (cell)
EU European Union
IPOD The International Patent Organism Depository
JAPR The Japan Association for Advancement of Phyto-regulators
KONARC National Agricultural Research Center for Kyushu Okinawa Region
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
MAT Multi-Auto-Transformation
METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
MHLW Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
MoE Ministry of the Environment
NARC National Agricultural Research Center
NARCH National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region
NARCT National Agricultural Research Center for Tohoku Region
NIAES National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
NIAS National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
NICS National Institute of Crop Science
NIFTS National Institute of Fruit Tree Science
NIFS National Institute of Floricultural Science
NIAH National Institute of Animal Health
NILGS National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science
NIVTS National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science
R&D Research and Development
RCAST Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
SAP Scientific Advisory Panel
SNP single nucleotide polymorphism
vCJD variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease
WeNARC National Agricultural Research Center for Western Region


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