From Bio Journal - March 2023

Petition submitted demanding withdrawal of adoption of genome-edited pufferfish as Miyazu City hometown tax return gift

On February 14, a citizens' organization in Miyazu City, Kyoto Fu, opposing the adoption of genome-edited pufferfish as a return gift for hometown tax, have submitted a petition of 10,661 signatures demanding the withdrawal of the gift. At a regular press conference, Mayor Masafumi Kizaki said he would like to have an opportunity to talk with the citizens. (Kyoto Shimbun 2023/2/15 and others)

NTT forms a series of partnerships with genome editing development companies

On January 19, Gryllus Inc, a Tokushima-based developer of genome-edited crickets, announced a demonstration experiment to raise crickets using AI technology in collaboration with NTT EAST. The aim is to apply NTT's high-tech technology to cricket production. (Nikkei Biotech 2023/1/20)

In addition, Regional Fish, Inc., which cultivates and markets genome-edited fish, announced on February 9 that it would form a joint venture with NTT to produce and market seafood. Regional Fish has a proven track record in developing and farming fish and shellfish by genome editing, while NTT is well known for developing algae and using AI in aquaculture, both companies will therefore work together to advance their activities. (Project Design Online 2023/2/10)

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