TSUZUKI Kiyoshi Photo Exhibition "Loving at the Metro "
Amour dans le Metro
TSUZUKI Kiyoshi Photo Exhibition

Romantic photos taken at the Metro, (the Paris subway), will be unveiled from. May 9 (Thu) through May 14 (Tue) at the Contax Salon on the 6th floor of Kyukyodo, Ginza. About 50 photos taken in Paris by TSUZUKI Kiyoshi, an up and coming photographer. Under the theme of the Metro in Paris, photos capture scenes of lovers kissing, musicians playing, dogs accompanying their owners on the subways, the station entrance decorated in Art Nouveau style. TSUZUKI's black-and-white photos feature people at the Eiffel Tower and other various places of interests in Paris. Enjoy the atmosphere of Paris while 6days following the Golden Week holiday.

Portions of the proceeds from this photo exhibition will be donated to underprivileged children around the world. Admission Free.

Title : "Loving at the Metro"
Term : May 9 th(Thu)` May 14th (Tue) AM10:30`PM7:00/Last day`PM4:00
Place : Kyocera Contax Salon,Ginza TEL 03-3572-1921
§104-0061 5-7-4 ,Ginza, Chuou-ku, Tokyo,

Joint hosted: by the World Children's Fund

Support: AIR FRANCE , Maison de la FRANCEiBureau of French tourist servicej

Admission: Free.