In the evening of September 8, I returned to Koita

As usual, I didn't inform them that I was coming and it appeared they were
The only ones that greeted me were the cats.... not one or two cats。

In the house, there were 4 kittens and one parent. It must have long since
people left. They were all anxious for me to play with them。

Further, there were 4 more kittens and one adult outside the house. They
were curious about my digital camera.

I hear there are also 2 more adults in the barn. This is a house of cats.

While I was taking pictures, the man who lives nearby told me that a cow is
out of the enclosure and into the paddy field。
I was in trouble. Nobody is home. I don't know what to do. Well, there is no
point of worrying, I proceeded toward the cow with 2 pieces of lasso.
The man and I approached it from both sides and threw the rope. Since I
approached from the front, the cow avoided the rope。
The second time around, I approached quietly from behind and put the lasso
suddenly around the neck and I was successful。
I asked the man to put another rope around the horn, I brought the resisting
cow home ; or rather I was dragged by the cow ; fell and hit my bottom ; but
I was successful to put it in the enclosure. I was out of breath and my
bottom hurt.

According to this neighbor, this cow escaped soon after the family left and
this man was watching him shortly after noon until the evening so that he
does not go into the paddy field. Sorry for the all the trouble
But it is more than 10 years since I chased a cow. I am glad it turned out

After that, I stretched a rope around the fence and I somehow mended the
gate with barbed wire and a pliers and waited with the cats for everyone to
come home.

Everyone left for Kirara Festival in Yamaguchi Prefecture around noon. But
the school was out. The school had 2-day holidays ... and very crowded. They
could not get in any pavilion. Very unfortunate.

My mother injured her hand at the end of July and had to wear cast and lost
her muscles。She is going under rehabilitation.

Now, I am going to show you a bit of scenery of the farm.
The high mountain in the front is Mt. Shinyu. Brown area on the right is the
new pasture created using excavated material from building rural roads. The
building on the left is the main barn.

Main barn. There are 180 cows at the moment.

Scenery creating silage (food for the cows in winter)。Harvested grasses are
rolled using a machine called roll baler.
(Actually this picture is that of the machine stuck in the mud and trying
to get out.)

The machine will lift it using a small shovel。It is very heavy because it
is not dry. Humans have to balance it.

The shovel is putting it in the truck。Notice the truck is facing toward the
lower slope. When you put it with the shovel, it automatically rolls into
the truck. The truck can accommodate 3 rolls only.

After this, the truck takes them to the machine that wraps the bales and
they are left on the level ground。
Meanwhile, they will ferment and become silage。

After loading the truck, they said, "cheese."
From left to right, me, wife of my brother, my brother and my parents.
They look all slanted, but in reality, the ground is slanted.