Records (SP/EP/LP) CDs

Our exhibitions consist of records and CDs which I started to collect more than 30 years ago.
About 220 of our mandolin records and CDs are from Italy (the birth place of the mandolin), Japan, France, U.S.A., Greece, Germany, Russia and all over the world.
You can listen to them in our hall for a small charge.
If you are not familiar with mandolins,I would recommend records or CDs such as Bolero(SP,released in 1925) by the late Raffaele Calace and Turkey March by Maria B.Scivittaro.
Both players are from Italy.

This is the oldest SP from France, released in 1910.

This SP is a Greek style Rapsodia released around 1925.
It's very valuable,because now there are only a few of them left in the world.