since 1997. 5. 8 (Na go ya)

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Mandolin Melodies Museum
Opened on Nagoya Day [Heisei 7(na)/5(go)/8(ya)](May 8, 1995)





* Information *
  • On the third Friday of every month, we're having "An Evening with Italian Dishes & Folksongs"
  • We have started "Miss Pane Della Galleria"(Italian Cooking & Baking Class)

* Guide to the Mandolin Melodies Museum

  1. Greeting

  2. Information
    opening hours,entrance fees,location,etc.

* Exhibition

  1. Records & CDs
    records(SP/EP/LP)& CDs of mandolins from all over the world since 1920.
    The oldest record(SP) is from France released in 1910.

  2. Famous articles of mandolin
    more than 20 mandolins including; world famous mandolins from Italy and early works by Masakichi Suzuki who is the first mandolin maker in Japan.

* Original Goods from Mandolin Melodies Museum (available)
Items that can be obtained from the with Mandolin Melodies Museum

  1. CDs and LP records of Hirokazu Nanya
    famous mandolin tunes by Hirokazu Nanya (mandolin), Kazumi Kurihara (piano), mandolin orchestra Delfini d'oro NEW RealAudio 3.0 (updated:1998/9/14)

  2. "Nanya Delica" the mandolin for a soloist
    devised and designed by Hirokazu Nanya. It has a characteristic bright tune and rich sound.

  3. A Mandolin Card Game: a learning tool
    The card game was devised by Hirokazu Nanya using the knowledge he has from his long experience. You can learn the importance of practice through the game.
    * Just playing the game is not enough for developing your skill.

  4. Video:The History of the Mandolin vol.1
    "The Precursors and Origin of the Mandolin" An explanation of the origin of mandolins,The previously unknown story of the first mandolin, How to make a mandolin, Playing variations, and more.

  5. A Brooch of an Angel Playing the Mandolin
    Our original brooch is a beautiful decoration with a European touch.

* Arte Mandolinistica
Hirokazu Nanya's lessons for any level from beginners to instructors.

  1. List of Scores (in Japanese only)
    more than 6000 scores.

* Miss Pane Della Galleria
Miss Pane's Italian cooking and baking class since Nov.30 1997. She's Mr. Nanya's daughter.

  1. An Evening with Italian Dishes & Folksongs
    on the third Friday of every month, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the hall of Arte Mandolinistica. Come and enjoy Italian dishes while listening to a live performance with mandolins.

* Links
links to webpages about mandolins.NEW Last Modified (Mar. 9th, 1998)

* Profile
about Hirokazu Nanya,the director of Mandolin Melodies Museum.

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