Tokyo Living Masters List
by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in December 1879
  Edited and translated by Shingo Yamaguchi

  The "Tokyo Meiko Kagami (Tokyo Living Masters List)" is historic material published by the YURINDO Company (Minami-denma-Cho, Tokyo) after investigation and editing by the Industry Promotion Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in December 1879. The Masters of each crafts fields, living in Tokyo in early stages of Meiji era, were recorded in a 477 page book....

More than fifty Netsuke-shi (Netsuke carver) were recorded mainly in the section of "Ivory and Horn Carver". Since the bibliography of the Ueda's famous "Netsuke no Kenkyu (Study of Netsuke)" did not include this book and the facts which are not mentioned in the "Netsuke no Kenkyu" appeared in the Tokyo Meiko Kagami, Mr. Ueda probably was not aware of this material....

The government officials probably went and met them in person to accomplish the research because it was a matter which could not be known unless the officials checked with the Masters directly about their past careers. As these records represent only reliable facts on their real life, I hope this will now join as a root source and assist the lines of Netsuke-related research and study in the world....

       The FACTS Mr.Ueda wasn't aware of...

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