Filozofias koloroj




Why don’t you speak the internatinal language Esperanto?


Artist Statement

I am always open to the things which come through my five senses in my daily life. Those are colors and forms, something come through communication by words and sounds, and something like atmosphere caught by the senses of smell, touch and so on. I always observe my painting to get a next step on painting by the hints of one color piece, a small part of the picture, the whole structure of the picture or the atmosphere of the picture. When I misread the hints, I analyze the reason of my mistake and try to find another step. I always repeat this process and complete a painting.

Color as content by Rose Hobart 2012

Rose Hobart: There is a certain rhythmic pattern prevalent in many of your paintings, is there any correlation between the notion of musical composition and the performance of colors in your artwork?

Misa Aihara: Musical composers work with sounds, which are originally noise. Sound alone, does not express a concrete rhythm. I am interested in that notion of music. I want to make a performance with non-representational parts of colors, textures, brushstrokes and so on-every component on canvas.

Misa Aihara is an incredibly accomplished painter. Though her canvases seem to have been comprised by an abstract-expressionist’s agenda, on second look it is obvious that the artist’s hand, here, is calculated. It’s hard to develop an extremely lucid explanation, or even a definitive emotion when staring at Misa’s artworks. Which is why they are so compelling. It is within the calculated chaos of her canvases that one finds intrigue, a spark that keeps you looking to discover more.

Misa Aihara creates kaleidoscopic paintings by filling the canvases with thick layers of color that visually stir emotions through sensatinal perception. Misa Aihara utilizes color theory in order to show how colors interact between one another and how a simple juxtapositon between hues builds depth to a two-dimentinal canvas.

One becomes enveloped with intricate relationships between line, shape and color standing in front of Misa Aihara’s large scale oil on canvas paintings, and her briliant coloration and whimsical forms charismatically entice personal sentiments from all grace with her opulent paintings.

(Ruthie Tucker-Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC)

AIHARA Misa / 相原 美紗

1942 naskighis en Ibaraki Gubernio, Japanio
1965 elgradighis el Josibi Universitato de Belarto kaj Desegno, Tokio
1970 persona ekspozicio (Surugadai Galerio, Tokio)
1972 - 75 restadis en Londono kaj faris akvoforajhojn
1974 grupa ekspozicio de Brita Akvoforista Asocio(BAA)
1975 grupa ekspozicio de BAA (Londono, Barkely en Usono, Athens en Grekio)
1976 ekspoziciita en Internacionale Biella per L’incisione, Italio
1977 grupa ekspozicio de japanaj akvoforistoj(Galerio L, Humburg, Germanio)
1979 persona ekspozicio (Iteza Galerio, Kioto, Japanio) * deposte faras pentrajhojn
1980, 82 persona ekspozicio (Galerio Haku, Oosaka)
1984, 86, 88 persona ekspozicio (Te Galerio, Tokio)
1990, 92, 94, 96 persona ekspozicio (AD & A Galerio, Oosaka)
1991 grupa ekspozicio (AD & A Galerio, Oosaka)
2000 persona ekspozicio (Galeria Graphica bis, Tokio)
grupa ekspozicio (AD & A Galerio, Oosaka)
2005, 09 Florenca Dujara Ekspozicio de Nuntempa Belarto (Florenco, Italio)
2010 persona ekspozicio (Galerio Blanch, Ikeda), grupa ekspozicio (Oonisi Gallery, NY, Usono)
grupa ekspozicio (Gallery Tondinelli, Romo, Italio)
2011 Chianciano International Art award (Chianciano Terni, Italio)
2012 Solo ekspoziocio (NY ART Co.Ltd. Tokio, Japanio)
Grupa ekspozicio (Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugalio)
2013 jan. Grupa ekspozicio (Amsterdam Whitney Gallery , NYC, Usono)
jan. London Biennale (Londono , Britio)
apr. "Art of the mind" show (Gagliardi Gallery, Londono, Britio)
sep. 2013 Chianciano Art Biennale(Italio)premiita pri "artista merito"
okt. Grupa ekspozicio (Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC, Usono)   
2015 jan. London Art Biennale(London, Britio)
jan. Grupa ekspozicio( Jelmoni Gallery, Milano, Italio)
jun. Grupa ekspozicio (Parizo, Francio)
2016 maj. Grupa ekspozicio (Gallery Bohner, Mannheim, Germanio) 
2017 mar. Grupa ekspozicio( The Metropolitan Gallery, Las Vegas, Usono)
maj.22-jun.18 Solo-ekspozicio (The gallery Stainer, Vieno, Auxstrio)  
1942 born in Ibaraki-ken, Japan
1965 graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo
1970 solo exhibition (Surugadai Gallery, Tokyo)
1972 - 75 stayed in London, UK and involved in printmaking
1974 Printmakers’Council Exhibition (London)
1975 Printmakers’Council Exhibition (London, Barkery in USA, Athens in Greek)
1976 invited to Premio Internacionale Biella per L’incisione, Italy
1977 Japanese Printmakers' Show (Gallery L, Humburg, Germany)
1979 solo Exhibition on paintings (Iteza Gallery, Kyoto) * Since then, she has been involved in painting art
1980, 82 solo exhibition (Gallery Haku, Oosaka)
1984, 86, 88 solo exhibition (Te Gallery, Tokyo)
1990, 92, 94, 96 group exhibition (AD & A Gallery, Oosaka)
1991 solo exhibition (AD & A Gallery, Oosaka)
2000 solo exhibition (Galeria, Graphica bis, Tokyo)
group exhibition (AD & A Gallery, Oosaka)
2005, 09 joined in Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art (Florence, Italy)
2010 solo exhibition (Gallery Branch, Ikeda), group exhibition (Oonishi Gallery, NY, USA)
group exhibition (Gallery Tondinelli, Roma, Italy)
2011 Chianciano International Art award (Chianciano Terni, Italy)
2012 Solo show (NY Art Ltd. Tokyo, Japan)
Group exhibition (Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal)
2013 Jan. Group exhibition (Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC, USA)
Jan. London Biennale (London, UK)
Apr. "Art of the mind" show (Gagliardi Gallery, London, UK)
Sep. 2013 Chianciano Art Biennale (Italy) Certificate of Artistic Merits awarded
Oct. Group Exhibition(Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC, USA)
2015 Jan. London Art Biennnale (Chelsea Old town Hall, London, UK)
Jan. “Contemporary Milano” (Jelmoni Gallery, Milano, Italy)
Jun. Exhibition in the Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre (Paris , France)
2016 May Group show (Gallery Bohner, Mannheim,Germany)
2017 May Group show (The metropolitan Gallery, Las vegas, USA)
May/22-Jun./18 Solo show (The Gallery Stainer, Vienna, Austria)
1942 茨城県に生まれる
1965 女子美術大学洋画科卒業
1970 個展(駿河台画廊,東京)
1972 - 75 英国滞在
1974 英国版画協会展,10周年記念展出品
1975 英国版画協会展(ロンドン,米国バークリィ,アテネ)
1976 Premio Internacionale Biella per L'incisione 招待出品(伊)
1977 「日本の版画家」展出品(L画廊,ハンブルグ,独)
1979 個展(射手座画廊,京都)
1980, 82 個展(ギャラリー白,大阪)
1983 ビルギット・ショールドと仲間たち展(南天子画廊,東京)
1984, 86, 88 個展(ギャラリー手,東京)
1990, 92, 94, 96 個展(AD&Aギャラリー,大阪)
1991 グループ展(AD&Aギャラリー,大坂)
2000 個展(ガレリア・グラフィカ,東京)
2005, 09 Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art出品
2010 個展(画廊ぶらんしゅ,池田市)
グループ展(Oonishi Gallery,New York) グループ展(Gallery Tondinelli,Roma)
2011 Chianciano International Art Award (Chianciano Terni,イタリア)
2012 個展(NY Art Ltd., 東京)
グループ展(Colorida Art Gallery,リスボン、ポルトガル)
2013 1月 グループ展(Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC, 米国)
1月 ロンドン ビエンナーレ(ロンドン、英国)
4月 "Art of the mind" show(agliardi Gallery, ロンドン, 英国)
9月 2013 キアンチアーノ ビエンナーレ(キアンチアーノ テルネ, イタリア)"Artistic Merits" 賞
10月 グループ展(Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC, 米国)
2015 1月 ロンドン・アート・ビエンナーレ (Chelsea Old Town hall, ロンドン,英)
1月 グループ展 (Jelmoni Gallery, ミラノ, 伊)
6月 Exhibiiton in the art shopping carrousel du Louvre (パリ, 仏)
2016 5月 グループ展 (Bechtle IT Systemhouse, Gallery Bohner, マンハイム、独)
2017 3月 グループ展 (The Metropolitan Gallery, Las Vegas, 米)
5月22日-6月17日 個展 (The Gallery Stainer, ウィーン, オーストリア)

相原 美紗 画集『哲学する色彩』
MISA AIHARA "Filozofias koloroj"





出版社:(株) New York Art
価格:2,100 円(税込)
47ページ / 23cm



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