"REALA! Let's go to collect chips!"
"Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!" "I see, I see!!" (Toss) "!?" "REALA, what's wrong? I leave you?"
"N, NiGHTS..... I give up" "Oh, tired? You may take rest a little. I go back first!" "What? Hey, wait....." (tumble)
(munch, munch.) "REALA, why don't you eat?" "Hey, NiGHTS! Why didn't you carry it together? Always, I'm saying 'cooperate with each other' to you guys, isn't it?" "..... I'm sorry, REALA...... I give all of this to you." "Wow!" <<<Their was translated into English by FEN. I can't thank you enough!!>>>
もくじ 「チップは食べ物なのか?」とか 「チップに重さがあるのか?」とか 細かい疑問は忘れて下さいね♪