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Bio Journal - December 2015

FDA approves GM salmon (New York Times 2015/11/19 and others)


Bio Journal - November 2015

GMOs in South Korea; Move to stricter labeling fizzles out


  • EU countries opting for a GM crop cultivation ban (My informs 2015/10/5 and others)
  • Russia reaffirms GM crop cultivation ban (The Moscow Times 2015/9/20)
  • Turkish government admits to large import of GM rice in 2013 (Todayfs Zaman 2015/9/15)
  • Kenya lifts ban on GMOs, opposition movement spreads (All Africa 2015/9/17)
  • South Africa fails to approve GM potato (African Center for Biosafety 2015/9/16)
  • GMO pollution confirmed in Philippine organic field (Davao Today 2015/9/15)
  • US organic farmersf economic losses due to GMO pollution (Food & Water Watch 2015/9/22)
  • Criticism strengthens against micro-pig developed in China (The Tribune 2015/10/4)
  • Food Safety Commission view: Trend for reduced anxiety over GM food (Nikkei Biotech, 2015/10/07)
  • Screening of acrylamide-reduced potato to continue

Bio Journal - October 2015

EU countries move to ban cultivation of GM crops as new GMO policy takes effect (Eco Watch 2015/9/3 and others)


Bio Journal - September 2015

Federal-level US "GM Labeling Bill (HR1599)" passes House of Representatives (Watertown Daily Times 2015/8/9, CNBC 2015/7/22, EWG 2015/7/16, Mint Press 2015/7/28)


  • Now European Parliament debates bill to give each country discretionary power to import GMOs (European Parliament News 2015/7/16)
  • Sweden moves toward becoming GMO cultivation prohibited country (GM Watch 2015/7/23)
  • "GMO-free" labels increase in EU (Food Navigator 2015/7/10)
  • Criticism of GM eggplants strengthens in Bangladesh in the second year of commercialization (Shanghai Daily 2015/7/1)
  • Drought-resistant GM maize seeds to be marketed in Kenya this autumn? (Standard Digital News 2015/8/2)
  • Foodstuffs with "GMO-free" label increase in US (Food Business News 2015/7/14)
  • Publication of paper on human trials with GM rice withdrawn (Quartz 2015/8/3)
  • GM soy loses original soy capability (Sustainable Pulse 2015/7/15)
  • Irish company begins support for synthetic biological development (The Irish Times 2015/7/21)
  • Ebola virus research facility to begin operation in Tokyo

Bio Journal - August 2015

Cartagena law regulations drastically relaxed


  • GM crops destroy the reproductive functions (Nation of Change 2015/7/7)
  • GM lamb distributed in France (Inquisitr 2015/6/23)
  • Trait cannot be confirmed in GM wheat developed in UK (Reuters 2015/6/25)
  • European Food Safety Authority reassesses environmental risks (EFSA News 2015/7/1)
  • High concentration of pesticide pollution in breastmilk in Germany (The Local 2015/6/26)
  • Debate on national GM food labelling law starts in US (The Hill 2015/6/24 and others)
  • Verdict rules invalid ordinance on moratorium on GM trial cultivation in Maui (Maui Now 2015/7/1)
  • Proposal in Canada to permit trace GMO contaminants (Canadian Biotechnology Action Network 2015/7/7)
  • Trial begins in Argentina to ban GMOs and restore the environment (Sustainable Pulse 2015/6/22)
  • US government put pressure on Costa Rican government (Costa Rica Star News 2015/6/23) v African GM cotton cultivation fails (Inter Press Service 2015/6/15)
  • South African party demands ban on GM crops (Eye Witness News 2015/6/10)
  • Small-scale Ghanaian farmers begin anti-GM crop movement (Spy Ghana 2015/6/19)
  • New trial cultivation of GM maize begins in Vietnam (Viet Nam Net 2015/6/19)
  • Increase in the production of GM cheese (IO9 2015/6/16)
  • GMO contamination in feed for research animals (CRIIGEN 2015/6/17)

Bio Journal - July 2015

Hokkaido Research Organization refuses to respond to citizensf questions


  • Jackson County GM crop ban ordinance takes effect (The National Law Review 2015/6/2)
  • Oregon GM crop regulation bill resubmitted to legislature (Capital Press 2015/5/25)
  • A series of withdrawals of glyphosate products in Germany (German Economic News 2015/6/9)
  • French environment minister demands suspension of Roundup sales (Reuters 2015/6/14)
  • Lawsuit seeking injunction against outdoor trials of GM rice initiated in Ghana (Ghana Web 2015/6/8)
  • GM cotton developed using traditional variety in Iran (Press TV 2015/5/26)
  • GM mustard developed in India (Asia One 2015/5/19)
  • New GM labeling system begins in Taiwan (CAN English News 2015/5/19)
  • MAFF survey confirms spilled GM grain at all targeted ports
  • GM salmon more susceptible to disease (Undercurrent News 2015/6/1)
  • DNA suicide gkill switchh developed (The Verge 2015/5/19)
  • Anti-Monsanto day activities take place worldwide (Headline & Global News 2015/5/24, National Observer 2015/5/25)
  • Monsanto headquarters to move to UK? (The Guardian 2015/6/8)

Bio Journal - June 2015

10th GMO-free European Conference held with the participation of 60 countries


  • The Hokkaido Farmersf Association demands the implementation of GM crop cultivation
  • The European Commission leaves the distribution of GM food and fee to the discretion of each country (European Commission 2015/4/22)
  • The European Commission approves the import of 19 kinds of GM crops and flowers (Agri.EU 2015/4/27)
  • Major German DIY chain eliminates glyphosate products (GM Watch 2015/5/11)
  • China strengthens GM seed and crop regulation (CRI English 2015/4/21, Reuters 2015/4/27)
  • Vanuatu government threatens anti-GMO citizensf organization with expulsion (Radio New Zealand 2015/4/21)
  • Bolivian government GMO promotion policy fails to gain the agreement of farmers (teleSUR English 2015/4/23)
  • Governing party in the Ugandan parliament expresses support for GMO promotion bill (RFI 2015/5/7)
  • US restaurant chain goes GMO free for all ingredients (The Motley Fool 2015/5/2)
  • USDA considers certification system for GMO free labelling (Inquisitr 2015/5/17)
  • Manufacturers defeated in Vermont trial on the prevention of GM food labeling (Mother Nature Network 2015/4/29)
  • GM plants growing after experiment at Nagoya University (Jiji Press 2015/5/22)
  • Monsanto fails to buy out Syngenta (Market Watch 2015/5/8)

Bio Journal - May 2015

WHO research institute assesses glyphosate as carcinogenic (Test Biotech 2015/4/2)


  • US and Canada close to commercialization of GM potatoes and GM apples? (Artic Apples 2015/3/20)
  • GM eucalyptus approved in Brazil (Campaign to Stop GE Trees 2015/4/9)
  • Strengthening of punishments for violators of GMO ban in Azerbaijan (Azer News 2015/4/8)
  • International conference for turning African seeds into GMOs (Ghana Web 2015/3/15)
  • First approval for GM crop cultivation in Vietnam (Thanh Nien Daily 2015/3/19 and others)
  • Appeal trial begins in case of organic certification cancellation in Australia (Australian Broadcasting 2015/3/23, Sustainable Pulse 2015/4/8)
  • GM fruit development moves forward (The State 2015/4/1)
  • GM rice with enhanced photosynthesis to be cultivated again this year
  • Breeding of luminous silk worms to continue
  • Citizens now rise up in demand of GM food labeling in Canada (Vancouver Sun 2015/3/22)
  • Monsanto announces existence of department to oppose GMO criticism (Sputnik International 2015/4/6)

Bio Journal - April 2015

US Department of Agriculture approves GM apple (Inuuisitr 2015/2/18, Infotel 2015/2/28)


Bio Journal - March 2015

State of World GM Crop Cultivation (ISAAA Annual Report: 2014)


Bio Journal - February 2015


  • Cotton seeds imported from China contaminated with GM seeds
  • Japanfs ongoing GM crop trials
  • The European Patent Office cancels Monsantofs GM tomato patent (Sustainable Pulse 2014/12/22)
  • EU member countries to decide for themselves on GMO introductions (Daily Mail Online 2015/1/13, EurActiv 2015/1/14, EurActiv 2015/1/15)
  • New GM soybean approved in US (Examiner 2015/1/5)
  • New type of GM lawn approved in US (Capital Press 2014/12/30)
  • GM chestnut tree application (Popular Science 2014/12/25)
  • LA City ordinance banning GM crop cultivation not to be enacted? (Inquistitr 2015/1/4)
  • Costa Rica begins debate on GM crop cultivation moratorium (The Tico Times 2014/12/16 and others)
  • Peruvian citizens accuse multinationals (Telesur 2015/1/12)
  • Nigeria reconsiders GMO introduction (Business Day 2015/1/12)
  • Drastic drop in Monsanto profits (The Guardian 2015/1/7)
  • Multinationals demand Pakistan government expand GMO cultivation (Global Research 2015/1/9)

Bio Journal - January 2015

EU allows each member state to approve (GMOs Digital Journal 2014/12/14, Sustainable Pulse 2014/11/16)


  • Cancellation of approval of GM feed with inserted antibiotic resistant gene (Sustainable Pulse 2014/11/30)
  • Voices demanding GMO-free chicken meat reach food makers (Sustainable Pulse 2014/12/7)
  • Recount for votes on Oregon GM food labeling bill (ABC News 2014/12/11 and others)
  • Famous US chefs demands GM food labeling (Washington Wire 2014/12/1)
  • Explanatory meeting for experimental release of GM mosquitoes in Florida (Global Research 2014/12/10)
  • Starbucks makes comment on GMOs (The Guardian 2014/11/17)
  • GM banana biopiracy (The Ecologist 2014/11/24)
  • GM cattle produces infection antibodies (The Frederick News 2014/12/3)
  • Unapproved GM papaya confirmed in Okinawa yet again
  • Grain major sues Syngenta over GM contamination (St Charles Herald-Guide 2014/11/26)
  • Crossbreeding not confirmed by MAFF GM rapeseed volunteer survey
  • McDonalds not to use new GM potato (Modern Farmer 2014/11/18)

AIST The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
BRAIN Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution
BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Bt Bacillus thuringiensis
GM Genetically Modified
GMO Genetically Modified Organism
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ES Embryonic Stem (cell)
EU European Union
IPOD The International Patent Organism Depository
JAPR The Japan Association for Advancement of Phyto-regulators
KONARC National Agricultural Research Center for Kyushu Okinawa Region
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
MAT Multi-Auto-Transformation
METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
MHLW Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
MoE Ministry of the Environment
NARC National Agricultural Research Center
NARCH National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region
NARCT National Agricultural Research Center for Tohoku Region
NIAES National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
NIAS National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
NICS National Institute of Crop Science
NIFTS National Institute of Fruit Tree Science
NIFS National Institute of Floricultural Science
NIAH National Institute of Animal Health
NILGS National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science
NIVTS National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science
R&D Research and Development
RCAST Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
SAP Scientific Advisory Panel
SNP single nucleotide polymorphism
vCJD variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease
WeNARC National Agricultural Research Center for Western Region


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