Hasumi, M., and H. Iwasawa: Seasonal changes in body shape and mass in the salamander, Hynobius nigrescens. Journal of Herpetology (USA, International) 24(2): 113-118, June 1990. doi: 10.2307/1564217

Abstract: Male and female Hynobius nigrescens show pronounced changes in body shape associated with aquatic reproduction. Soon after entering the breeding pond there is a large increase in body mass, head width, and tail height in males, caused by changes in connective tissue under the skin and by storage of seminal fluid in the vasa deferentia. These features decline gradually in postbreeding males prior to leaving the pond. Females show little seasonal variation in head width or tail height, but exhibit a large increase in body mass after ovulation. This is the result of absorption of water during the formation of egg sacs.

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