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【 This is an English-Ainu index Appendix part in Batchelor's "An Ainu-English-Japanese Dictionary" (Edition 4, on 1939) by John Batchelor. About 5,000 English index words (bold) are included. 】

Disemvowel index (Grouping index) = worm-eaten letter, Katamoji/ 片文字/ カタモジ 】 : ex. end -- ^an]d], cat -- ^k^t], tanaka -- ^tnk, hammer -- ^hm or ^hm]m, pirka -- ^prk or ^pr]k
(Here, I adopted, Ainu /sh/, /ch/ sounds → s, c notation. Top ^ /hat/ is identifier mark (as, power mark 2^3=23). ^ is staccato voice mark . ] is vowel-less mark. Top vowe is always "a". ex. "and" / "end" have the same index "^and".
This technique is similar to SOUNDEX. absorb the variety of pronunciations in different dictionary/ dialects.)

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 A or An, art. An ; shine. As, an guru, "a person." Shine ainu, "a man."
Aback, adv. Mak; makta; oshmake; oshmaketa; oshmake un; mak un; seremak un. To be taken ~, oyamokte ; homatu ; kimatek ; ramutui.
Abaft, adv. Mak peka; oshmake peka.
Abandon, v.t. Emaka; emakba; koemaka; ko-emakba; osura ; osurupa : eyaiko-emaka; eyaiko-emakba.
Abandoned, adj. Aemaka; aemakbe. An ~ person (bad), wen guru; wen ku; shirun guru; puri-wen guru.
Abase, v.t. Eoripakkare; rapokekara; yashitomare ; okapash ; iraigeramka.
Abash, v.t. Okapash (also used as an adjective).
Abate, v.i. Nin; pon; isam ; yomne ; shietaye. To ~ as pain, totek.
Abbreviate, v.t. Ponde; taknere.
Abcess, n. Hup.
Abdicate, v.t. Eshine; eshishiriki; eyaishishirika.
Abdomen, n. Honi; tui.
Abdominal, adj. Ehonkanteshke; tuiun.
Abdominous, a. Honi poro; ehonkanteshke.
Abduct, v.t. Ekira; eikka; koro wa kira.
Abeam, adv. Uisamta, uisam-kush.
Abed, adv. Hotke wa an; shotki kata an ; mokoro wa an.
Aberrant, a. Turainu an.
Abet, v.t. Osakange ; onishnishi; ramuoshma.
Abeyance, n. Okake ambe; tere ambe ; atererep.
Abhor, v.t. Etunne, kowen; kopan; pange.
Abide, v.i. An; okai; shiroma; oshiroma; reushi; riya; tere.
Ability, n. Kat; ki-kat; mondum; karakat.
Abject, adj. Wen; imokirika; irapokkari; shirun; aimokirika.
Ablaze, adj. A wa an ; a koro : rui wa; paraparase; uhui wa.
Able, adj. Eashkai; ki no.
Ablutions, n. Afuraye ambe; yashke ambe.
Ably, adv. Ashkai no; ki no.
Abnegation, n. Emaka ambe; shungere.
Abnormal, adj. Shinnai; homeru; oya; uwechutko; an kunip shomo.
Aboard, adv. Chip-ao; chip oro ne; chip oshiketa an.
Abode, n. An-i ; un-i; chisei; oshiroma-i; okai-i; set; tsei; reushi-ushike.
Abolish, v.t. Isamka; eoramsakka ; ushka : epande.
Abominable, a. Aetunne; wen; kopangep; rai guru korachi.
Abominate, v.t. Etunne ; ewen; kowen ; kopan.
Abominated, adj. Aeangesh;aepange; aetunne.
Abomination, n. Aetunnep; apangep.
Aboriginal, a. Moto; makun; makun shiri; fushko an; fushko okai; atpake an ap.
Abortion, n. Honyaku; hoiyaku.
Abortive, a. Wen no; eaikap no.
Abound, v.i. Nu an; nuye an; poron no an ; poron no okai; shiri-eshik.
About, adv. Okari; pakita ; samake un; samaketa; teksam; sam; sama; sam un; pak sam; kopaketa.
About to be, an ehange.
Above, adv. Ka; kam; kamu; kata; kashi; kashike; kashiketa; rik; rikta; rik peka; enka ; enkata; kurukashi; pena ; penata; rikun; penake; kasu. In quantity, kasu no ; ikashima. From ~, horiko. Horibashi. Horikashi,~ mentioned, semram sekoro.
Above-board, a. Eraman no; anukan no ; shomo eshina no; nuina shomoki no.
Abrade, v.t. Ishiru; shiru; shirushiru.
Abrasion, n. Apiri, piri.
Abreast, adv. Upak; usamta, uturu, uturu pak; usamta an.
Abridge, v.t. Ponde; taknere.
Abroad, adv. Oyakta; oya kotan ta; oya moshiri ta; soita.
Abrocate, v.t. Isamka; okere; yomnere.
Abrupt, a. Ekushkonna; muchinashnu; ramu-tunash.
Abscond, v.i. Kira.
Absent, v.i. Isarn: oyakta; oyakta an.
Absolve, v.t. Honnere; saurere; tusare.
Absorb, v.t. Nun; nunnun; ninka; shikoni.
Abstain, v.i. Iteki; shomoki; shomo; han; hanki; seënne. seënne ki; senne ; senneki.
Abstemious, a. Yaiotupekare ; eyaiotupekare.
Abstract, v.t. Etaye; oashinge.
Absurd, a. Aemina kunip; ehaita ambe; ibe-sak; ikkewe-sak; etomochinne.
Absurdly, adv. Aemina no.
Abstruse, a. Eramu-hokamba.
Abundance, adj. Nuye an no; nu an no; tepeshkeko; tepeshke no; pak no an; shiri-eshik; at; ot; enumnumge; nu-ush.
Abundantly, adv. Eikan no.
Abuse, v.i. Ohaige-kara; sempirioitak; charowen; wen no ye. To ~ one another, ukocharo-wen.
Abusive, adj. Charopen.
Abyss, n. Pokna moshiri; asam-sak-i; wen kotan; teinei pokna moshiri.
Accede, v.i. Ramu-oshma.
Accelerate, v.t. Chashte; pashte; tunashka; tunashte; tunashnure;

muchashnure; muchinashnure.
Accent, n. Kutcham. Accept, v.t. Uk; koro; uina ; eungerai; ahupkara. Access, n. Ahun ambe; ehange no arapa; yaiehangere. Accessary, n. Tura no iki guru ; ramu-oshma guru. Accident, n. Yaihumshu ; oitaksak ; ikeuhumshu. The demon of ~, sarak kamui. Acclaim, v.t. Reika; ramye; oioi-ki. Acclivious, a. Huru an ; huru an no. Acclivity, n. Furu ; huru; shirikotoro. Accommodate, v.t. Uweatte. Accompany, v.t. Tura no arapa; ukoiram no oman. Accomplice, n. Tura no iki guru ; tura no ikichip. Accomplish, v.t. Kara; kara okere; okere ; ki okere ; hemaka; kan'nisa. Accord, v.t. Kore; ramu-oshma. adv. Shine atki no; shine keutum koro; ukakouk. Of one ~, shine keutum koro wa. Of one's own accord, rengaine. Accordance, adv. An korachi; shem korachi. According, adv. Nei no; korachi; ukorachi. Accordingly, adv. Tambe gusu; nei ambe gusu; tambe rengai ne. Accost, v.t. Hotuyekara; orota ye; hosei; ko-ye. Accouchment, n. Ikururu ambe; shinuwap ambe. Account, n. Sannyo kambi; esannyop. Account, v.t. Esanniyo; ukosanniyo; sanniyo ki; orushpe ye; pishki. Account, n. Orushpe; uwepekere; aesannyo kambi. Accrue, v.t. Aporore; uatte. Accumulate, v.t. Umomare; uwemashnu. Accouple, v.t. Ukotukka; uoush. Accurate, adj. Oupeka; son no; oheuge sak; ohoge sak. Accurately, Oupeka no; oheuge sak no ; ohoge sak no; son no. Accurse, v.t. Koatcha ; oitak-ushi. Accursed, adj. Achipiyere. Accuse, v.t. Eiyonnuppa; kashi-omare. Accusation, n. Eiyonnuppa itak ambe. Acetous, a. Shukkake an ; shukkake no. Ache, v.i. Araka; ikoni; koni; ikoniko; unin; shitappa. Achieve, v.t. Ki; kara; iki. Acid, adj. Shukkake ; shuk. Acknowledge, v.t. Ramuoshma; eyaipushi; ye ; eyaipushup. Aconite, n. Surugu-ra. ~ poison, surugu. Acorn, n. Niseu ; neseu-num. ~ cup, niseu itangi. Acquaint, v.t. Nure; eramande; eamkirire. Acquaintance, n. Amkiri guru ; kiri guru; ashiramkiri guru. Acquiesce, v.i. Ramu-oshma. Acquire, v.t. Uk; koro; uina ; epirika ; ko-uk ; chirenga. Acquit, v.t. Tusare; honnere ; tushhonnere. Acrid, a. Parakara. Across, adv. Utasa; tasa; tuikata ; utashpa; etasa ; etashpa; uontasa; uwonuitasa. To go ~, kush ; tomotuye. Act, v.t. Ki; kara; karakara. ~ wilfully, ikokanu no ki. Actinidia, n. Kutchi; matatabi. Action, n. Ki ambe ; ki katu; ki-hi ; ikip; ikichip ; kara ambe. Active, adj. Yuptek; pikan ; muchinashnu. Acumen, n. Kat ki; kat.
Acute, adj. Eën. Adam's apple, n. Ibe-rekut. Adapt, v.t. Uweunu; urukire; eiripakte ; uweiripakka no kara. Add, v.t. Kash-iyo; kashi-omare; ikaunu ; oushi. To ~ up, esanniyo ; pishki. Adder, n. Paskuru ; tokkoni; tush; kinashut unbe. Addicted, adj. ......buri koro. As, iku buri koro, "addicted to drink." Addle, n. Munin. Address, v.t. Orota ye. Address, n. An ushike; okai ushike. Adduce, v.t. Sange; sangere. Adept, adj. Ki no; kat-o; eashkai. An ~, eashkai guru. Adequate, adv. Upak; pak no; uwepak; pirika. Adhere, v.i. Kotuk; oush ; kotesu. Adherent, n. Koikara guru; orota an guru ; tura an guru. Adhesive, adj. Kotuk no ; kotuk wa. Adieu, adj. Sarampa. n. Tutkopak. To bid ~, sarampa ki; etutkopak ; uwetutkopak. Adjacent, adv. Teksam ; samata; samta; samake ; samaketa; tessam. Adjoin, v.i. Eo; u-an; oush ; uoush. Adjourn, v.t. Eshini ; okere; ande ; shini. Adjust, v.t. Oupekare ; upekare ; epekare. Administer, v.t. Ki ; kire ; kore; koropare ; omande; sange ; sangere. Admirable, adj. Aekiroro an ; aeramasure; iramasure; pirika ; shisak. Admire, v.t. Aekiroro anka; aemoshiroire; erayap; erayapshi; oshikkote ; shikuriande yara.; eramashu ; iraya ; irayapka; iraye. Admit, v.t. Ahunge; ahupte. Admix, v.t. Ukopoye. Admonish, v.t. Kopao; onishnishi ; nure ; pakashnu. Adolescence, adj. Shukup tuikata. Adonis, n. Kunau; kunau nonno; kim un kunau. Adopt, v.t. Ahupkara. An adopted child, ahupkara-po. Adorable, adj. Airamyep. Adore, v.t. Ko-ongami. Adorn, v.t. Tomka; tomtere ; chitomtere. Adrift, adj. Mom wa an. To send ~. momka. Adroit, adj. Ashkai ; eashkai; ki no. Adult, n. Poro ; rupne ; rupne an. Adulterate, v.t. Oyapkopoye ; einore; itumashire. Adultery, n. Irara ambe; omoinu ; hoiyo. Advance, v.i. Arapa; oman ; paye. Advantage, n. Epirika ambe. Adversary, n. Epokba guru ; keshke guru. Adverse, adv. Hanne ; henne ; shomo; shomo epeka ; ramuoshma shomoki. Adversity, n. Aeramusarak ; aeramusarakbe. Advertise, v.t. Assuru ashte. Advice, n. Iyopao ; opaushi ambe. Advise, v.t. Iyopao iruki; opaushi. Advisedly, adv. Eraman no ; okamgin no. Advocate, v.t. Gusu ye; shiri hine ye. An ~, gusu ye guru; shirine ye guru. Adze, n. Motta; teuna. Aerolite, n. Onishbosop. Afar, adv. Hangeko; tuima; tuima shitta. Affable, adj. Puri pirika; ikate-omare. Affairs, n. Ambe; korobe; orushpe. Affect, v.t. Ekottanu ; moimoigere; maunure. Affected by, adj. Mawe kara. Affections, n. Keutum ; sambe. Affectionate, adj. Omap an; omap an keutum koro. Affiance, v.i. Kopashnu.
Affiliate, v.t. Ikoresu. Affirm, v.t. Itak; ye. Affix, v.t. Kotukka. Afflict, v.t. Shirikirapte; ramupekamamka Affliction, n. Shirikirap ambe ; ramupekamambe; eramchuptekbe. Affluent, adj. Ikoro an. Affluent, (of a river), n. A-pet; awe; konda; nai-au; nai-awe; nai-po; pet awe; yau. Affray, n. Ukoiki ambe. Affright, v.t. Homature; kimatekte. Afloat, adj. Mom. Afoot, adj. Apkash wa. Afore, adv. Etoko; hoshiki no ; kotchaot. Aforesaid, adv. Senram sekoro. Aforetime, adv. Etokota. Afraid, v.i. Eohaine-ramu; eramukittarage ; ishitoma ; shitoma ; uhaineka; aekimatek; eingush; iosserekere. Afresh, adv. Ashinno; ashiri, eashinno uhunashi. Aft, adv. Homak ; homakashi; homakushta. After, adv. Imakake; iyoshi ; okake; okaketa; okata ; oka; oponi; oshmake; oshmaketa; orowa; orowa no; orowa no po; ukarire; mah ; mak; hemak; iopuni. ~ a time, pe-neko-kanne. After-birth, n. Popukuro ; potumbu. Afternoon, adv. Chup ram ita. Afterwards, adv. Imakaketa ; iyoponi; kashi-okake; kashirarire ; okaketa; orowa ; tata otta. Again, adv. Hetopo; eashin no , kanna ; kanna ikinne; kanna shui ; na; shui, arara. Again and again, opokin no. Against, adv. Ekopash. To set ~, ekopashte. Agape, adj. Pasa wa. Age, n. Pa ; paha; ainu ikiri. Aged, adj. Isa; fushko; pa poro; onne. Agent, n. Shirine iki guru. Agglomerate, v.t. Taku kara. v.i. Taku akara. Agglutinant, adj. Kotukkotuk. Agglutinate, v.t. Kotukka. Aggrandize, v.t. Tomtere; tomteka. Aggrevate, v.t. Irushkare; shimemokka. Aggregate, adj. Aukotama ; ebitta ; obitta; uwatte. Aggress, v.t. Chorauge; piuka. Aggressive, adj. Yaiesorana. Aggrieve, v.t. Oknatarare; yaisambepokashtere. Aghast, v.i. Ramutuye ; ramukittararage. Agile, adj. Monashinu; muchinashnu. Agitate, v.t. Akoyakoya; ramurikkushka. Agitated, adj. Ramu-toksetokse. Agitator, n. Ramurikkushka guru. Agonize, v.t. Ekonramushitnere; ikonire; iuninka. Agony, n. Ikoni. Agree, v.i. Shine keutum koro; uweshineatki; eat; korenka; kopakeat. Agreeable, adj. Aeomoshiroi; uturupak; korenka an; eot. Agreement. n. Ukosannyop. Aground, v.i. Eshirok; oshirikosattek. Ague, n. Topishki tashum; ikosan. Ah, excl. A; aa; e. Ahead, adv. Etokota; hoshiki; kotchake. Aid. v.t. Eikoingara; ikashiu; kashiobiubi. Ailment, n. Shiyeye; tashum ; yaiwende. Aim, v.t. Epakare ; eyoko ; yoko; eoshikpekare; epakara ; attere ; koatte. Aim, n. Epekarep.
Aimless, adv. Etarapashpa; ikkewe sak ; yaisamne. Ainu people, n. Ainu; Ainu-chin; Ainu utara. Sometimes in traditions it is found to be Enchiu. At times one has heard Ainu-rak-guru, lit. persons of the essence of Ainu. Air, n. Mau ; mawe; mawehe ; rera; rera-mau; harire ; taskoro. Air, v.t. Mau omare; mawe-arapare; mawe omare; rera kaki; satke; satka. Air-bladder, n. Kuyoi ; pise. Aired, adj. Arerakari. Airy, adj. Rera-koenratki. Ajar, adv. Pon no makke. Akin, n. Iri-guru; ramu; ramu-shin ; ramu-chin; utara; utare; utari; utarichin. Alarm, v.t. Ishitomare; umpirima; eyaitoki. Alas, excl. A; aa; e ; senramush. Albatross, n. Onne-chikap; retarapekambe; ishokapiu. Albino, n. Koshimpu-shirika-korobe. Albumen, n. Chikap nok retarabe. Alcohol, n. Tonoto mau ; arakke. Alder, n. Kene-ni; nitat-kene-ni. Alert, adj. Ikokanu wa an. Alias, n. Aiyonitasare reihei; auoniutasare rei. Alien, n. Oya; oyap. Alienate, v.t. Shikonka. Alight, v.i. Ran; rap; reu. Alight, (of fire), adj. A; are an ; a wa an; paraparase. Alike, adv. Arupakbe; korachi; ukorachi; ukoheraye; une no; unepkoro. Alive, adj. Ishu or isu ; ramat koro; shiknu. All, adj. Ebitta; emuige; emukne; ingi-an; isoinne; uwesamamba; neikesama; obishta; obitta; aramuige; aremuige; isshinne. Allay, v.t. Isama; obosore; ritenka. Allegation, n. Eiyonnuppa-itak; ye ambe; yepi. Allege, v.t. Itak; ye. Allegory, n. Itak-maukushte-itak. Alleviate, v.t. Isamka; obosore; ritenka. Allium victorialis, n, Kitu. Allot, v.t. Eimek. Allow, v.t. Ramu-oshma; saure. Allowance, n. Aeimekbe; akore-kunip; auk-kunip. Alloy, v.t. Ehunchupeushte; utumashire. Allude, v.t. Epeka no ye; epeka. Allure, v.t. Koramnukara; shiren. Almighty, adj. Nep ne yakka ki eashkai. Almost, adv. Eunkashi; eunkatap; naa-ani; naaani hungo ; yaa-ani; yaniyani; yaimonepta. Alms, n. Aeurep; ungeraitep: eurep. Aloft, adj. Rikta. Alone, adv. Atpuino; eattune no ; pui ne ; pui nepo; shi; shi ne; shine nepo; shinen ; shinen ne; shinep; shinep ne; yai-iki no; yaisamge; yaisamge no ; yai-tura ; ashi ; eshian. Alone, (to let). v.t. Moshima no an ; sura; yaikere. Along, adv. Kari; sam. To go ~, kari oman. To move ~, oshiraye. To glide ~, aechararase. Aloof, Oyakta ; tura shomoki. Aloud, adj. Anu no; hawe ash no. Already, adv. An ; nisa; an nisa; aokere; okere; hemaka; okere hemaka. Also, adv. Ka; newa; na; neyakka; ramma; hemhem; uma. Alter, v.t. Ashin no kara; eashin no kara; oupekare. Altercate, v.t. Upaure; charange. Afternate, v.t. Shikamare. To do on ~ days, shine to shikamare wa kara. Alternately, adv. Uosakari wa; uokari; uotutanu.
Although, conj. Akka; an akka; ne yakka; an yakka; ka; yakka; yakkai; akush; anokaik; an-u-an-a. Altogether, adv. Kotamge ; isshinne; shine ikinne ; eukotama; ukoiram no; ukotamge; arashuine. Always, adv. Hembera ne yakka; ramma. Am, v.i. An; an ruwe ne. Amain, adv. Kiroro yupu wa ; shiarikiki no ; kiroroyupu wa. Amalgamate, v.t. Ukopoye, urupkopoye ; utomeraye. Amass, v.t. Eumashnu; eumoshnupa ; uwekarire. Amaze, v.t. Etukishmare; homature. v.i. Homatu. Ambassador, n. Hauturun guru ; iyututu apkash guru. Amber, n. Ruru-unkotuk. Ambiguous, adj. Aeramu-usausak; usausak. Ambition, n. Eyaitupa ambe. Ambitious, adj. Eyaitupa ; shiasuruashte rusui. Amble, v.i. Araseke ukoiramno chimpuni wa oman ; oara-arage range puni wa apkash. Ambush, v.t. Etokoush; iyotokush; iyetokeyokoush. Ameliorate, v.t. Pirikare. Amend, v.t. Oupekare ; keutum kiru; ritenka ; sambe shituri. Amends, (to make ~), v.t. Ipirimuye. Amerce, v.t. Ashimbe sangere. Amiable, a. Akateomare. Amiably, adv. Akateomare no. Amicable, a. Omap an. Amid, adv. Uturu; tumta ; tumugeta. Amis, a. Wen. Amity, n. Urenga. Amok, v.i. Iyutaratuye; yaiutaratuye. Among, adv. Tum; tumma; tumu; tumuge; tuikata; tuisata; uturu; uturuge; iyeturu; uko-uturugeta. Ample, adv. Pak no ; poro. Amulet, n. Chikoshinninup. Amuse, v.t. Aramaken, minare; shinotte. Amusement, n. Shinot; shinewe; hechiri. Amusing, a. Aramakenbe. An, a. An. Shine. Anaesthesia, n. Raitukkunne. Ancestor, n. Chinkeu ; ekashi; shinrit; keushut; ainu-shut; shut. To worship ~; icharapa an ; shinnurappa. Anchor, n. Kaita; kaite. Anchovy, n. Tereke-iwashi. Ancient, adj. Fushko; hushko ; hekai ; oina an; otteëda ; teeda ; makan ; makun; makunshiri; fushkotoi; seremak an. Ancient, n. Ekashi utara (males); huchi utara (females); shinrit utara. Anciently, adv. Fushkone, fushkotoita. And, conj. Orowa; samata; hene; newa ; hemhem , na ; naa ; orowa shui ; shui ; ramma. Anecdote, n. Uwepekere; orushpe. Anenome, n. Niseupe nonno; pukusa kina ; miseupe ; ohau-kina ; aushkina., Anew, adv. Ashinno , kannashui. Angel, n. Kamui uitekbe; kamui hauturumbe, kamui chiutekbe. Angelica, n. Chifuye. Anger, n. Irushka ambe; etuchikere; ochish. To show ~, iporo shikaunu. To go way in ~, yusa ; ikeshui. An object of ~, arushkap. Anger, v.t. Uramakare ; uramarakare ; irushkare ; ochish. Angle, n. Shikkeu. Angrily, adv. Kopashorota wa ; irushka wa. Angry, a. Irushka; rushka; nukoshne; eochish ; ehaukomo; koirushka; koramachish. Anguish, n. Yairamhekomo; yairamkomo.
Animal, n. Chikoikip; chishoki. Animate, a. Ishu , shiknu wa. To ~, shiknure. Animosity, n. Irushka ambe; wenbe yainu. Ankle, n. Tokom; tokum; tokombone; tokumbone ; ikunpone. Annex, v.t. Koro; kishma ; uwoush. Annihilate, v.t. Isamka. Announce, v.t. Ye ; nure. Annoy, w.t. Ramukara; iramkara. Annul, v.t. Isamka. Annunciate, v.t. Ye; nure ; itak. Anoint, v.t. Kashiota. Anomaly, n. Shinnai ambe; oyap; uwechutko ambe. Anonymous, a. Rei sak no. Another, adv. Oya ; oyapi; anun. Answer, n. Ese-itak; tasa-itak; eseambe. Answer, v.t. Eëse; iotunnyo ; ko-ese-itak ki; umontasa. Ant, n. Itunnap. ~ eggs, itunnap tara. Antagonist, n. Epokbe guru ; ukatchiu guru. Antecedent, n. Etoko; hoshki; kotchaot. Ante-chamber, n. Sem ; shem ; mosem. Ant-eggs, n. Itunnap tara. Antennae, n. Hasami; osoro-kubap; oi. Anterior, adv. Etokota. Ant-hiil, n. Itunnap chisei. Anticipate, v.t. Iyetushmak; kunibe koro yainu; ekamge. Antidote, n. Surugu obosore kusuri; obosore kusuri. Antipathy, n. Eramu-ekatchaush. Antique, a. Fushko or hushko. Antler, n. Kirau; kirawe; kimpui. Anus, n. Ho ; osoro; yoropui. Anxiety, n. Yaikatekara. Anxious, a. Nishomap ; epotara. Any, pro. Nepka. ~ one, nenka ; nen ne yakka. ~ where, neita ne yakka; ene. Apart, adv. Oyakta an ; ukoöpi; ukoöpi-ukoöpi. Apartment, n. Tumbu. Ape, n. Saro. Ape, v.t. Abe-koro; ap-koro. Shi before and re after the verb. Aperture, n. Shui. Apex, n. Kashikehe. Apologize, v.t. Apapu ; yaipapu. Apolyon, n. Nitnep; nitne kamui. Apoplexy, n. Chikuwaikara. Apostacy, n. Emoshma no an-i. Apostatize, v.t. Emoshma no ande. Appal, v.t. Ishtomare; ramukittaragere. Appaling, a. Ashitomarep. Apparel, n. Mi-ambe; amip; mip; chimip. To ~, mire; utomchiure. Apparently, adv. Kotom an ; noine an. Apparition, n. Oshoumbe ; tukap; chishikeu ; chichikeu. Appeal, v.t. Koramkoro. Appear, v.t. Anukara ; chiparase ; heo ; parapok; komoknatara. Appearance, n. Katu ; humi; noine; abe ; apkoro; tom; kotom an. Appease, v.t. Ramu-ritenka; ramuritetke. Append, v.t. Uwoushte; keseketa kotukka. Appertain, v.i. Otta ambe; gusu okaibe ; korobe. Appetite, n. Ibe mondum ; ibe ram. Applaud, v.t. Ramye ; iramye; ramuye. Applause, n. Iramyep. Apple, n. Ringo (Jap). ~ of the eye, kunne shik-num. Apply, v.t. Ushte ; kotukka; koramkoro. Appoint, v.t. Gusu numge; ande ; ashte.
Apportion, v.t. Eimek; komekare; omek. Apposite, adv. Uweruren no. Appraise, v.t. Ataye ye; ataye kotukka. Appreciate, v.t. Konoburu ; konupte; konuptek. Apprehend, v.t. Eramu. Apprise, v.t. Nure : orota ye : otta nure. Approach, v.t. Karange no ek; ehange no ek ; uwekatki; ekatki; karange no arapa. Approbation, n. Ramuoshma. Appropriate, v.t. Uk; koro ; yaikota korobe ne kara. Approve, v.t. Ramuoshma ; reika. Approximately, adv. Ukotama; ukotama no. April, n. Kiuta chup; shikiuta chup. Apron, n. Ponpake; mantari ; maitari; chakchangi. Apt, a. Ki no , eashkai; pirika no; irammakaka. Aqueous, a. Pene; pepe; teine; pet ne ; pepeot; pepet. Aralia, n. Eninge-ni; enenge-ni. Arbitrate, v.t. Iyuturu ki. Arch, n. Shikari-apa; karip nep. Archangel, n. Sapane hauturumbe; sapane Kamui uitekbe. Archer, n., Akno guru. Ardent, a. Yupke; seisek keutum koro. Arduous, adj. Hokamba. Are, v.i. An ; ai; at ; ot; achi; atchi; okai; ruwe ; ruwe ne. Argue, v.i. Charange ; upaore; ukocharange; upaure; ioshkamare; rutke; upaukoiki; upatasare. Arid, a. Wakka sak; sat. Aright, adv. Oupeka no. Arise, v.i. Hopuni; hopumba; tuk; anukara; ehopuni. Arithmetic, n. Uwatori. Ark, n. Chip. Shuop. Arm, n. Tek ; teke; amunin; tem ; tekehe. The lower part of the ~, sangeamunin ; hato; iyarapok. ~ next the shoulder, makun tek or makun amunin. ~ and shoulders, yaisamtapka. To stretch the ~, tem pirasa. Armed, a. Eshipopkep koro. Armful, a. Temkoro. Arm-hole, n. Tusa-pui; yarabepok. Armour, n. Hayokbe; hayokne; kusari. To put on ~, hayokbe mire ; etumakashi hayokbe mire. Arm-pit, n. Hatopok ; arapok. Arms, n. Tumi eshipopkep; mutbe. Army, n. Tumi-topa. Around, adv. Okari; kari; ekari. Arouse, v.t. Mososo; mososhpa. Arraign, v.t. Atakte; akoipishi gusu tak. Arrange, v.t. Yoikiri; shitchashnure; uetori : koararenka. ~ in line, chiturire. Arrant, a. Shino; son no. Array, v.t. Utukarita okari; ukohosarire; aishiototo; anshiututu. Arrear, n. Asange kunip; auk kunip. Arrest, v.t. Kishma; atak. Arrive, v.t. Shirepa; eshiripa; enitomoshma; koshirepa; koöshma. Arrogance, n. Pakesara ambe. Arrogate, v.t. Eyaieshingi. Arrow, n. Ai; aibe. ~ head, ai-rum. The bone part of an ~, makanit. Blunt ~, hepere-ai; etanto. ~ feathers, airah ; airap. Arrowroot, n. Turep. ~ flour, turep irup. ~ cakes, turep akam ; onturep. Arson, n. Chisei uhuika ambe. Artemisia, n. Noya, kamui noya. Artery, n. Rit. Artful, a. Irara. Article, n. Ambe; ap ; ike; hiki; pe or be. Arum-lily, n. Parakina.
Arundinaria, n. Huttat. As, adv. An korachi; korachi; toikunne; sem or shem; ani; senram sekoro; nep koro; nei no; ukorachi; ~ there is or are, an ne gusu; ~ many as, ene pakno ; enete. Ascend, v.t. Rikin ; rikipa; riknapuni; rikpashi; hemesu; turashi; tasa; yan; yap; koerikioma; ehurashi; ehuroshi. Ascent, n. Huru ; furu. Ascertain, v.t. Uwepekennu. Ascetic, n. Yaiko an guru. Ascribe, v.t. Kore; koropare. Ash, n. Pin-ni; iwakin-ni ; iwa-ni; furehat inau-ni. Ashamed, v.i. & a. Yashitoma; yaikush ; aiporosak; yaiyekush ; yaikatewen; yaiekatuwen; nanu isam; katuwen ; shikipip. To make ~, yashtomare; yaikushbare; katuwende; yainikoroshma; iporosakka. Ashes, n. Uina : una; abe-usat; akupitara. Ashore, a. Oyan ; oyan wa an. Ask, v.t. Koramkoro; kana; ikoramkoro ; nu ; uwepekennu : koipishi. To ~ for, kokanu. Asleep, adj. & v.i. Mokoro, mokoro wa an ; mokoro an ; tokse; tokseka. Asparagus, n. Chikap-muk; menashkina; nup-shungu ; topishki-mun; raikamui-kina. Aspect, n. Iporo; katu. Asperse, v.t. Chari ; kashiota ; kashiomare. Aspire, v.t. Chipachipa. Ass, n. Roba. Usagi umma (Jap). Assail, v.t. Keshke ; piuki : kopiuki. Assassin, n. Iraye guru. Assassinate, v.t. Kotushmak ; iraye. Assault, v.t. Piuki; chorauge. Assay, v.t. Etoikoninde. Assemble, v.i. Uwekari; kouwekari; kouwekarapa ; uwekarapa; uwechiu; uwekarange. (The transitive form is made by suffixing RE to any of these forms.). Assembly, n. Uwekari; uwekarapa utara. Assent, v.t. Ramuoshma; reika; anreika; reikakara ; areika; reka; korenka. Assert, v.t. Ye; itak; hawe; hawashi. Assiduity, n. Yuptek ambe. Assiduously, a. Yuptek no. Assign, v.t. Ette: kore; koropare; shikkashmare. Assimilate, v.t. Nere ; ne kara; ukorachi ne kara. Assist, v.i. Kashiu; kashui; ikashui; opukun ; shiknure ; kashiobiuki; kaobas. Associate, v.t. Tura no oman; tura no arapa; koöman ; kokeutum koro; ukokai; uotte ; ukopaktuiba. Assort, v.t. Usaraye. Assuage, v.t. Ratchire ; isamka; haugere. Assume, v.t. Yaikara. Assure, v.t. Sonnere. Astern, adv. Chip umta. Asthma, n. Rat-hese; rato-omke; heisetashum ; hensei-tashum. Astir, a Hopuni wa an; moimoige an. Astonish, v.t. Homature, ramutuyere, yainomare. v.i. Homatu. Ramutuye. Astray, a. Ru-turainu ; aturainu. To lead ~, upikotuyekara ; uwesaine; turainure. Astride, adv. Hochin uturu kushte. Astute, adj. Wayashnu; pawetok-koro; ram-an. Astutely, adv. Ramu an no; ashkai no. At, post. Ta ; un; orun; otta; wa. ~ once, mani. ~ one time, shine raine. Athwart, adv. Tomotuye, uwonutasa. Atlas, n. Ok; okkewe; okkeu.
Atmosphere, n. Taskoro mau. Atone, v.t. Imommuye. Attack, v.t. Chorauge; koniwen ; konumparasap. Attain, v.t. Koro ; uk ; uina ; epa. Attentive, adj. Ikokanu ; ekottanu wa; tomoakokanu wa. Attest, v.t. Ye; paweteshu ki. Attic, n. Rikun choroka. Attire, n. Amip ; mipi; chimipi; chimip. Attract, v.i. Etaye; orota shiren. Attractive, a. Shiretok koro; eramasu. Attribute, v.t. Kashiomare. Audacious, a. Rametok koro. Audible, adj. Anu no. Audience, n. Nu utara: uwekarapa utara. Auger, n. Ikisakani; ikisa-ni; ikisap; apoyep ; asoyep. Augment, v.t. Porore; kashi-omare; iyo-omare; kashi-iyo ; eriki-omare. Augmented, adj. Poro ne. Aporore ne. Augury, n. Niwok. August, adj. Aeoripak an. August, (month), n. Shi-ni-orap chup. Aunt, n. Unarabe. Aurora, n. Shiripekukke. Austere, adj. Niwen ; ramu-nishte. Austerely, adv. Yupke no; niwen no; ramu-nishte no. Author, n. Heashiri guru. Authority, n. Mondum. Authorize, v.t. Mondum kore. Autumn, n. Chuk ; chuk-an; chuk-pa; chuk-un-pa. Mid ~, shi-chuk. Avarice, n. Ibe-porore-ambe. Avaricious, adj. Ibeporore. Avenge, v.t. Ikotki; kemnu ; ikemnu. Aver, v.t. Toiko-ye; itak. Averse, adj. Kopan ; eshishi ; irannak. Avert, v.t. Ehaitare; ohaitare. Avoid, v.t. Ehaita; ohaita; haita; haitare ; yaihaitare; eyaishishi ; eshishi; ekohopi; shishiru ; maunoyere; echichiuka; echiuka; ekokki. Avow, v.t. Ye; toiko-ye. Await, v.t. Atere; etere; ehuye; etoktoma; iyekui; ehuyepa; aehuye. Awake, adj. Mosh an. To be wide ~, nupettek. To ~ up, koyainupa ; yaienupa; nupa. Awaken, v.t. Mososo. Award, v.t. Kore; koropare. Away, adv. Makta; oyakta; shiruita. To put ~, makta ukao ; makta are. Awe, n. Ashitoma ambe; kimatekbe; ishitoma ambe. v.t. Ramutuika; ashitomare; kimatekte. Awful, adj. Ashitoma. Awfully, adv. Ashitoma no. Awkward, adj. Aikap; appene; katchak; niukesh ; etomochine ; inukuri; koyaikush. Awkwardly, adv. Aikap no ; niukesh no ; katchak no. Awl, n. Ikisakani; ikisa-ni; ikisap; poyep ; soyep. Axe, n. Mukara. Aye, adv. E; a; ruwe un; ruwe ne; ruwe ne wa; konne , opukun ; hopungi. Aye, (for ever), adv. Ramma pak no ; shashuishiri pak no. Azalia, n. Riten-ni.


Baa, n. Oninumba hawe; orokeweuse hawe. Babble, v.i. Parakoyakoya; uhautaroise; uhaupopo; pattachinne. Babbler, n. Pattachinne guru. Baby, n. Aiai; chikotennep; tennep; teinep; iwatarabe ; pon-chuchu; ponshion ; hachako. Babyhood, n. Aiai nei-ita; ponram ita. Bacchanalian, n. Iku-rui guru ; tonoto itushtek guru. Bachelor, n. Mat-sak guru ; machisak-guru. Back, n. Seturu. ~ of a fish, mekkashi, ~ of the hands, tek-tui kashi. To be carried on one's ~, sei; ashituruka. ~ ache, tumak, seturu araka. Back, adv. Osh; oshmake; makta; ho; homaka; homakashi; homakushta. ~ look back, horoka-ingara. Backbite, v.t. Isempiroitak; iseremakoitak ; iyohaigekara ; iyohaikara; ohaigekara. Back-bone, n. Ikkeu; ishkeu; ikkewe. ~ of fish, motot. Backslide, v.i. Yairamkara. Backwards, adv. Ehoroka, emakna; horoka; oshmake-un; shioka-un; sokaene. ~ and forwards, hetopo-hetopo. To fall ~, maka-hokush ; chinkanokush. Back-water, n. Hochiu karapa; horoka-chiu. Bacon, n. Satke buta kam ; chisatke buta kam. Bad, adj. Wen; wei; wenpa; oyashiri; hoiyo; toiko. ~ weather, shiriwen ; sussuru an. Badge, n. Chimutbe; shirosh. Badger, n. Kuchiri. Badly, adv. Wen no : aapte; eaikap no. Baby, n. Aiai; tennep. [Bat. is foolish. 2 times definitions.] Baffle, v.t. Ininchip; unkashke. Bag, n. Pukuru; fukuro ; pakeomap, itara; pusaru; saranip; aop; iyop. A flint and steel ~, rui omap; piuchi omap. Baggage, n. Kinkai; shike; korobe. Bail, v.t. Ke. As, wakka ke, " to bail water." Bait, n. Imok. To ~, imok omare; imok kara; imok ande. To take a ~, ap-uk. Bake, v.t. Ma; ima. As, beko kam ma, "to roast beef." Baked, adj. Ama. Chima. Balance, v.t. (make even). Upak no kara. To ~ accounts, esannyo. Balances, n. Ipakarip. Bald, adj. Etoi; epichi; epitchi; etonto no ; otoi ; otoisak; rongoro or ronkoro ; risara. Ball, n. Numi; taku ; taktak ; takuchi; tamabe. To roll into a ~, numipashte ; ukotaptapu. Ballast, n. Chip-pok umbe. Balloon, n. Rik kush chip. Balsam poplar, n. Kurun-ni. Bamboo, n. Top-ni; pinne top-ni; matne top-ni; top. Bamboo grass (sasa). n. Huttat. Band, n. Kut; tupep. Bandit, n. Ikka-guru; kimun ikkaguru. Banish, v.t. Tupte; teke-pashte. Bank, n. Toshka; setsetke; to-shiri; cha; sa. Banquet, n. Marapto.
Banter, n. Eoya-itak. Baptism, n. Baptisma. (Introduced). Bar, n. Sakma. Barb, n. Tomtom. Barbed, a. Tomtomush. Barber, n. Sapa kara guru. Barble, n. Erek. Bare, a. Kepuru; chasak; enewa; ipichi; atusa; tara; rara. Barge, n Chip. Bark, v.i. Mik; mek; to ~ at, emik. The bark of a fox, pau and paupau, pauchi. Bark, (of trees), n. Kapu; nikap, chikap. ~ of vines, shutukap. Bark, v.t. Soshpa. As, nikap soshpa, "to bark trees." Barm, n. Shiruwe; shipushkerep. Barrel, n. Ontaro; taro. Barren, a. Po-sak; toiren ; tonto-ne; cha-sak. Barrier, n. Ankura; sakiri. Barter, v.t. Aukohok. Base, a. Wen. Bashful, a. Yashitoma. Bask (as in the sun), v.i. Chup samoma ; chup kari ta hotke. Basin, n. Pachi; batchi. Basket, n. Yara; tekko; tekka; saranip; ichari; shuongi; tapara. Basket fern, n. Soroma. Bast (of nettles). n. Mosa; mose. Bastard, n. Chieappise; chioppise; achiye ; apiya ; achipi-yere-guru. Bat, n. Kapap. Bath, n. Yashke batchi; yashke dumburi. Bathe, v.i. Sus. v.t. Suste. Battle, n. Tumi; sara; ukoiki; itumi. In ~ array, utukarita okai. Bay, v.i. Mik; mek. Bay, n. Mo; aramoisam; ush ; usu ; ma; mat; tomari; mau. Be, v.i. A; an; airu; ishu; ne; horari; o ; ruwe; ru; chishirianu. The Pl. is at ; ot ; okai ; mat. About to ~ ekamge. Beach, n. Atuisam. Beaching-place, n. Chip oyan ushi. Beach-pea, n. Minasara. Bead, n. Tama. To thread ~, tama saye. Beak, n. Chikap etu. Beam, n. Ama-ni; isama-ni; omangini; rika-ni; rik-oma-ni. A cross ~, maka-ni. A ~ of light, ki-ai; here. Beans, n. Mame. To shell ~, mame num kara. ~ bine, mame pungara. ~ pods, mame push. ~ sticks, mame ni. Bear, n. Chiramantep; kimun kamui; iso; ukuiot, A he ~, shiyuk ; isho; eso; shuyo; ukoyuk. A she ~, kuchan. A man eater ~, hokuyuk. ~ cubs, hepere. A ~ feast, marapto, A bear's head, marapto sapa. A bear's tail, okishka; nissara. ~ grease, kamui shum ; a bear's den, towambe. A mother ~, ototoush kamui. Bear, v.t. O ; eashish ; koro; sei. To ~ a child, shikore ; ponu. To ~ in mind, takupi. Beard, n. Reki. Beast, n. Chikoikip. Beat, v.t. Kik; kikkik; tatata; tauge; tauge-tauge ; shitaigi ; tanunde ; kashieusheush ; koiki ; kokik ; shirikik ; koshirikik ; uta. Beat, (as the pulse), v.i. Tokse; toksekara; toksetokse; toktok; chitatatata. Beaten, adj. Aeshitaigi. Because, conj. An gusu ; gusu; heki ; tambe gusu; kerai gusu ; nei ambe gusu; wa gusu ; makan ani; inambe gusu ne yakun ; makan rengaine; rengap gusu; kusu ne. Beautiful, adj. Aara; ara; aerayap; reka; chitomte ; chitomte no an; iramasure; aeramasure an; shiretok; shiretok koro; tombe; toman; chiara;
Beautifully, adv. Atomte no; meunatara ; ruruge. Beautify, v.i. Tomtere; tomka; tomte no kara; ara. To ~ oneself, yaitomte kara. v.t. Chitomtere. Beauty, n. Araguru; tom ambe; tomte-i. Because, conj. Gusu; ani : hemanda gusu ni yakun. Beckon, v.t. Nishuk; nushuk; inushuye ; tek-paruparu. Become, v.i. Ne; shioraye. Bed, n. Shotki; omai; amaioi. To go to ~, hotke. To put to ~, hotkere ; eninuite. ~ of a river, naiko ; piuka. ~ chamber, shotki tumbu. ~ clothes, hokte amip. To make up a ~, omai kara. Bee, n. Soyai; kasoyai. Beef, n. Beko kam. Beetle, n. Chikobap; chikubap; chikuba kikiri ; rui. Befool, v.t. Eyaitompuni. Before, prep. Teksam ; teksamta; tessam; kotcha; kotchake; kotchaketa; kotchaot; shiksam; shiksamata; yaioshkire; rotta. Before, adv. Teëda; etokota, etoko ; etok; hoshke; eëshiri; ekanai. Beg, v.t. Koramkoro ; iyekari; ~ pardon, yaiunashke ; yayapapu ; yaioitaksakte. Beget, v.t. Hetukure ; shikore. Beggar, n. Iyahup guru; iyekariguru; hoito guru; yoron guru. Begin, v.t. Heashi ; heashpa ; tane ki. Beginning, n. Heashi; atpake; atpa; atpaketa; atpake an; ashinko; atpake un ; moto; motoho. In the ~, atpaketa; heashita. From ~ to end, atpake wa no okere pak no. Begrudge, v.t. Koöshkoro. Beguile, v.t. Kokandama: koshungere. Behalf of, adv. Shirihi ne; rengap gusu. Behave well, v.i. Katu humi pirika. ~ badly, katu humi wen. Behind, adv. Okake; hemak; oshmake; homaka; homakashi; okaketa; oshmaketa; oshi; oponi; osh; oponi ; arutoroge ; seremak ; mak; mah ; makan ; makta ; makun ; homakashi; sempiri; seremakta; sempirige; shioka; shioka un; mohonto; souke. ~ one another, uimakta. To leave ~ hoppa. Behind-hand, adv. Moire. Behold, v.t. Ingara; nukara; nu. Being, v.i. Okaibe; ambe; an-i; ine hine; ne-ike. Belch, v.i. Ikmaure; ohaiyokke. Belie, v.t. Koshunge. Belief, n. Aeishokorobe; aeishokor-i; eishokorobe. Believe, v.t. Eishokoro; honnere. To make ~, eishokore. Bell, n. Etoru. Belly, n. Honi. ~ of a fish, pishoi. Belong, v.i. Koro. Belongings, n. Korobe; yaikorobe; kinkai; shike. Belt, n. Kut; kuchihi ; kutchihi; uokkane-kut. To wear a ~, kut-o. Beloved, adj. Aomap an ; chiomap. Below, adv. Choropok; koropok ; choropoke; koropoke ; choropokita; choropokta; pana; panaka; panata; ra; rake; rata; rauge; rau; rauta; pok; poki; pokna; hopoknashi; mompok; horowashi. Bend, adj. Aeoma; oheuge ; eshireoma; heuge; eheuge. Bend, v.t. Eheugere; reugere; rewe; koreuba; korewe. To be bent downwards, ehorachiu. Beneath, adv. Empoke; empokta; chok; pok; choropok ; koropok; mompok. Benediction, n. Nunuke ambe.
Benefactor, n. Pirikare guru. Beneficial, a. Pirikare kunip. Benevolence, n. Pirika irenga. Bent, adj. Oheuge; ohoge; komomse; akoreuba; komge. heuge wa an; reuge. ~ upwards, teshke. ~ with old age, ukomomse. Benumb, adj. Chicharapa; tontone. Bereave, v.t. Uk. Berry, n. Numi. Beseech, v.t. Koramkoro. Beside, adv. Tuikata; sam; samta, sama ; sama-ta ; samake un; sata. Besides, adv. Shui; oyachiki; kashui; orosama; naa samata; moshima; naa moshima; moshima shui. Beseige Besiege, v.t. Numkosange ; numnu. (B. is foolish.) Besmear, v.t. Ushi; ushu; kopoyashi. Besom, n. Munnuyep. Best, adj. Iyotta, pirika. Beastial Bestial, adj. Chikoikip korachi. (B. is foolish.) Bestow, v.t. Kore ; eure ; sange ; sante ; ungerai; kashiose ; koropare ; itusare; eikashnukara. Bethink, v.t. Eshkarun; yainu. Betray, v.t. Eumpirima ; ekoshi ; eikoshi. Betroth, v.t. Kopashnu; chireshke. Better, v.t. Pirikare; epirikare; tomtere. ~ oneself, yaiepirikare. To ~ in health, yaitumu-nu; tumu an; shini ; riten ; sambe shituri. Between, adv. Uturu, uturugeta; uturuta ; tumu; tumuge; tumugeta ; turupa; iyuturu. Bewail, v.t. Echish. Beware, v.i. Yaitubare. Bewildered, v.i. Oramtaisak. Bewitch, v.t. Ichashkara ; ikonnu; ishineka ; ishirishina. Beyond, adv. Ikushita; kushta; ikushiketa ; ikushkepeka; ikush-un ; tuotanu; kushketa. Bib, n. Ikutuni. Bid, v.t. Kashpaotte. Bier, n. Ot. Big, adj. Poro. Bill (of a bird). n. Chikap etu; etukepushpe; etumo. Bill, (account), n. Sannyo kambi. Billious, n. Itupi. Bind, v.t. Teshko; ekokomo; shina; saye ; atushi ; mui; ukomuye. Bindweed, n. Ken; kittesh. Bine, n. Pungara. Birch, n. Tat-ni; hebuchi-ni; shitatni; poi-shitat-ni ; kitat ; sarambe-tatni. ~ bark, tat. A ~ bark vessel, hankata. Bird, n. Chika; chikap; chiri; chakkappo. Tail of ~, ishi. Wing of ~, tekkup. Birdcherry, n. Kikin-ni. Birth, . n. Aenuwap ; hekatu ambe; hetuku ambe; hetukup; nuwap ambe; shikore; shikore katu. To give ~ to, shikatte. Birth-day, n. Ahekatu toho; ashiknure toho ; aenuwap toho. Bit, n. Uibe; hum; humuhu. ~ of a bridle, kuchiwa (from the Japanese kutsuwa). Bitch, n. Matne seta. Bite, v.t. Kuba ; kubaba ; pi ; ap-uk (of a fish). Bitten, adj. Chikuba. Bitter, adj. Shiu. To be ~ against, otta iporo shiuka. Black, adj. Ekurok; ekuroko; ekureok; kunna; kunne ; kunnehe; kunnu ; kurasnu; kunnetom; an ; nupuru ; toitomne. Black-berries, n. Emauri. Blacken, v.t. Kunnere; kunne no kara; nupuruka. Black-lily, n. Anrakoro; ha; ochiaiush ; kunne ninokai. Blacksmith, n. Kanekik guru. Bladder, n. Pise ; hokeura; ibe-pise; hukoe.
Blade, n. (of a knife) ibe; (of grass) ra. Blame, v.i. Kashi-omare; kopak. Blameless, adj. Turu-sak; oheuge-sak. Blaspheme, v.t. Koatcha ; yaiikire. Blast, (wind), n. Rera; poro rera. Blaze, v.i. (as fire), Paraparase; abenipek. Bleat, v.i. Hawe-ashte. Bleed, v.i. Kemnu. v.t. Kemnure. Bless, v.t. Nunuke; irenga kore ; ikoingara; enkaoiki ; kaoshma ; kashichinuka. Blind, adj. Shiknak ; shiksak; emuitanne. Blister, n. Pop; poppise kem-poppise ; numashut. Blithe, adj. Nuchattek. Blizzard, n. Upas-upun. Blood, n. Kem : kemihi: congealed ~, kem-shito. Bloodless, adj. Kemsak. Blood-shot, adj. Mai-oma. ~ eyes, maioma shik; sik-kemrit ; shik-kemritoma. Blood-stained, adj. Kemo : kemush. Blood-thirsty, adj. Kemnure rusui; ainu raige rusui ; keuk or keweuk rusui. Blood-vessel, n. Sambe-nishkut. Bloody, adj. Kem-o; kem-ush. Bloom, v.i. Shipirasa; shipiraspa; hepirasa; hepiraspa; hechirasa; hechiraspa. Blot, a.t. Echi-omare. Blow, v.i. Ash; rui. v.t. Ewara; uku; epara ; puise. ~ the nose, etu ni, ~ as flowers, hepirasa. Blubber, n. Humbe e ; humbe ye; humbe rika; humbe ki; humbe-rat. Blue, adj. Asangi-iro. Blue-back (salmon), n. Urup. Blue-berry, n. Aekarip; aikarip; satturi ; furep. Bluff, n. No ; nu; not; ranpesh Blunder, v.t. Oitaksak. Blush, v.i. Fure iporo chiuk. Boar, n. Pinne buta; tonto-nippo. Board, n. Ita. A cooking ~, shuke nima. Board, (a boat), v.t. Chip-o; chip kusaha. Boast, v.i. Omonnure; shiparapakunu; yaiomonnure. Boastful, adj. Chirui. Boat, n. Chip; mochip; shis; chaipuni ; arita-omap; pensai. A ~ song, chip-o hau. A ~ rope, chip-o kottush. Boat-man, n. Chip-o-guru. Body, n. Netoba; netobake; net; tumam; tumama; sattumama; shitom; aetomsam ; shikuruka sam. The lower part of the ~, tokishiri. Disposition of the ~, seremak ; yainuhumi. Bog, n. Kurimonto; tomak; tomau; ishuye-hi; raurauge toi; asam sak-i; wen-pip-ok. Boil, n. Hup. Ashibe. To be afflicted with ~. hup oma. Boil, v.i. Pop; tattatse; popse. Boil, v.t. Popte; shuke: shuye; shukepa. Bold, adj. Aotuwashi. Bolster, n. Chieninuibe. Bolt, v.i. Kira. Bond, n. Tupep. Bone, n. Pone. Bonito, n. Tomototush-chep. Bonnet, n. Hokamburi; kakka: ampushi. Strings of ~, ranlupep. Bonny, adj. Aekiroro an : eramasu. Bony, adj. Pone-op. Book, n. Kambi-soshi. Boon, n. Aikrap ; ekoimokorobe. Boot, n. Keire; kerehe. To put on ~, keire-ush. A ~ lace, keire-at. Booth, n. Kash. Border, n. Chingi ; paruruge ; epakige; chinki. Bore, v.t. O; puyapuya; opush; soye.
Bored, adj. Aop; asoyep. Born, v.i. Asapte; usapte; hekatu ; shikore; ashikore ; ahekatu; shikat. Borrow, v.t. Etun; koetun; shosei; shohosei; shosei-kara ; toka ; ukokanapa. Bosom, n. Upshoro, kotpara; rerari ; reraru ; ussho; hetari ; ussuroro, ~ a dress, n. Chimiachip. Both, adj. Uren ; uturen; uweturen; tup-kane ; tup-ne; tun; nei tun. Both, conj. Ka ; newa; hemhem; ne yakka. Both...and, ka...ka; newa... newa; hemhem...hemhem; ne yakka ...ne yakka. Bothered, adj. Iramsarakka. Bottle, n. Tokkuri (Jap.) Bottom, n. Shup; shuptomo; shut; shiripokige; asam; asama; pokishiri; o; osoro. ~ upwards, upshi. To turn ~ upwards, upshire. ~ of the heart, ramu-osshi. Bough, n. Ni-tek. Bought, v.i. Ahok. Boulder, n. Shirara. Bounce, v.i. Rikin no; tereke; reprep. Bound, v.i. Tereke. Boundary, n. Shiri-uturu. Bountiful, adj. Nuye an. Bountifully, adv, Nuye an no ; eikan no. Bow (of a boat), n. Chip sapa : chip nanta ; nanta. Bow, v.i. Hepokiki, hepoktekka; ohaipare; akomomse; ongami. To ~ in thanks, aukomomse. Bow, n. Ku ; ~ string, ku ka; notka ; tu. To unstring a ~, ku pita. To set a ~, ku are. A spring ~, ku-areku. The middle of a ~, ku-num noshke. A ~ man, ak no guru. A ~ shot, tunnai. To draw a ~ , etotokka. Bowels, n. Kankan; kuroma; serima. Bowl, n. Nima; nikap; nipap; nipapo; nipopo. Box, v.t. Tekshitu. Box, n. Op; shuop; shiyop; wappa aop; karauto; iyop ; kamukamuk. Boy, n. Sontak; warapo , wappo; hekachi; heikachi; sekachi; shihontak; kainu; shion; yarupe; shukuppe. Boyhood, n. Shukkup tuikata. Brace, n. Yupi; tuntu ; isama-ni. To ~ oneself up, shiyuppa. ~ in a boat, n. Kirushi. Bracelet, n. Tekorun-kane. Bracken, n. Tuwa. Brackish, adj. Runnu ; shippo ush. Brain, n. Noibe ; keoro; kioro. Brake, n. Tuwa; soroma. Branch, n. Ni-tek; ni-yau; tek; yau; eukonda; au; awe; awehe; hom. ~ in a road, ru-okop. Hom is also a knot in a tree. Brand, (of fire), n. Abe-kes; abe-kis; huchi-tek. Brandish (as a sword), v.t. Tam koshikarimba. Brasier, n. Abe-op. Brass, n. Shiunin kane. Brave, adj. Rametok; rametok-o; tuwashi; rametok koro; manka. Bravely, adj. Rametokkon no ; rametok koro wa. Brawl, n. Sakayokara. Bread, n. Pan (Jap.) A loaf of ~, pantak ; pan-taku. Breadth, n. Tomotuye. Break, v.t. Kaye ; kaite-ki; yaske; yaku; horakte; kekke; pereke; kokapkapa; kokekke; meshke; mesu; meshpa. v.i. Pere; yak; mesu; horak; shinritke. To ~ a small piece off, rasu. To ~ open, opush; opattekka. To ~ wind, opke. To ~ away, kira. Breakers, n. Shiniu; kiri-kekke; kaibe. Breakfast, n. Shim-ibe; kunnewano ibe.
Breast, n. Penram ; kukeu ; kotoro ~ of a woman, to; toho. To suck the ~, to-nun, to nunnun. To suckle the ~, to nunde ; to ikure. ~ of an animal, raprap. ~ bone, kukeu pone; ramka. Breast-plate, n. Rerara kutukbe. Breath, n. Mau ; mawe ; tasu ; heise ; mawehe ; he. Breathe, v.i. Heise-ki; hussei; hese ; tasa. Breaches, n. Omompe. Breeze, n. Rera. Brethren, n. Iriwak; uiriwak; ramushin; awa-chin. Briar, n. Mau-ni. Bribe, n. Upirima; akomuina ambe. Bride, n. Koshmat; iyepe-mat. Bridegroom, n. Kokoune guru; itomnukara-guru ; iyepe-guru. Bridge, n. Ruika, riuka ; ruka. Bridle, n. Sapa-umbe; omonchina; omonkai ; sosh. To ~, kashi-okara ; sapa-unbe omare. Brief, adj. Takne ; iruka. Briefly, adv, Takne no ; irukai-tek; iruka-tomta. Brier, n. Mau-ni. Brigand, n. Kimun ikka guru; ikka guru; ishka guru. Bright, adj. Tom; nipeki-an ; nipek; nupek. Brightly, adv, Tom an no ; nipek an no. Brightness, n. Nipeki ambe ; nupekambe ; chupki; here. Brilliant, adj. Tom-o; nupeki at. Brim; n. Paruruge. Brimfull, adj. Emomnatara. Brimstone, n. Iwau. Bring, v.i. Koro wa ek; amba wa ek; etak; tak; tura. To ~ forth, hekatu; shikore ; hetukure. To ~ up, resu; reshpa; oresu ; oreshpa; hepeuki ; iresu ; arikiki, To ~ to naught, koisamka; eoramsakka. Brink, n. Paruruge. Bristle, n. Numa; numaha. Brittle, adj. Kaure; rashne; kawause. Broad, adj. Sep ; para; chipara. Brocade, n. Sarambe. Santa-amip. Broll, v.t. Ma; ima. Broil, n. Wen sakayo ; sakayo. Broken, adj. Rere; yaske; tuitui; pereke; kaite. To be ~ off, okaye; meseke. To be ~ by wind, maupere. To be ~ up, tasaske. ~ in splinters, homne. Bronze, n. Abe-sakunto (From Jap: shakudo); kuronkani. Brood, v.t. Tumam. A brood, shine set orumbe ; uko-set-orumbe. Brook, n. Pon-nai. Brooklet, n. Ut-nai. Broom, n. Nuyep; mun-nuyep; mukecharasep. Broth, n. Ruru; tonru; taipe. Brother, n. Ramuhu; iriwak; awa; yaiemko. Younger ~, nokan ramuhu; aki; akihi ; akpo; aktonoge. Elder ~, yupi ; yupo. Brow, (eye), n. Ran numa. Brow (of a hill), n. Kitaige ; kashike. Browse, v.t. Ibe. Brush, n. Nuyep; nuikarabe; shirushirup; shirishirup; eotuyetuye Brush, v.t. Shirushiru; shirishiri; kere. To ~ off, paru. Brushwood, n. Hash; pokin-nitai. Bruise, v.t. Piri-omare; kem-etot. Bruise, n. Piri. Bubble, v.i. Pop; purupuruge. Buck, n. Apka. A three year old ~, pon apka. A two year old ~, pinne rau. A five year old ~, riya seshma. An old ~, shi-apka. Bucket, n. Niwatush ; ontaro. Buckle, v.i. Eokte. To ~ on, yaikoshaye. Buckler, n. Kikhumbe; hayokbe; kusari.
Buckthorn, n. Yuknu-mau-ni. Bud, n. Epui; kene; kenetup; niya; chuchu; kenetuk. To ~, hetuku. Bug, n. Kikiri. Bugle, n. Rappa (Jap) Build, v.t. Kara; ashrukonna; ashte. Bulb, n. Takuchine; ibehe. Bulge, v.i. & a. Kukke. Bulky, adj. Poro; rupne. Bull, n. Pinne beko. Bullet, n. Tama. (Jap). Bullock, n. Beko. Bulhrush, n. Shikina; katungi. Bulwarks, n. Chip kan ita. Bump, n. Hup. Bunch, n. Takusa; upush; upushi; ratpo; rappo. To make into a ~, upush-kara. Bundle, n. Muye; chishoki; shuppa; tantaku. To make into a ~, muyemamba ; shuppakara. Burden, n. Shikehe. Burdock, n. Seta-koro-ni. Burglar, n. Ikka-guru. Burial place, n. Tushiri an ushike; tushiri; iyurui-ushike; setumba; tu. Setumba formerly referred to cemetries only while tu is the proper Ainu word for grave. The Ainu from of old buried their dead separately hidden away. Burial in cemeteries came later. Setumba is said to be sanscrit. Burn, v.i. A; chifuye; chire; ni; nui; nuya; nuyau; ufui ; rui; hu; hokui; u ; uhui; uhuye ; hohui ; niurototo; kokui; parase; paraparase. ~ as food in a pot, kohuye. Burn, v.t. Are; parasere; paraparasere; huyeka; kohuyeka; huika; uhuika; hoka-o, ~ one's self, chimaukara. Burnt-offering, n. Akohuyeka-ayangep. Burr, n. Kush. Burst, v.i. Hotari; kush; riwak; opattek; pushkosanu; opush. To ~ open, opattekka ; ekeweuse. Burst, v.i. Yap; yokna; push; upush; iwak; harubere. ~ open, opattekka. Bury, v.t. Iwakte; tushiri omare; iyurui otta omare; etoipoi; erau; ure; tu. Bush, n. Toto. Bushy, adj. Toto-ot. Business, n. Nepki; mon; monko; eraugetupap. Busy, adj. Chimonushka ; komonash; imontabiri an; yaimonsak; muchimasap ; monko an ; mon an. But, conj. Koroka. Butter, n. Tope-shum. Butterfly, n. Heporap; erapurap; hepurap; kamakata; unchi-kara; abe-etumbe. Buttock, n. Osoro; paisereke; pansereke. Buy, v.t. Hok. Buzz, v.t. Humhumse. By, prep. Sam; samta; sata; samake; hekota; tek-sam. By the side of, teksama-ta. By means of, ani ; ari; koro wa. To pass ~, kush; otta kush. ~ degrees, uwepaketa. ~ one's self, shinen ne po.


Cab, n. Basha (Japanese). Cabbage, n. Kaibach (After the Japanese). Cackle, v.i. Hau-koro,
Cake, n. Shito. Calamity, n. Aeramchuptekbe. Calculate, v.t. Esannyo; pishki; ramepakari. Cauldron, n. Kama (Jap). Calf, n. Pon beko. Calf (of leg), n. Yontek-kam. Call, v.t. Ho; hotui; hotuye; hotuyekara; hauokka; hohawe ashte; konishuk; konishke; inushuye ; nushuk. To ~ upon, hotanukara; arishirikush. To ~ to for help, peutanki. To call to, kokaya. Call (name), v.t. Rei-kore; porose; iporose. Calm, adj. Tontek; totek; neto an ; noto an ; ratchitara; reine ; rene; tonke. Came, v.i. Ek nisa; ek manu; ek wa an; ariki an; ariki manu. Camp, n. Use-kash-ne, reushi ushi. Can, adj. Eashkai. Canal, n. Ahori-pet; auri-pet. Cancel, v.t. Ushka; isamka. Cancer, n. Hup. Candid, adj. Oupeka. Candle, n. Rosoku (Jap.), shune. Cannibal, n. Ue-guru; ainu-e-guru. Cannot, v.i. Eaikap. Canoe, n. Chip. Canter, v.t. Sampash; tantaraki; tantarat-ki; mopas. Cap, n. Konchi; hakka. Capable, adj. Ashkai ; otunash. Capacious, adj. Poro; sep. Cape, n. Etu; shiri-etu; nos; not; notchi; notru ; notu; enru ; notoro; chinot; notsam ; repun-not. Capsize, v.t. Hokushte. v.i. Hokush. Captain, n. Ainu topake; esapa ne guru; sapa ne guru. ~ of a herd of deer, atpa. Captive, n. Arutemuk guru. Carcase, n. Netobake. Care for, v.t. Eyam; eyaitubare; shiruwe. Careful, adj. Eyam no an ; kimatek. Carefully, adv. Aeyam no; aeyuk no; irammakaka; tomte no; yaitubare no; etupara. Carelessly, adj. Arataraka; eramunin; etaraka; etaraka iki; ramu eunin; eramu-unun ; shikatnukarara. Caress, v.t. Tuyashkarap. Carpenter, n. Pancho ne guru. Carpet, n. Shonep. Carriage, n. Basha (Jap). Carried, v.i. Aani (sing); aamba (pl). Carry, v.t. Ani; amba; arashka; koro; ekanu; koamba; na; se; seichi; shike; shiseituruka. ~ out (as a dead person from a house), eashish. ~ in the teeth, niye. ~ away, eashik. Cart, n. Basha (Jap). Cartilage, n. Hapuru-pone. Carve, v.t. Inuye; shinuye ; eshinmuipa. Cascade, n. So ; sho. Case, n. Kapu ; saya; shiyop. Cash, n. Ichen. Cask, n. Ontaru; ontaro. Cast, v.t. Eyakire; ochipo. To ~ away, emaka ; osura. To ~ down, hokushte. ~ ashore, oyan. To be ~ down in spirit, ramu-aokte. Cast off, adj. Aemaka; aemakba. Castle, n. Chash; chashi. Cat, n. Meko; chabe. Cataract, n. Puira. Catarrh, n. Rato omke. Catch, v.t. Eshikari; eshiyotte; peka; koiki; kishma; chakka. ~ in a snare, chakka. ~ as a disease, eipara. Caterpillar, n. Ikombap ; itemi kikiri; numaush kikiri. Catkin, n. Susmau. Cateract, n. Mai. Cattle, n. Chikoikip. Caudal fin, n. Atkochi. Cause, n. Ika. To cause is expressed
by suffixing re, te, de, ge, ka, to the verb.
Caution, v.t. Nure; epakashnu. Cave, n. Poru; pui ; toi-poru; tupso ; tusso. Cease, v.i. Yomne; okere; isam ; arakere; tui; okake an. Cease, v.t. Eyomne ; tui ; ande ; moshima no okai. Ceaselessly, adv. Uweomanne. Cede, v.t. Ramuoshma; koropare ; kore; konde. Ceiling, n. Paraka. Celandine, n. Otonpui-kina. (chelidonium magus). Celestial, adj. Kando un. Cemetery, n. Setumba; setamba; tushiri an ushi; iyurui an ushi; iwak ushike ; setorunpa ; tushiri-mindara. Censure, v.t. Pashirota. Central, adj. Noshke un. Centre, n. Noshke; utottoni. Century, n. Ashikne hotne pa. Cephalic, a. Sapa oma; pake oma. Ceremony, n. Puri or buri. ~ for the dead, ashuttasa ; ~ of death by accident, tumi wen toiru; sarak kamui ; ~ of marriage, uwechiu ibe ; ~ of offering wine to the ancestors, eyaiyattasa ; shinurappa; ~ on naming a child, rei iwai ; ~ of rain making, shiriwen hokki marapto; ~ of offering libations, icharapa an; ~ of offering food to the deities, rapapse an. Certain, adj. An ; shine. Certainly, adj. Eashirika; eashittapne; shi an : son no ; son no un ; son no poka. Certify, v.t. Nure; son nere. Chafe, v.i. Ishiru ; shiru-shiru ; shiru. Chaff, n. Muru ; muruhu. Chain, n. Uokkane; uweorok-kane. Chair, n. Set; atai. Challenge, v.t Ushikomewe. Chamber, n. Tumbu. Chance, n. Rengaine. Change, v.t. Itasare; eashiri kara. tasare ; utasare. Change, v.i. Chitasare; yaiutasare; an aiechutko no an. To ~ places, uwonnutasa. To ~ one's name, aitonuitasa. Changeable, adv. Itasa. Changeless, adj. An-ai; itasare shomoki. Channel, n. Petru ; tunnai. Chap, v.i. Yawauge; chawauge. Chapter, n. Ik. Character, n. Oshkewe. Character, (letter), n. Ikiri. Charcoal, n. Paspas. Charge (to lay a), v.t. Itakamkirara. Charger, n. Nima. Chariot, n. Nishinda. Charm, n. Akoshinninup; chikoshinninup; chikoshinnuka; aenupurube; aeshiship; mauko-pirikap. To ~ away, uweshiripa. Char, n. Tukushish; tokushish. Chase, v.t. Noshpa; kopiwe; kopiuba; ikesamba; keseamba. Chasm, n. Shui. Chaste, adj. Yairamatte an; nushittek. Chastise, v.t. Shirikik; pakashnu. Chat, v.i. Uweneusara. Chatter, v.i. Pattakupi; paratakupi; patachinne. ~ box, patachinne guru. ~ as the teeth with cold, not-tataweuse. Cheap, adj. Ataye-hauge; ataye-pan; oro-pan; shusan. Cheat, v.t. Kokandama; ikoshunge. Check, v.t. Shirorepakka; shiroropakka. Cheek, n. Notakam; fuyehe; huyehe. ~ bone, notakam-pone; nangeu. Cheer, v.i. Uramkopashte; ramye; reika; eyairenga. Cheerful, adj. Yainuchattek.
Chemise, n. Mouru. Cherish, v.t. Reshpa ; shukupte. Cherry-tree, n. Karimba-ni. Chest, n. Kotpara; upshoro; keram; penram; rerari; reraru: hetari. Chest (box), n. Shuop. Chestnut, n. Yam. ~ burr, yam-kush. ~ tree, yam-ni. Chew, v.t. Kuikui; ikui; ikuikui ; chamse ; chakamse ; chamchamse ; chamse-chamse.~ the cud, notoroikui. Chicken, n. Pon niwatori chikap. Chickweed, n. Riten-kina. Chide, v.t. Kopao; pashirota; kocharange. Chief, n. Ottena; sapane guru; notono ; tono ; ikiri pake guru ; topake; utara koro guru ; atpa ; pa; shi. Child, n. Po ; poho; opere; sontak; iwatarape; ramu isambe; aiai; teinep; shikotennep. To bear a ~, po koro; nuwap; shinuwap. To be with ~, pise; honkoro; shinnaikat iyeunu. Childbirth, n. Chipoka. Childhood, n. Ponram ita. Childish, adj. Heikachi ramkoro. Childless, adj. Posak. Childlike, adj. Heikachi ramkoro; pon guru korachi. Children, n. Po utara; po chin ; hekattara; heikattara chin; pon utara. Chilly, adj. Me an; meraige an. Chimney, n. Kento; pa-ashin-ushi. Chin, n. Not; notkeu ; notkiri. The lower part of the ~, kuttomo. To hold the ~ up, kutte. Chine, n. Ikkeu; ikkewe Chink, v.i. Tunun hawe ash; ukere humi ash. Chip, v.t. Raske. Chip, n, Ras; rasu; nau; nause; koppa. Chipped, adj. Ras meshke. Chives, n. Hekututu ; shukutut. Choke, v.t. Rekuchi iun : rekuchi numba; eteye; eteyeba. Cholic, n. Honi araka. Choose, v.t. Numge; tek-numge; arasama; ioshranu. Chop, v.t. Tata; tatatata; tauge ; eshittauge; itata; itauge. Chopper, n. Tashiro; chieikip; kam kara ikip; shuke tashiro. Chopping-block, Itata-ni; itauge-ni. Copse, n. Nitai. Chopsticks, n. Ibe-bashui ; pashui. Chronic, adj. Ramma an ; fushko wano an. Chrysalis, n. Kikinrai-chep. Chuckle, v.i. Chimina-chaute. Cicada, n. Yaki. Cinder, n. Usat; abe-usat; paspas. Circle, n. Shikannatki; kari-an. To sit in a ~, okamatkire ; shikamatki no rok ; shikarimba no rok. Circle (as dust), v.i. Ramurara; uwesaine. Circular, adj. Shikannatki Circulate, v.t. Eimek; shipirasare; shipiraspare. Circumspect, adj. Yairamatte, Circumspectly, yairamatte no. Circumstances, (according to). adv, Katu rengaine. Circumvent, v.t. Kokandama; etokotuye. Cite, v.t. Tak; atak. City, n. Kotan. Chiseitai. Civil, adj. Oripak an ; yaikatanu an; yaieoripakka; yaikatanu eashka. Clad, adj. Ami; chimi wa an. Claim, v.t. Eyaitaki; yaikota korobe ne kara. To ~ falsely, eyaieshinge. Clam, n. Teretanne-sei; chiuri; hechimisara; utturep; tuttarep. Clamour, v.i. Ukimatek. Clamp, n. Komke-kani. Clap, v.i. Tek-uekik; tek-utomo-kik. the hands and sing, upopo. Clasp, v.t. Kishma: temko-omare:
temkorosam ; temnikoro-omare.
Clatter, adj. Maimai. To ~, komaihum. Class, n. Numi; mumi. Claw, n. Ami; tek; amechish. To hold with the ~, ami-sayekara ; teksayekara. Clay, n. Fure-toi. Clean, adj. Ashkanne ; akkanne ; turusak. Cleanse, v.t. Ashkannere; askanne no kara; turu-sakte. Clear, adj. Otuwashi; koshipashnu ; maka; amaknaraye; roramne; hemakaraye ; hemaknaraye; maknatara ; makkosanu ; erumaka ; chakkosanu ; shitchak ; chak ; chashnukara ; chakek; hechaka; hechawe; amke; nopakan. To ~ the throat, kuttesh makaraye. Clearly, adv. Roramne; anukan no. Cleave, v.t. Pereba; peruba; rasraspa. Cleft, adj. Chipereba. Cleptomania, n. Ishirubare. Clever, adj. Ramuan ; kat-o; ashkai ; ashnu; ikanno. Click, v.i. Push. Cliff, n. Pira; oworokoash ; pirop. Climate, n. Shirimautum. As, shirimautum wen, bad ~; shirimautum pirika, good ~. Climb, v.t. Turashi; nimu; hemesu; korik-oshma; mu. Climber, (plant), n. Nikonoigep; nikonoige-pungara. Clinch, v.t. Akoekomo. Cling, v.i. Eyupke kishma; tekramyupu; kotekram-yupu. Clip, v.t. Eraske; komesu. Clitonia, n. Ashwanbe. Cloak, n. Kosonde; sarambe ; amip. Clod, n. Toitoitak tak; taktak; koponchi taktak. Clogs, n. Pirakka. Close, adj. Oushi; ehange; ehanken; keururu; koehange no; kotchake; kotsakehe. Close, v.t. Ashi; shi; seshke; koseshke ; chiseske ; chikoseshke. Closet, n. Tumbu. A room. Clot, n. Shito. As, kem shito, "a clot of blood." Cloth, n. Attush; senkaki. Clothe, v.t. Amip mi; mire; eokushi; etumamkashi; kokarakarase To ~ upon, uorunu. Clothing, n. Amip; mi-ambe; mip; chimipi; aeokushi. Cloud, n. Nishkuru ; nish ; kur ; kuri; kuru ; urara-kando ; range-kando; nishram; pillars of ~, nishochichiwe. Thick white or black ~, kamui kuru ; a rain ~, nishkuri ; wen-kurihi. Cloudy, adj. Nishkuru an; nishkuru un; nishram-shiri. Club, n. Kuwa; kanni. A war ~, shitu. Clubfoot, n. Paraure ekomomse. Clump, n. Nitai; hashtai. Clumsy, adj. Appene. Cluster, n. Upush; upushi. Cluster, v.t. Upush-kara. Clutch, v.t. Kishma. Coal, n. Anchi; sekitan (Jap). Coals (live), n. Abe-o-usat. Coarse, adj. Pine; numi-rapi; numush ; rui; rupne. Coast, n. Atui-sam ; otaka. Coat, n. Ashkakushtep; aeyopanerep; aikakushtep; aikakushte amip. Coax, v.t. Onishnishi; kooroshutke; ramuyupu. Cobweb, n. Yaoshkep; ka. Cock, n. Pinne chikap. Cock-crowing, adv. Nishtek. Cockle, n. Topo-sei; chiurito. Cocoon, n. Heporap wata; ikombapwata. Codfish, n. Eregush ; herekush. Co-equal, adj. Une no; uerepak an.
Cogitate, v.i. Yaikoshiramse; yaikoshiramshuiba. Cohere, v.i. Kotuk. Coil, v.t. Saye kara. Cold, adj. Me; me an; nam ; mem. Cold, n. Omke; omuke; omke-kara. ~ in the nose, enitatke. Cold, v.i. Mean; me-koro ; meun; menu; nam; merage an. To die of ~, me ekot. Collapse, v.i. Hokush ; horak. Collar, n. Kotpara; okekarip. ~ of a sleigh dog, hana. Collar-bone, n. Kukeu-bone. Collect, v.t. Uwekarapare; uwekarire; umomare; uomare; uwomare; eikarika; eumashnu. Collect, v.i. Uwekarapa ; uwekare ; kochash. Collectively, adv. Aukotama; uweonipa. Collide, v.i. Utomoöshma; upaweotke. Colloquial, n. Momok itak. Colour, n. Iroho; iro; tom. Colour-blind, adj. Iro-eshiknak. Coloured, adj. Iro-aushi; anore. Colt, n. Pon umma. Columbine, n. Arikko; kiroroush-kina. Column, n. Ikushpe. Coma, n Chitoratekka ; katu-toranne. Comb, n. Ashketese; kerai; unikarabe; kirai. Comb, v.t. Kara; karakara; nuikara. Combat, n. Koiki; tumikoro ; sara; tumi. Combine, v.t. Utura no ki; ueripak no ki. Come, v.i. Ek (Sing); ariki (pl); araki ; chikurure ; eshi; kotuikosanu; kotuikosamba ; kotuituige ; shioraye ; shiorayepa. To ~ down, san ; sap. Not to ~, ek isam. Comet, n. Munnuye nochiu; munnuyep nochiu. Comfort, v.t. Omaoma; ramuehorokare ; ramu-hokahoka ; ramu-pirikare; ramu-shiromare; ramu-shuye. Comfortable, adj. Haphapke; nushinne wa; upakitara; upakmaune. Comfortably, adv. Kopirika okai. Comfortless, adj. Aeramu-usausak. Comical, adj. Aeshirikuran. Coming. v. inf. Ek kor'an; ek ne, ek shiri ; ek wa. Command, v.t. Ikashpaotte; kashpaotte ; ipawetenge; pawetenge ; uoraika. Commandment, n. Kashpaotte; ikashpaotte ; itak-san-i. Commence, v.t. Heashi; heashippa; heashire. Commencement, n. Eatpake. Commend, v.t. Omonnure. Comment, v.t. Gusu ye ; pita. Commingle, v.i. Ukopoyege. Commiserate, v.t. Ottemitak. Commission, n. Ihok iwai. Commit, (to the care of), v.t. Itomkokanu; shikkashimare. Commodious, adj. Poro. Common, adj. Shusan; yaiyan; yayan; use ; momok; heru; awa. To have in ~, eunnu no koro. Communicate, v.t. Itak; ye. Compact, n. Uitaknup; aeuitaknup; ukoramkorobe. Companion, n. Tura no an guru; turo no iki guru; shim-itarihi. Company, n. Mumi; numi. Compare, v.t. Upakte ; koingara; ukoingara; ukopa; ukonukara ; konukara. Compassion, n. Epuriwen ; rampoken; ihoma; ihum. Compassionate, v.t. Inunuke wa kore; inunukashiki; rampokiwen wa kore. Compel, expressed by suffixing the particle re to the verb, as, arapa, "go"; arapare, " send." Compensate, v.t. Eyainuitasa ; useturukes ;
Compete, v.t. Eyainuitasa. Compete, v.t. Uwetushmak. Competent, adj. Eashkai. Complain, v.t. Eiyonnuppa wa kore ; iyaishirikara. Complete, v.t. Okere ; hemaka; kara an. Complexion, n. Nan-iporo. Complicate, v.t. Utumopashte. Compose, v.t. More; haugere; ratchire. Compound, v.t. Uoyap ukopoye. Comprehend, v.t. Eraman. Compress, v.t. Numba; shirikonumba; ukonumba. Compress, n. Mukshit. Comrade, n. Utara; utare; utari; utarichin. Concave, adj. Reuge ; komge. Conceal, v.t. Nuina. Concede, v.t. Ramuoshma. Conceit, n. Shiokunnure; shikopunerep. Conceive, v.t. Yairat; yarat; honkoro ; hon un ; shinnai kat iyeunu. Concern, v.i. Iramnukuri; yaieinukuri ; echiokunnure ; yaikateaikap; eyaikateaikap. Concerning, prep. Gusu. Conch, n. Poro mokuriri. Conciliate, v.t. Keutum horarasere. Concise, adj. Pon. Conclude, v.t. Okere. Concoct, v.t. Kara. Concord, n. Uweshineaitki. Concubine, n. Pon mat; itushi. Concur, v.i. Ramuoshma. Concurrent, adj. Tura no ; tura no an. Condemn, v.t. Yaioitaksakte; buri kopak ; chinurakote. Condense, v.t. Ponde; nokande, shitonere. Condiment, n. Ukoep; chikoep. Condition, n. Katu. Condolence, n. Omaoma ambe; ukeuhumshu. Conduct, n. Buri; puri; katu ; kikatu. Cone, n. Tap. makkarip. Confess, v.t. Yaikaomare; eyaipoye; eyaipushi; pushpush ; sarare ; uwapapu. Confession, n. Aeyaipushup. Confidence, n. Eishokoro ambe. Confidently, a. Yaipapirushte sak no. Confiding, v.t. Eishokon no. Confine, v.t. Koseshke. Confirm, v.t. Esonnere. Confiscate, v.t. Isamka ; auk ; hoshipire ; shui-hoshipire. Conflagration, n. Shiruhuye. Conflict, n. Ukoiki. Conform, v.t. Ramuoshma. Confound, v.t. Kuroma kukurusere; sambe kokurusere ; kimatekka ; eramuka-chipeutekka. Confuse, v.t. Homare; ukohosarire; charapa; eramu-sarakka; kokuruse ; kokurusere ; eramu-usausak. Confusing, adj. Aeramu usausak. Congeal, v.i. Shito ne. Congenial, adj. Pirika ; keutum pirika; ikateomare. Conger-eel, n. Inumbe-ibe-chep. Congest, v.i. Shito ne. Congratulate, v.t. Ramu-aye; ramye. Congregate, v.i. Kotoise; uwekarapa; uwekari; ukotaisere; uwekarange; kokarase. Conical, adj. Mak-kari. Conjecture, v.t. Yainu. Conjoin, v.t. Uoushte. Conjoined, adj. Chiai. Conjointly, adj. Ukoiram no ; ukorai. Conjure, v.t. Kashpaotte. Connect, v.t. Uokte. Connive, v.t. Kasheshina; anasap. Conquer, v.t. Anupiwe ; annukara.
Conquest, n. Tumi. Conscience, n. Sambe; keutum. ~ stricken, sambe aotke, sambe etara; sambe oikereka ; yayepataraye. Conscious, adj, Ramu an. To become ~, koyainupo. Consecutive, adj. Uosh-uosh. Consent, v.t. Ramuoshma; korenka; renka. Consequence, adv. Gusu an ambe. Consider, v.t. Sannyo; esannyo; yainu; yaikokanu; yaikoshiramse; yaikoshiramshuiba; ramu; oramnure; orampishbare; eyaikoshiramshuye ; ramepakare; eramupishbare ; ukopakari. Considerate, adj. Ramuhauge. Consolation, n. Omaoma ambe ; aesannyop. Console, v.t. Omaoma. Conspicuous, adj. Anukan no. Conspiracy, n. Okbare ambe. Constant, adj. Ramma. Constipation, n. Oshiun ; rakorotashum. Constrain, v.t. Kire; re (suffixed to the verb). Consult, v.t. Ukopachari; ukoramkoro; koramnu; ukopekari. Consumption, n. Satpe tashum. Consumptive, adj. Satpe koro. Contact, n. Utomoshma ; upaweotke. Contagion, n. Tashummau. Contagious, adj. Turuse ; turu. As, turuse tashum and turu tashum, contagious disease. Tashum mau ukoturuse, to catch a contagious disease. Contain, v.t. Orota an. Contemn, v.t. Katpak kore; tumu mau kush. Contemplation, n. Yainuhu ; yainuhi; ramapakare ambe. Contempt, n. Etunne ambe; kopan ambe; eshishi ambe. Contemptible, adj. Aetunne; akopangep. Contend, v.i. Etushmak; uwetushmak ki; etushma. Contented, adj. Yaiyainuwere; aepuntek. Contents, n. Oshke omap. Contest, v.t. Uwetushmak; ewetushmak ; upakne. Continual, adv. Ramma; ramma-ramma; uwe-ikinne; uwe-ikinne no an ; yomne shomoki; uweoman no. Continually, adv. Ukoman no. Contorted, adj. Anoye. Contract, v.t. Shietaye; shiyoni; komge. Contradict, v.t. Itashtasa; eutastasa; makachari. Contrary, adj. Imakachari; esamtomotuye; itakkashi; eumoshma. Contribute, v.t. Kore; kashiomare. Contrite, v.i. Yaikowepekere. Contrive, v.t. Kara; ki. Control, v.t. Shikkashima; nushiromare; inushiramare. Convalescent, adj. Tusu; totek. Convenient, adj. Irammakaka auwetori; komonko eashkai. Converge, v.i. Uweush , uwekonde. Converse, n. Ukoyaira; uko-itak. Conversation, n. Itak; uwepekere. Conversion, n. Keutum kiru ambe. Convey, v.t. Ani; sei; rura; koro wa oman. Convict, n. Apanakte guru. v.t. Katpakte; chinurakote. Convulsed, adj. Chikuna. Convulsions, n. Chituriri. Cook, v.t. Shuke ; ma. A ~, shuke guru. Cooked, adj. Achi; chi ; chi no; chi okere. Cooking pots, n. Shu; shu-chin. Cool, adj. Nam ; yam ; mem ; tuwara. Cool, v.t. Namka; namde ; mememka;
tuwaraka; tuwarake.
Coot, n. Oshkambe. Copious, adj. Poro. Copper, n. Fure-kane; do-gane (Jap). Copse, n. Nitai; hashitai; hashkop. Copulate, v.t. Ochiu; ukoro; nu. Copy, n. Noka; nokaha; aikoikarabe. Copy, v.t. Koikara; koisamba. Cord, n. Tush ; harikika; arashunketu; chirepnaoshkep; imuye-at. Cordial, adj. Ramuhauge. Core, n. Osshi. Cork, n. Chiai. Cormorant, n. Uriri. Corner, n. Ikkeu; ishkeu; shikkeu. Corpse, n. Kaise; keu; kewe; kop; kopkop; raiku; suntek-kewe; raiguru-kupi. Corpulent, adj. Hone poro; harukoro. Correct, adj. Oupeka. To ~, oupekare. Corrode, v.i. Shikopop. Corrupt, v.t. Munin ; koatcha; ochikirui. Cost, n. Ataye; oro. Costly, adv. Ataye yupke. Cotton, n. Ka ; kaha; kana. A ~ winder; kana sayep. Couch, n. Shotki; atarape; atarope. Couch, v.i. Yongororo. Cough, v.i. & n. Omke. To catch a ~, omke kara. Count, v.t. Pishki; uwatori. Countenance, n. Iporo; heye; nanetok. Counterfeit, n. Chinore. Country, n. Moshiri; ya un iworo. Couple, v.t. Uworoeok. Courage, n. Rametok; manka. Courageous, adj. Rametok koro. Cousin, n. Karaku; machiribe; usata iriwak. Courtesy, n. Yairamka. Covenant, n. Auitaknup; aeuitaknup. Cover, n. Kamup. Cover, v.t. Kamure ; erau ; kotoumpa. Covet, v.t. Yaikoshipuinere; eyaitunnap; ishkashpere; eishikashbare; ibeshikashure. Coveteous, adj. Ibehunara. Cow, n. Matne beko. Coward, n. Turamkoro guru; ikohonnep; ishitomatektek. Cowardly, adv. Utchike. Cowbane, n. Tokaomap; tokaorap; tokoma. Cow-berry, n. Inonoka. Crab, n. Ampayaya; amushbe; hotembayaya; hotemtem ; takakka; pake. Crack, v.i. Chawauge; ekakoyoshke; kakayaske ; tumak; yaske. Crackle, v.i. Pakakse. Cradle, n. Chakka; shinda. ~ song, ehunge-hau. Craft, (boat), n. Chip; pentsai. Crafty, adj. Irara. Crag, n. Kut; kutcha; kutchan; kutchi; kutchitui; kuttu; rangekut; kunne: kutta. Craggy, adj. Kuttunne. Cram, v.t. Rarapa; rarapa no omare; sekutke. Cramp, n. Chinese ; nichitne; roronge, ronronge , tukunne. Cranberry, n. In Saghalin there is a kind of blueberry resembling the cranberry and called furep and satturep. But these names also cover the wild strawberry, (fragaria neglecta). Crane, n. Sarorun chikap. Cranium, n. Mechakko; onashi. Crater, n. Uhui-nupuri so; fuchi so ; fuji-so; a-so. Crave, v.t. Kon rusui. Crawl, v.i. Shinu ; shirutu ; shinushinu ; rewe. Crawfish, n. Horoka-reyep; horokariyep. Crazy, adj. Yayoyakara; kateushi.
Creak, v.i. Rek; serekosanu; ckihirakotta; chikes-hum ; tananaise. Create, v.t. Kara; hetukure. Creature, n. Kuru ; an ambe ; ambe ; pi. Credible, adj. Eishokoro kunip. Creditor, n. Shosere guru; shoseire guru. Creed, n. Aeishokorobe. Creek, n. Nai; kotne-i ; narai. Creep, v.i. Reye; honoyanoya wa arapa; mu ; shirutu. Creeper, n. Pungara. Crescent, n. Nin-chup. Crest, n. Kashike. Crested, adj. Onoyepush ; motontori. Crew, n. Chip o utara. Crime, n. Katpak ; wenburi. Cringe, v.i. Mukramama. Cripple, adj. Hera ; yaiewen. Crisis, n. Yaitubare kuni ita. Crisp, adj. Kawause ; piwapiwak. Critic, n. Ukonukara guru. Critical, adj. Ukonukan-rusui. Croak, v.i. Hawe ashte; oat-oat hawe sange. Crock, n. Sei-shintoko; riten toi shuma. Crook, n. Naukep. Crooked, adj. Henoye; oheu; oheuge; ohoge ; oheuba; chikai; chikaye. Crop, n. Aetoitap. Cross, v.i. Oromam. Cross, n. Utasap; kiri; utasa-chikuni. Cross, v.t. Kush ; tomotuye ; kush wa oman ; kama. Cross-road, n. Ru-ukohopihi; ru-utomoshma-i. ~ wise, utasa no. Crosswise, adj. Utasa-no ; utash ; utomotuye. Crotch, n. Ai ; chin. Crouch, v.i. Iyetokush; ishiraineka; yongororo. Croup, n. Rekut-koni. Crow, n. Paskuru ; shipaskuru ; shirara-korari; etukka-chikap ; kararat. Crow, v.i. Haukoro. Crowberry, n. Enchikimaimai; ichikimaimai. Crowd, n. Topa; rupi; utwatte no okai; ikiri; toshka. ~ of people, inne utara ; utara topa. Crowd, v.i. Rarapa. ~ upon, eurarapa. ~ out, ashirikashiomare ; uka-eshik. Crown, n. Sapa-umbe; inaoru; inauru ; inau tumba, ~ of the head, kimui ; sapa kankitai. Crucify, v.t. Utasa chikuni otta kungi kokikkik. Cruel, adj. Ramunishite; iyeramunishite. Crumb, n. Aep rapapsep. Crumble, v.i. Ru; koponchi ne ; toitoi ne an. Crumple, v.t. Teshke; ukomomse; momo; tokse-tokse. Crunch, v.t. Chamse ; chamse-chamse ; chanse. Crupper, n. Op-asami ; sarakushpe. Crush, v.t. Tupunetoi-; nina. Crust, n. Kapu. Crusty, adj. Kapu an. Crutch, n. Kuwa. Cry, v.i. Chish ; chishrimimse; chayaise ; rayaise; chih ; chishkan; waise; chisechiu. To ~ loudly, paraparak. A ~ of distress, Woi. To ~ out, haweroise. Cub, n. Peurep; hepere; riyap. A ~ cage, hepere-kot. Cuckoo, n. Kakkok ; muse-chiri. Cud, n. Yaikomekari aep. To chew the ~ notoroikui. Cuddle, v.t. Otekomare. Cudgel, n. Kuwa. To ~, eniomare , enikokomo ; epakokomo. Cuirass, n. Kusari. Culprit, n. Katpak ki guru; wen buri ki guru. Cultivate, v.t. Toita; etoita.
Cunning, adj. Irara. Cup, n. Itangi; tuki; nikap; nipap; nikapo. ~ with something in it, iorush itangi. A ~ full, shine pa. Cupboard, n. Chieturi. Cur, n. Seta; shta; reyep. Curb, v.t. Kishma; nushiromare; shittekka. Curd, n. Shirara; uwetonrane; uweturirige. Cure, v.t. Iwangere; potara; ritenka; totekte. Curious, adj. Ingan-rui; nueyaitupa; shiki-okerunne. Curl, v.i. Chinoye; chishito-shito; komomse. Curlew, n. Kuikui chikap. Curly-headed, adj. Kamui otop-ush. Currants, n. Fureppo. Currant tree, n. Anika-ni. Current, n. Chiu; chiwe; rakka. A strong ~, shitchiukush. Currently, adv. Ramma an. Curry-comb, v.t. Nuikara. Curse, v.t. Iyoitakushi; koatcha; oitakushi; parakoatte. Curtain, n. Atbe; otbe. Curtsy, v.i. Yairamka. Custom, n. Buri; puri ; eshuprotki; oshuprotki; ki-buri; omairenga; sanu. Cut, v.t. Tui; tuiba; tuiruk; tuye ; chituye ; cha ; mesu; yasa; tokba; tuitek. To ~ through, oattuye ; oaratuye. To cut the hair as when bemoaning the dead; shiapke. ~ off, mesu. Cuttle-fish, n. Epetpetke; ~ chep.


Daily, adv. Kes-an-to ; kes-to ; kes-to range: kes-an-tek-ko; to-pishno. Dainty, adj. Ibe-emaka (lit: "cast away food)." Damaged, a. Homeru; chiwen ; ehotashnu. Damned, adj. Chirurakote. Damp, n. Teinei; peot; uoro; petpet ne ; woro. Dampen, v.t. Rekanka. Damsel, n. Matkachi; matnekachi; matne hekachi; mainep; opere; matne-po; merekopo; merokopo. Damsons, n. Moma. Dance, v.i. Tapkara; rimsei; atutapkara. Dandelion, n. Epetche-mun ; epetche nonno ; honoinoyep; honoinep. Dandruff, n. Retat-turu. Danger, n. Yaikikip; eyaikikipbe; iyal. Dangerous, adj. Pewan; keyam ; ayaikikipbe; yaikeukoro; eyaitubarepa; iyaikipte ; kunnu ; kuntu ; kuru; kukku. Dangerously, adv. Ayaikikip no. Dangle, v.t. Hochipakara; aterekereterekere, humge. Dark, n. Kunne; shirikunne ; kurukok. ~ and cloudy, nishkuru un. Darkness, n. Kunne-i. Dart, v.i. Ochipa. Daughter, n. Matnepo; hepere; Elder ~, kiyanne-mat; younger~, poneunemat. ~ in law, koshmat. Dawn, n. Ankes. Day, n. To ; toho; tokap; tokapto; ko; koho; nishto; shiri-peket-to. ~ after tomorrow, oyashim, oyashimma. By ~, to no.
Day-break, n. An-kes; nisat; pekennisat; shis-to-no; tane nish ekasu; tane shis-to-no; shikto. Daylight, n. Shiri-pekere; to-no. Day-lily, n. Kuitop-kina. Dazzle (with darkness), adj. Kunneyot; kunne-iyot. Dead, adj. Rai; rai an; raitek; toratek; anrai; kopne; mokonnoye; raiokere; wenrai; esoöchishkara. Half ~, eru-rai. Dead leaves, n. Koumon; ko-ham. Deaf, adj. Ashpa; shomo nu; nu eaikap. To turn a ~ ear to, eashpa ; ashpa kisara itutanure. ~ and dumb, shomo-itak-ashpa-uopok. Dear, (in price), a. Oro-yupke; ataye nupuru. Dear, adj. Omap an ; aomap. (Beloved). Dear me, interj. Shirika ya ; ishirikurantere; hai kuramu ! Death, n. Rai-ambe; rai-i. ~ struggles, rayepash. Debauchee, n. Ochaot guru. Debt, n. Sho; shose ; shosei; shoataye. To contract a ~, sho-ataye uk. Decapitate, v.t. Rekuchi tuye. Deceit, n. Shunge. Deceive, v.t. Kokandama; koshunge ; inore; ekoramuk; chinore; uramisakka; uramisamka; ramushuye; shiknakte. To ~ one another, ukokandama ; uwekokandama. December, n. Chiurup-chup; kuyekaichup. Deception, n. chinorep. Decide, v.t. Oshitchiu; ramu-oshitchiure. Decision, n. Renga. Declare, v.t. Ye; itak; nure. Decompose, v.t. Munin; horose. Decorous, adj. Roramne. Decoy, v.t. Shiren; ipakte. Decrease, vi. Ha; pon ne; nin; oukashui. Decree, v.t. Ipawetenge. Decrepit, adj. Rettek. Deep, adj. Horo ; oöho ; ohot; hattara ; raune. Deer, n. Yuk; rikinbe; parateki-yuk; toiran ; pinne rau ; apka; a doe, momambe. Tail of a ~, okishka. Defeat, v.i. Annokara; annukara; anrapoki; apkara; anare. Defeated, adj. Aänka; shimaketari. Defence, n. Chashi, Chashkot. Chausu. Defend, v.t. Kikikara; opakik-kara; kakewe. ~ with a sword, aitam-nuikushte. Defunct, adj. Rai okere; rai wa isam. Degree, n. Pak. To the same ~, arupak; upak no. By degrees, uwepaketa. Dejected, adj. Oknatara; yairampekamama. Delicious, adj. Aekiroro an ; shisak; aekatnu; nitoro. Delighted, adj. Nupetne; anuptekka. Delirious, adj. Arataraka. Deliver, v.t. Kore; koropare. ~ from, kashioubiuki. Demeanour, n. Kat; katu. Demon, n. Kamiyashi; nitne kamui; iwendep; osoyumbe; oyashi; wen kamui ; an-nitne kamui; oyau. ~ of empty houses, ohachishuyep. Den, n. Towambe; kamui chisei ; kamui set; tuwambe. Dense, adj. Nishshi. Deny, v.t. Eshina; uamkopa; aukopa; shikashke; eshikashke. Depart, v.t. Ekohopi; hopuni; hopumba; ashureka. Depend, v.i. Shikopa. Depression, n. Kotnei. Depth, n. Ohoi. Deride, v.t. Emina; esapse ; eoyaitak; shieminayara; ikurianda. Descend, v.i. Ran; san; sap; rap;
erankush; esoro; ehurupok-un; kotuikosanu ; kotuikosama; chiorange; hose ; pesh; hochiarana ; esau.
Descendant, n. Sanike; sanikiri; kesoro; kisoro; uruokata. Desert, v.t. Nitai; nup; sak-i. Design, n. Ishikoba. Designate, v.t. Iporose. Desire, v.t. Rusui; irawe; kon rusui; eshitan; eshiramne; ishiran; eishiranne; oshkoro ; kikikiki; koshikkote ; eyairamkoro ; ishiramtonne ; rusui ramkoro; ishra. To ~ to drink, wakka raige an. To ~ to make water, okuima raige an. Desolate, adj. Munkonchi-koro. Despise, v.t. Epangere; apangere; pange; eankoro; kowen; ekashish ; hepoko; ipokun; ramupekamama. Despised, adj. Aeankesh. Destroy, v.t. Isamka. Destitute, adj. Irapokkari ; yaieshiniukesh ; heron. Determine, v.t. Keutum atte; oshitchiu. Devastate, v.t. Wentoikiru; wentoikantoikiru. Devil, n. Oyashi; nitne kamui; wen kamui ; kamiyashi ; tumunchi. To be possessed by a ~, nitne kamui shikatkari. The ~ of an empty house, ohachisuye ; ohachiseyep. Devil,-fish, n. Atuina. Dew, n. Kinape ; pekuruppe; taskoro; munpe ; taskoro-mau. Dialect, n. Itak kutchama. Diarrhoea, n. Soyekari tashum ; tuipushpushka tashum; honi araka; apatasse. Diatomacious, earth. n. Chietoi. Did, v.t. Kan nisa; nisa; okere ; karashi; hemaka. Die, v.i. Ekot; rai; rai oman; mawetui; rakup; aeshiri-ekot; onishboso; kokkok ne; kopkop ne; To ~ of cold, me ekot. To die of hunger, chepoma ; yaichep-ekot. ~ off (as people), shutu-tuye. Differ, v.i. Echutko. Different, adj. Echutko; echutko no; oya ; arusa ; shinnai; uoya; uweshinnai. Difficult, adj. Hokamba. Dig, v.t. Ta; ouri.~ out, oashinge. Digest, w.t. Penere. Diligent, adj. Yuptek; niwashnu. Dim, adj. Shirihomara; torush. Diminish, v.i. Nin; ha; pon ne; aorake; arokere; shichupu-kara. Dimly, adv. Homara; homare ; homan no; homaretara; iturupukte. Dinner, n. Tokap-ibe. Dip, v.t. Eraokatta ; eramokatta ; erauomare. To ~ up, nise; nisei. Direct, v.t. Atte; koatte. Dirk, n. Emushpo. Dirt, n. Turu; komon. Dirty, adj. Atchi; ichakkere; chaka; aechake; kapa; turu-ush ; nupuru; nupki; kokakse; kapachi. Disagree, v.t. Uturupak shomoki; uwekaita. Disagreeable, adj. Osamatki keutum koro; niuchire. Disannul, v.t. Isamka. Disappear, v.t. Hunko. Disappoint, v.t. Rampokashte. Disappointed, adj. Rat; yaekush ; yaierampoken. Disbelief, n. Aeishungerep. Disbelieve, v.t. Eumbipka; eshungere; aeishungere. Discharge, v.t. Eyomak; emaka; emakba; aeyomak. Disciple, n. Koikara guru. Discoiled, adj. Chikap. Disheveled, adj. Payaige. Disconnect, v.t. Pita; maramaragere. Discourse, v.t. Upaskuma; upaskoma; uchashkoma.
Discuss, v.t. Ukoramkoro. Disease, n. Shiyeye; tashum. Dishearten, v.t. Arakatoroge chiepoknere; ramupoknere. Disfavour, v.t. Ekohopi notkush. Dislike, v.t. Kopan; kochan : kereroshki; pange; angesh; eipokunu; ekatupase ; etunne; nukuri ; chake; shinniukesh ; eranakka; eniuchinne ; eramu-chatchaush; eramu-ikatchaush. Disliked, adj. Aetunnep. Dismount, v.t. Umma ka wa ran; orowa no ran. Disobedient, adj. Itakkashi. Disobey, v.t. Itakkashi; koitakkashi; uitakkashi. Disorderly, adv. Uottumashi. Dispel, v.t. Maknarutu; maknaraye. Disperse, v.t. Chari; chipasure ; eshitchari; ukoöpiu ; chipasusu. Disposition, n. Kat; oshkewe; katcham ; irenga. Dispute, v.t. Upaure ; upaore ; upakoiki; upatasare. Disquieted, adj. Erampotara. Disregard, v.i. Korampoktuye. Direspect, n. Shomo yaikatanu ambe. Disappoint, v.t. Rampokashte. Dissatisfied, adj. Ehoshki ; orakse; aeramuhokasush; eramuhokasusu ; aeramushinne shomoki. Dissent, v.t. Akoramniukesh. Dissuade, v.t. Airamkatchamushka. Distant, adv. Tuima an ; tuima shitta; hangeko; homakaita; kattuima; shittuima; tuiman ; oman no po; kooman no. Distinctly, adv. Anukanno. Distinguish, v.t. Usa-are; shinna-are. Distort, v.t. Homeru. Distress, n. Ramusarakka; yairamkoiki; aiyunin ; eramchuptekbe. Distribute, v.t. Kocharapa. Disunite, v.t. Upipi-upipi ; eimek. Ditch, n. Echan; pechiri; kotne-i; kot; chinna; chirin-nai; narai. Dive, vi. Rara; raukushke; raukushte. Diverge, v.i. Uwekopi. Divide, v.t. Eimek; usaraya; eukopire ; mekare ; koemekare; kokatari; eukopi; wakte ; sere. Divine, v.t. Chiitakte; esamanki. Division, n. Ik; mek; hechimi, eukopi; ikittukari; iwaki. Divorce, v.t. Uitakamkire ; uosurupa; wak. Dizzy, adj. Iyot; homara; iyochi; nutokkari; nitakkari. Do, v.t. Kara ; ki; iki; ikichi; karakara; karu. Not to ~, iteki; hanki. Dock, n. Sunapa; kuttara. Doctor, n. Potara guru. Doctrine, n. Epakashi. Doe, n. Momanbe. Dog, n. Seta; reëp; shta; matne seta; pinne seta. Dog-salmon, n. Shibe. Dog-teeth, n. Kite-nimaki. Dog-tooth voilet violet, n. Eshkerimrim (B. is foolish.). Dogwood, n. Utakani. Doing, v.i. Shiriki; kishiri; ki wa ; kitek; kite ; an-e-a. Doleful, adj. Oknatara. Doll, n. Noka; ningyo (Jap.) Dolor, n. Oknatara ambe. Dolphin, n. Tannu; tuwayuk; rokom. Dolt, n. Haita guru; kat moire guru; noratchitara guru. Domestic, n. Uitek guru. Domesticate, v.t. Ramushka. Domicile, n. Chisei; tsei; an-i; oshiroma-i. Dominate, v.t. Esapane. Donation, n. Aikrap; ikrap; ikorep. Done, v.i. Aokere ; anki; okere ; kara okere ; hemaka; akara. Not to be ~, haman ki, hanne ki; seen ne ki. Door, n. Apa ushta ; ahun apa ; tunturu; uto.
Shut a ~, apa ashi; apa eashi ; apa seshki. To open a ~, apa chaka ; apa maka ; apa sarare. An outer ~, soyun apa. An inner ~; ahun apa. A ~ keeper, apa pungi, A ~ mat; apa ratkip. A ~ post, apa ikushpe. A door-way, apa. ~ of an earthen house, uto; usanto.
Dormant, adj. Mokoro wa an. Dorsal, adj. Mekkashi oma. Dose, n. Chikup. Dot, n. Kes. Double, adj. Ausama; eusamba; eusamanu. ~ faced, tu nan o; enan o; uwekuchikanna. Doubt, v.t. Utumashire; ukomutne; chiutumashire. Doubtless, adj. Arakotomka. Dough, n. Shito. Dove, n. Kusuwep; kusuyep. Down, adv. Ra un; ran. To let ~, range ; aorange. ~ stream, hepashi ; hebashi. To come ~, osan-osan ; ran ; rap. To take ~, satte. Down (of birds), n. Konkoni. Downcast, adj. Ok; oknatara; yaisambepokash. Downwards, adv. Heribashi; herashi ; ehuru ; horiko; ehorokashi un; ehorashi ; epoki. Dowry, n. Okkeu kashi apirikare. Doze, v.i. Hehoye. Drag, v.t. Hekem ; ehekem; koniwe. Dragonet, n. Abekeshi. Dragonfly, n. Hanku-chotchap; hanpuku-chotchap. Drain, n. Pechiri; nai; narai. Drain, v.i. Ochikiki; nin; anumba; tuika. Draw, v.t. Nimba; hekem ; ta. To ~ back, oshipi. To ~ in, shikoetaye : shietaye; komo ; yoni ; henoye, henoru. To ~ out, pusu ; shipusu ; etaye. To a sword, tam etaye ; tam kokonna. To ~ near to, eyaitukari; koehange; kuru. To ~ a bow, etotokka. Dread, n. Shitoma ambe; oripak ambe; aeoripak. Dread, v.t. Ishitoma; koishitoma. Dreadful, adj. Aemauanu ; aeoripak; aishitomare ; chikomatu. Dream, n. Wentarap; ishitakande ; tara; takara; chinika; chinita; chitara; takassa. Dream, v.t. Wentarap kara ; chinika nukara; chinika koro. Dregs, n. Irup; kes; kesh ; keshi ; shirarihi. Dress, n. Chimip; amip; mi ambe. Dress, v.i. Mire; yaimire. ~ a wound, piri-kokarakara. Dried, adj. Sat; sattek; sakange; asatke; sat wa an. Chima. ~ fish, Inumbeibe. Drift, v.i. Mom ; parase. To ~ as snow, upun ; upunpatche. Drift-wood, n. Nep; neppu; net; samau-ni. Drill, v.i. Tumi-shimaka; tumiwentoiru; eshipattuye. Drill, n. Ikisa-ni; ikisa-kani; ikisat. Drink, v.t. Ku; iku ; kukara; attashnure. Drinking utensils, n. Ikup. Drip, v.i. Chik ; chichik ; chikna; chikne; achikka ; chiriri. Drip, v.t. Chikka, chikte. Drive, v.t. Kopiwe ; kopiuba; ochiwe ; okewe; okeuba; shirikopiuba; shirikopire. Drive out, soyokewe. Drizzle, v.i. Rakuru-osh. Drome, v.t. Hauka. Drop, v.i. Turuse; rapapse ; opichi; chik ; akama ; achikka. Drop, v.t. Sura; turusere; surata; numa; soyoshma; chikka; chikte. Drop, n. Num ; numi ; nokipe ; chishchish. Drown, v.i. Esum ; esum wa rai; wakka seru.
Drown, v.t. Esumka ; esumka wa raige. Drowsy, adj. Koramewenush ; mokonrusui. Drugs, n. Kusuri; surugu. Drum, n. Kacho; katcho; tuntun. (Kacho and katcho are from the Ghilyaks). Drum-stick, n. Rek-ni. Drunk, v.i. Ihoshki; aeutonoto-ush. Dry, adj. Sat; sattek; topochi; chi; chikap; to ; usat; asatke. Dry, v.t. Satke; satte ; chire ; shitchire; satke; usatka. To ~ by smoking, inun. Drying pole, n. Kuma; iyau ; inau. Dry-rot, n. Kawause. Duck, n. Kopecha ; kopetcha ; wakwak; kagara ; menan; shuke. Mandarin ~, chiraima-chiri. Dull, adj. Katu moire; katu toranne; enininge; monak; enukara. ~ weather, shirikuri an ; shirikuru un ; kutche. Dumb, adj. Shomo itak; itak eaikap; apaapa. Dumplings, n. Shito; shitoki. Dung, n. Osoma ; tumun. ~ of animals, shi. Dupe, v.t. Eoya-itak. Durance, n. Oibe. During, adv. Eturupak; tuikata; rapoketa; an aine. Dust, n. Pana; mana; koponchi; komon; komun ; mui. A cloud of ~, pana upun. Duty, n. Kunip; aki-kunip; ki kusu ne kunip. Dwarf, n. Nin-guru; pon guru. Dwell, v.i. An ; eat; erok; okai; riya. Dwelling, n. Chisei; tchisei; che. Dwindle away, v.i. Nin. Anin. Dye, v.t. Expressed by ka. Thus, retara-ka, to dye white; Fure-ka, to ~. red.


Each, adj. Eusa. Eager, adj. Eyaitupa. Eagle, n. Kapachiri; shi-chikap; tekka; onneu; samatka chikap. Ear, n. Kisara; kisaraha; kisat; kisanta. The inside of ~, apui kotoro, An ~ of corn, amam push. ~ of a bear, asurube; maratto; ashke. Ear-lobe, n. Kisara-um. Ear-wax, n. Kisat uturu. Early, adj. Oro; tunash. Very ~ morning, tane nisat ekasu ; kunne nisat. Earn, v.t. Eenok; oshkoni. Earnestly, adv. Eunkashi. Ear-ring, n. Ningari. Earth, n. Toi; toitoi; shin; shiri; etoige. The colour of the ~, toitonne. Earthen, adj. Toine. Earthenware, n. Sei; sei-shintoko; toi-sei; toi-shu. Earthquake, n. Shiri-shimoye. To feel an ~, shirishimoye nu. Earthwork, n. Otoipukkap. Earthworm, n, Tonin; tunin; toinin. Earwig, n. Oaikanchi; oaikanchi-ush kikiri; arakikiri; o arakanchi ush kikiri ; oau-ush kikiri. Ease, n. Mo no an ambe; shini ambe; ratchi no an. To ~ oneself, esoine; osoine; yaichinani; yaiuitek. East, n. Chupka; koika; chupchi;
chukchi; atuipa; moshiripa; ochupak un; moshiri chupka.
Eastward, adv. Koikashike. Easily, adv. Eattereke; isaika no. Easy, a. Isaika; kasus; kasus ne; iramisaika. Eat, v.t. Ibe; ibepa; ehonnai; eraimaka. Eating utensils, n. Oibep; chioinep; chioinephi. Ebb, n. Ha ; shirara-ha; shiri-ha; shirari-sat; ayokitanne ; riri-shietaye. Echo, n. Shirunin; shiri-eunimba; eiyonumba; tuntek Eczema, n. Iyoaship; iyoship; kapupitak tashum. Eddy, n. Chiupiri; horoka-chiu; horoka-moi; chiupuni. Edge, n. Chinge; eipake; notaku ; paruruge ; rara. Edged implements, n. Notakup. Edify, v.t. Epakashnu; eramande. Eggs, (of birds), n. Nok; chikap-nok. ~ shell; nok sei. Ant ~, itunnaptara. To lay ~, nok koro; nok anu. Eel, n. Ukurube; ikurube ; puipui ; tanne-cheppo. Effect, n. Mau; mawe; puise-mau. Effigy, n. Inoka; inoka-net; net. Eft, n. Haram. Eight, adj. Tupesan; tupesambe. Eighty, adj. Ine hot; ine hotnep. Either, pro. Hene; katap; hemge. Elbow, n. Shittoki; kishtoki; tekumshi. Elder, n. Oshpara-ni. Elder, a. Naa pa poro. ~ brother, yupo ; hoshki ramuhu ; ~ child, kiyanne guru ; ~ sister, sapo. Elevate, v.t. Rikikatta. Eleven, adj. Shinepesan ikashima wan. Elf, n. Nin guru. Elm, n. At-ni; chikisa-ni; karoni-ni; ach-ni. Eloquent, adj. Paro un ; chara an; charo un ; pawetok an; pawetok koro. Elsevwhere, adv. Oyakta; oyake un ; oara-utorun ; shinnatoine. Embankment, n. Otoipukka-i ; sakuri. Embellish, v.t. Kotomka. Embers, n. Abe-shintoshpa. Embrace, v.t. Temko-omare; temkorosam ; temnikoro ; otekomare; ukoro ; unukara; nikoro ; temkoro ; temkon. Embroider, v.t. Ikarakara. Embroidery, n. Chikarakarabe. Emit, v.t. Ashinge; atte. Emperor, n. Ekote-nishpa. Employ, v.t. Uitek. Empty, adj. Oha; ohara. ~ handed, attapne ; araattapne ; arashka ; oropishne isam. Empty, v.t. Ohare; eoha: ohetu. Emulate, v.t. Eikanun rusui. Enclosure (of a house), n. Chashitui. Encourage, v.t. Reika ; yaiko-onishte. End, n. Kes; kese; keseke; pesh ; Entok. End, v.t. Okere; tekkese; en; entok; opu ; aekotuye. Endeavour, v.t. Shitokkere. Endure, v.t. Yaishiporore; enishte. Enemy, v.t. Epokba guru; pokba guru. Engaged, v.i. Yaimonasap. Engrave, v.t. Shinnuye. Enhance, v.t. Ikashmare; porore; ukopakashnu ; shioerawenrui. Enlarge, v.t. Porore; iyo. Enmity, n. Uwe-opokbare ambe. Enough, adv. Pak no ; tapak ; pak no. Enquire, v.i. Nu ; inu ; pishi; kopishi; koipishba. Enrol, v.t. Sapa nuye ; uwatori. Entangle, v.t. Chikoikarakara; uwokok. Enter, v.t. Ahun; ahunun; ahup; eahun; roropa ; chaunaraye ; koöshma.
Entertain, v.t. Paroshuke; uparoshuke. Enthrone, v.t. Eshishirikire. Entice, v.t. Shiren. Entire, adj. Ara; oara; oat; obitta ; eara; earikinne; ishinne; hamne. Entirely, adv. A; ara; aara; anara; earakinne; emukne no; ishinne; oara ; huyuine; roramne. Entrails, n. Kankan; oshke-op; tui. Entrance, n. Apa ; ahui; ahun-apa ; ahun-ushike ; uto. Entrust, v.t. Oshipa. Envelope, v.t. Koekari. Envious, adj. Iyaitunne. Envy, n. Itomne ambe; ikoitupa ambe; yaitunnapbe. Epidemic, adj. Uwetoita; koturuse. Epileptic, adj. Sambe toranne; nochiiush. Equal, adj. Arupak; eturupak ; kopak; upak; une ; une no an. Equisitum, n. Chikka ; tokusa. Ermine, n. Tanne eremu ; kurusurap. Eructate, v.t. Ikmaure ; ohaiyokke. Escape, v.i. Kira; isam; kurinin; chopiat. Eschew, v.i. Eyaishish ; enupitara; notechiu. Especially, adv. Makangane. Essence, n. Mawe; oibe ; kuroro. Establish, v.t. Ashte ; eshishirikire. Established, adj. Aäshte wa an. Esteem, v.t. Koureechiu; aäinukara. Esteem, n. Areikap; aramyep. Estuary, n. Parato. Even, adj. Achipep. Even, adv. Ka; katap; yakka ; ne yakka; poka. Even, adj. Uweiripak; eiripak; nei no; ene ; ene-ene; korachi; shem ; shem korachi. Evening, n. Onuman; tokes; shiri onuman. This ~, tanekuran, tomorrow. The ~ star, aro-numan nochiu; aronochiu. Ever, adv. Ramma; ramma pakno; hembara pakno ne yakka. Ever-green, n. Fukinani. Everlasting, adv. Otusashiri pakno; okere shomoki. Every, adj. Obitta; pish no ; kes; emukne no; ukotte ; pishno-pishno. ~ one, nen ne kuru ka ; nen nen ne yakka. ~ thing, nep ne yakka. ~ where, neita ne yakka ; shiri ebitta; shikap neka no; naanun ne yakka. Everybody, n. Utar'obitta; utar ebitta; obitta no no okai utara; nen-nen ne yakka. Evil, adj. Wen; wenbe; hoiyo; pakburi. ~ disposition, wen-katcham. Exactly, adv. Ara; arupak. ~ above, ara-kurukashi. ~ as you say, eashittapne. Exaggerate, v.t. Kashi iyo wa itak; iporoye. Examine, v.t. Uwande ; pishi; uwanbare; shiri-uwande; inonkara; ioneka ; ioüneka. Example, n. Aikoikarabe. Exceed, v.t. Ikashima. Exceedingly, adv. Eoro ; makangane; poron no; shi no; yupke no; ekash. Excellent, adj. Shi no pirika; pirika. Excessively, adv. Hokure. Exchange, v.t. Itasare. Excite, v.t. Etushtek; chiwenka; chiwende. Excited, adj. Tattarage. Exclaim, v.i. Hawe ashte. Exclamation of surprise ! Ayo; ayapo ! usausa: kikkik; yoi ! kik ! yoiyai; hut ! huthut ! yakanak ! isausa. Excrement, n. Osoma. Excuse, n. Yaiunaske. Exercise, v,i. Yaineusaraka an; yairiterite ; shimaka ; eshipattuye.
Exhaust, v.i. Rottek. Exhort, v.i. Onishnishi ; koroshutke; ikoöroshutke. Exist, v.i. An ; horari. Existence, n. An ambe; an-i; ankatu; ishu-i; ishu-ambe. Exorcise, v.t. Ukakik; atemkosayekara. Expanse, n. Uturu. Expect, v.t. Kunibe koro yainu. Expetorate, v.t. Topsekara. Expensive, adj. Ataye nupuru; ataye rui; ataye yupke. rui; ataye yupke. Expert, adj. Eashkai ; ashkai no. Iikannashka (in talk). Explain, v.t. Atte; pita. Explode, v.i. Patke; patche; iwak. Expose, v.t. Kari. As, rera kari, to expose to the wind. ~ the person, hoparata ; ukohoparata. Extend, v.i. Tuk; etuk; etushnatki. Extent, adv. Pak no. Exterminate, v.t. Ushka ; ushtekka ; araushtekka; ashupuya-asakka. Extinct, adj. Ush; ushtek. Extinguish, v.t. Ushka; koisamka; ushtekka. Extract, v.t., Etaye; ashinge; poyepoye. Extraordinary, adj. Eoyamokte; aehomatu; eoyamoktep. Extremity, n. En; entok; enkoro; entom. Exult, v.i. Yaiokkainere. Eye, n. Shik; shiki; shis; shikihi; kerup. Both ~, uturen shik. ~ mucus, inde. Eyeball, n. Shik num. Eyebrows, n. Ran-numa; raru-numa; shikbe. To shave the ~, rarukara. Eye-lashes, n. Shikrap. Eye-lid, n. Shikkap. Eye-shade, n. Shikatkap.


Fable, n. Itak-maukushte uwepekere. Fabric, n. Chisei; akarabe ; kash. Fabulous, adj. Shunge; eishokoro hokamba. Face, n. Nan ; nanu ; nanuhu , nanka ; yainanka; nata; shancha; sannanu; nota. Face (to), v.t. Hekota hosare; he ; heye; epeka; upeka. To ~ about, shikiru-tek. Facile, adj. Isaika ; isaikatara. Facing, adv. Hekota, peka; hechi. Fact, n. An ambe; son no ambe. Factious, adj. Wen shiara koro. Faculty, n. Kat; kiroro; mondum. Fade, v.i. Nin; iroho pitche; shumumge. Faggot, n. Chikuni muye; ni muye. Fail, v.i. Isam; eihaye; kohaita; shiokere; anikatuwen; han; aan-ki. Not to ~, kohaita han. Faint, v.i. Chikai-anu; sambe-toranne ; ekotekot; kotekot; kiroroekot; kurukohopuni. Faint-hearted, adj. Turam-koro ; katchak. Fair, adj. Oupeka; oheuge-sak; oupeka keutum koro. Fairy, n. Pirika-mintuchi. Fairy-tales, n. Tuitak; uwepekere. Faith, n. Eishokor-i; aeishokorope; aeishokor-i. Faithful, adj. Ikipniukesh. Falcon, n. Shi-chikap; irekte-chiri.
Fall, v.i. Hachiri; horak; hora; kohoraktekka; horaochiu; rottek. ~ in, teitek; ~ off, rapapse; ~ on one's head, sapa eshirotke; ~ down head foremost, eshitchiu ; to ~ part way down as a branch of a tree, emuka oshma; ~ back, hetopo hoshipi; ~ calm, neto an ; ~ out, ukoiki; ukikkik; ~short of, eikohaye. Fallen, adj. Horakhike; chiochiwe. Fallacious, adj. Shunge an. Fallacy, n. Shunge. False, adj. Shunge. Falsify, v.t. Shunge ne kara; shunge no kara. Falter, v.i. ~ in talking, itak koshinonruki; ~ in walking, apkash komonnukuri ; apkash shinnukuri. Fame, n. Assuru ambe; asuru ambe. Familiar, adj. Eraman; eramush. Family, n. Shine chisei un utara; utarigehe; shine tuyo oro utara; shine tuyo esan utara; iri utara. To have a family likeness, shine shik pui koro ; iri shik pui koro. Famine, n. Keman; kemi an; kekaihi; kemiush; kemiush iki; kemran; kekachi ; tokapchi. Famished, adj. Ma. Famous, adj. Assuru an ; assuru ash; asunne ; shiasuru ashte. Fan, n. Anki; aunki; aparup. Fan, v.t. Paruparu. Fanatic, adj. Yayoyakara; earasambe koro. Fanciful, adj. Ramu shineatki sak. Fancy, v.t. Konoburu, kon rusui, rusui. ~ needle-work, chikarakarabe; akarakarabe. Fang, n. Kite-nimak, nimaki. Far, adv. Tuima; hangeko; chituima; kattuima; tuima shitta; tuiman; shittuima; shituru. As ~ as, oro pakno ; eturu pakno. Farewell (to bid), v.i. Uwetutkopak; etutkopak; sarampa-ki. Farmer, n. Toi kara guru; toita guru. Far-sighted, adj. Inganno. Fascinate, v.t. Ikokka; ikonnup ki. Fashion, n. Katu; katuhu; buri. Fast, v.i. Shomo ramnu ki; shomo ibe. Fast, adj. Nitan ; tuna; tunash; pikan; tushtek; muchimashnu; shishpa. Fasten, v.t. Uwok; yaikoyupu. Fastenings, n. Numat; uwokbe. Fat, n. Piye; mim; mimi; ye; e; kiripu; ra; raha; ke ; ki; haru; haro; shum. To be ~, haro-koro. Fat, adj. Mimush ; piye-o; piye an; piye ush; ye ush; kiripu an; kiri ush; haro; koro ; piye-an; pian. Fatal, adj. Raige kuni. Fate, n. Okese; keseke; shiokere-i. Father, n. Michi; ona; hambe; ihabo; iyapo; acha; achapo; achipo; yop; ainu ; acha; chacha. Father-in-law, n. Shiuto michi. Father-lasher, n. Chimakani chep. Father-long-legs, n. Toi-soya; amiriyaoshkep; ami-tanne yaoshkep. Fathom, v.t. Apakari. Fatigue, v. Shingi. Fatling, n. Mimush pon chikoikip. Fatten, v.t. Mimushka; mimushte; kurushte. Faults, n. Uhaitarep. To find ~ with, chipiyere ; epanu. Faultless, adj. Turu-sak; oheuge-sak. Faulty, adj. Wen; oheuge. Favour, n. Renga; irenga; rengap; anhushkeraipo; renka. Favoured, adj. Anunuke; irenga koro. Favourite, adj. Akate-omare ; iyotta enupetne. Favours, n. Eungeraitep. Fawn, n. Pon yuk; poi yuk; yuk poho. Fawn, v.i. Ishiranika. Fear, v.i. Kimatek; iramkittara; mukkot; shitoma; ishitoma; inkush.
Fearful, adj. Shitomatek; aekimatek; ishitomaktektek; inkush; chihomatu; kimatek. Fearless, adj. Aotuwashi. Feast, n. Iwai; marapto; maratto. A bear ~, kamui maratto ; a wedding ~, shuke iwai; a death ~, utupa-ibe ; wen-ibe wen-iku; to carry away things from a ~, ukoimekkari; to get up from a ~, so-chakke. Feather, n. Konkoni; rap. Feather-columbine, n. Arikko. Features, n. Iporo; nan-iporo. February, n. Haporap-chup. Fee, n. Ataye; iwai; pummaha. Feeble, adj. Katchak; tumsak; pechan; nikap. Feed, v.t. Ere; ibere; charoiki. v.i. E; ibe. Feel, v.t. Temba; temba-temba; airu; ram-koro ; raman. To ~ anxious about, enishomap; to ~ strong and well, tumu an. To ~ better in health, tumu nu ; yainu humi pirika. To ~ worse in health, yainu humi wen. To ~ the weight of anything, koskoso. To ~ ashamed, yaikatu wen. To~after, chimi; chimi-chimi. To ~ thirsty, iku - rusui - ram - an ; wakkaraige-rusui. Feelings, n. Yainu humi ; nu humi; kiroro humi; kat; ok. Feet, n. Kema; kemaha; chikiri; kiri; ure; chieure; cheure; ukema. Feign, v.t. This is expressed by shi preceeding and re following the pretended thing; thus, shi-tashum-re, pretending to be ill; shi-rai-re, pretending to be dead. Also by shi and te, Thus, shiramsamte, feigning ignorance. Felicitate, v.t. Nupetnere; yairengare ; isaikare. Fell (as trees), v.t. Hose; otuye. Fellow, n. Utari; utara; utare; tura no an guru ; ikiyap. Felon, n. Katpak ki guru; wen guru. Female, n. & adj. Ma; mah; mat; matne ; matnep ; matne-ku ; matne guru; maine; mainep; merokop; merokopo ; meneko ; menoko. Fen, n. Nitat; yachi. Fence, n. Ankura; chashi; sakiri; kutek; kottama-ni. To fence (with swords), v.i. Tamchashi ; emush-eyaikikkara; yaikikkara ; temkakonna ; shikayekaye; atamko-sayetara. Ferment, v.i. Poppise; ashkoro. To cause to ~, eiomare. Fern, n. Airap kina. Ferocious, adj. Niwen. Ferry, n. Ikusa-i; ikusa ushike; akusa ushike; ukushpe-ushike; chikusa-i. Ferry, v.t. Ikusa; akusa. Ferry-man, n. Chikusa-guru. Fertile, adj. Ibe-o; ibehe hetukure-i. Fervent, adj. Yuptek no an; popmau koro; ramu osshi wa no an. Fester, v.i. Ye-nu. Festival, n. Maratto. Fetch, v.t. Tak; etak; takkara. Feticide, n. Honyaku. Fetish, n. Nau (generally made of wood). Fetlock, n. Tokum bone ush numa. Fetter, n. Uok-kane. To ~, uok-kani omare. Feud, n. Ukoiki. Fever, n. Opopmau tashum; abe nep koro an tashum ; seisekmau tashum. Ikosan is generally used for fever after ague. Few, adj. Moyo; chimoyomoyo; pon no ; pon no pon no; pon no po ; heëmpakbe chanan; kemi an. A ~ days, otupish-to. Fiancée, n. Chireshke mat; ukoreshke mat. This refers to a female who has been brought into a family with
a view to making her the wife of a son of the householders.
Fib, n. Shunge. Fibre, n. At; attu ; soshnu; tu ; uncha. ~ garment, attush. Fickle, adj. Keutum utumashi; kuchikanna ; kuechishkiru ; maunmaun. Fiction, n. Shunge. Fictitious, adj. Shunge. Fiddle, n. Tomkarip; tonkarip. Fidgety, adj. Iramshitnere. Fidelity, n. Son no an ambe. Field, n. Nupka. Fieldmouse, n. Etuchikereppo. Fiend, n. Nitnep; nitne kamui; oyau. Fierce, adj. Niwen. Fiery, adj. Abe-no; abe-o; abe an no; abe an. Fifteen, adj. Ashikne ikashima wan. Fifteenth, adj. Ashikne ikashima wan ikinne. Fifth, adj. Ashikne ikinne; ashikne ototanu. Fifthly, adj. Ashikne ikinne no. Fifty, adj. Wan e re hotne. Fifty-five, adj. Ashikne ikashima wan e re hotne. Fig, n. Ichijiku (Jap). Fight, v.i. Ekoiki; ukoiki; koiki; tumi-koro ; kotumi-koro ; utasa. Figure, n. Ikiri; ipishki-ikiri; katu; katuhu. File-fish, n. Pahuchiuchiu-chep. Filial, adj. Eshkop oma. Fill, v.t. Shikte; pakte; aiyo, eshikte; eshik-omare. Filth, n. Turu ambe; ichakkere ambe. Filthy, adj. Ichakkere; ichakire; chaka; yaikoatcha; turuush; achi; yatchi. Fin, n. Mokrap; chithot; atkochi; mekkaushbe; ashbe ; sarakop. Find, v.t. Pa. Fine, n. Ashimbe; irenga kuwa; chishinap; itak-oikap. ~ for murder, kewe ataye. Fine, v.t. Ashimbe uk; ashimbe sangere ; tasap. Fine, adj. Nokan. Fine weather, n. Shiri pirika. Fine (pleasing), adj. Ikiroro anka; pirika. Finger, n. Ashikipet; ashi; ashikipechi; mompetchi. The little ~, moashikipet ; paraponhe. The index ~, itangi kem ashikipetchi ; kembe. ~ nails, am ; ami; am-etu; amu; amuhu. Finish, v.t. Okere; hemaka; hemakate; okerepa; okettek; aikarakara; ushiko-samba; akara; aanka; aki; eramu-shinne ; emaka aokere ; shiokere; eotuye; anru oka. To~quickly, anuepare. Finished, adj. Chiko-okere; hemaka an; ahemaka. Fir-tree, n. Shungu-ni; hup-ni; hupchikuni. Fire, n. Abe; api; u; unchi; huchi; fuji; nu; poka pokuchi. Goddess ~, Unchi kamui; fuji-kamui; iresu kamui. ~ box, abe-op. ~ brand, abe-kes. ~ place, abe-oi; abe-uturu ; abe-sokot; abe-so; hoka. The head of a ~, abeetok. The right-hand side of a ~, shiso. The west side of a ~, usata. The ~ side, abe-sam ; abe-samta; abesamba. ~ sticks, abe-bashui ; katchi; kara-ni, karakisa. To set ~ to, hokui; uhuveka ; uhuika. Fire-brand, n, Abe-kes; unchi-kema; fuji-kena; huchi-kena. Fire-fly, n, Ninakeppo; ninninkeppo. Fire-light, n, Abe-nipek; abe-nupek. Fire-place, n. Abe-oi ; abe-kot; abeso; abe-sokot; abe-shinda ; hoka. Fireside, n. Abe-sam ; abe-samu. Firm, abj. Yupke; keutum oshitchiu; koyupu. Firmament, n. Aoingara moshiri; nishoro; nishkotoro. Firmly, adv. Yupke no.
First, adj. Atpake an; hoshke no an ; shine tutanu ; shine-ikinne. First-fruits, n. Aro-hetukup. Firstling, n. Kiyanup. First-fate, adj. Iyotta pirika; shi no pirika. Fish, n. Chep; cheh ; chiep; chinana. ~ flesh, chep mim or mimi; chep num. ~ hook, ap; ~ rod, apnit; ~ scales, chep ram ; ~ skin, chep kap; ~ spear, marek ; marep ; apniniap ; ~ spawn, chep chiporo ; ~ trap, tesh ; urai; ~ tongue, chep not uturu ; ~ line, haina. Fish, v.t. Chep koiki ; perai kara ; urai koro; repoiki ; repotte. To ~ through ice, apu-korepa. Fish-hook, n. Tukap; perai-ap. Fisherman, n. Chep koiki guru. The hut of a ~, inun chisei. Fist, n. Amechish; ashkeukom ; tekshitu ; teknumtek. Fit, n. Nochi-iush; cheachiu shiyeye. Fit, v.i. Oupak; uruki. Fit, v.t. Oupakte; urukire. Fitting, adj. Urenga. Five, adj. Ashik; ashikne ; ashiknep.; ashis. ~ times, ashikne shuine. Fix, v.t. Kotukka; eokte. Flabby, adj. Mimipene. Flail, n. Pai. Flake, n. Soshnu. ~ of snow, konkoni upas ; kaukau upas ; kikin upas. In flakes, soshnu-soshnu ; chiai. Flaky, adj. Chikap; soshi. Flame, n. Abe nui; nui; nu; nipek ; nupek; niyap. Flap, v.i. Rappa-rappa; rapporappora; shirappa-rappa. Flare, v.i. Nipeknu; nupeknu; hepeknu ; nui. Flash, v.i. At; shikaye. v.t. Atte. Flat, adj. Kapara: kaptek ; satchi : kiroshte; kapari. Flatten, v.t. Kaptek no kara; kaptek nere; satchep ne, paparika. Flattened out, adj. Koara-satchep. Flatter, v.i. Panore; iyohaikara. Flavour, n. Mawe; omau; mau; kera. Flavourless, adj. Pan; omau-sak. Flay, v.t. Soso; soshpa. Flea, n. Taiki. Flee, v.i. Kira; orai ; kokira. Flesh, n. Kam; kami. ~ of fish, chepnum ; mim ; chep mimi. Flight (of birds), n. Chikapru ; chikap saye. Flint, n. Pitpo ; piuchi; katta-shuma. Flitter-mouse, n. Kapap. Float, v.i. Mom ; pekama; pekange; amonka; rim ; shipusu. Floats, n. Amba; ya-amba. Flock, n. Topaha. To ~ together, ukotoisere. Flog, v.t Anekik; moishutu. Flood, n. Pesanbe; okimumbe; kenashkarushbe. A ~ caused by melting snow, upepesan. Floor, n. Amso; so; amsoshut; itanchiki; omai-so; oman-so ; rorun-so ; rorui-so; rotom. Flounder, n. Samambe : ninocha. Flounder, v.i. Hochika-hochika; upokte. Flour, n. Ko ; koho. Flourish, v.t. Kosayekara. Flow, v.i. Mon; san ; sap ; chararase. ~ as the tide, riri yan; shirara pesh ; ayoki-tanne. Flower, n. Nonno; nonnu; epuige; tom. v.i. Epuige hepirasa; epuige pirasa; aship; ashippa. Fluent, adj. Chaurototke; pawetok koro. Flute, n. Fuyetop; chirektep; chirektetop; top; fuyetok. To play a ~, fuyetop rekte. Flutter, v.i. Rapporapora; rappa-rappa; shirapparappa. Fly, v.i. Hopuni ; hopumba ; hoyupu.
To ~ off, turuse. To ~ about as snow, patche ; paru ; upun.
Fly, n. Mosh; kikiri; chorush; amammosh. Flying squirrel, n. At. Foam, n. Koishum ; shum. Foetus, n. Tun. Fog, n. Urara. Foggy, adj. Urara an; urara at. Fold, v.t. Niki; niki kara; chupu ; ekomo; koniki; konikikara; ukonikikara. Folded, adj. Ukoniki an. Follow, v.t. Opo; osh oman; noshpa; keseamba; iokone; okuira; chirarire; koeturen; rairarire; itomkot; ukarire. Fond, v.i. Kateomare; rayap. Fondle, v.t. Nunuke; yaituyashkarap; tuyashkara; utuyashkorap. Food, n. Aep; ep; chiep; e-kunip; haru; ibe-ambe; ikoibe; chiko-ibe; chikar'ibe; epihi; ibehe; iyekoibe. Fool, n. Haita guru; ehomtomne guru; paka ne guru; ramu-isam guru. To make a ~ of, eyaitompuni; eoyaitak. Foolish, adj. Etushtek; ramu-sak; wayasap. Foot, n. Kema; ure; chiure; chikiri. The sole of the ~, ure-asam. The side of ~, ureutorosama. The ~ of a mountain, shiri-shut, shut; pesh ; entom. Foot-path, n. Rukot. Foot-print, n. Ruwe ; ruhe; rukot; rukotchi; ruyehe; kochihi. ~ of bears, rukot; iruwe ; noru. Foot-steps, n. Apiri. The sound of ~, apkash utor' humi. For, conj. Kusu or gusu; gusu ne na; kuni gusu; kuni; ari or ani. Thus, ari ya etaye an tush, a rope for drawing nets. Ku ku kuni tambako, tobacco for me to smoke.* Note. For expressing purpose the word otta precceds the passive. Thus, Chep asatke otta aewange, "it is used for drying fish." Forasmuch as, conj. Gusu ; tambe gusu; nakan rengaine; nakan ani; ne gusu. Forbear, v.t. Yairamatte. Forbid, v.t. Hatto an; hattoki; enupitara; etokotuye : kashiokara. Forceps, n. Oara. Fore-arm, n. Amunin; amunini; nini. Forehead, n. Hottoro ; keputuru; noiboro. Foreigner, n. Fure-shisam : oya-moshir'un guru. Fore-runner, n. Teshkara koro guru; ye ekambakte guru. Forest, n. Nitai; nitum; teikuru; hekim; huttaratai; makuntai; kimashi; hayashitai; itukatai. Foretell, v.t. Uweingara. Forewarn, v.t. Ashongo-kushte. Forget, v.t. Oira; ramu-unin. Forgetful, adj. Chiannure. Forgive, v.t. Tusare; saurere ; honnere; tush-honnere : tush-saurere; ratchire. Fork, n. Au ; awe; awehe : kesara; otkep. ~ of a tree, konda; eukonda. ~ in a river, pet-awe. Forked, adj. Ai-ush ; au-ush. Form, n. Katu ; katuhu ; kah ; katun no. Former, adv. Etokota ne ambe. Formerly, adv. Etokota; ekanai wano; arani wano. Forsake, v.t. Emake; eikeshui; shaot; eattarage. Forestall, v.t. Aerusayekara; uwerusaikare an ; erusaikari. Fort, n. Chashi; chash-kot; uorogetuye-i.
Fortunate, adj. Shikashnukara; kashkamui-koro; mau-kopirika; chikashnukara; taiepirika; moteki; hunapak; inunuke an; inunuke ne; ririkopirika. Forty, adj. Tu hotne ; tu shike. Forty-five, adj. Ashikne ikashima tu hotne. Forward (to put one's self), v.i. Koyaihoshkire. Found, v.i. Apa; pa-okere; pa-hemaka. Foul, adj. Ichaka; ichakkere; turuushi ; achipa. Foundation, n. Asam; asama; asamaha. Four, adj. Ine; inep; inerere. Fourth, adj. Ine-otutanu ; ine-ikinne; iye-e-ine-ikinne. Fowls, n. Niwatori-chikap; nisheran chikap. Fox, n. Chironnup; furep; pau; shumari; sumari; achane kamui; kesashi koro kamui. In S. the white fox is mari and tataras and tatarush. Fragile, adj. Tumsak ; tumsap; etu kopkapa. Frame, n. Niye. Frankly, adj. Eshina shomoki. Fraud, n. Shunge. Free, adj. Atusare; ahonnere; regaine. Free of cost, adj. Annu no ; oroisam no ; orosak no; eanu no ; ataye sak no. Freedom, n. Rengai mondum. Freely, adj. Rengai , mondum ne ; rengaine. Freeze, v.i. Rupush; shinrupush. v.t. Rupushte ; rupushka. Frequently, adj. Kanna-kanna; tumuan no. Fresh, adj. Nam ; pituru. Friend, n. Turukun. Friends, n. Utara ; utare; utari; shiramkiri utara; nimaraha; tokkui. Friendly, adj. Urameush; kateomare. Frightful, anj. adj. Aekimatek. Frighten, v.t. Kimatekte; homature; ishitomare; ramutuika, tososo. Frightened, adj. Shittoso; kimatek. Frisk about, v.i. Arotereke; aruterekere. Frog, n. Oa; oterekep; terekep; tereke-ibe. From, adv. Orowa, orowa-no; iwa-no; ka wa; wano ; wa ; we ; ho. Front, adv. Entok; esaush; rupshi; erupshige ; shietoko ; kotchaketa; etoko; aisetoko; isetoko, Frost, n. Kuruppe; taskoro ; taskoromau; shitakore; retat-taskoro. Frost-bitten, adj. Uwechi. Froth, n. Arawe; koishum. Fruit, n. Nikaop; chikuniop; chikuniibe ; ibehe. Fry, v.t. Aseirika. Fugitive, n. Kotanu shaot guru. Fulfil, v.t. Uweomare; shikte; pakte. Full, adj. Ashis; ashik; eshik; pa; shikno wa an; pakte no an; upak; io; shis; rampok ; eshik-omare. Full-grown, adj. Rupne ; rupne koro; aoshmare. Fully, adv. Kashipa. Fun, n. Shinot; ramokka; uramokka; hechiri. Funny, adj. Aeshirikuran; aoyamoktep; aitakboso ; chiboshmamba. Funeral, n. Wen arura; kopkop arura; rai guru aruru ambe. ~ feast, wen ibe. ~ ceremonies, wembe-buri. Fungus, n. Karush ; ni-karush. toikarush. Furnace, n. Abe-sokot; so; abe-oi. Furniture, n. Tarabe. Future, adv. Shietoko; ek kuni paki.


Gadfly, n. Shirau. Gain, v.t. Epirika. ~ for oneself. yaiepirikare. Gain, n. Aepirikarep; epirika-ambe. Gall, n. Ninge. Gallop, v.i. Pash; ikakoro ; ikaetunnai. To make ~, pashte. Game, (a), n. Hechiri. Game, (amimal), n. Eso. Iso. Eso pirika, "successful in hunting." Garden, n. Toi. ~ produce, aetoitap ; aman ; rataskep. Garlic, n. Shikuturu ; shukutut ; mempiro; mempiru. Garments, n. Amip ; chimip; mip; mipihi. Upper ~, kannashi. Lower ~, horawashi. Gash, (wound), n. Api. Piri. Gasp, v.i. Tashnak no heise. Gateway, n. Apa. Gather, v.t. Cha; icha; uk; uina. ~ as peas, nikoraye. ~ together, uwekarapare; uweshineatkire ; umomare. v.i. Uwekarapa ; shinekote ; uwekoturuse. Gave, past tense. Akore; akonde; ekondeshi; kore nisa. Geese, n. Kuita. Gehenna, n. Teine pokna moshiri. Generations, n. Ainu ikiri ; ikiri; sanikiri. Gentile, n. Oya guru. Gentle, adj. Hapuru; hauge; noran; puri-pirika; puri-rainatara; ramu-pirika; ratchi; ramu-rotcha ; rainatara; roram; rotcha; iramisaika; ratchitara. Gently, adv. Apun no; hapun no; hauge no; hamu; ratchitara no; roram no; rotcha no. Get, v.t. Koro; uk ; kishima. To ~ up, hopuni. ~ rid of, isama; osura; maka. Ghost, n. Ainu tukap ; aishiru ; ishinarep ; shinna ramat; tukap. Giddy, adj. Nitokkari : nitotkari ; tumamakoshaye. Gift, n. Akorarabe ; aekorep; akorep. Gills, n. Kuruki; notarap. Gimlet, n. Asoyep; isoyep; soyep. Gird, v.t. Kutkoro ; koshaye ; ioriki kutkoro. Girder, n. Takup. Girdle, n. Kut; kuchihi ; kutpu; kutu; okut. To stick in a ~, shioshmakne. To put on a ~, kutkoro. To wear a ~, kut-o. Girl, n. Matkachi; matne-hehachi; matne-po; ma-po; mah-po; kan-ma; kamma; kanat ; opere ; kanchi-po; meroko-po; opereke; upereke ; miruko-po; maimai; wara-po; wappo. The plural is expressed by utari or chin after any of the above words. Give, v.t. Kore; ette ; chisange ; koropare; eikeshnukara; ikotanana; kana ; kopuni; korara ; koraye ; itasa; konde; sante; eure; ukte; raye; turiri; kashiose; koekarakara. Given, adj. Aette ; akore. Gizzard, n. Yoshpe. Glad, adj. Yaikopuntek; shirapipi; sambe shituri ; eneusara; Glass, n. Pindoro. Glance at, v.i. Kohoshupkare; eoshittesu ; ieshu. Glare at, v.t. Shik-tokoko. Glen, n. Nai; naicha. Glide, v.i. Shirutu; shirutpa; aechararase. Glimpse, n. Nukaratek; karishiri.
Glitter, v.i. Mikemike; tomtom; shikayekaye ; shikaye-at. Glorious, adj. Chitomte no an. Glory, n. Chupki; arakuru; chitomte-i; nupeki. Glove, n. Tekumbe; tek-orunbe; tekushbe. Glow-worm, n. Nina-kikiri; nina-keppo; ninnin-keppo. Glue, n. Unkotuk. A ~ pot, unkotuk chip. Glutton, n. Aep chari guru ; ibe-ruiguru ; ibe-koibe-isam guru. Glutton, (badger), n. Kuchiri; moyuk. Gnash, (the teeth), v.t. Niwere; niyorokara ; seikui; ukerere. Gnat, n. Etunnap; etunne kikiri. Gnaw, v.t. Kere; kerekere; kepkep; kuikui. Go, v.i. Arapa; oman ; arupa; eraye ; raye ; ishran; iwak ; maka; makapa; paye ; makan ; makat ; makara ; hemaka; oshiripa; maka-paye; koheshuye. To ~ to, kopai ; ko-oman. To ~ in, ahun ; ahup; orun ahun. To ~ down, san; sap ; ran ; rap. To ~ out, soine; esoyun ; soyone ; soyumba. Goat-sucker, n. Kochikok; erokroki; tokitto. Go-between, n. Kotchane guru; iyuturu guru; iyuturu oma guru. Goblet, n. Pa. God, n. Kamui. Serema. Goddess of Fire, n. Abe-kamui; Huchi or fuji-kamui; unchi-kamui; iresu kamui; onne huchi. Gold, n. Kongane (Jap). Golden-eye, n. Auwa. Gone, v.i. Arapa wa isam ; paye wa isam ; oman wa isam ; iwak isam ; iwak an; makpa. Good, adj. Pirika ; shiyara; shisak ; ashnu; shinnu ; pirikap; pirikapa. ~ night, hapun no mokoro. ~ bye, sarampa ; hapun no paye. ~ memory, eshkarun no. ~ will, pirika irenga. Goods, n. Echip; shiki; korobe. Goose, n. Kuitop. Gooseberries, n. Enumi-tanne. Gormand, n. Yaipa-ush. Govern, v.t. Epungine; shikkashima; espane; koro. Governor, n. Esapne guru; utara shikkashima guru; epungine guru. Grab, v.t. Yashkara. Grace, n. Irenga. Gracious, adj. Irenga koro; irenga an. Gradually, adv. Uwepakita ; uwepaketa-uwepaketa. Grains (in wood), n. Aya. Grandchild, n. Mitpo. Grandfather, n. Ekashi; henki; inki ; ekashishut. Grandmother, n. Shut; huchi. Grandparent, n. Shut. Grandson, n. Shutpo. Grape, n. Hat. ~ pips, hat-piye. ~ vine, hat bungara. Grasp, v.t. Tekkoro. Grass, n. Mun ; kina ; use kina ; awakina. Grass-hopper, n. Pata; pata-pata; taka-taka; amampo-kikiri; amamepo. Grate, v.t. Humba. Crateful, adj. Iyaiyairaige an keutum koro. Gratuitously, adv. Aranno; ataye sak no. Grave, adj. Keminaka nishte. Grave, n. Tushiri; toi; tu ; turushiri; iyurui; iruikot; setorunpa; kot; iwakte-ushi; setomba. Grave-mark, n. Ainu-kuwa; rai guru ni ; ash ni ; ahoma ni; chihoma ni; chishitoma ni ; shishitoma ni. Gravy, n. Ruru. Graze, v.t. Chirarire. Grease, n. Ke; shum. Great, adj. Poro; pase; rui; shi;
shinnu ; porop. Very ~, paruru ; iporo.
Greater, adj. Naa poro; naa rui; kasu no poro. Greatly, adv. Shi no. Grebe, n. Katken. Greedy, adj. Ibe-ehumara; ehunara; hokure; yaiko-ibe; yaikoshipuinere; yaiparush. Green, adj. Fu; asangi; fukinane; rishne; niya; shunin. Greenling, n. Nunaibe; nishpuk. Greet, v.t. Ekap; erangarap; uwerangara; uepunte. Greeting, n. Aekap. Grief, n. Aeramusarakbe. Grieve, v.i. Yaiko-oknatara; aeramusarak; shiapkara. Grin, v.i. Mina ; chipara-mina ; chiminachaute. Grind, v.t Ruige; ikarip. Grind-stone, n. Rui. Gristle, n. Rit; richi; hapuru-pone. Groan, v.i. Nuwap; kechi; oromam; temuki ; tununi. Groom, v.t. Nui-kara. Ground, n. Toi; toitoi ; shiri; shin; shit. Grouse, n. Humirui chikap. Grove, n. Nitai; huttara. Grow, v.i. Shukup; hetuku; hetukba; etuk ; tuk; otoiboshpa ; poro ne. ~ worse in sickness, oyupupke. Growl, v.i. Honoise; humse. Grub, n. Shupun imok. Grub up, v.t. Anikoneuba; anikonewe. Grudgingly, adv. Aekapapno; aeyupki-no. Grudge, v.t. Yaishukupkap. Gruel, n. Pet. Gruff, v.i. Humse; To speak in a ~ voice, oromawehe soshma. Grunt, v.i. Ise; iseise ; humse; otuimakka. Guard, v.t. Pungine; kakewe. Guard, n. Epungine guru. Of a sword, seppa. Guardian, n. Epungine guru; serema. ~ god, ituren Kamui; ikoshiratki Kamui. Guess, v.t. Rampushkire; chataraye. Guest, n. Eniun anguru. Guide, n. Tura guru; ru-epakashnu guru. Guile, n. Wenbe. Guilt, n. Katpak. Guilty, adj. Katpak an. Gulf, n. Shui; ushoro. Gull, n. Kapiu. Gull, v.t. Kokandama. Gum, n. Nuipe ; unkotuk; numbe. Gums, n. Nirash ; nirush. Upper ~, kanna nirash. Lower ~, pokna nirash. Gun, n. Teppo (Jap). Gunnel, n. Temmu-chep. Gush, v.i. Etushnatki; purupuruge. Gush out, v.i. Soyoshma; hochaki; puru ; pururupe.


Habit, n. Puri or buri. Hack, v.i. Tata; tatatata. Had, v. past. Kon nisa; koroshi. Hades, n. Pokna moshiri; poknashiri. Hail, interj. Irankarapte. Hail, n. Kaukau; ropai. To ~, kaukau ash ; ropai ash. Hail, v.t. Hotuyekara; hotuyepakara; nishuk. Hair, (of the head), n. Otop. Other ~,
numa; moru ; kenuma; kishki.
Hairless, adj. Otoi; otop sak; kepuru; tonto ne ; Chisara. Hale, adj. Seremak koro ; tumashnu ; nisashnu ; iwange ; totek. Half, adj. Emko; hontomo; nimara; ari arake; upak sereke; eoshi; ru; euturu. ~ a year, pa emko. ~ dead, ru-rai. ~ cooked, ru-chi. ~ asleep, rumokoro. ~ full, eoha. Half-beak, n. Shirikappo. Halibut, n. Hepeu. Half-cast, n. Apiye guru; watashi; chipiyep; chipiyep-korobe. Halo, n. Chup chisei; rera-apa; rera apa maka. Hamlet, n. Kotan; kota. Hammer, n. Tuchi; itan; kake; kanatuchi (Jap. kanazushi). To ~, Itata; itause. Hand, n. Tek; teke; tekehe; ashke; paratek; amechish. The left ~, hariki-tek. The right ~, shimon-tek. A ~ full, ashkoro. Hand over, v.t. Ekoshi; ette; kore. Handle, n. Etu; . nip; nipihi; nit; echi; aani-ushike; tokom. Handsome, adj. Shiretok koro ; karakarabe ; aeramasu. Hang, v.i. Ratki; herashi; eraratki an ; rikot. Hang, v.t. Ratkire; atte; rikotte; eshiriatke; rangere ; eokte. ~ over a fire,; hokotte. ~ the head,. koherautekka ; kohoetatke. Hanging adj. Chiratchitkere. Happy, adj. Yainuchattek; yaikopuntek; ramupirika; aepuntek; nuchat; nuchattek; chinuchanuchakka; ramupirika; haphaphe; ramuratki; yaikotomka. To make ~, nuchatka; nuchatte; nuchattekka. Harbour, n. Moi; tomari. Hard, adj. Nishte; rashne ; tak; taktak; nitne. ~ hearted, sambe-nishte. Harden, v.t. Nishtere; uka; taktak kara. Hardly, adv. An aine; eani-ne-po; rai-korachi. Hare, n. Isepo; kaikuma; raikuma; oshuke; epetpetke; opetke; epetche. Hare-lipped, adj. Epetke. Harlot, n. Yaiupshoro chari guru; kanunchi. Harm, n. Wen ambe; wen-be; awendep. Harp, n. Tongori; tonkuri. Harpoon, n. Repa-op; marek; marep; ap; apu; abu. Hart, n. Apka. Harvest, n. Icha-paki; isa. Haste, adj. Chinisap ; nisap ; tunash. Hasten, v.t. Tunashka; chashte ; chashka; chashnure ; chitunashka; muchinashnure; itunashka; imontabiri; eotashish. Hat, n. Konchi; kasa; sapa umbe. ~ strings, rantupep. Hatstrings, n. Pen-atu. Pan-atu. (Pen means "upper" and pan "lower.") Hate, v.t. Etunne ; etonne ; ekashish; enupitara; ankes; epokba; kopange; kowen; ekeshke. Hated, adj. Aetunne; aepokba; aeankes. Hatred, n. Aetunne ambe; aepokba ambe. Haughty, adj. Pakesara; paketara; pakekoshne. Haul, v.t. Nimba ; yange. Haunch, n. Pan-sereke. Hawk, n. Yatui; yatotta; erokroki; shirush-chiri; niyattotta; enumechiri; inumi-chiri; taka. Have, v.t. Koro; koro wa; koro hine; ani; kon; yaikokarakara; karakara. Haw, n. Ap. Hawthorn, n. Abe-ni; seta-ni. Hazle-hen, n. Humirui chikap.
He, pro. Nei guru; nei-ku; shinuma; to an guru. Head, n. Sapa; pa; pake; pakehe; sapake. ~ ache, sapa araka; pake araka; pake ikoni. ~ of a bear, marapto; maratto. Crown of the ~, kimui. ~ foremost, adv. Horokaeshitchiu. Heal, v.i. Tuk; iwangere; teshtek; uchiu. ~ as pain, totek. Health, n. Tumu ; serema; yainu humi; okashkamui; anno ambe ; annu ambe ; mondum. Healthy, adj. Anne; anno ; anna; annu; iwange no an; katcharashnu; nisashnu ; rotcha; roramne. Heap, n. Epunipushbe; kumbe; sonapi; chikiri; chiukoi; epiunepi; sopa. Heap, v.t. Epunipush; ikopumba; shonapi. To ~ up words, aitakepishte. Hear, v.t. Nu ; inu. Heard, v. past. Anu. Something ~, anu ambe. Hearing, n Nu ambe. Hard of ~; nu ewen. Heart, n. Sambe; ramu; keutum ; kat; katcham. ~ of a tree, ni-osshi; ik-pui. Disease of the ~, patke tashum. Lose ~; ramuchupe. Hearth, n. Abe sam. abekota. Abekot; abe-sokot. ~ rake, abe sam karabe; abe sam kirai. Hearty, adj. Seremak koro. Heat, v.t. Sesekka; iseisekka; iseiseka. To die of ~, sesek-ekot. To ~ to redness, penere. Fire ~, abe-mau; abeseseki; abe-seseku. Heaven, n. Kando ; kando kotoro ; aoingara moshiri; nishka; nishoro ; kamui moshiri; kamui-kotan. Heavy, adj. Pase; nitne. Hedge, n. Ankura. Heed, v.t. Yaikokanu. Heedlessly, adv. Etaraka. Heel, n. Keshup. Height, n. Ri-i; ri ambe. The heights, aoingara moshiri. Heir, n. Ikeshkoro guru. Heirlooms, n. Aumshup; umshup; eikeshkorobe. Held, v.i. Aani; amba. Hell, n. Teinei pokna moshiri. Helmet, n. Kasa; kane pon kasa. Help, v.t. Ikashui; kashui ; ikasu ; ukashu ; eranniukesh; kaobiuki; kashiobiuki; kamesu; katunashka; shikaobiuki ; iseremak-ush ; iyeshikiraine. Hem, n. Chingi; chimgi. Hemp, n. Hai; asakara; asanangara. Hen, n. Matne chikap. Hence, adv. Tewa no; te oro, tane wo no ; to oro. Her, pro. Nei shiwentep koro ; shinuma koro. Herbs, n. Haru; rataskep; kinrataskep. Herd, n. Topa. Herd boy star, n. Chikusa guru. Here, adv. Teda; te-oro; te-un; tepeka; ta-anta; ta-peka; hake; haketa; hesashi. Hermit-crab, n. Ampayaya mokuriri. Heron, n. Hunsebe. Herring, n. Heroki; eroki. ~ spawn, homa. Hew, v.t. Ikeure. Hiccough, n. Yonguru. Hide, v.t. Nuina; nuinak; kurimukmuke; kurimukere; mukkere. Hidden, adj. Rau. High, adj. Ri ; riri; shishiri; ari; hari. Hill, n. Furu ; huru; ninara; nupuri; sekuma; mori. Hillock, n. Kom; tapkop; kop; mori. Hill-side, n. Chikisap. Hilt, (of a sword), n. Nip; emush-nip. Him, pro. Shimuma ; nei guru ; to an guru.
Hinder, v.t. Shinnetush; etokotuye; etokoseshke; rerampa; eoshirok; eoshirokok. Hindrance, n. Tek-iyokok; aerannak; aerannakbe; aeoshirokbe. Hinterland, n. Uworop; ya un iworo; kinta. Hip, (of the body), n. Kisiro; kirorushke. ~ bone, kiroro-pone. Hip, (of a tree), n. Mau. Hire, v.t. Etun. His, pro. Shinuma koro; nei guru koro ; i. Hit, v.t. Epeka; eotara; kik; akikshi. Hither, adv. Ete un ; orota; tata orota. Hobgoblin, n. Ainuep. Hoe, n. Sakushi; shirikerekerep. Hog peanut, n. Aha; eha; numinokan. Hold, v.t. Kishma; shikkashima; koro; ani; amba. To ~ the chin up. kutte kuttesu. To ~ up, tarara ; chayaya. To ~ down, shirikonumba. To ~ with the teeth, niye. To ~ intercourse with, aeomare. Hole, n. Pui ; shui ; aso ; woroki. To bore a ~, pui oma; nisa; opush ; soye ; asoye. Holiday, n. Shini toho. Hollow, adj. Kotne; kotne-i; nisa; nisao ; shikot; kuttara ; tonchi. Holy, adj. Turu-sak ; ashkame. Home, n. Uni ; unige ; unita. To be at ~, horara an. Homeland, n. Etoka. Honest, adj. Oupeka no; rotcha; ratchaot. Honey, n. Soyai-wakka; soyai-ninge. Honey-suckle, Aina-ni; aya-ni ; ponechi. Honour, v.t. Ainukoro; koöripak; eoripak. Hoof, n. Ushish; ushishi. Hook, n. Horoka-shuat; naukep; tapa. Hook, v.t. Eokte ; yok. To ~ together, ukokeneokte; ~ in, iyokte. ~ as a fish, ap-uk. Hook, n. Aeokbe. Hoop, n. Karip. Hop, v.i. Kochawechawe; hocha-hocha. Hop, n. Kosa. ~ bine, kosa-ra. Hope, v.t. Chipa; chipa-chipa. Horn, n. Kirau; kirawe; kimpui. Hornbeam, n. Pase-ni. Hornet, n. Shi-soyai; toisoyai. Horrid, adj. Ashitomap. Horse, n. Umma. A horse man, umma o guru. ~ fly, rapu-chupki. ~ tick, yukki.~ back, umma o wa. Horse-chestnut, n. Tochi-ni. Horse-radish, n. Kisesseri; risesseri; nisesseri; shibe-kina. Hot, adj. Seisek; popke; parakara; shiripopke. ~ water, usei. Hotel, n. Yando chisei. House, n. Chisei; che; chi; kenru; kereru ; uni; unige; an-i; chashi. An earthen ~, toche ; toi-chisei ; toiche. Household, n. Utarigehe. House-holder, n. Chisei koro guru; chisei kon nishpa ; moromat; muromat; chisei koro katkimat. Housemaid, n. Tumbu kara mat. House-warming, n. Chisei achikka. How, adv. Hembak; nekon a ; nep korachi; temana; tamanak; ene ; makanak ne;~ many, hempak. Howl, v.i. Wose ; chish. Huff (to be in a), v.i. Yusa. Hum, v.i. Honoise; haweki; hauka. Humble, adj. Shiwen; yaiewen; oripak; yaishinniukesh; yaieshiwen ; orai. v.t. Oraika; oripakka; yainikoroshmare ; yainikonnekare ; earaomare. Humble-bee, n. Moyuk soyai. Humour, n. E; ye. Hump-backed, adj. Ikkewe reuge. Hump-back salmon, n. Unukaot.
Hundred, adj. Ashikne hotne; shine ik. A ~ skins of animals, shine tanku. Hunger, n. Ibe rusui; ibe ram rusuibe. To die of~, chep eoma ; yaichepekot. Hungry, v.i. Ibe ram koro; ibe rusui ram koro; ma ; ramambe ; sambe chinoiba; komawa. Hunt, v.t. Iramande; keseamba; kimoiki kara; koiki; kimo. To ~ marine animals, ikua ; ikoya. To ~ with dogs, seta kimoiki ; kopcho. But kopcho is an Orok word. Hurrah, excl. Ehotara; parasekoro. Hurry, v.i. Chashnu no arapa; etushtek; koikayupu; koikature; tushtek no; yaitushtek; eotashish; iumoshpa; kantushma; nisap. Hurt, v.t. Arakare ; piri; piri o. Husband, n. Hoku; ainu ; hekote guru; ahekote guru. ~ and wife, umurek guru ; utomnukara guru. Husk, n. Muru; muruhu. Hut, n. Chisei; che; cheh; kash. The northern corner of a ~, sopa. The southern corner of a ~, sogesh. Hydrophobia, n. Seta paragoat. Hypocrite, n. Kankapkapeka iki guru. Hypocrisy, n. Kankapkapeka ambe. Hydrangea, n. Araiteshma; iwarasupa; rasupa-ni; rashupa-ni. Hysteria, n. Imu.


I, pro. A; k; ku; kuani; kani; ane; chokai; an ; aoka; kushiroma; anokai. Ice, n. Konru; rup; rut. Floe ~, apu ; river ~, ru. Icicles, n. Noki-konru. Idle, adj. Toranne; shirun; shiyapkire ; yaikoyaikush ; katupase. Idol, n. Potoki; net. If, conj. Chiki; ko; anko; ankoro; kuni-ne-iki; neko; neiko; yak; yakne; yak anak ne; yakun; koro; chiki ko. Ignorant, adj. Eraye; automotnuka; uweraye ; uwa. Ignore, v.t. Shiramsamte; koshiuturukarire; eshpa; eshishiknakte; usenneko. Ilex, n. Aikashup-ni. Ill, adj. Tashum an; tashum ki; tumi wen; ikoni; shiyeye an. ~ with something, aekeshke. Illness, n. Tashum; shiyeye. Ill-used, adj. Aeramunishte. Image, n. Noka. Imbecile, adj. Etomochine; chitasare. Imitate, v.i. Aekosama ; aekosamba; anekosamba; eikosamba; aekoisamba; koikara; eyukara; yaikara; uweteshpa; yaitompuni; koikara; uma. Imitated, adj. Aeikosamba. Imitation, n. Chinorep. Immediately, adv. Nani; kashu ; kashirara; tani tunash. Immodest, adj. Ichaka. Immovable, adj. Oshinnu. Impatient, adj. Koyaikush ; ramutattariki; shinnuika; ramutakne; ramutakkon. Implement, n. Aewangep; aeyairamokotep. Import, n. Oma-irenga. Important, adj. Ainukoro; aeyam; pase; aeyambe. Imported, adj. Arutu; chikusa; chiyange.
Importune, v.t. Iramkoiki. Impossible, adj. Koyaikush ; an-koyaikush ; an-eaikap; eyaitukari. In, prep. An; otta; ta; ko; oro; oshke; oma; orush; un; iyun; orota; oro-peka; oshiketa; orun ; uta ; otta okai; onnaige; onnaige un; ush; tun ; tum ; tumta; o. To put ~, omare. To be in, orush-onnaige. ~ the road, ru-hontom. Inasmuch as, conj. Ka-iki; ka-iki-an gusu; an gusu ; nak ne wa ka-iki. Inattentive, adj. Eramu-unin; ramuunin. Incantation, n. Ikokka. Incapable, adj. Inukuri; etomochinne; niukesh; otchine; shinukuri. Incessant, adj. Ramma an; yomne shomoki; uweoman no; ramma kane. Inclose, v.t. Chashikara; koapa shi; nikkotama. Inclosure, n. Chash; chash-kot; chasu. Incomparable, adj. Aukopa eaikap. Inconvenient, adj. Enup Incompetent, adj. Yaieshinniukesh. Increase, v.i. Uare; oukashiu; shipushke; shukup; shipirasa; shioarawenrui. v.t. Innere ; porore. Indeed, adv. Ohaine; imonak; oro oya chiki; oumbe; eboso; ne-ko-an ushui. Indented, adj. Chishne ; petpetke. Indifferent, adj. Ikorampoktuye; yaieattarashi. Indisposed, adj. Shiniukesh. Indistinctly, adj. Homan no. To speak ~, parakoyakoya. Individually, adv. Eusa; ushinna; yaikata-yaikata; yaikota-yaikota. Industrious, adj. Koyuptek; yuptek. Inexperienced, adj. Aeyapte; aeyayapte. Infant, n. Aiai; shion; ramu isambe. Infectious, adj. Ukotereke; yaitupte; turuse ; pa. Inferior, adj. Chan; katchak; rettek; pokashnu. Infirm, adj. Rettek; katchak. Influence, n. Mawehe : puise-mau; pariri. Influence, v.t. Ramukarate. Inhabitants, n. Uirup; kotan un utara. Inherit, v.i. Eikeshkoro ; ru-okake. Iniquity, n. Wenburi. Injudicious, adj. Wayasap. Injure, v.t. Wende; korewen; iuninka. In order that, post. Kusu; gusu. Inland, adj. Pene un ; wororop. Inquire, v.i. Pishi; nu; anu ; uwepekennu ; pekennu ; pishpa ; ramupishkire. Inquisitive, adj. Opesa; opesh ; inganrui; nueyaitupa ; shitchimichimi; ichimichimi. Insect, n. Kikiri. Inside, adv. Onna; onnai; onnaige; onnaigeta; oma; oroge; upshoro; shuptomo; upshoroge; tui; tuisata; uworo; oshike; oshiketa; orush; konna; orun; orush-onnaige. The inside ~, hopoknashi, hopoknashi kotoro ; toonnaige. ~ a house, chash tui ta. Insignificant, a. Saure. Insincere, adj. Kuchikanna; pakekoshne. Insipid, adj. Niurotke ; kerawen. Insolent, adj. Chirui. Inspiration, n. Pariri; kamui-pariri. Instead, adv. Shirine. Instep, n. Paraore; haäure. Instruct, v.t. Epakashnu; pakashnu; yaihannokkare.; echakashnu. Instructed, adj. Aepakashnu. Instruction, n. Epakashi. Instrument, n. Shipopkep. Insufficient, adj. Orakse; iyorakse; ehaye; eikohaye; tekkese; tekkese an. Insult, v.t. Hosure; hoparata; ukoparata.
Intelligibly, adv. Anu no ; eraman no. Intents, n. Katcham ; keutum. Intercourse, v.t. Kopahaunu ; ukopahaunu; aeomare. Illicit ~, ukoechiu. Interest, v.t. Ekiroroanka. Interesting, adj. Akonuptek. Interfere, v.t. Isaikokara; isaikako ; ekottanu. Interior, n. Woro. Interjection, n. Yok. Intermingle, v.t. Uweshikaye; uwetuikoro; uweotereke. Interpret, v.t. Tunchikoro. Interpreter, n. Tunchi ne guru. Interrogate, v.t. Uwepekennu. Interrogation, n. Inup; nu ambe; nup. (interrogation is often expressed by ya or he an following the verb.). Intestines, n. Ramoroge; kankan; tui ; tamtui. Into, prep. Orun ; orota ; otta; oro ; onnaige; orush. Intoxicated, a. Ihoshki. Introduce, v.t. Amkire; ashke uk; uonnereka. Invite, v.t. Anreika kara. Invitation, n. Iyashke shongo. Inwardly, adv. Rauge no. Rauge mina, to laugh inwardly. Iris, n. Chipeukuta-kina. Ahachirai. Iron, n. Yai-kane. Ironical, adj. Oyapnere. Irony, n. Oya-itak. Irritable, adj. & v.i. Sambe-takne; ramutattariki; chipayaige. Irritate, v.t. Irushkare. Irritated, adj. & v.i. Airushkare. Irritation, n. Irushka ambe. Irruption, n. Opush ambe. Is, v.i. An; an ruwe; a-i; ne; ne ruwe ne ; ru ; rue. ~ not, isam ; san ; han. Ischnophonia, n. Eane hau. Ischnophony, n. Iyaukot ambe; paropetne ambe. Ischury, n. Ochupko-eshikari. Isinglass, n. Kantan (Jap). Island, n. (in the sea). Rep un shiri. ~ in a lake, to un shiri. Islander, n. Rep un guru. Isle, n. Rep un shiri ; rep un moshiri; to un shiri. Islet, n. Pon rep un shiri. Isolate, v.t. Shinnai ande; shinnai no ande; shinnai are. Issue, n. Po; poho; santek ; okese; san-ikiri; hetukup. Issue, v.i. Hetuku; osoine ; oashin ; oaship; aeship. Issueless, adj. Po-sak. Isthmus, n. Nutap; oshma. It, pro. Nei ambe, shimuma. ~ is, ne ; ne ruwe ne. Italian, n. Itaria un guru. Itch, n. Mayaige tashum. Itch, v.i. Mayaige; mayamaya; chimayamaya ; mairototke. Item, n. Ambe. Iterate, v.t. Kanna ye ; shui ye. Itinerancy, n. Payekai ambe. Itinerate, v.i. Payekai. Itself, pro. Yaikota. By ~, shinep ne; yaiko an no. Ivory, n. Zoge (Jap). Ivy, n. Ushipungara, (this is the poisonous lacquer vine).


Jabber, v.i. Paketaketa. Jackdaw, n. Paskuru. Jack-in-the-pulpit, n. Raurau. Jagged, adj. Chimeshmesu; notakonotako ; kutchitui; kuttu. Jail, n. Upakasnnu chisei; ro-chisei. Jam, n. Anina-nikaop. Jam, v.t. Numba; konitatke; unumba. Jangle, v.i. Akereroshki-hum; akereroshki-hau; akereroshki-itak. Janitor, n. Apa-pungi. January, n. Toitanne chup; inomichup; ru-chup. Japanese, n. Shisam ; sam-oro-unguru; samai-un-guru; a ~ woman, kurumat. Jar, n. Sei-shintoko. v.i. Korokorose; chieshirikikkik. Jaundice, n. Iporo shiunin tashum. Jaw, n. Not; notpo; nochi; notkeu; noyapi; kunkeu; kunkewe; san-notkeu. The upper ~, kanna notkeu. The lower ~, pokna notheu. ~ bone, notkeu pone. Jay, n. Eami; eyami; motot eami; parakeu. Jealous, adj. Iwawa; ikeshke; ikoitupa; eyaitunnap; yaitunnap; eyairamikashure. Jeer, v.i. Esapse. Jelly, n. Tonru. Jelly-fish, n. Etoropo; humbe etoro; toponra; tonru chep. Jeopardize, v.t. Yaikeururare. To ~ oneself, yaikeurura. Jest, v.i. Chiposhmamba; ikoramu ; koramuk. Jetty, n. Chip oyan ushi. Jewel, n. Aeshiritomtomop. Jews-harp, n. Mukkuri. Jib, n. Chip sapa un kaya. Jingle, v.i. Korokorose. Job, n. Moni. Jocular, adj. Chioboshman wa. Join, v.t. Uwoush; euko. Joint, n. Ik. Ikra; ikura ; kom; komi; pone-ik ; ikkiri. Joint-heir, n. Ukoikeshkoro guru. Joint-stock, n. Eukaoshma wa korobe. Joke, n. Chioboshmam itak. Joke, v.i. Chioboshmamba. Jolly, adj. Ramukakke. Jolt, v.i. Tarakin; tarakin-tarakin. Jot, n. Kes. Jovial, adj. Ramukakke. Joy, n. Chioshin. Joyful, adj. Nupetne; nuchattek; ramu-riten; yaikopuntek. Joyfully, adv. Yairenga. Joyous, adj. Nupetne an. Judge, v.t. Koipishi; ukocharange; ipishi. Judge, n. Koipishi guru; koipishi ki guru. Judged, adj. & v.i. Akoipishi. Judgement, n. Aesanniyo-i; akoipishi-i. Judgement-hall, n. Koipishi tumbu. Judgement-seat, n. Koipishi set. Jug, n. Echiushbe. Juggle, v.i. Teke shinot. Juice, n. Topen-peche; wakkaha; pe. Juicy, adj. Topen pehe ; eshike. Juniper, n. Aimai ; ainai. July, n. Moniorap chup; nanchi-chup. Jumble, v.i. Nupuri ash. Jump, v.i. Tereke; tereke-tereke; tokse; tukse; horipi; horipi-horipi; shirikotereke. ~ as fire, push ; nuikotereke. ~ over, kama-tereke, akama; oikatereke.
Junction, n. Utomoshma ushike. June, n. Shimauta chup; momanta chup. Jungle, n. Nitai. Juniper, n. Aimai ; aiman. Junk, n. Pensai; chip. Just, adj. Oupeka; oupeka ambe. Just, adv. Patek; yaäni; naäani. Just so, adv. Eashittapne; ohaine; opuni; eboso; eboso gusu. Justice, n. Oupeka ambe; oupeka-i; son no ambe; an korachi an ambe. Justification, n. Oupekare ambe; aoupekare-i. Justifier, n. Oupekare guru. Justify, v.t. Oupekare; sonnere; turusakte; honnere.


Kalopanax, n. Ai-ush-ni; affush-ni; sewat-ni; kotorush-ni. Keel, n. Chip asam. Keen, adj (sharp). Een. keen, adj (eager). Opop-mau an; keutum sesek wa. Keen, adj (in mind). Eramam an wa; eramu tunash. Keen, adj (wind). Me an. Keenly, adv. Yupke no; ramu oshi wa no ; poron no. Keep, v.t. Tupa ; shikkashima ; koro. Keep alive, v.t. Reshpa. Keep back, v.t. Eamiokte. Keep company with, v.t. Tura no. Keep free from harm, v.t. Ehatne; e-pungine. Keep out of, v.t. Apa-kikkara. Keeper, n. Pungi; epungine guru. Keepsake, n. Koeshkarumbe. Kennel, n. Seta chisei. Keg, n. Taru; taro. Kerchief, n. Tenugui ; hon-eri (Jap). Kernel, n. Piye. Kettle, n. Kama. (From the Japanese). Key, n. Kagi (Jap). Kick, v.t. Hoketu; hotakke; otereke; eok; ureëchiu; eokok. Kid, n. Yagi (Jap). Kidney, n. Kinop; chokokoi; chokoko; ramoro. Kill, v.i. Raige; raike; ronnu; ronnupa , parari ; iraye; ekotte ; ochisara; ashkeuk; onishbosore; kotushmak; kewe-uk. Kin, n. Utara; utare; utari; ramuhu; awa; awa-chin. Kind, adj. Sambe hauge; ramu-hauge; ramu hapuru; iyeramuhauge. What ~ of, makan korobe. Kindle, v.t. Are; ari; uare; uari; uhuyeka; uhuika. Kindly, adv. Ramu-hauge no. Kindness, n. pirika-nenpa. King, n. Esapane guru; esapane kamui; ekote-nishpa. Kingcup, n. Topui. King-fisher, n. Sat-chiri; ainu-satchiri ; ainu-shit-chiri; shitchiu chikap. Kiss, v.t. Chopsekara; chopchopsekara; choksekara; chokchoksekara; nankotukka; charonunnun; echopnure. Kitchen, n. Daidokoro (Jap.) Kite, n. Kapa chiri; kambe-chikap. Kitten, n. Pon meko; pon chape. Knapsack, n. Pusaru; saranip. Knave, n. Wen guru. Knead, v.t. Nina; konere; pirikere. Kneading trough, n. Otoko.
Knee, n. Kokka; kokkasap; kire; minoropoki. Under part of the ~, hato. Knee-cap, n. Kuisapa. Kneel, v.i. Kokkaea; kokkaerok; kokkashirotke. Knife, n. Makiri; nata; hepitoto; kuttomushbe; tashiro; chieikip. ~ handle, nip or nit. Knit the brows, v.t. Iiyomomo. Knob, n. Tokom; tokse; kom; tokum. Knobby, adj. Kayaya. Knock, v.t. Eok; eokok; tokse ; toktokse; tauge; taugetauge ; utomoshma; utomoshmare; utumoshma; shokshoki; eshirikik. To ~ down, hachire ; hokushte.~ together, utomoshma. Knoll, n. Tapkop. Knot, n. Ashinkop. (in thread.) Knot, v.t. Ashinkop nere; eubitte; euobitte. To tie a ~, euobitte kara. Knot of a tree, n. Hom; konda; kom; tokom; tokum. Knot, in string, n. Obitte. Knotty, adj. Kom an. Know, v.t. Eramu; eramu an; eraman ; uwande ; shiramkiri; eshiramkiri ; shikirara; onnere; amkiri ; kiri. To ~ one another, uamkiri, uonnere. Knowing, adj. Ramu an wa. Knowingly, adv. Eramu an no ; eraman no. Knowledge, n. Ramu ambe. Known, adj. Akirushke. Knuckles, n. Amechis; kom.


Laborious, a. Yuptek; monraige-tek. Labour, n. Mon; moni ; monasap; monko. Lace, n. Keirat. At. v.t. Shina; muye. Lacking, adj. Hana. Hamu. Lacquer, n. Shintoko. Lacquerene, n. Usshi-pungara. Lad, n. Hekachi; heikachi; sekachi; sontak; kainu; okun ne. Ladder, n. Nikara; nikat. To ascend a ~, nikat-turashi. Lade, v.t. Kusaha (load up). Ladle, n. Pishaku ; kashup; otubera. Ladle, v.t. Nisei; inise. Lady-bird, n. Tuki-kikiri. Lake, n. To; toho; mem; mena; topo. Lame, adj. Hera; hoashtari: oshirush ; yaiewen ; iyapi. Lamely, adv. Yaiewen no. Lament, v.t. Haukotpare. Lame, adj. Hera; hoashtari; kemakoni. Lamp, n. Chaktoko; ratchako. Lamprey, n. Mukuribe. Lance, n. Yoma; iyoma. Land, n. Toi; ya; toitoi; shiri; shin. By ~, ya peka. To ~ from a boat, heyaoyan. Landing place, n. Oyan ushi; ruru eëpakita. Land-lady, n. Chisei koro katkimat; moromat. Landslip, n. Shinrutke. Language, n. Itak; itak katu. Coloquial ~, momok-itak. Larch, n. Kui; kui-ni. Large, adj. Poro; rui; rupne Larvae, n. Chipori; chiporo.
Last, adj. Iyoshino; keseke ; oshmake ; sakne. ~ year, sakne pa. Last month. sakne chup. At ~, tane ashik ; tane ko-öshma no. Late, adv. Moire, emonasap. Laugh, v.i. Mina; ramaken. To ~ at, emina; esapse ; kurianda; chimina ; chaute. Launch, v.t. Chip-atuye. Lava, n. E; ye; usat; yak-hum. Law, n. Tuitak; pawetenge; ikashpaotte; irenga itak. Lay, v.t. Ande; hotkere. ~ on, ka omare. ~ open, sarare. ~ to the charge of another, kashiomare; epara. Layer, n. Soshi; sosh; chiai. Lazy, adj. Katupase ; katu-toranne. Leaf, n. Ham; hamu; yamu. ~ of a book, kambi-soshi. Leak, v.i. Apa; opekush; chikap; oikush. Lean (on), v.t. Eoma. Lean, adj. Aeoma; komomge ; aioma; chiotesu; kirisam; kiriwen; sattek. Leap, v.i. Tusse; tupse. Learn, v.t. Chokoko; eyaihanokkara. Learned, adj. Eramatu; eramush. Leather, n. Tonto ; torara. Leave, v.t. Ande; ekohopi; ehopiru ; ashureka; hoppa ; shimakoraye; yaishimattaro. To take ~ of, etutkopak. Lecture, n. Upaskuma; uchashkoma; upaskoma. Led, v.i. Aani; atura; shiren. Leech, n. Sash; sas. Leek, n. Pukusa. Leeward, adv. Oparapokun; omaupokun. Left, v.t. Omeika. ~ over, omek. Left, n. Haraki; harikitek; aikapsama ; eharikisam. Leg, n. Chikiri; kema; kemaha; ure; kiri; chin ; pokishiri; kieumbe ; upper part of, saishut kirisamshut. Lower part of, sange kirumbe. Legend, n. Yaineusara. Yukara. Leggings, n. Hosh ; sak hosh ; kirikewe; kina tui hosh. ~ strings, hoshat. Lend, v.t. Erusa; irusa; shosere. Length, n. Epesh ; pesh ; esoro ; okakara; tanne-ushi. Leprosy, n. Munin tashum ; munin shiyeye. Less, adj. Haye; pokashnu; umompokta; mompoketa; chan; epokituye ; eipokun; haita. Lessen, v.t. Ponde ; koninka. Lest, conj. Shomo......kuni ; iteki...... kuni. Let, v.t. Ramu oshma. ~ alone, amore; moshma no an ; shomo ekottanu. ~ down, range. Lethargy, n. Katutoranne ; chitoratekka. Letter, n. Yubin (Jap.); ikiri. To write a ~, yubin nuye. Level, adj. Teshnatara ; piru ; kiroshte. Level, v.t. Kochi kara; teshnataraka ; ukopakashnu. Lewd, adj. Ramupekere. Liar, n. Shunge itak ki guru; panore itak ki guru; iwan-rekut koro guru. Libations, n. Icharapa ; achikka ; icharapa an; nomi. Lice, n. Uruki; ki. To pick out ~, ukomui. Lichen, n. Shinrush ; nirush ; nirek. Lick, v.t. Kem ; kemkem ; ikem. Lid, n. Putu or butu ; kamup; kanbutu, an-butu. Lie, v.t. Shunge; shunge itak; panore; inore; eshunge; ikoshunge ; koshunge. Lie, v.i. Hotke ; eninui; chihotke. ~ in wait, numne an ; ukaoyoko ; yongororo. To ~ down together, ukotkeka. To ~ on the stomach, tuishirikamu. To ~ stretched upon the back, makachin hotara kosamba. To ~ with one's
legs curled up, akokemachichi. To ~ outstretched, omatturiri; omatturinne. To ~ as snow, sokkara. To ~ flat on, shiri-kokaptek.
Life, n. Inotu ; ishui ; ramat ; seremake. Lifeless, adj. Suntak; shumtak; sumtek. Lift, v.t. Puni ; pumba; rikoshma; rikta numare. To ~ the head, hetesu ; hetashtekka. ~ on high, erikot ; erikikatta. Light, adj. Koshne. ~ fingered, ameiyok, tek-ekoshne. Light, n. Pekere; nupeki ; shiripekere ; nike. Light, v.t. Uhupeka; ari; are; uari; einure. To ~ a pipe, tambako kotukka; kakka. To give forth ~, perere ashnu ; nupeki at; nupeki atte; pekere ash. To show a ~ to, eshunangara. Lighted, adj. Chiari. Lighten, v.t. Koshnere; koshne no kara. Light-headed, adj. Ukopake koshne. Light-hearted, adj. Rammakakke. Lightning, n. Imeru ; tamkere ; kunne tamkere; fure tamkere. Like, adj. Ukorachi; sem ; sem korachi ; sem echutkonu ; nei no; une no ; oroge ; apkoro ; nepkoro ; aeyukara; aeikosamba; toikunne ; samba ; ukoheraye; sem pak no; nei no an; ukoba.; nen an. Like, v.t. Konoburu ; konobure ; konuptek; enupetne ; nupetne ; nupuru; nupure ; erayap; rayap ; eramasure ; rametok; eramasu; ekatairotki; ekatnu. Likely, adv. Ange; kuni following a verb. Liken, v.t. Koheraiyere; ukoheraiyere; kosamba. Likeness, n. Nokaha. Likewise, adv. Shem korachi; nahikorachi; sem pak no. Lilac, n. Pungau. Lilium dahuricum, n. Masara-orumbe ; ennokai. Lillium medioloides, n. Ninokai; ninoka; niyokai. Lily, n. Kapato. Lily of the valley, n. Etororatki; shisam-kisara; chironnup-kina. Limpets, n. Hupsei. Linden, n. Nipesh-ni; kukerep-ni; kukerekep-ni. Line, n. Ruye; haina ; naye; rus; toki; tu; ru; uwato; ap-ka. A ~ to which fishing nets are fastened, yaturi. Lip, n. Patoi; papush. Listen, v.t. Nu; inu; konu ; opesh ; kokanu. Little, adj. Pon; nokan ; poi; po; chanan; hachiko; mo chanan. Live, adj. An ; ishu ; shiknu ; seremak an. Lively, adj. Nisashnu ; tunash ; chaktek. Liver, n. Kinop. Living, adj. Ishu wa ; shiknu ; shiknu wa an. Lizard, n. Haram. Load, n. Shike; haraki. v.t. shikere; rura. Loaf, n. Tak. Lobster, n. Horokareyep. Lock, n. Cho (Jap; jo). Locusts, n. Patta; patapata ; takataka. Lodge, n. Kash; hashi chisei; chiseipo ; kucha chisei; kuchan. Lodge, v.i. Shini; reushi. v.t. reushire. Log, n. Netkop; hariki. Loin, n. Kiruosh; kiroro-ush. Loin-cloth, n. Tepa. Lone, adj. Shi; shinen ne.
Lonely, adv. Mishmu , ramu-chuptek; iramchuptek; yairamchuptek; eramchupush. Long, adj. Tanne; ohon ; ohoro; ohoro no; ohonno ; chitanne. Long (for), v.t. Yaikatekara; uweshikarun. Look, v.t. Nukara; ingara; koingara; konanepuni; ikan-nukara; orun ingara. To ~ steadfastly at, shikeraige. To ~ at with curiosity, huimamka. ~ up, hepuni. ~ towards, hechi; Look back horoka inanpara. Loom, n. Osa; attushkarabe ; kamakap. Loop, n. Temi. Loose, adj. Epittek. Loosen, v.t. Pita; saurere; osanusamka. Loquacious, adj. Aitakepishte. Lord, n. Utarapa ; nishpa. ~ it over, eyaisapane. Lose, v.t. Chikaye ; ewen; yaiwende; irat; sho no ki; opichi; turainu ; shitturainu; maketari. To ~ the appetite, not echiu; to ~ heart, arakat oroge chiepoknare. Loss, n. Sho or so. Lost, adj. Aturainu ; shitturainu wa an. Lot, n. Ukokonchi. To draw ~, ukokonchi etaye. Loud, adj. Rui ; humi poro ; hawe poro. Loudly, adv. Rui no. Louse, n. Ki; uruki. ~ eggs, rayoki. Lousy, adj. Uruki-o; ki-o. Love, v.t. Omap; ekatnu; isan; ishirankore; katairotke; shikkote; oshikkurukote; kateomare; koömap; ituyashkara; konoburu. Loveable, adj. Akateomare. Lovely, adv. Hatcho; shiretok koro. Lovesick, adj. Eyaikatekara. Low, adv. adj. Ram ; chirama; pan; ram no; pana ; ra; rata ; ge; ke; gesh; kes. oran. ran. chirai. (B is foolish) Low, v.i. Bekse or pekse. Lower, v.t. Ramde; range; orakere; eraomare ; eraratkire. Low-spirited, adj. Oknatara; sambepokash. Luck, n. Mau. Lucky, adj. Mau kopirika ; chikashnukara; shikashnukara ; kashkamui koro; ison; isho an; ririkopirika; chieanup. Luggage, n. Shike; kinkai ; korobe ; yairambe; itara-kamasu. Lumbago, n. Toikosanu. Lump, n. Chikiri; epuinep; epunipushbe. Lumpy, adj. Rashne; tokse-tokse. Luminary, n. Chup; tombe; tomop. Luminous, adj. Tono; tomo; chitomte no an. Lump, n. Chikiri; epunipushbe ; epuinep. Lumpy, adj. Rashne; tokse-tokse. Lung, n. Sambe-yukram. Lust, n. Wenbe kon rusui keutum; irara rusuibe. Luxurious, adj. A ; nuye an ; poron no an.


Ma, n. Hapo; unu. Mackerel, n. Saba. Mad, adj. Katueush; kinra-koro ; tushtek.
Made, v.i. Chikara ; akan ; akara ; aanka. Maggot, n. Mososhbe ; mosomoso ; pichiribe ; namshu; namshum. Magnolia, n. Push-ni; opke-ni; omaukush-ni. Maid, n. Matkachi; matne-heikachi; merukopo; mirukopo; kamma; kanat; kanchipo; opere. Mail, n. Hayokbe, Etoppuyo. Maimed, adj. Hera ; hoastari ; oshirush. Main, adj. Shi. As, shi nai, "a main river." Magic, n. Itakko; nupuru ; tusu. ~ force, puisemau. Make, v.t. Kara ; kan ; karakara ; ki. Make ready, v.t. Etokoöiki. Make way, v.t. Erumakanu. Majesty, n. Arakuru. Make, v.t. Kara; karakara; ka; ki. Male, n. Okkai ; pinne ; okkaiyo ; pinne ne ambe. Malice, v.i. , Aekeshke. Mallet, n. Tuchi. Mallow, n. Topui. Man, n. Ainu; ku; kuru or guru; niu ; okkaiyo ; enchiu; ieshu. An old ~, chacha : onne ainu ; chikko. A Japanese ~, shisam. A young ~, shukuppe okkaiyo ; okun ne. Manchuria, n. Santa-koro kotan. Manes of the dead, n. Anaishiri; ainu tukap. Manger, n. Umma kichi. Mangy, adj. Kotuwatuwak. Maniac, n. Ishirubarep; aeshirubare guru; chitasare guru. Manner, n. Katu; an katu; katun. Manners, n. Buri or puri. Good =, puri pirika. Gentle ~, puri-rainatara. Man of war, n. Shirukunde. Manure, n. Tumun; osoma; shi. Many, adj. Inne; poron no ; topa; topaha; tumu an; akakoro ; toe; toye ; tekoro; kumbe ; komashka; rup; rupi; anumse ; cha ; enete ; poroan. Map, n. Noka; nokaha. Maple, n. Tope-ni, nishte-ni; retattope-ni. March, n. Mokiuta chup. Marigold, n. Achturi; pui; puipui ; chikap-pui ; chiripui. Mark, n. Toku; shirosh. Marriage, n. Ukore iwai ; shuke iwai; mat kore iwai; hoku kore iwai; usam kore. ~ dish, ekaribe. Marrow, n. Kiri; kirawe. ~ bone, kirawe o pone. Marry, v.t. Mat ahupkara; hoku ahupkara; matnu; hoku nu; usam ki; i-sam; koiwak; ishisamtere. Marten, n. Hoinu. In S it is called hoita. Marvel, v.i. Oyamokte. Marvellous, adj. Aehomatu; aeiyokunnere ; aeiyokunerep. Mask, v.t. Nina. Mass, n. Taku. Massacre, v.t. Ushtekka; kotan ituye. Mast, n. Kaya-ni. Master, n. Nishpa; nishpake; ekote guru; aekote guru. Mat, n. Kina; yattui; yatchitarabe; toma; onikap un kina ; aputki ; amshokkara ; nikap unbe; motoma. Matter, n. Ye; E. Mattery, adj. Ye-ush. Mattock, n. Kupka; kukka. Mattress, n. atarabe ; atarobe; tarabe. Me, pro. En ; a-en ; in ; iru. To me, Chiko. Meaning, n. Ibehe; ikkewehe; ramat; moishutu. Meanwhile, adv. Nei-aige ; nei-rapoketa ; eianrapoketa. Measles, n. Hashka (Jap.) Measure, n. Pakarip; chomba. v.t. Pakari; pakte.
Meat, n. Kam. Meddle, v.t. Orooiki. Mediate, v.t. Kotchane ki; shikotchane; ikotchane ; iyuturu oma. Mediator, n. Ikotchane guru ; iyuturuoma guru; kotchane guru; shitomkonuyara guru. Medicine, n. Kusuri. Meditate, v.i. Esannyo; yainu; yaikoshiramse. Medusa, n. Tonru-chep. Meek, adj. Ramu-rotcha. Meet, v.t. Tunangara; ekanok; ekanup; uwetunangara; koene; upak; koewechiu ; uekari; etunan ; ekari. Melt, v.i. Ru ; nin. Melt, v.t. Rure; itoto. Memorial, n. Ushiturukes. Men, n. Okkaiyo; utara; utare; utari. Mend, v.t. Utapke; tampushi ; uchiu; upakare; ukaukau. Mensis, n. Chupke ; poat; chuppe; chup-wen; chup-ewen. Merchandise, n. Chihoki; eyokbe ; iyokbe; eiyokbe. Merciful, adj. Ramuhauge. Mercy, n. Rampoken; ramuhayaise; ramu-hauge-i. Merely, adv. Ouse; yaisamne; heru. Mermaid, n. Koshimpu ; mimtuchi. Merry, adj. Nuchattek; yainuchattek; rammakakke. Mess, v.t. achipa. Message, n. Shongo; ina; teshka. Messenger, n. Shongo koro guru. Metal, n. Kane; kani. Meteorolite, n. Onishboso. Method, n. Katu. Midday, n To noshke. Midlands, n. Uwororop; shiri noshke ; iworo. Middle, n. Noshke; noshike; noshikeya; uturu at; ututtoni; arupaknoshke. Midge, n. Erairai. Midnight, adv. An noshke. Midst, adv. Attom ; arutom ; hontomoge; tumugeta; noshiketa; shituruta. Midsummer, adv. Sak noshke. Midwinter, n. Kunne mata. Mid-wife, n. Chupoka ekahuye guru; ikoingara-mat. Might, n. Kiroro. Mighty, adv. Kiroroashnu. Migrate, v.i. Tup. Mild, a. Ramu-shiroma; ramurotcha. Mildew, n. Kumi. Mile, n. Tem. Milk, n. To; tope. Milk, v.t. Chiki. Milky-way, n. Petchish noka; nokapet. Millet, n. Amam; aishumam; piyapa; kiyapa; munchiro ; pirikap. Mimic, v.t. Yaitompuni. Mince, v.t. Ihumba. Mind, n. Keutum; katcham; kat; ramu; rampo; ramat. To upset one's mind, eramu-shikiru. To keep in ~, an koro, yaishukupka. Mine, pro. Ku-goro; ku kon; kon; an koro. Mingle, v.t. Ukopoyege ; ukokai ; ukokara. Minister, v.t. Yaieiwangere. Minnow, n. Shiperam. Mire, n. Raurauge toi; oraurauge-i; yachi ; tomau. Mirror, n. Yaikunnukarabe. Mirthful, adj. Nuchattek. Mischievous, adj. Katun-katun. Misdemeamours, n. Wenburi ; chikokatpak; katpak; kurokokburi. Miserly, adv. Yaiotupekare. Miserable, adj. Erampoken; erampokiwen ; aimokiririka. Miss, v.t. Haita; ehaita; irat; rat; anuitase ; uakkari; enuitasa; kokaramotte ; chiorauge ; onitasa.
Mistletoe, n. Ni-haru. Mist, n. Mene; rakuru. Mistake, v.t. Ikoba; yayapapu; wairu; uhaitare. To ~ in hearing, inu-ewen. Mistress, n. Katkimat. Misunderstand, v.t. Konu-wen. Mix, v.t. Ukopoegere; utumashire; utmashbare; ukokara. Mix, v.i. Kopoi; ukopoye; kopoye; piraske ; iyemaune ; uwetanne. Moat, n. Echan ; uworoge. Mob, n. Uhautaroroge utara; uhaueroige utara. Mock, v.t. Eyukara; yaiikire; eoyaitak; yaitompuni; rara; eoyaitak ; ainu kirukiru; kirikiru; itak-eyukara. Mode, n. Katu ; kah. Moderate, a. Ramu-oshitchiu; ramushiroma; pon no. Moisten, v.t. Teineika ; petpette ; rokanka. Moment, n. Kotpokiketa; kuripange no. Money, n. Ichen; kane; kani. Monkey, n. Saro. Month, n. Chup;. beginning of the ~, ashin no chup. Monthly, chuptachupta ; kes-chup ; chup pishno. a ~, shine chup. Moon, n. Kunne chup; an-chup; anchikara chup; tombe. New ~, ichan-chup. Moor, n. Kot; kotchi. Moorhen, n. Okeura. More, adj. Naa; kasu no; eitasa; mashkin ; ina. Morning, adv. Kunnewano. Early ~, nisat ; to-pekere. Morning star, n. Nishatshaot nochiu; kotan koro sapo; moshiri koro sapo; nisat-saot-nochiu. Mortar, n. Yuta; nishu; amnishu ; uta. Mosquito, n. Etutanne kikiri; etutara ; une. Moss, n. Shinrush. Most, adv. Iyotta; porosereke. Moth, n. Shish; abe-etumbe; heporap; hepurap; erapurap. Mother, n. Abo; hapo ; unu; totto; aapu ; unuhu; tuye ; pukuru. ~ inlaw, shiuto-habo; koshmat-hapo; ununue. Mould, n. Shu; kot. Mould, n. Kumi. Mouldy, adj. Kumi-ush. Moult, v.i. Ipiru; rapupiru. Mound, n. Moro; mori. Mountain, n. Nupuri; kim; kimta; kim un; metot; peni; woro; iworo; tapkop; tapka; shiri; shut. ~ side, nupuri shut ; nupuri-entom. ~ store, nupuri pu ; kim un pu. ~ pass, ru chish. A single ~, asane-kipiri. Mourn, v.i. Yaichishte; taikoöknatara; wen sapa koro ; otop konchi koro; otop ekonchi horo. Mourners, n. Ramkoro utara; achishte utara; iyenupe-o-guru. Mouse, n. Pon erum ; etuchikereppo. Moustache, n. Kamba ush reki. Mouth, n. Para; charo ; chara; charu ; charuhu; pa; nochi; putu; hak; not. A river ~, anbutu ; pet-butu ; sana-butu. Move, v.i. Moimoige ; charase ; topantopan; shirutu; shimoye; chimoyemoye; shirutpa; chioraye; penoyene; soshiraye; chioraye; chietattari; hemoimoi; raye. Mow, adv. Mosekara; nange. Much, adj. Poronno; tekoro. Mucus, n. Etoro ; etororat; etupe ; etupi. Mud, n. Pene toitoi ; riten toitoi. Muddy, adj. Nupki; petne; kapa; kapakapa; yachi an; achian; konupki. Mugwort, n. Noya.
Mulberry, n. Tope-ni; topembe. Multiply, v.t. Uare ; uware. Multitude, n. Inne utara; utara topa ; topa ; topaha. Multitudinous, a. Shiri eshik; chinoyenoye ; nuye an ; inne no. Murder, v.t. Keu-uk ; keweuk. Murderer, n. Keu-uk guru ; kewe-uk guru. Murmur, v.i. Oroman ; otonno itak. Muscle, n. Nin. Mushroom, n. Karush. Mussel, n. Petchish ; topipa. Musk-deer, n. Obokai. Tonakkai. Must, aux. v. Ikineipeka ; etokush. ~ not, ikineipeka shomo. Mutually, adv, U; uekatnu, enekatnu; irutashpa. Muzzle, n. Etukarip. My, pro. An koro; ku goro; ku kot; akora; i ; chi ; ai. Mysterious, adj. Mukke. Mystify, v.t. Oturaisambe.


Nail, n. Kungi (Jap.); sakai; shikai. Finger ~, am ; ami. Naked, a. Atusa; chimip sak; heraske. Name, n. Re; rehe; rei; reihei; aporose. To ~, re-kore; reihe-kore,; iporose; ani ye. Nape, n. Kimui oshmake; oksutu; okkeu. Narrow, adj. Hutne; shirutne ; shirihutne ; ohutne. Nasty, adj. Nurotke; kera-wen. Naughty, adj. Irara; irayap; rara; irarape ; imonreramba. Navel, n. Hanku. Navel string, n. Eha ; ehoat. Near, adv. Hange; ehange; hanken; ehanken ; koehange ; teksam ; tekpake ; oushi ; kopak ; kopake ; pishkanike ; tek-paketa; uikarike; tukarigeta ; tomoke ; samata. To draw ~, ehange no ek. To draw up to a fire, abe-kuru. To go ~ to, kohoshukarabe. Nearly, adv. Yaäni; ange; naa anak; shiriki; an-kesh ; yainonepta, naänkungo; naäani. Neat, adj. Atomte; ara ; aära. Necessaries, n. Koro kunip; ekunip; aeishiramnep. Necessary, adv. An hunip; aeishiramnep. Neck, n. Ok; okkeu; rekuchi. Necklace, n. Rekutunbe; rekuchiumbe ; chimutbe. Needle, n. Kem ; ohokara kem. ~ case, kemop;. ~ cushion, chishpo,. The eye of a ~, kempui. Needle-work, n. Akemkarabe ; chikarabe; oho. Needs, n. Aeishiramnep; eshiramnep; chieishiramnep ; konrusuibe. Neglect, v.t. Ekottanu shomoki; uparoiki shomoki. Neigh, v.i. Hau-koro. Neighbour, n. Aota un guru ; achisei un guru. Neighbourhood, n. Kotan okari; kopaketa. Neither...... nor, adv. Ka......ka. Nephew, n. Karaku. Nest, n. Set; chisei; setchi. Net, n. Ya ; charariya ; chiariya. Meches (B. is foolish) Meshes of a ~, ya-shittu. Floats of ~, jaamba. Weights of ~, ya-pit. A draw ~, yashiya. To set a net in
the sea, ya erepa ; ya turupa. To cast a ~, ya turi.
Netting-needles, n. Ambari. Nettles, n. Hai; mose hai; ikarahai ipishipship; asakara; asangara. Never, adv. Ramma shomo. Nevertheless, adv. Yakka; yakkai. New, adj. Ashiri ; ashin ; ashit. Newly, adv. Ashin no ; ashiri no ; uhunashi. News, n. Orushpe; okep; shongo; neusara ambe; ashbe; uwepekere. Next, adj. Shimma; shim; shimge; tutanu; nei okake; iotutanu; otutanu; ashit; aota; iuturu an; ashiri. Nibble, v.t. Kepkepi ; ukepkepi. Nice, adj. Shisak ; nitoro; aekatnu; aekiroro an ; ikera; ikiroro an; ara; aära. Niece, n. Mat-karaku. Usata iriwak. Nicely, adv. Irammakaka. Nigh, adj. Hange. Night, n. An; anchikara; kunne ; kuromato; shirikunne; kunne-to; ukura or ukuran. Last ~, numan onuman. ~ clothes, aehotkep; aehotke amip. Night-hawk, n. Erokroki; tokitok; makahotari. Nightly, adv. Kes-anchikara ; kesukuran. Night-mare, n. Chinita; tara. Nightingale, n. Popokichi chikap. Nine, a. Shinepesan. ~ hundred, ashikne hotne ikashima ine shine wan hot. Nineteen, a. Shinepesan ikashima wan. Nipple, n. To; num. Nits, n. Kapo. No, adv. Shomo; seenne; han ; sam ; hen;ina. Nod, v.t. Sapa hepokipoki; otuhenkuru. Noise, n. Humi; hum; shin; shi un; humkuru ; waisei ; wayaise. Noisy, a. Irambotarara; aishokomare; uhautoroige; iramtarara. Nook, n. Nikap. Noon, adv. To noshke. North, n. Hepera; arutoru ; matnau ; aramoisam. North star, n. Chinukara guru. Nose, n. Etu ; etuhu ; chietu. Bridge of ~, etu mekka. Nostrils, n. Etu pui. Not, adv. Shomoki; seënne ; nak; iteki; ham; han; hana; hanne; hen; ina; sam ; ushkare ; utek ; hamki. Do ~, han ka iki. ~ to know, uwa. Nothing, n. Nep ka shomo. To bring to ~, isamka ; ninka ; ushka. Nourish, v.t. Shukupte; resu; reshpa; reske. November, n. Kuikai chup. Now, adv. Tane ; tanebo ; take ; tane na; nahun; makun; tande; tane eashik. Nuisance, n. Aerannakbe; irannak. Numb, adj. Chicharapa; tontone. Number, n. Ikiri ; hochihi; pishki; upish. Number, v.t. Pishki ; pishki wa nukara. Numerous, adj. Inne ; nuye an; anumse. Nurse, v.t. Heikachi koro ; tumam; temko-omare; kashihuye; temkorosam; temnikoro; charoiki; To ~ as in childbirth, chipoka-ekahuye. Nut, n. Ni-num.


Oak, n. Tun-ni; pero-ni; chikap-peroni. Oar, n. Asnap; assap; ashnap; kanchi; umkanchi. Obedient, adj. Itak-nu. Obey, v.i. Itaknu. Object, n. Aepekarep; ambe; chanup; eyaitupak; kochanup; hematu; be; pi. Obstruct, v.t. Achiukurure; achikurure. Obtain, v.t. Koro. Ocean, n. Atui, ruru ; shiruru ; rep. October, n. Shunan-chup. Octopod, n. Atuina, atkoro-kuru ; atuinne. Odd, adj. Oyamokte. Ode, n. Yairap. Of, of is expressed by koro. Off, adv. Shiruita. Offence, (to take), v.t. Yaieshiande. Offer, v.t. Yange; raye; eyaiyattasa. ~ libations, achikka an ; nomi. Offerings, n. Ayangep; aenomip; aeyaiyattasap; ayange-kunip. Officer, n. Tono; chanki. Offspring, n. Kesore; kisoro. Often, adv. Kanna-kanna, uweoman no; uweoma no ; opokin; opokin no. Oh, interj. Aa; a; ayo ; ii; hai; ohaine; senramush. Oil, n. Shum. ~ pump, shum etayep. Oily, adj. Shum-o; shum-ush. Old, adj. Onne ; hekai; shisak ; isa; pa-poro; fushko; hunko; riya; rettek; keushut; onne koro; onne rui; euhokotpa. ~ people, ekashi; huchi ; henki. ~ man, ekashi, chacha, chikko. To grow older, kohekai. Older, adj. Achane; kianne ; kiyanne. On, adv. Ka ; kata; katacha; ta; kashita; kashiketa. ~ account of, rengap gusu; gusu. Resting on, kaso. Once, adj. Arashuine; ashui, shineshuine ~ more, kanna shui ; kanna ikinne. One, adj. Shine; shinen ; shinep ; ishi ; shi. shinepe; eara. ~ of two, a; ara ; an ; at : oan; oara; oat. ~ and a half, emko etup. ~ after another, uotanu. ~ at a time, shine raine; shinerai no. ~ another, uwe; uorun. Oneself (by), adv. Shinen ne po; shinenpo ne. Onion, n. Shukutut; shikuturu; shikutut; mempiro; pukusa. Only, adj. Patek; ara; ouse. Ooze, v.i. Mu; muk; muka; omu. Open, v.t. Maka ; makmaka ; chaka ; masasa; masa ; akakatari; hasa; pasa; ekushna; o; sarare; chimaka; esara; kashisara. Open, v.i Makke ; chakke; esara; sa; hemaka; shimaka; makanu; maknaraye; chak ; mukemuke ; mukke; chimaka; mukmuke; paraske ; ari. The ~ sea, ariatui. Openly, adv. Chashnutara; atsara no ; esara no; shina shomoki no; sara no ; sara an. Oppose, v.t. Eham. euyepnu. Opposite, adv. Aso; apso; atso; uwehoroka. Oppress, v.t. Chinishte-ramkore. Or, post. Expressed by ya. As, Chikap ya seta ya, " a bird or a dog." Orea gladiator, n. Atuikoro kamui. Ordeal, n. Saimon. To condemn by ~, saimon ewen. To acquit by ~, saimon epirika. Order, n. Ikiri; katu. In ~, ikiri an no. In ~ to, kuni gusu. To put in
~, charuwatori ; koararenka ; urenka ; chiurenka.
Ordinary, adj. Use; heru; awa ; yaiyan ; ishiu. Origin, n. Moto ; etok. Ornament, n. Iyattep; aeyaitomtep; aeshiritomotomop; chitokitoki. Ornament, v.t. Ara; arakotomka. Orok, n Orokata. Orphan, n. Eshikop sak utara. Other, adj. Achi; atchi; oya ; moshima ; Oya un. Otter, n. Esaman; worun chikoikip ; rakko. Ought, aux. v. Kunip; shiriki. Our, pro. Akoro ; chikoro; a. Out, (to come), v.i. Oashin; oaship; soine; soyumba. To send ~, Ashinge; soinere. Outer, adv. Hokannashi. Out-line, v.t. Chienuye-kara. Outright, adv. Ara; oara; oan; oat. Outside, adv. Shirikashike. Outside, adv. Soi; soita; soioro; soige; soita; un ; oyake; soigeta; osoyun; kampara. Oven, n. Ma. Over, adv. Ka; kam ; kamu ; kashi; kashike ; kashiketa; enka; enkata; horiko; ikashima; i; kasu. Over-coat, n. Aika-kushtep; shikakushtep. Overcome, v.t. Annokara; annukara; anno ; annu. Overflow, v.t. Epa; ika; oika. Overtake, v.t. Oshkoni; eoshkoni; uoshi. Overturn, v.t. Upshi; upshire; hokushte. Owing to, conj. Gusu; kusu; rengap gusu. Owl, n. Ahunra; ahunrasambe; humo chikap ; makahotari; makatari; humhumse kamui. Own, v.t. Koro. To ~ to, eyaipushi ; yaikaomare. One's ~, yaikonna. Ox, n. Beko; peko. To low as an ~, bekse. Oxtail-fish, n. Apekeshui. Oyster, n. Akkesh; petchish; shukarasei.


Pacify, v.t. Tomo-oitak. Pack, v.t. Muye-mamba ; tututko kara. Paid, adj. Ataye aukte. Pain, n. Iuin; araka ambe. To suffer ~, aiyunin ; otasushke koni. To give pain to, iuninka. Paint, v.t. Nore; shishirikiki. Pair, n. Tup; mure; umurek. Pallet, n. Atarabe ; atarobe. Palm, n. Tek-kotoro; tektuipok; tekiworo; ashke-kotoro ; ashkekoro. Palpitation, n. Sambe-murumuruse. Palsy, n. Tususke tashum. Pant, v.i. Tasmak-tasmak; heise emko tuitui. Paper, n. Kambi (Jap). Paralysis, n. Chiraire tashum; rai kamui irushka tashum. Parcel, n. Tututko; aeshinap; chisoki. Parched, adj. Tokapchi; arima. Parents, n. Eshikop utara; eu; sotchi. Pardom, v.t. Saurere; honnere; usaraye. Pare, v.t. Kapu-ri. Parings (of the nails), n. Am-ras.
Parsley, n. Seri. Parsnip, n. Pittok kina. Part, n. Nimara; sereke; emko. ~ way, tukarike. to take the ~ of, ikemnu. For the most ~, ikinnimara. Partial, adj. Kashiramu ; kokeutumkoro. Particularly, adv. Ru; arange. Partly, adv. Attom, hontomo. Part way, adv. Shiritukari; shittukari. Pass, n. Ruchish ; ruchikaye; ruchishkaye; sut; shut; shutu; sutu; susu; ekashi. Pass, v.t. Shirikush; erepa; eireka ; ekashi; ashikuruse; akkari. To ~ through, kush ; oboso; oboshpa; kush wa oman. Paste, n. Numpe ; nuipe. To ~, numpe ushi. A ~ pot, numpe-omap. Pasture, n. Mimdara. Pat down, v.t. Ranrani. Patch, v.t. Ikarari. Path, n. Ru; chikushi; chikush-ru; para-ru; ru-kopi; kochi; toi-ru ; ruesani. Patient, adj. Ramushiroma ; ramutanne ; keutum chashnu; yairamatte an. Pattern, n. Ikkeu; shik; shiriki-o. Pawn, v.t. Ekoshoshipiri. Pay, v.t. Ataye kara; ataye sange ; ataye omande. To ~ respects to, nimam. Pea, n. Endo mame (Jap). Peace, n. Itomo; mo; urenga; tontek; totek. Peaceable, Peacable, adj. Ratchitara ; tontek; shiroma an. Peak (of a mountain), n. Eropoki. Peanut, n. Eha; oha; aha. Pearl, n. Ikani. Pebbles, n. Ota shuma; rurupish. Peck, v.t. Topka; tokpa. Pecten, n. Aikap-sei. Peddler, n. Rambashne guru. Peel, v.t. Kepa; risei; kisa; kep; keure ; na; soshke ; soshpa. Peep, v.t. Heheba; heuba; pinunu pinupu kara. Peg, n. Shikai; shinninup. Pelvis, n. Chin ; chin uturu ; chinna ; chingeu; hochin; tengeu. Pen, n. Kambi nuyep. Pencil, n. Kambi nuyep. Penetrate, v.t. Shiritesu. Penis, n. Enkip; kutchike ; iyomai. Peninsula, n. Ma. Peony, n. Horap; orap. People, n. Uirup; utara; ainu-utara; ainu-ne manup; kuntara; ainu-chin. Pepermint, n. Kamui-keu-kina. Perceive, v.t. Nu ; eramu an; eraman. Perch, n. Nino-e-chep; airo; aioro; tampara-cheppo. Perhaps, adv. Humpaka; nangoro ; kumpeka. Perish, v.i. Isam ; aisamka. Permeate, v.t. Etushnatki. Perplexed, adj. Keutum-chiutumashbare ; iosserekere. Persecute, v.t. Keshke; unkeshke; epokba; pokba; eunkeshke; aokbare; ekeshke. Persevere, v.i. Yaishiporore; keutumoshitchiure ; eranniukesh. Person, n. Guru ; kuru ; kur ; gur; anguru; unguru; niu; ku; ainu; shiwentep; ni; niu. Perspiration, n. Poppe. Perspire, v.i. Poppenu; poppe ashin. Persuade, v.t. Iramkoiki; onishnishi; ikoroshutke ; iko-oroshutke ; ramukarate. Pestle, n. Uta-ni; yuta-ni; iyuta-ni. Petasites, n. Korokoni; makayo. Phantom, n. Ishinirep. Pharynx, n. Kuttom; kuttomo. Phlegm, n. Rat. Photograph, n. Noka; nokaha.
Physic, n. Kusuri. Pick, v.t. Eotara : eopetoko; poiba; poyepoye. To ~ to pieces, hechawere; usachiri; pi. To ~ the head, komuye. Picture, n. Noka; nokaha. Piece, n. Hum; pet; uibe; kanuat; usep. Pierce, v.t. Eush ; eroshki ; etara ; eotara; otke; otke-otke; otke-ekushna; shirotke; akatchiu ; chiu ; kochiwe; kochiu; chiure. Pigeon, n. Kusuwep; kusuyep; kosoyep. Pike, n. Yoma. Pile up, v.t. Rikan-tesh. Pillar, n. Tuntu. Pillow, n. Eninuibe ; aininuibe; aeninuibe ; chieninuibe ; chininiop. Pin, n. Shinninup. Pincers, n. Uokchi. Pinch, v.t. Amuchichi ; amuchitpa; ampochichi. To ~ off, tuye : tuipa ; cha ; icha ; noye. Pine, n. Shungu-ni; henekkere. Pine needles, n. Hupte. Huptek. Pins and needles, n. Shipitapita. Pip, n. Piye. Pipe, (tobacco), n. Kisiri ; kiseru ; serembo; serumbo. Pit, n. Shui ; poru ; moro; muro; toiporu. ~ dwellings, toi-chisei; to-che; koropok-un-chisei. ~ dwellers, koropok-un-guru ; toi-chisei-kotcha-utara. Pitiable, adj. Inukashiki; inunukeash; yaisambepokash. Pity, v.t. Erampokiwen; chishikiraine; koshikiraine; ramuratke; ramuratkire ; nanepuriwen. Place, n. An-i ; kotan ; u ; ushike ; ke ; i ; toko. In ~ of, shirine. Place, v.t. Ande; ama; ampa; amapa; eanu ; anu ; unu ; eoma; otte ; are ; uriki; ante; chioraye ; amakara; eamakara ; aripa. Placed, adj. Chiama; ea; eama; eani; eamakara. Plain, n. Nup; tuntra; kenash ; nimara; sa ; inup. Plaits, n. Niki. Plane, n. Kanna (Jap). Plane, v.t. Keure ; kanna-iki. Plant, v.t. Toita; etoita. Plantain, n. Eremu-kina; erum-kina; erem-kina; enum-kina. Platform, n. Set; amset. Platter, n. Orowa ibe sei. Play, v.i. Shinot; eshinot; hechiri; rekte; uramokka; urammokka. Playful, adj. Shinot-rui. Pleasant, adj. Aekatnu ; aerayap ; aekiroroanka ; aeramasu ; eramasu ; aeramasup. Please, v.t. Ramuritetkere; ramuritenka; isaoketa; erayap; ok-pirikare; yaikotomka; nuchattekka ; yaikopuntekte ; eneusara. If you ~, nekon ka newa. Pleased, adj. Eramasu ; eomoshiroi; aeniusara; akopuntek; aeramasu; chinuchastek; yairenga; ramu-pirika; aeomoshiroi; ramu-riten. Pleasing (to the taste), adj. Aekatnu; akopuntek. Pleasure, v.t. Eramasure; yaikopuni. To take ~ in, anuktekka. To take ~, shiniwe; shineupa ; shinewe ki. Exclamation of ~, iyororope; iyosserekere. Pledge, n. Kuwa. To ~, kuwa-kore. Plenteous, adj. A ; sho; isho; isho an ; nuye an ; nu an ; nu-ko-okai ; shiri-eshik. To make ~, uashte. Plentiful, adj. Anopa; annopa; annu ; annup; at ; enumnumge. Plenty, n. A ; pakno; opirika; tepeshke ; tepeshkeko. Plot, n. Kot; koh; kotchi ; ushike. Plough, v.t. Toipushu. Plough, n. Toipushup. Plover, n. Apto chikap; atto chikap.
Pluck, v.t. Tuye; tuiba; tuyetek; risei; rishpa. Plum, n. Moma. Pocket, n. Fukuru; pukuru; iyo-ushi. Pock-mark, n. Iyokoto; nopuyapuya. Poem, n. Sakoro-itak. Point, n. Chietu; etu ; en; erupke. Point (to), v.t. Yaka; epeka. Pointed out, adj. & v.i. Akirushke. Poison, n. Surugu ; ru. Poisonous, adj. Rukane. Pole, n. Sakma; kuma; kuwa; turi; rarakuma; kumatai (pl). Polite, adj. Oripak an ; katu an. Pollock, n. Shinchike. Polute Pollute, v.t. Nupkire. Polygonatum, n. Kuttara. Pond, n. Mem ; heshi. Pool, n. Topo; andara; hattara; hottara ; topochi. Poor, adj. Ibe-sak; irapokkari ; oteksak; shirika-sak; heron; shirun; toiki. Pop (out), v.i. Chak. Popular, adj. Reikoro. Porch, n. Shem or sem; mosem; moshem ; chiketoi. Porpoise, n. Pon-humbe. Portion, v.i. Eimek; imek; aeyupke ; aeyukke. Positively, adv. Son no ; shion no. Possess, v.t. Koro; kot. Possessed, v.i. Pauchikarabe; pauchikoro (by a fox). Shikatkari, (by a demon). Possible, adj. Ashkai no. Post, n. Ikushpe; ukushpe. Posterior, adj. Okes. Posteriors, n. Ho ; o ; osoro. Posterity, n. Santek; sanikiri; sanike. Pot, n. Shu. ~ handle, shu-at. ~ hook, shuwat ; para. Potato, n. Emo; imo. Pottery, n. Sei-shintoko ; iwan-atushpe. Pouch, n. Hakkoma. Poultice, n. Mukshit. To apply a ~, mushit kotukka. To made a ~, mukkara. Pound, v.t. Uta; urenashi; chitatatata; ikarip; iyutapa. Pour, v.t. Ota; kashiota; echikiki. ~ out, ekoimare. Pout, v.i. Pattukuku. Powder, n. Ko ; koho. Power, n. Momdom; chimondom ; mawe. Powerful, adj. Chimondom koro ; tumashnu; yupke. Powerless, adj. Apte. Praise, v.t. Ramye; iramye; reka; reika; koreika; koiramye; keurap; uramu. Praised, adj. Airamye ; iramye an. Praiseworthy, adj. Aerayap. Prance, v.i. Chiterekere. Prawn, n. Ponbake. Pray, v.i. Inonno-itak; yaiasuruan-itak. Prayer, n. Inon; inonno; inonno-itak; inonnon-itak ambe. Preach, v.t. Upaskuma; upaskoma; uchashkuma. Precede, v.t. Ratchaot. Precious, adj. Nupuru; riye. ~ things, ikoro; nupurube ; ikonne-humbe ; kemeambe. Precipice, n. Nise; nisei ; irami ; kuchitori; kut; kunne. Pregnant, adj. Honkoro; hon un; katue ; pise ; shinnai-kat-iyeunu. Premier, n. Aroshinep. Prepare, v.t. Etokoöiki ; kara ; koraipa; chashnu ; okettekka ; shipini ; umshu ; yaitokoiki. ~ the dead for burial, ushiniri. Presence, n. Teksam ; kotchake; nankotchake; shiksam; tessam. Present (a), n. Ikra; ikrap; ishra; aikorep; aikrap; ahupkarabe; ekoimokokorobe ; areika-pumma ; aeyaoyattasap.
Present, v.t. Kore ; yange; ekoimoka ; korara. Presently, adv. Nisako ; nisapno ; naa okaketa. Preserve, v.t. Nitata; nitatpa. Preserver, n. Koshiratkip; shiratkip. Press down, v.t. Numba; rarapa ; eurarapa ; shikonumba ; urari. To ~ upon, shirarikokari; rari ; kopiwe ; kopiuba. Pretence, n. Abe ; ap. Pretend, v.t. Abe-koro ; ap-koro; also expressed by shi before and re after the verb. Thus, shi-ne-re, "pretend to be." Shi-rai-re, "pretend to die." Shi-nishpa-ne-re, "pretend to be rich." Also kashioniwen. Pretty, adj. Kotom ; shiretokkoro ; tomte ; ruko ; atombe ; hatcho; kaparabe; aekiroro an; ara; aara; akonuptek. Prevaricate, v.i. Maun-maun. Prevent, v.t. Etok-seshke; kashish; hattohoki. Previous, adv. Etoko, etokota, eëshiri, eshiri ; hoshike ; hoshiki. Previously, adv. Hoshike no ; ekanai; ashin no ; teëda. Price, n. Ataye; oro ; aru. To ~, ataye ye. Prick, v.t. Otke; otke-otke; eopetoko ; eotara. Prickly, adj. Enchararage. Priest, n. Heshure; tera-kamui. Primula, n. Abappo. Prison, n. Ro-chisei; ipakashnu chisei; upakashnu chisei. Prisoner, n. Apakashnu guru; atupepe aotte guru ; cho-un-guru. Private, adj. Yaikota korobe. Privates, n. Chi; chiye ; iyomai. Privately, adv. Arorokishne no. Privet, n. Aina-ni; epotan-ni. Prize, n. Aoshkorobe; arekap. Probable, aux. v. Kuni; nangoro. Proceed, v.i. Oman; arapa ; paye. Produce, v.t. Sange; hetukure ; are; uare. Produce, n. Amam; haru; amama ; toitum-unbe. Productive, adj. Uare an no. Profit, n. Yaiepirika ambe; yaiepirikai; eyaiepiripap. Prohibit, v.t. Itekika; itekka kare; hattoki. Project, v.i. O; oakasu; tuk. Projection, n. Chietu. Prolific, adj. A ; uare an. Promise, n. Aeuitaknup. Promise, v.t. Eitakamgire. Prong, n. A. Pronounciation, n. Ihaukotte; kutchama. Proof, n. Shirosh. Proper, adj. Oupeka. Properly, adv. Oupeka no. Prophecy, v.t. Uweingara; nupuru. Prophecy, n. Uweingarape. Prophet, n. Uweingara guru ; nupuru guru. Propitiate, v.t. Imommuye. Prose, n. Rupa-itak. Prosper, v.i. Kashkamui koro; akashnukara; pirikare. Prosperous, adj. Ramuratki. Protrude, v.i. Tash ; etuku. Proud, v.t. Pakesara; paketara; etumekka-rire ; shiokunnure ; shiomonnure ; shitumka nere ; shikunre. Provide, v.t. Uparoiki. Provisions, n. Haru. Prow, n. Chip nan ; nanta. Prudent, adj. Yaisannyo. Psalm, n. Iyohaichish. Puddle, n. Iopochi; topo. Puffer, n. Irushka-chep. Pull, v.t. Etaye; nimba; pi; iyoppa; risei ; rishpa; hekem, hopiwe; hopiuba. ~ as a bow-string, etopotke, ~ from, koetaye.
Pulse, n. Sambe; tek-sambe. Pulverize, v.t. Konere ; nina. Pumice, n. Shishirap; karuru ; shutshup. Pungent, adj. Parakara. Punish, v.t. Panakte ; parakoatte ; koipak; kopao; pachike; pachikoatte; kohonoye; upakashnu. Punishment, n. Pak; pa; pachiko. Pupil, n. Eyaihannokkara guru. ~ of the eye, kunne shik-num. Puppy, n. Pon seta; poshta. Pure, adj. Ashkanne; turu sak; shiyara. Purify, v.t. Shishipiri; turu-sakte; ashkannere. Purpose, v.t. Keutum atte; hematu. Purpose is expressed by the words kuni and kuni gusu following its verb. As, ku kuni tambako, "tobacco for me to smoke." Purposely, adv. Hokamgin no; shikokamgin no ; arokamgin no. Pus, n. Ye; E. Pursue, v.i. Noshpa ; itomkot. Push, v.t. Oputuye, kopiwe; ~ on one side, maukepsoine. ~ out, tuk ; etuk; tukka ; etukka ; etukkare ; turiri; kopiwe. Put, v.t. Ande; unu ; otte ; ama ; amapa; uiru ; ea; eamokaro ; eanu; eama ; aripa ; anu ; are ; amke ; chioraye ; uiruke. To ~ in, omare. ~ on one side, yaiko-anu. ~ away, ukao; eumashnu. ~ inside, ahunge ; iyo ; iyomare; ahupte. ~ off (as clothes), shiaraye. ~ down, ranrani.


Quail, n. Pepepkere chikap; karaka chiri. Quarrel, v.i. Sakayo kara; koiki; ukoiki ; ukocharowen ; rutki; epaukoiki ; epaure; eucharashne; utomoye; utomoige; shinrutke; ukoshuwama. Quarrelsome, adj. Sakanramkoro. Quick, adj. Tunash ; tunashi ; muchinashnu; chiwash ; ashnu ; moni ; emonashnu; hemban: ramu-tunash; tushtek; nisap; setak. To cause to be ~, nisapte; tunashka. ~ tempered, sambe takne. Quickly, adv. Tunashi no ; hemban no; chashnu no ; setak no ; eattune no; tushtek no; nisap-no; chashchash. Quiet, adj. Mo ; rotcha; hauge; hapun ; nupuru; ratchi; ratchitara. To ~, ratchitare ; chikohummore ; ratchitarare ; amore ; ramau-hokahoka ; hapuruka ; ratchire. Quietly, adv. Hapun no ; hauge no ; osemkire. Quilt, v.t. Yaiukaukau. Quite, adv. A ; an ; ara ; oara ; oan ; oat ; roramne; irammakaka; kashpa. Quiver, n. Ikayop; ai-ikayup; ikayup. Quiver, v.i. Chikarakapse; kotususatki ; uru-uruk; uyuiki.


Rabbit, n. Isepo; isopo; kaikuma; oshuke. Rabble, n. Haweroise utara ; uhautaroise utara. Rabid, a. Niwen; imu. Racoon, n. Moyuk. Race, n. Uwetushmak. To ~, uwetushmak-ki. v.t. uwetushmakte ; chinitankashure. Racy, a. Shisak. ~ wine, shisak tonoto. Radiance, n. Kiai. The ~ of the sun, chup kiai. Radical, n. Motoho ; shinrit; makumbe ; asam ; asama. Radish, n. Daikon; daiko (Jap.) Raft, n. Nitesh. Rafter, n. Rika-ni; maka-ni. Rag, n. Yara; koniki; yarabe; yarabeshit. Rage, n. Chiwenka; irushka; irushka ambe ; irushka-i. v.t. Irushkare. To ~ at, eirushika. Ragged, a. Yara an; opetke; opetpetke; oshitratomne. Raid, n. Topat tumi. Rail, n. Sakma; sakiri; kuma; rarakuma. Rail, v.i. Sakayo kara. To ~ at, kosakayokara. Raiment, n. Mip; mi-ambe; chimip; amip; mipihi. Rain, n. Apto; atto; mene. To ~, apto ash ; apto ran ; apto rui. To cease raining, apta okaka an ; apto isam. Fine ~, rukuru. Rain-bow, n. Raiochi; ekai-raiochi ; raochi. Rain-cloud, n. Apto kuru ; wen kurihi. ~ water, apto wakka. Rain drops, n. Apto numi. Rain-maker, n. Shiriwen hokke guru. Rainy, a. Apto ash shiri. Raise, v.t. Puni ; punire; epuni; ashte; yange ; rikoshma ; rikoraye; rikomare. To ~ the head, sapa puni. To ~ the eyebrows, rachiuriki-kuru. v.i. Aopentari. Rake, n. Shirikerekerip; mataburip. To ~ up as fire, abe erepo. Ram, n. Pinne hitsuji. Ramble, v.i. Yaiomanande." Ramrod, n. Pisao (Jap. Hisao). Rancid, adj. Hura at. Rancour, n. Irushka ambe. Rand, n. Kina emauri. Ransom, n. Kikiraye ambe. Rap, v.t. Kik; kikkik; toktokse; taktek. Rapacious, adj. Ibeshikasure. Rape, n. Tekepashte ambe. Rapid, adv. Tunashi ; nuchimashnu, chiwash; chinashnu. Rapids, n. Puira; utka; chiuosange, chiusange. Rapine, n. Wen ikip. Rapture, n. Nupetne ambe. Rare, adj. Moyo; keme-an. Rascal, n. Wen guru. Rash, adj. Koetaraka iki ; eramunin. Rasp, n. Yasuri. v.t. shirushiru. Raspberry, n. Emauri; atakchikushui. ~ bush, emauri-ni. Rat, n. Erem ; erum ; eremu ; endrum; toi-erum ; yuk-erum ; niyoro-erum. Rat-trap, n. Erum akbe. Rattan, n. Soko-ni. Rattle, v.i. Korokorose; kuyayatki; rek; koyaise; turimimse; hokorakorak; iunumitara. v.t. Korokorosere.
Ravage, v.i. Wende ; wentoikantoi kokiru. Rave, v.i. Katushishuye ; katukari; ramukari. Raven, n. Shirarakokari ; paskuru ; shipaskuru ; achaure. Ravine, n. Pinnai. Ravish, v.t. Tekepashte. Raw, adj. Fu ; ru. Ray, n. Kiai. Ray-fish, n. Peraishok ; kasupe. Raze, v.t. Charapa. Razor, n. Kami-sori (Jap.) Reach, v.t. Epa; eush ; oro-epa; yairire. To ~ out to, koturi ; kotem. Read, v.t. Oro-oitak. Readily, adv. Eashkai no ; monichashnu no. Ready, adj. Etokoöiki okere; etokooiki wa an ; paretoko ; shipini wa an. Real, adj. Son no ne ; son no ambe. Really, adv. Son no. Reanimate, v.t. Hetopo-shiknure ; shiknure. Reap, v.t. Nange ; mosekara ; ichapa. A reaping shell, ichapapipa. Rear, n. Osh; oshi ; mak; oshmak. Rear, adv. Oshiketa; oshmaketa; makta; makun. Rear, v.t. Resu; reshpa ; ashte ; roshki; reshbe; reske. v.i. aioresu. Rearward, adv. Homakashi. Reason, n. Keutum ; ika; ibehe ; ikkeu; moishutu; hematu. Reason with, v.i. Upaure; esannyo ; charange. Reasonable, adj. Katu an ; ikkewe an. Rebel, v.i. Okbare ; iyokbare; koiokbare. Rebound, v.i. Horokaturuse. Rebuild, v.t. Ashin no kara. Rebuke, v.t. Panakte; sakayokara. Rebut, v.t. Kikikara. Recant, v.i. Itak-hoshipire. Recede, v.i. Ha ; nin ; hetopo oman. Receive, v.t. Uk; uina; ahuphara; eungerai; kanu ; shopki. Recently, adv. Etokota; ashin no. Receptacle, n. Oro-op, ushke , op; an-i. Recipient, n. Akore guru; ahupkara guru. Recite, v.t. Ye ; nure. Reckless, adj. Yaikoatcha. Reckon, v.t. Esannyo; ukosannyo. Recline, v.i. Hotke; heama. Recluse, n. Yaikiri no an guru. Recognize, v.t. Kiri ; shikirara ; eamkiri; yayamkiri. v.i. akirushke. Recoil, v.i. Hoshipi. Recollect, v.i. Eshkarun ; eramushikarun ; ueomande. Recompense, v.t. Yaiattasa; pumma kore ; iwai kore. Reconcile, v.t. Irenga ratchire ; irenga ye; ukoram-oshmare. Record, v.t. Nuye. Recount, v.t. Ye ; nure. Recover, v.t. Pa. ~ from sickness, riten ; sambe shituri ; tumu nu unepare. Rectify, v.t. Oupekare. Red, n. Fure; furetom. Redden, v.t. Furere ; fureka. Redeem, v.t. Kikiraye. Rediculous, adj. Aitakboso. Redress, v.t. Momimuye. Red-salmon, n. Urup. Reduce, v.t. Ponde; pon no kara; ramde. Reeds, n. Ki; rapembe; shiki ; shupki. Reef, n. Kaparush. Reel, n. Tektereke-kana; kunda; kanasayep ; tumu; kanaop. Refer, v.t. Epeka. Refine, v.t. Shishipire. Reflection, n. Kiai ; horikatom. Reform, v.i. Keutum oshipi; yaikanna kara. Refrain, v.t. Iteki ki.
Refractory, adj. Itakkashi. Refresh, v.i. Sambe shituri; tumashnu; yaikatande. v.t. konupettete ; pituru. Refuge, n. Nuinak-ushi; numne ushi. Refuse, v.t. Emaka ; ekatupase. Refuse, n. Aemakbap ; aemakap; komon. Regardless, adj. Yayeattarashi. Regenerate, v.t. Eashiri kara ; ashin no kara. Region, n. Kotan; ushike. Register, n. Auwetore-kambi. Regret, v.t. Yaikokatpak ; eyaikopash; kokaramotte; oshkoro. Reign, v.i. Epungine; shikkashima. Reindeer, n. Tonakai ; tonakkai ; tunakai. Reins, n. Atu. Reiterate, v.t. Kanna ye ; shui ye ; tu shui ye. Reject, v.t. Etunne; eicharase; eipokunnu; enupitara ; kokaramotte. Rejoice, v.t. Nupetne ; yaikopuntek; chimaktekka; rammakakke ; aeniusara ; aenupetne ; shirapipi. Relapse, v.i. Yaimechiure. Relate, v.t. Nure; ye; ukoyaira; yaineusara. Relations, n. Aba ; apa ; ramu ; ramuhu ; awa; awa-chin; iri; iriwak; iritak; uiriwak ; nokan ramu ; shiramkuri. Release, v.t. Pita; honnere. Relentless, adj. Ramu-nishte ; keutumnishte. Reliable, adj. Eyaikopasete eashkai ; eraikotne. Relief, n. Kaobiuki ambe. Religious, adj. Kamui koöripak. Relinquish, v.t. Pita ; honnere ; omande. Reluctant, adj. Kopan. Rely, v.t. Koposhte ; shikoba; yaietomkokanu ; eshikopa. Remain, v.i. Tere; riya; omeika. omek; eomaka; etarasash. Remainder, Ikashimap; okese. Remark, v.i. Ye; itak. Remarkable, adj. Iyokunnere ambe. Remarry, v.t. Soshipi. Remedy, v.t. Oupekare ; oupak. Remedy, n. Ene akari-hi. Remember, v.t. Eshkarun; ramushikarun; yaishukupka. Remind, v.t. Eshkarunde. ~ one of his faults, uchipayere. Remiss, adj. Wen ; katpak an ; oitaksak an. Remission, n. Tusare ambe. Remit, a.t. v.t. Tusare. Remnant, n. Ikashimap ; ikashima ambe. ~ of food, aep-rapapsep. Remonstrate, n. Kosakayo kara. Remorse, n. Yaikowepekere. Remote, adj. Tuima no an ; ehangeko no an. Remove, v.t. Oyakta ande; oyakta payere. Remunerate, v.t. Monimuye. Rend, v.t. Yasa; yaspa. Renew, v.t. Ashiri kara; ashiri ki. Renounce, v.t. Osura ; emaka. Renovate, v.t. Ashin no kara. Renown, n. Assuru. Renowned, adj. Assuru koro ; assuru ashnu. Rent, n. Yaku (Jap). Repair, v.t. Utapki. Repay, v.t. Ataye kara; pumma kore. Repeat, v.t. Aitakepishte ; kannakara; ukoyuhaikara. Repeatedly, adv. Kanna-kanna. Repel, v.t. Kikikara; hoshipire ; okewe. Repent, v.i. Yaikokatpak; yayapapu. Repetition, n. Aitakepishtep. Reply, v.t. Ese-itak; kowepekere. Report, v.t. Iso-itak. ~ of a gun, otonrin.
Repose, n. Mokoro; shini; hotke. Reproach, v.t. Yashitomare ; kosakayokara. Reprobate, n. Aeshirun guru. Reprove, v.t. Panu ; kosakaiyoramkore ; kosakayokara. Repulsive, adj. Aechakke. Request, v.t. Koramkoro ; kana. Requirements, n. Aeishiramnep. Requite, v.t. Imontasa; kemnu ; ikemnu ; yaiattasa. Rescue, v.t. Katunashka. Resemble, adj. Ashikopa. Reserve, v.t. Shikkashima; ukare. Reserved, adj. & v.i. Airaminukuru. Resin, n. Unkotuk. Resist, v.t. Ramuoshma shomoki; kopiuki. Resolute, adj. Katushineatki; ramuoshitchiu. Resolve, v.i. Ramu-oshitchiu; oshitchiu. Resound, v.i. Euyunimba ; shiri-eiyunimba ; sashnu ; mayun-mayun ; uwetunuise; eikotuntek. Respect, v.t. Aainukoro ; uainukoro; uimam ; eoripak ; euainukoro. Respectful, adj. Yaiainukoro. Respects, n. Maire. Respire, v.i. Heise-ki. Respond, v.i. Ese; ese-itak ki. Rest, n. Shini ambe. v.i. Shini ; eshini ; amo; mokoro. Restitution (to make), v.t. Hoshipire; imommuye hara. Restless, adj. Shikirukiru; ramu-rikkush ; yaikateaikap. Restore, v.t. Shui kore. ~ to health, shiturire. Restrain, v.t. Koyaikeutum-oshitchiure. Resuscitate, v.t. Hetoposhiknure. Retaliate, v.i. Tasa ki; imontasa. Retard, v.t. Moirere. Retch, v.i. Ohaiyokke ; sambe-rikoshma; ohayokke. Retire, v.i. Koyaishinire. Retribution, n. Pak; panaktep. Return, v.i. Hoshipi; hoshippa ; kemakari ; hekomo; hekomba; rura; kohoshipiri. The v.t. is formed by adding re to the verb. Reveal, v.t. Nanu-pirasa; apashte. Revel, v.i. Iku-sakayokara. Revenge, n. Ikemnu an. Reverse, v.t. Ainukoro; eoripak. Revile, v.t. Koecharapa. Revive, v.t. Yaikatchipire; shiknure; temka. Reward, n. Pumma; reika-pumma. Rhododendron, n. Ehureppo. Rib, n. Uchihi; utpone. ~ of a boat, chip-kiri. Rice, n. Shi-amam; amam. Rich, adj. Oteknu; ikoro; manka. A ~ person, nishpa. Riches, n. Ikoro. Rid, v.t. Isamka; epotara; okewe; omande. Riddle, n. Uwerokroki. Ride, v.t. O. Ridge, n. Metot. ~ pole, kitai-oma-ni. Ridicule, v.t. Emina; espase; eminaesapse. Ridiculous, adj. Aeminap; chiboshmamba ; oitakboso. Right, adv. Shimon ; shimon-tek. Right, adj. Oupeka ; son no an ambe; urenga an. Right (to), v.t. Oupekare. Rights, n. Atarimaye (Jap.) Righteous, adj. Oupeka. Rightly, adv. Oheuge-sak-no. Rim, n. Wa. Rind, n. Kapu. Ring, n. Akam; tek orumbe; tek un gane ; karip. Ring, v.t. Humi-ashte. Ring, v.i. Humi-ash; turimimse; uwetumuise.
Ripe, adj. Isa ; on ; chi; achi; chi no ; hekai. Ripple, n. Shishkuru; shishkun. Rise, v.i. Hopuni; hopumba ; hetuku ; shochakke ; shipushke ; numa; paiki; hemari ; ampaiki ; pun. v.t. Hopumbari. River, n. Pet; pechi ; nai. Mouth of a ~, pet-putu : chiwash ; o. Bank of a ~, soshka ; pet-cha ; uriu. Bend in a ~, shoro. Rivulet, n. Utnai ; chirinnai; narai. Roach, n. Shupun-chep. Road, n. Ru; rucha; para-ru; tonoru ; toi-ru ; ruchish. Road-side, rucha. Roar, v.i. Sash; humi ash. Roast, v.t. Ma. Roast, adj. Ama; ima; chima; chire. Roasting-spit, n. Ima-nit; chimakanit. Rob, v.t. Eikka. Robber, n. Ikka guru. Robust, adj. Tumashnu. Rock, v.t. Shimoye; moimoige. Rock (a cradle), v.t. Ehunge. Rock, n. Watara; shirara; so ; iso; iwa; kamaso. Rock-trout, n. Shiripok; shiripuk. Rocky, adj. Watarush ; soya; isoya. Rod, n. Kuwa; kan-ni. A fishing ~, apnit. Roe, (deer), n. Momambe. Roe (of fish), n. Chiporo; up; homa. Roll, v.i. Kokari; kokarikari; karakarase ; uwatnikoro. ~ as a horse, shikiriba. ~ as a ship, atap. To ~ up, kochupu ; kochuppa. Roll, v.t. Kokarase; kokarire. Rolled up, v.i. Chikorakarase. Roof, n. Kitai ; penetopok; pennok ; cheka; kamupbe. Rook, n. Paskuru ; kararat ; shirara kokari. Room, n. Tumbu. Roost, n. Orau-ni; chikap ka oreuni ; chika-ka oreu-ni. Root, n. Shinrit; shinrichi; chinkeu. Rope, n. Tush ; harikika; tomotarush. Rose tree, n. Mau-ni. Rot, v.i. Munin ; on ; horose; kawause ; apkara. Rotten, adj. Aapkara; horose ; munin. ~ wood, samau-ni. Rough, adj. Chayaya; shimok-shimok; hechirasa; payaise; hechirasasa; tokitokik; komonse; karu ; teshke ; rui; ukomose ; chayaise ; herisarisa ; ukokomge, kayaya. Round, adj. Shikannatki; shikarimbe ; shikari; mukkane ; numne ; makari. To make go ~, shikarimbare. ~ about, pishkanta ; tupishkan; shikap-neka no-ekai ; ekaye. To go ~, yaihoshikarimba. Rouse, v.t. Mososo. Row, n. Teshi. Row, v.t. Assap koro; ashnap ~, koro; assa ; chipo; hayashi ; yokte. 【foolish, odd format.】 Rub, v.t. Shiru; ishiru; kisa; eshiwen ; piru ; ruye ; chikishirototo. To ~ in the hands, numba,; noyanoya ; chawawa. To ~ together, ukere; uweshiru. To ~ a person's head as in caressing, musa. Rubbish, n. Temmon; torima; shirarihi; irup ; aemakbap ; mun; mui. Rudder, n. Chip-o-kanchi; okanchi; shiwororatkip; wororatkip; ratkikanji. Rude, adj. Shomo yaikatanu. Rugged, adj. Ekapechish ; karukaru. Rule, v.t. Esapane; epungine. Ruler, n. Esapane guru; epungine guru. Rumble, v.i. Turimimse; sash humi ash; kaisash; keurotke; keururu. Rumex, n. Shunapa. Rumour, n. Pahau. Rump, n. Osoro ; paisereke ; pansereke.
Run, v.i. Hoyupu; hoyuppa ; eotara; hopita: hopiwe; chash; pash; ochasatki; tereke. ~ over, eika. ~ away, kira; shaot; opasopas. ~ away with,(, typo) ekira. To ~ together, ikochash. Rush, v.t. Aotereke; soyotereke; soyoshma. To ~ upon, koniwen. Rushes, n. Ki; saraki; shiki; shupki. Russian, n. Nucha; nucha guru. Rust, v.i. Shikopop. Rustle, v.i. Sash; sashnu; sashnu sashnu ; shirisashnu. Rut, v.i. Kaikiri.


Sable, n. Hoinu ; hoita ; hoito ; kurusurap. Sacrifice, n. Aepaiyattasap. The bear ~, iyomande marapto. Sad, a. Yaikoirushka; iramtoine; iyaika-okka; shipakara. Saddle, n. Kura (Jap.) To ~, kura unu. Safe, adj. Pirika. Sail, n. Kaya. To ~ in a boat, o ; ao ; chip-o. To ~ a boat, ikewe ; kayakoro ; kaya-ehoyupu. Sake (Jap.), n. Tonoto; aruru-ashkoro; chiyange-ashkoro; chikusaashkoro. Salary, n. Pummaha; iwai ; iwayehe. Saliva, n. Non ; tohe; topse. Salmon, n. Shibe ; ichahiu chep ; ichanui chep; hemoi ; keneu , kamui chep; sakibe ; chukche ; chuk chep; akiaji. The young of ~, shiperam. Silver ~, matchep. Salt, n. Shippo; runnu ; ruru ; adj. rurun. Salutation, n. Irankarap itak; uwerankarap ; uwekap; rangarap ; saparuirui; otusanashte; uwenoye; murayepa ; ukakushpare ; ukakushte : umusa; uwechishkara; utamteshbare ; raimek. Salute, v.t. Aekap; ekap; uwekap takenumba ; ikoraimek ; raiumusa. Same, a. Heru; an-ai; ukorachi; une no ; sem-korachi; korachi. Sand, n. Ota. Fine ~, pi-ota; otapana ; ~ bank, ota-toshka. Sandle, n. Keire ; shutu keire. Sand-flies, n. Ota-taiki. Sand-piper, n. Kuikui-chiri; chipiyak. Sandy, a. Ota-ush. Sap, n. Ni-pe; pe; tope; ni-wakka. Sap, v.i. Ninka. Sardine, n. Iwashi. Sash, n. Kut. ~ of a bag, at ; atu; atuhu. Satisfied, adj. Ramushinne; ramuikoma; ramupirika; aeramushinne. To feel ~, tapak no yainu. Satisfy, v.t. Ramushinnere. Saucepan, n. Shu ; runne shu. Saucy, a. Irara; itashtasa. Sausage, n. Reu; kankan. Save, v.t. Kashiobas; kashiobiuki; ikobas ; shiknure ; ukao; shikaobiuki. ~ up, ehabapu. v.i. Ashiknure ; kashiaobiuki ; kashichiobiuki. Saw, n. Noko (Jap.). Saw, v.t. Cha ; chacha ; shitchacha. Saw-dust, n. Noko-konchi ; chachakomon. Saw-fish, n. Yube. Say, v.t. Itak; ye; hawe; chipahau; chipahau-ushka; hawe ash : shukauk; itak ki.
Scab, n. Chima. Scabbard, n. Shirika. Scabby, adj. Chima-ush. Scald, v.t. Seikara ; seireka ; chiu. ~ one'self, chimau-kara. Scale, n. Ramram ; mokrap. Scallop, n. Akketek; tutturep; tuttaren ; chietaye-sei. Scaly, adj. Chikap. Scarce, adj. Kemian; akokemian; chimoyomoyo; tokapchi. Scarcity, n. Tokapchi; kemran. Scare-crow, n. Toikakewep. Scars, n. Ikoni-tupiri. Scatheless, adj. Chipesusu. Scatter, v.t. Chari ; chari-chari; chara; Chichatchari; chatchari; parara; patupatu ; epuruse; eshitchari ; paruse; tuitui; paruparu; charagere, hochatchari ; ukokapiu; ukokapiure; chipasure; ehochatchari ; tososo. Scattered, adj. Apatu ; achatchari; charage; tuitui; uwe-ekasure an. Scent, n. Hura; hura an; mawe. Scold, v.t. Ekoiki ; korampa; ikoramoshki; kopao; koiki; kosakayokara; kopashirota; kocharang; koipak; ukopak; pak; pashirota; paragoat ; otushiwen pashirotpa; uye ; payekara; pa-ekara. Scoop, v.t. Ke. Scoop, n. Kaskep. Score, a. Hotue; hot; seine kunkutu. Scorn, v.t. Esapse ; emina ; eminaesapse. Scrape, v.t. Kere; kere-kere ; ukere ; ukere-kere; ketu; amuchishpa; amuchichi. Scraped, adj. Chikerep. Scrutinize, v.t. Huimampa. Scratch, v.t. Kiki; amuchichi; amuchitpa; ampiri-o; ikere, ukerepa. To ~ oneself, yaikiki. To ~ a hole in the earth, shiri-ori. Scrub wood, n. Hash. Scull, v.t. Kanchi koro; umkanchi koro. Scull, n. Kanchi; umkanchi. Sculpin, n. Nanu-wen-chep ; chimakani; chikoro chimakani. Scurvy, n. Chima-ush. Scythe, n. Iyokbe. Sea, n. Atui; rep; aratui; ruru. By ~, rep peka. At ~, repta; repke. To fish at ~, repa ; repot. Out at ~, repun. Surface of the ~, ruru kambe. Sea monster, repun ekashi; repun amushpe. To go to ~, erepun ; orepun. The north ~, makan ruru : herebashi. Seagull, n. Kapiu. Sea gods, n. Rep un kamui. Sea echinus, n. Atui seppa. Sea-lion, n. Etashpe; toto; toda. By some it is called tukara. Seal, n. Tukara ; tukkari; uneu. By some the sea-leopard is called tukara. To hunt seals is ikoya ; repoiki. Seal-skin coat, n. Okko. Sea-ear, n. Aibe. Seam, n. Ikiri. v.t. Ikiri kara. Sea otter, n. Tukara. Search, v.t. Hunara; hunanna; chimi; chimi-chimi ; chimpa; ahunaraye. Sea-sick, v.i. Chip shua; atui-ewen. Seashore, n. Pish; pishta; atuisam; tessam; masara; otaka; rurusam; sanita; makuisara. Seasnail, n. Akam; akamkot-chep; kokko. Season, n. Pa ; unpa; paki; pakita; epakita. Seat, n. Amset; set; omushi; ase; aset; aso; atai. Sea-urchin, n. Nona; nino; kunnenino. Sea-weed, n. Konbu. Second, adj. Tu ikinne an. Secret, adj. Aeshinap; rau. To keep ~, yaikoshina.
Secretly, adv. Arorokishne no; pi-no; hawe itak ne; osemkere. Security, n. Kuwa. To give as ~, kawa kore. Sedge, n. Takbe-kina. Sediment, n. Irup ; rak. See, v.t. Nukara; ingara; anukara. Seed, n. Piye; numihi; tane (Jap). Seek, v.t. Hunara; chimi. Seen, adj. Anukara ; ingaran ; chinukara. Seem, adv. Noine an; ayainu; parapok. Seize, v.t. Shikkashima; eikishma; kishma ; eupkara ; teksayekara ; amkokomo ; amkosaye ; tekkosayekara ; ekekem. Self, pro. Yai; yaikota ; yaikata. Selfish, adj. Rurirui. Self-respect, n. Yaikatanu. Sell, v.t. Ehok; eihok; ihok; oro an no kore; eyok. Semen, n. Oatu-wakka; nokipiye ; to emit ~, owen. Send, v.t. Omande; eorura; iomande; iwake; arapare ; payere ; ette ; emakange.~ down, sange; sapke; range; rapte. ~ up, yange ; rikinde. ~ out, oashinge. ~ a message, shongo kore. Senior, adj. Achane. Senseless (talk), n. Kuttoko itak. Sent, a. Aette. Separate, v.t. Usaraye; ukohopi; uweshinnai are ; ukohopire. adj. ukoopi ; ukoopi-ukoopi ; uwatte; chitui. September, n. Urepokechup. Serene, adj. Urenga an ; haphapke ; irushkare; totek. Sermon, n. Upaskuma; uchashkuma. Serpent, n. Okokko. Servant, n. Usshiune guru; uitek guru; chiutek guru. Man ~, ushiokkayo. Serve, v.t. Shieiwange; yaishieiwangere; paro-shuke; uitek. Set, v.t. Ande; ama ; atte ; e. ~ a trap, akbe yokore. ~ up, ashte ; eroshki; eushi. ~ on one side, ande. ~ at (as a dog), horohorose kara. ~ up, hetarire. ~ apart, komekari. Settle, v.i. Rak; reu. v.t. (as dirty water), rakka. To ~ in one's mind, eramushinne ; esannyo. Severely, adv. Chiwen; nishte no; yupke no ; toiko; shiriko; ruibe; erai; ishiri. Seven, adj. Arawan. Seventeen, adj. Arawanbe ihashima wanbe. Seventy, adj. Wan e ine hotne. Sew, v.t. Kem-iki; ukaukau; shikauka; ikirikara. ~ together, uwetantaku ; mu. Sexual intercourse, v.t. Kochiu; ehochiure ; irara. Shade, n. Sempirike. To ~ the eyes, tek-kakepo; tekekoro. Shadow, n. Kuri; kurumam. Shaft, (of a spear), n. Nini. Shaft, (as of light). n. Chioeroshki. Shake, v.t. Isoye ; shuye ; shuyepa; charase; parapara ; ekoirakoirak ; eoyuyutuye; reprep. ~ hands, ruirute. Shake, v.i. Hekisakisa ; shishuye ; shishuyeshuye ; tususke; ataritari; einoyenoye ; koyakoya; koyakkoyak; kotususatki ; yaikisakisa ; uruuruk. Shaky, adj. Itaratara. Shall, aux. v. Kusu ne ; nangoro ; kun ; kumbe. Shallow, adj. Oha; ohak ; ooha. Shaman, n. Tusu guru. Shame, n. Shikipip; yaishitoma; eyaishitomap. Shape, n. Kah ; katu ; katuhu. Shark, n. Same; tuntun; same-tuntun; tumot-un-same. Sharp, adj. Eën ; enge. Sharpen, v.t. Eënka, eënke , eyasara; iruige, keure; ruige; ruibe. Shave, v.i. Memke ; shiyapke. ~ a
stick, na ; ke ; raske ; eraske ; iyotte.
Shaven, adj. Chimamke ; ina an. Shavings, n. Nause; kike ; koppa ; piri; ras; kokera. She, pro. Nei shiwentep; nei matnep; nei matne ku; shinuma. See A. xii. Sheaf, n. Tantuku. Sheath, n. Shirika ; saya; kepush; kupushbe. Sheathe, v.t. Ahunge; rawechiu. She-bear, n. Kuchan. Shed, v.t. Chari; ohetu ; hachire. To ~ leaves, komrani; komtuye. To ~ tears, nupe yaikorange; yaikorapte. To ~ the skin as a snake, shiseipere. Sheep, n. Hitsuji chikoikip. Shelf, n. Shan; san; ioita; oita. Shell, n. Sei. Shelter, n. Sempirike; kurihi; ayaishishire-ushi. Shepherd, n. Chikoikip reshha guru. Shield, n. Kikhumbe; tamkikhumbe. v.t. Hayok. Shift, n. Moru. Shin, n. Nisap; ainan pone; utunini. Shine, v.i. Heriat; tonnatara-ki; tomka; tompa ; nupeki at; tom ; nike; nikenike ; mirumiru; shikayekaye. v.t. Heriatte; herashnure; nikende; nupekiatte ; hereka. Shining, adj. Herehereke ; ochi; tomo ; merushi ; kinna. Ship, n. Chip; pensai; shiruhumbe. Shiver, v.i. Uyuige ; uruuruk; nottatawause. Shoal (of fish), a. Chep-rup; chep-rupi. Shocking, adj. Chikomatu ; ashitoma. Shoe, n. Keire. Shoot, v.t. Ak; tuk; tukan; chotcha; ai-eroshke; kotuk; kotukepishte. To ~ as a star, tup; koiwak. Shore, n. Atuisam ; pishne ; pishta ; cha ; otaka ; makuisara ; sanita. Shore (up), v.t. Ekopashte; eturiechiu; yaipeka; eukopakte. Short, adj. Takne ; ehaye ; numi-pon ; keweram; takon. Shorten, v.t. Taknere. Shot, v.i. Chitukan ; shichotchare. Shoulder, n. Tapsutu ; sutu ; shutu ; susu; shusu; tapera; takubi; kukewe. ~ blade, kukewe-pone; kukeu-pone; tapara-pone. Shout, v.i. Haukoro; kayo. To ~ to, ekayo; haukore kunitara. Shovel, n. Kashkep. Show, v.t. Nukare; nukande; nukatte; nukaratte ; eshikoingara. Shower, n. Arishirikush apto. Shrink, v.i. Teshke; yoni; shinoye; komge; reuge. ~ as in old age, okyoni. Shrubs, n. Hash. Shrunken, adj. Komge. Shuffle, v.i. Shirutu ; shirutpa; oshiraeba. Shut, v.t. Ashi; shi; seshke; chupke; chupu; tompa. To ~ in, koseshke. Shuttle, n. Pera; kanit. Shy (as a horse), v.i. Homatu; ehomatu; orai. Shy, adj. Yashitoma; yaishitoma. Sick, adj. Tumu wen; shiyeye an ; tashum ki; tashum an; yainuhumi wen. Sickly, adj. Nikap. Sickle, n. Iyokbe. Sickness, n. Tashum ; shiyeye. Side, n. Ut; utchi; sama ; cha ; shut ; kotoro ; entomo. Side, adv. Samata; samta ; sanketa; otamba; kirisam ; otush ; utorosam ; humnanda ; utorosamne ; utasa; samatki no ; hekota; i-sam. ~ by ~, utese no. By the side of, i-sam. The other ~ of, arutori; arutori-hattori. Siere, n. Ichara. Sigh, v.i. Seiututtke; tanneshi ; tanne heise-ki ; heiseturiri. Sign, n. Shirosh. [Sign or trace of a
thing is sometimes expressed by mau or mawe. These words mean air, wind, taste, flavour, essence, state, condition. Thus, nei chisei ta Ainu mawe isam, "there is no sign of a man being in that house." Iramui mawe ka-iki, there is not even a trace a bear."]
Silence, n. Mo ; humi mo; humi sak. Silence, v.t. More. Silent, adj. Chimo; chihauge; hakmahakma. Sill, n. Shikrap; puyara shikrap; puyara uimak. Door ~, apa-chinkara. Silly, adj. Etomochine ; rara. Silt, n. Tomau; tomak. Silter, v.i. Apa. Silver, n. Shirokane. Silver-fish, n. Inumbe-ibe. Silver salmon, n. Matchep; meureu chep. Simulate, v.i. Abe-koro; apkoro. Simultaneously, adv. Koshiru. Sin, n. Katpak ; wenburi; panchi ; kurokok buri ; chikokatpak. Sinews, n. Rit; richi. Sing (as a bird), v.i. Hau koro; rek. ~ as a person, hauki; shinotcha-ki ; kuchi. Single file, adj. Uwetanne no. Singly, adv. Shinen-shinen; upipi. Sink, v.i. Rau; orauoshma; rere; rereke; rewekatta; tumuoma; raugeoshma; opuruse ; erauekatta ; erauokatta; soro. Sinless, adj. Katkap sak. Sinner, n. Katpak koro guru; wen guru ; akokatpak guru ; kokatpak guru. Sip, v.t. Hopse; hopse kara; hopsehopse ; horopse ; horopse kara. Sir, n. Nishpa. Sister, n. Sa ; saha; sapo; mataki; machiribe ; tureshnu; turesh; matramu; amatak; karapo; iresu-sopo. Sit, v.i. A; rok; kutea; mono a ~ as a bird, tumama. To ~ upon, erikikuru. To ~ with a hanging head, chirarapare. To ~ facing another person's back as in rowing a boat, Aisetoko. To ~ up in bed, paikipaiki. Six, adj. Iwan; iwai; iwanbe. Sixth, adj. Iwan ikinne an; iwanbe otutanu. Sixty, adj. Re hot; iwan kuntu. Skate, v.i. Oninkot; uttam. Skate (fish), n. Kashpe; kasumbe. Skeleton, n. Furukap. Skilful, adj. Hanno; ashkaino. Skim, v.t. Ke; eke. Skin, n. Kapu; numa; rush; tonto; chima ; uru ; kokop ; kiri. Skin, v.t. Iri; ri; risei; soso; soshpa. Skirt, n. Yokane ambe. Skirt, v.i. Aoshikiru. Skull, n. Mechakko; onashi. Sky, n. Kando; nish; nishka; aoingara kando ; nishkotoro; nishoro; nishkan ; nishetok; enishkoroge; kando kotoro; chikando. Skylark, n. Rikochiripo; rikan chiri. Slacken, v.t. Moireka. Slain, adj. An-rai. Slander, v.t. Chake-koshne ki; iyohai, kara ; sempirike-itak; sempiri-oitak; wen no ye. Slanting, adj. Erikitari ; erikitesu; eriot; teshke. To be ~ downwards, eraot. Slave, n. Usshiune guru ; Ushiune guru. Pl. usshuiu-chin. Slay, v.t. Kewe-uk; raige ; ronnu; chikopte. Sleep, v.i. Mokoro; shikkara; eninui; enunui ; hamoki; henoye; tokse; tokseka. ~ in a sitting posture, aashui. To ~ badly, ekonramutanak. To ~ late, tokap eush no mokoro. To cause to ~, mokore.
Sleeping clothes, n. Aehotkep; aehotke amip. ~ place, omaiso; mokoroushi ; amaoi. Sleepy, adj. Mopi; mokon-rushi; koyainurat; monak. Sleet, n. Pesosh; peseushbe. Sleeve, n. Tusa; tusa-imaka. Sleigh, n. Nuso ; sori. The leading ~ dog, ishaot seta. The second dog of a ~ teem, enat-orun seta. Slice, v.t. Mikerui; nikirui. Slice, n. Mike ; nike. Slide, v.i. Oninkot; horatutu. Slight, adv. Itaraka. Slight, v.t. Epange; ehapi; chituperamu ; chisaure ramkore ; eattune no kara; pechan. Slime, n. Tomau; tomak. Sling, n. Tara; tara-ibe; tara-ush. Slip, v.i. Charase; oshittesu; rutke; harotke; horutu ; aecharase. Slippery, adj. Chiinrarakka; rarak; shitteshke. Slit, n. Pet; petke ; epettuye. Slope, n. Mori; chikisap; shiri-kotoro; moiwa. Sloppy, adj. Yautek. petneka; worokushte. Slovem, adj. Yaikoatcha; uwokok; shioyapkip. Slow, adj. Mo; moire; moiretara; mopi; emonosap; eneninge; muchimasap; katumore; noratchitara; nuwasap ; imop. Slug, n. Anekinapo; ane-mokuriri; kina-mokuriri. Sluggish, adj. Mo; mopi ; imop; imopi. Sly, adj. Chirui ; irara; irara wa; shikatekushte. Smack, v.t. Kik. ~ the lips, chamse. Small, adj. Po; poi; pon; pi; mo; nokan; kachiko; katcho; po-ne; pipi. Small-pox, n. Shikatori tashum ; turush; kamoi-turush; kamoi-tashum. Smart, v.i. Araka. Smart, adj. Iramasure an. Smash, v.t. Konere; yaku; konerepa. Smashed, adj. Akorere ; akonerepa. Smeared, adj. Kopoyaske. Smell, n. Hura ; fura ; rak ; anra. Smell, v.t. Hura nu; hurakrak kara; hurarakka; parakosanu. Smelt, n. Nuira; tokikara. Smile, v.i. Ipo oro mina ; chimina. Smite, v.t. Kik; koiki ; shitaigi. Smoke, n. Shupuya. To ~, shupuya at. To ~ fish, inun. Smoke, v.t. Ku; iku. Smoked, adj. Inumipet. Smooth, adj. Rara; teshnatara; teshnatarake, ochipep ; chisara. Smoulder, v.i. Oraitek. Snail, n. Anekempo; mokoriri; mokuriri; sesepo; seyepo ; kinramokuriri. Snake, n. Okokko; tokkoni; kinashutun-guru; kinashut-un-be; iochi; kamiyashi; shiturupakbe; oyau ; toko. Snap, (as dead wood), v.i. Horak; push; serekosanu. Snare, n. Kutek. Snarl, v.i. Honoise. Snatch, v.t. Ehekem; tekepashte, raita. Sneeze, v.i. Eshna. Sniff, v.t. Etututturi; semash-shishpo. Snipe, n. Chipiyak; kuikui ; Shuwanuchikap. Snore, v.i. Etoru. Snort, v.i. Ishriro. Snow, n. Upas; opas; upas-uka; upun. To ~, upas ash ; upas rui; kashke rashne upas is "hard snow on the top but soft underneath." ~ shovel, kaskep. Snow drift, n. Upas rarakuma. Snow-flakes, n. Konkon upas; kinkinne upas. Snow-shoes, n. Teshna; chinru. So, adv. Ene ; sekoro; nei ; no ; tap;
so; eneëne ; ene ani ; ene ani ne ; nak.
Soak, v.t. Aonga; rekanka; rikanka; woroshmare; chiworo. To ~ through, epa; epesh. Sober, adj. Niwashnu. Socks, n. Kerop. Soft, adj. Hapuru; hauge; riten; pene; rikan; sarambe; tentenge. Soften, v.t. Ritenka; hapuruka. Softly, adv. Hapun no ; hauge no ; humi-mo; hakapka; itemno; hakkakse. Soil, n. Toi; toitoi. Soil, v.t. Echi. Sojourn, v.i. Riya ; shiroma. Soldier, n. Tumikoro guru. Sole, (of foot), n. Uresam. Sole, (fish), n. Samambe; nina. Solid, adj. Nishte ; uka. Solitary, adj. Shi; shinen-ne; shinepne. Solomon's seal, n. Etoruratki nonno. Somehow, adv. Neunpoka; temana ; temanak. Sometimes, adv. Humne; shiran ; chanan ; makananda. Something, n. Nepka ambe. Somewhere, adv. Ene; nak hine. Son, n. Po; poho; elder ~, kiyannepo; younger ~, poneunepo. Son-in-law, n. Kokewe; kokne guru ; kokone guru. Song, n. Shinotcha; iyohaichish; hauki ; neina. Soon, adv. Emkota; tunashi no. Soot, n. Upara ; uparao; uparaush. Sorcery, n. Itakko; aesaman. To practice ~, esaman ki. Sorrel, n. Makaro. Sorrow, n. Ok; shiok; oktomne ; rorumbe; yaisambepokash; eramchuptekbe. Sorrowful, adj. Iyaiko-okkata. Sorry, v.i. Yaikopok; yaikateaikap; eyaieshish ; iramuok ; yaisambepokash. Soul, n. Rama; ramat; ramu; keutum; ramachi; inotu; ranka; ishu-ramat. Sound, n. Humi; hum; airu; keururu; utor'hum; kup. Sound, v.i. Humi ash; mayunmayun; uwetumuise. Sound (in health), adj. Opirisak; iwange no an. Soup, n. Ruri; oharu; taipe. Sour, adj. Shukkake; shuk; shukun. Source, n. Etok; etoko; toko; motoho; pen ; pena; penge ; epenge. South, n. Hebashi; pikata; notenai; shum. Sow, v.t. Toita; etoita; piye chari. Sow, n. Matne buta. Space, n. Tumu; uturu; tum ; shiri; tuika; sa. Spade, n. Kane-toitap. Span, n. Wo. Mowo, between the thumb and the 1st finger; and shiwo, between the thumb and the 2nd finger. Sparse, adj. Ane. Spark, n. Abe miru : abe merimeri; abe meri; merimeri. Sparkle, v.i. Tom; kiaiush ; teunin; nikara ; mirumiru; nike-nike. Sparkling, adj. Nikarake; tomtom ; merush. Sparingly, adv. Aepapu no; aeyupke no; ehapapu no. Sparrow, n. Amamchikappo; amamechikap; amamechiri; ibechikap. Spawn, n. Homa. ~ of salmon, chiporo. Speak, v.i. Ita; itak; hau; hawe; ye; tashnu itak; hawe ash; charo-hokannashka; itak omande. To ~ evil of, wen-kurashpa. Spear, n. Op; ibeop; marek; yasu. Spear, v.t. Otke; atchiu; chiu; kachiu; katchiu; shiriko-ottke. Speckled, adj. Ushiushi; tunru-o. Speech, n. Itak; ye-itak; ayep ; aeikapa;
Speed, v.t. Koikature. Spider, n. Yaoshkep, amiri-yaoshkep. Spill, v.t. Kuta; kutapa; ikare; ohetu. Spikenard, n. Chima-kina. Spin, v.i. Itese. Spindle-wood, n. Komge-ni; kashupni. Spine, n. Ikkeu; ikkewe; niasara; ishmichi. Spinster, n. Yaikoan-mat. Spirit, n. Ramat; rama; inotu. A departed ~, ainu tukap. Spirits, (Alcoholic), n. Ashkoro. Spit (roasting), n. Imanit; imaonit; chimakanit. Spite, v.t. Koramuchish. Spittle, n. Topse; tohei; non. Splinter, n. Nit; nitok; nisash ; ras. Split, v.t. Makke; ekeweuse; enasa; yak na ; harubere; pereke; sere. Spoil, v.t. Wende; eyanu; chiwende; ikowende. Spoiled, adj. Aeyanu; aeyainu; mimam. Spool, n. Ahunka-nit; itomaki; kasayep. Spoon, n. Pera; echibe; otubera; parapas; berabashui; kashu; kashup; nikashup. Sport, n. Isho. Spot, n. Kes; kesh ; popporose. Spotted, adj. Kes-o; kesh-o; chikotachi ; chikosamtek. Spout, n. Etu; echi; nip. Spray wood, n. Cha; chaha. Spread, v.t. Pirasa; piraspa; shipirasa; chin; chingara ; opirasa. Spread out, adj. Parapara. Spring, n. Paikara ; paikarapa ; paikara-un-pa; aro-paikara. Spring, (of a trap), n. Hepitap. Spring, (water), n. Shimpui; charasenai; wakka-shimpui. Spring, v.t. Tereke. Sprinkle, v.t. Chari ; chatchari; kashiota; patupatu ; chikutakuta. Sprout, n. Chuchu; kene; keni. Sprout, v.i. Etuk ; tuk; niyatuk ; kenetuk; hetuku; otoiboshpa. Spruce, (fir), n. Hup-ni; arakoi-ni; chikap shungu. Square, adj. Ine-samba. Squeak, v.i. Ise; isese; iseise ; kichitche ; isa; se; inise. Squeeze, v.t. Numba. Squirrel, n. Tusuninge ; ahat; ruop ; chikumukai; rosse; kashikiri-kushbe; at; ni-yuk; toksep. Squirt, v.t. Epuruse. To ~ as a whale, pa-ashinge. Stable, adj. Ramu-oshitchiu. Stable, n. .Umma chisei. Stack, n. Epunipush. Staff, n. Kuwa ; kanni. Stag, n. Apka; pinne yuk. Stagger, v.i. Tetteri. Stagnant, adj. Imop. Stain, n. Echi. To ~, echi-kara. Stake, n. Urai-ni. Stale, adj. Horose; fushko. Stalk, v.t. Noshpa. Stalk, n. Niyehe; nishike. Stamp, v.t. Shiotereke ; shiotettereke. Stand, v.i. Ash; ashrukonna; roshki. Stand, v.t. Ashte; roshkire. Star, n. Nochiu; tompo. The evening ~, aronuman nochiu ; kotan koro nochiu; kotan koro sapo; moshiri koro sapo. The northern ~, chinukara-guru. A shooting ~, makkoiwak nochiu. Starch, n. Irup. Stare, v.i. Ingarai; enitomom. Starfish, n. Nonekarip ; otakarip ; utarakararip. Star-of-Bethlehem, n. Chikap-toma. Starling, n. Hacham; shinrush-chikap. Start, v.i. Opai; hopuni. Startle, v.t. Homature; ramutui;
kimatekte ; ehomature ; ichaka.
Startled, adj. Homatu ; kimatek. Starve, v.i. Chep-oma, kemekot. State, n. Humi ; yainu humi; mau ; mawe. Stature, n. Numi ; kewe. Stay, v.i. Shiroma; reushi; chiaiwakte; etarashi; oshiroma. Steal, v.t. Ikka ; ishka ; eikka; amiiyok; eamiokte ; eameokte ; eotuyetuye. Stealthily, adv. Apikuira-no ; pinu no; pinu; pinotpo; pinot. Steam, n. Pa; pa at ; supa ; shupa. Steadfast, adj. Nishuwamne; oshinnu. Steep (in hot water), v.t. Seikara; aseika. Steer, v.t. Um-koro ; um-kanchi-koro ; um-kanchi-amba; koechipatte. Steers-man, n. Um-ainu ; umta an guru. Stem, n. Nishke; nit; kushutuhu ; tuman ; kurushut. Step, n. Chinika; kama. To ~ over, oika ; ika koro. Step-child, n. Mamapo ; mama-yupo ; mama-aki. Step-father, n. Mama michi. Step-mother, n. Mama habo. Stern (of a boat), n. Um ; umta; chip osoro. Stew, n. Ohau ; sayo; kamahau-ruru ; ruru ; ruri. Stew-pot, n. Shu. Stick, n. Kuwa ; kan-ni ; ni. Stick, v.i. & adj. Kotuk; kotuk-kotuk; aeoma. Stick into, v.t. Eush ; eotara; echiu; kochiu; kochiwe; otke; oushte ; kotukte. ~ up, v.t. Tukka. Stickle-back, n. Chiai-ush chep; reaiush chep. Stiff, adj. Nichitne; shirara. Stiffen, adj. Shitatpa. Still, adj. Mo; mo an ; mo no an. Sting, v.t. Chotcha. Stinging nettles, n. Ipishipship. Sting-ray, n. Aichikoribe; aichokibe. Stingy, adj. Ibehumara; otupekare; ep-yupke; yaikoatcha. Stink, n. Wen hura; aura. Stink, v.i. Hura wen; anrok. Stinking, adj. Horose. Stir, v.t. Ukopoyepoye; ukopoye; shipi; kiripa; pitko; koyakkoyak; koyakoya. To ~ up, aukowennere; eyorokipuni; yorikipuni. Stitch, v.t. Nininu. Stoat, n. Tanne eremu; eremukoikip; kurusurap; atanika. Stockings, n. Kerop. Stolen, adj. Aikka; aishka. Stomach, n. Honi; tui; chupkes ; shitemnukore. Stone, n. Shuma. Stony, adj. Taratarak; shuma-o; shuma-ush; pitara an. Stool, n. Set; amset; amsho; omushi; atai. Stoop, v.i. Hotku; ram no; aukomomse. Stooping, adj. Koeattehewe. Stop, v.t. Yomne; yomnere; eyomne; eham ; reushire. Stop up, v.t. Seshke; mukte. Stoppage, n. Tuima esoyun omansam. Stopper, n. Chiai; chiaye ; konkochi. Stopped, adj. Muk; mu ; eshikari; ishikari; ishkari; omu. Store, v.t. Eyami; eyupki. Store-house, n. Pu; puke; umshu. To go to a ~ to get food, tua. Stores of grain, n. Haru; eyupki ambe. Storm, v.i. Sakayokara; irambotarare ki; akopashirota. Storm, n. Shiriwen ; itasayupkep. Story, n. Orushpe; yaineusara; upaskuma. Stout, a. Mimush; harokoro.
Stow, v.t. Riya no ande. Straight, adj. Kuwanno; oheuge sak; oupeka; pepesh ; ikurushna ; yaikeukoro. Straighten, v.t. Oupekare. Straightened, adj. Aopekare an. Straightway, adv. Nani. Strain, v.t. Inumba ; tuika ; inumu. Straits (of mind), n. Eikoramu; eikoramu-tunakshitne; yaikeukoro. Strange, adj. Oya; achi; achisei ; oyamokte. Stranger, n. Achisei un-guru; atun-guru; achi; oyamokte. Strap, n. Torara ; tarap. Strata, n. Soshi. Straw, n. Wattesh. Strawberries, n. Emauri. Stream, n. Nai; utnai; charashnai; pet. Street, n. Machi ; machiya. Strength, n. Okira; tumu ; chimondum ; mau; mawe ; keoro; keworo. Strengthen, v.i. Yupkere; chimondumkore ; okirashnure; chitumashka. Stretch, v.t. Turi; riterite; akoshituri; muke; ere; erepa; ni; koteike; rite ; iteme; itemi ; ushi ; shituriri; tunere. To ~ out, koturi; chituris ratki. To ~ out long, chitanne-turi. To ~ upwards, koerikitanash. Strife, n. Kosakayo an ; sakayokaran. Strike, v.t. Kik; kikkik; kokik; anekik; kachiu; ta; taishuye; shitaigi; uta. To ~ against, eok ; eokok. To ~ with a sword, koeashiure. ~ alight, kakta; hakka. String, n. Ka ; hai; at; atu. Stripe, n. Kes; kesh ; chukun. Striped, adj. Keso. Striped squirrel, chukum; ruop; ruookai. Strive, v.i. Ukokauk; chinuchanuchakka. Strive with, v.t. Etushma; etushamak; annukippo ; urametok-uwande; apakikkara; upatassare; upakkori. Stroke, v.t. Murayeba; ruiruye; raruibe ; musa ; otekteshbare. Strong, adj. Tumashnu; kiroroashnu; kirorokoro ; kirororui; yupke ; okirashnu; oshinnu; nishuwanne ; maunu ; uwok; nunumaunu ; tum-o. Struck, adj. Akik; aeshitaigi; ~ with a swoad, autamgekoro. Struggle, v.i. Hochikachika. Death ~, hopayepeye; payatne. Strung together, adj. Aupushi. Stubborn, adj. Shiayapkiri; shirambosore. Stumble, v.i, Epetchiu; eshiroko. Stupid, adj. Ehontomne ; etomochine ; ru-sak. Sturgeon, n. Yube; otarop. Stutter, v.i. Itaknini. Subcoscious, adj. Chikoramo. Subsequently, adv. Iyoshino; pokashnu. Subtie, adj. Irara. Successful, adj. Ashkai; ashkai no. Ison-pirika. Such as, adv. Ene; nep koro ambe; tap okai. Suck, v.t. Shikoni; nun; nunnu ; nunun; paranun; shikonun. Suckle, v.t. To-ikure. Sudden, adj. Ikushkonna; nisap. Suddenly, adv. Nisapno , sepekatki, anauk; nei-auk ; an-e-a ; iyonani. Suffer, v.i. Iunin ; otasaske. To ~ loss, ewen ; son no ki. Suffering, n. Yaiekimatekbe; mokiri. Suffice, v.i. Pak no. Aishirika omare. Sufficient, adi. Pak no ; tapak no; upakno; eipak; upak; eashikamare. Suffocate, v.t. Tasutuye; tasueshkari. Sugar, n. Sato (Jap). Suicide, n. Yaiisamka; yaipakari; yaikote; yai-iraige. Sulky, adj. Hepututu; pattukuku. Sullied, adj. Torush.
Sulphur, n. Iwau. ~ springs, yu. Sultry, adj. Seisek. Sum, n. Hochi ; hochihi. Summer, n. Sak; sakpa; sak un pa; kosak. Mid ~, Sak-noshke. Summit, n. Kashke; ka; kitaige ; kitaigeta. Sun, n. Tokap chup; tombe; chup; tono chup. Sunday, n. Kamui-to; shini toho. Sunfish, n. Kinapo. Sunken, adj. Erakush ; erarak; tonchi. Sunrise, n. Chup hetukuhi. Sunset, n. Chupram ; tokes; chuposhirok. Sunshine, n. Shukus; shukus sani ; useno ; shukus tom ; chuptom. Superabundance, n. Tepeshke. Superior, n. Sapanep; nishpa ; naa pirikap. Supper, n. Kunne ibe; anchikara-ibe. Supple, adj. Heune. Support, v.t. Eturiechiu. Support, n. Tuntu ; aekopashtep. Sure, a. Oshinnu; nishuwamne ; pirika. Surely, adv. Son no; son no poka; shi an no. Surf, n. Kaibe ; wash ; kampe. Surface, n. Kotoro ; kashike; kurukashike; kuru ; shokuruka; ~ of the sea, neto; noto ; nota. The inside ~, asamkotoro. Surface, (of the sea), n. Atui-kurukashi; kampe; ruru. Surmise, v.i. Yaipataraye; chataraye. Surpass, v.t. Ikashima ; akkari ; aakkari (v.i.), akkari kara; kama; eikashu ; kashure. Surpassing, adv. Aakkari, etakasure. Surpassingly, adv. Etakasure no. Surprise, v.t. Oyamokte ; rayap; enushkari; rayapkara; akoerayap. Exclamation of~, Hut; kik; kikkik; isenramte; etukishma. (Format error) Exclamation of~, Hut; kik; kikkik; isenramte; etukishma. To be ~, aoyamokte ; iosserekere. Surprising, adj. Aehomatu; enushkari ; eramokoirushkare; ishinoreka ; aeiyokunne. Suspend, v.t. Ratkire; atte; ratki; etara; tarara; rachitke ; chiratchitkere. Surround, v.t. Koash; nikkotama; erusaikare ; ochasat. Suspect, v.t. Koramu. Suspicious, adj. Yaikahotanu; yayapataraye ; inichiu; wen oshke ramu. Sustain, v.t. Resu; reshpa ; reske. Sustainer, n. Iresu guru; iresu kamui. Swallow, v.t. Hamne-ruki; ruki ; kainon ; ruppa. Swamp, n. Toman; nitat; tomau; yachi; pip; pipi. Swampy, adj. Tomam ; tomau an. Swan, n. Retat chiri; pekere chiri. Swarm, v.i. Kotoise; kokarase. Sweat, n. Poppe nu ; poppe. Sweep, v.t. Munnuye ; mukechirase, munuye. Sweet, adj. Shisak; nitoro; topen; ikera; kera-an; kerara; niwa. Swell, v.i. Hup ; tokche ; shipuske. ~ with pride, pitarane. ~ out (as a frog), sekukse. Swelling, n. Hup; toche. Swift, adj. Pikan ; nitan; shiri. Swift, (bird), n. Noyak. Swim, v.i. Ma. Swing, v.t. Eshishuye. Swishing sound, n. Chawatki. Sword, n. Tam ; emush ; rangetam; mutbe ; ibetam. ~ guard. seppa. ~ hilt, nip. ~ blade, tam-ibe ; santuka. Sword-fish, n. Shirikap. Sympathy, n. Enishomap; yaiarampashtep. Syphilis, n. Okamoi-koro tashum.


Tabernacle, n. Kash. Table, n. Set. ~ cloth, set-senkaki. Table-land, n. Ninara; inup. Tack, (as a ship), v.i. Ihewe. Tact, n. Kat; ki-no. Without ~, katchak ; otchiwe. Tadpole, n. Ekashuppo. Tail, n. Sara; saraha. ~ of a bird, ishi ; ishihi. ~ of a fish, atkochi; niasara. ~ of a bear, okishka. Tailor, n. Amip kara guru. Take, v.t. Uk; uina; koro; ukoraye; koro wa oman. ~ in the hand, ani; koro. ~ from, ko-uk, ~ care of, eyam ; eyuki. ~ back, oka-uk. Take down, range; tanunka. Tale, n. Orushpe; uwepekere. Talk, v.i. Itak; ye. ~ through the nose, enkoro itak ; monna itak. Talk, n. Ashbe; itak hawe. Talkative, adj. Chakoro; kuchikanna; pakerui. Tall, adj. Kewe ri ; numi poro. Tame, adj. Rotcha; rotchaot; shomapara; ahonnokkara. Tap, v.t. Tauge; tauge-tauge ; kik; uta; kik-kik; shitaigi; shokshoki. Tarn, n. Topo; topochi; to. Tarnished, adj. Torush. Tardy, adj. Mo ; moire ; shiwen. Tassel, n. Pusa; eupush; upush; push-kusu; pepesh. Taste, v.t. Ibe wa nu; kemkem wa; sapke-nu. To have a bad ~ in the mouth, kutkan. Tattered, adj. Konniki. Tattoo, v.t. Anchio; anchipirio; paro nuye; inuye ; unipa ; unuipa; shinipa; shinuyepa. Tatooed, adj. Aanchio. Taught, adj. Apakashnu wa au. Tax, n. Yaku (Jap). ~ collector, yaku etaye guru. Tea, n. Cha (Jap). To make ~, cha kara. Teach, v.t. Epakashnu; chakashnu; echakoko; ichakashnu; ichakoko; hannokkara; ekachashnu. Teacher, n. Epakashnu guru. Teaching, n. Epakashi. Tear, v.t. Yasa; yaspa; nasa; naspa. Tears, n. Nupe. Tease, v.t. Ramukara; iramkara. Teeth, n. Nimaki; imaki; imaki-chin; nimakihi. The front ~, esau. Projecting ~, esautarara. To pick the ~, imak-shup koiki. Tell, v.t. Nure, otta ye; chipahauushka. Tempest, n. Itasayupkep. Temples, n. Moru-enka. Tempter, n. Ikoramnukarabe. Ten, adj. Wa; wan ; wanbe ; earasamne; atuita (used in counting skins). Tendon, n. Rit; ritchi. Testicles, n. Nok; noki; nokpi. Tether, n. At. Than, adv. Akkari; eëtasa. Thanks, n. Yairenga; ikoraimek; iyaiiraigere ambe; hap ; haphap. Thankfull, v.i. Eyainiutasa; hapkapke. That, adj. Nei ; nei a; nei ambe; to ambe; to an; sekoro. Thaw, v.t. Irure. v.i. Ru. The, adj. Shi; shine; nei; nei a. Thee, pro. E; eani ; aokai ; anokai. Theft, n. Ikka ambe. Their, pro. Koro; akoro; nei utara koro. Them, pro. Nei utara ; to okai utara. Then, adv. Nei ita; orowa; neitek;
neitek osh ; oropeka ; aige ; orowa no ; orowa no po; nei-rapoketa; ipaketa.
Thence, adv. Imakake; imakaketa; nei orowa no; natek orowa. There, adv. Toada; nei ushiketa; tata. Therefore, adv. Tambe gusu; naktek; nei rengap gusu. Thereupon, adv. Aine ; aige ; aike ; nate; naktek; natek. These, pro. Tambe; ta; ta an ; ta okai; taka; tan okaibe; ta oka. They, pro. Nei utara ; ashinuma utara ; nei-kumbe. Thick, adj. Iron e ; rupne ; rue; ruye ; nupuru; shirara. Thief, n. Ami-iyok guru; ikka guru ; tekekoshne guru. Thigh, n. Om. Thigh-bone, n. Om-pone; ai-pone. Thin, adj. Kapara ; kapat; ani ; ane ; eani; harosak; toyesak. Thin out, v.t. Apakaraka. Thing, n. Ambe; an ambe; ap ; ike ; hike ; okaibe; pe or be. Think, v.i. Yainu ; yaikoshiramshui; yaikoshirase; ramu; uweomande. Third, adj. Re ikinne an; iye ere ikinne. Thirst, n. Ku rusui ram. Thirsty, adj. Ku rusui ; ku rusui ram koro; wakka raige an (idiom); ramsatsat. Thirteen, adj. Re ikashima wan. Thirty, adj. Wan etu hotne; re kuntuku. This, adj. Tak ambe; tambe; tan; toan ; tap. Thistle, n. Ansami; aiush-kuttara; hamichau kina. Thongs, n. At; keirat; torara. Thorn, n. Ai ; nit; aiush-ni. Thorn tree, abe-ni. Thorny, adj. Ai-o; nit-o; ai-ush; nitush ; atu. Thoroughly, adv. Toiko; shiarikiki no; irammakaka ; niwashnu ; oara; a , ara. Those, pro. Nei-okaibe. Thou, pro. Eani ; aokai; anokai. Though, conj. Yak; yakka; yakun; yak anakne. Thought, n. Yainu-i ; yainup ; rankupka. Thoughtful, adj. Iramepakari. Thoughtless, adj. Keutum koshne. Thousand, adj. Ashikne shine wan hotne; wan tanku. Thrash, v.t. Pai ani shirikik. Thread, n. Ka ; tu ; attu; saye; ninu. ~ winder, ka-sayep. Three, adj. Re; rep; reppish; ren. Threshold, n. Apa-ru; chaketa. Thrice, adj. Re shui ne. Thriving, adj. Shukup koro. Throat, n. Seuri; kut; kutchi; kutcham ; kuttesh; kuttom; kuttomo; panake; eraukut; rekuchi. To clear the ~, kutparapa. Throb, v.i. Murumuruse ; toktokse. Throne, n. Amset; set. Throng, v.i. Urare; ukonumba. Through, post. Gusu; kusu; rengap gusu ; ankushkerai. Through, v.i. Oboso; oboshpa. To pass ~, chiuposore. Throw, v.t. Eyapkiri; kohochiwe ; osura; kochiu; kochiwe. To ~ down, hachire ; hokushte. To ~ at, kopiyekara. To ~ into, oro ochipi. Thrust, v.t. Eattunne no kara; eotke; kachiu; tekrarakari ; ukachiukachiu. To ~ through, kushnare. Thumb, n. Poro ashikepet ; rue ashikipet. Thunder, n. Kamui hum ; kanna kamui ; kanna. Thursday , n. Mokuyobi. (Jap) Thus, adv. Ene; ene ani, tap; nei no; tapne; nak an; nokka ne; nakan ani ; rakan ; rengaine ; hui.
Thy, pro. Ekoro. Thyself, pro. Eyaikota; eani eyaikota. Tick, n. Paraki. Tick, v.i. Tokse-tokse; shittum-natki; kichitche. Tickle, v.t. Harututke; harututka; haurutotke. Tidal wave, n. Orepumbe; ohakobe. Tid-bit, n. Imoka. Tide, n. Shirara; shiranu. Ebb of ~, shirara ha. Flow of ~, Shirara pesh. Tidings, n. Shongo ; orushpe. Tidy, adj. Yaitomtomo; tomtomo. Tidy, v.t. Yaitumakarakara; yaikatkarakara; karakara. To ~ oneself, chitomte kara. Tie, v.t. Kote; yupu; tushkote; shirikote; shina; ekote; hekote; chikote; yupi; iyotte; earamuye. To ~ to, tonkote. Tied together, adj. Aeiukote. Tight, adj. Yupke. Tighten, v.t. Yupkere. Tilia, n. Yainipesh. Till, v.t. Toi kara. Tilt, v.t. Hetari. Tilted, adj. Aotari; aopentari ; otari. Timber, n. Chikuni; ni. Time, n. Paki; i; a-i; an-i; shiri; toki. A short ~, iruka; irukai. At the same ~, koshiru. Timed, adj. Iramtuiba. Tin, n. Yaikani. Tinder, n. Kara-ni. ~ fungus, tat-ni karush. Tingle, v.i. Chiu. v.t. Chiure. Tine, a ; ap. [-- foolish disordered position] Tit, n. Enumnoya. To, post. Otta; orun; oro; orota; oropeka; eun; ta, ko. He prefixed to and o suffixed to the noun; thus, he-kim-o, 'to the forest.' He-pish-o, ' to the seashore.' Ho has the opposite force and is also used with o. Thus, Ho-kim-o, 'from the forest'; hoe-ish-o, 'from the seashore.' Toad, n. Ketketchep; tereke-ibe. Toad-stool, n. Toitoi-karush. Toast, v.t. Ma. Toasted, adj. Ama ; chima. Tobacco, n. Tambako. ~ box, tambako op; otopkopbe. ~ pipe, kiseru. a ~ pipe case, kiseru otop; kiseri. Today, n. Tanto; Tan an to; tanto otta. Toe, n. Urepei; chikiri ashikepet; chieure. ~ nail, ami ; amihi. Together, adv. Tura; iramno, utura; itura; ukoköai; koökai kotama; ukotama ; ukoiramno ; uweutanne : eukotama; ushinanda ; , uwekota; uweshiniatki ; ishinno ; ishinne ; uko; chiko. Toil, adj. Monraige. Told, adj. Anure. Tombstone, n. Ashni ; raiguru ni; roshke. Tomorrow, adv. Nisatta ; nishatta ; orishimne; ishimne; ishinne ; shim ; shimma; ~ morning, nishatke. Tomtit, n. Echikikippo. Tongs, n. Abe bashui. Tongue, n. Parumbe; au; charumbe. ~ of fish, not uturu. ~ of fire, abe-nui ; mawehe. To stick the ~ out at one, ko-au-terere. Tongue-tied, adj. Shomo itak. Tonight, adv. Tan ukuran ; tane kuran ; tan anchikara. Too, adv. Kashui ; mashkin; kashpa; eëtasa; ohanashui. ~ much, ekasu; eikaun ; eikashma; eitasa. Tools, n. Shipopkep ; aewangep; aeyairamokotep ; eiwange kunip. Edged ~, notakop ; notakup. Tooth, n. Nimaki; imaki; ima; a. Tooth-ache, n. Nimaki araka. Toothless, adj. Nimaki sak.
Top, n. Koma (Jap). Top, n. Ka; kashike; kitai; hap; shokuruka. On ~, kata ; kashiketa. ~ of a mountain, eroöpoki. Torch, n. Shune; peutachi. ~ handle, shune ni. Torment, n. Arakare ambe. Torn, adj. Tontek; pet; petke ; chikoapushke ; apushke; koniki; tuitek. Torpid, adj. Mo. Torrent, n. Poro apto; poro wakka. Tortoise, n. Echinge ; kinapo ; tambu ; kina tambu. Tortuous, adj. Ishikari ; ishkari; oheuge. Torture, v.t. Iuninkare. Toss, v.t. Eyapkiri. Total, adj. Obitta ; ukotamge an. Touch, v.t. Chikerekere ; chirarire ; chikere ; teshteshu ; tutu; temba-temba; kohoshuppare; kohehum ; kashikewe; oiki ; oro-oiki; temutemu; ruru. Touch-me-not, n. Okuima kina. Touchwood, n. Samau-ni. Tough, adj. Nitne : uwok. Tow, n. Pinka; pinkai. Tow, v.t. Nimba. Towards, adv. E; eun; he ; ko ; kota; oroto ; otta ; orun ; ta ; eteun ; hekota; un ; tom-un ; ekan. Towel, n. Hachimaki. A ~ horse, aeokbe. Town, n. Machiya ; chisei-tai. Toy, n. Eshinotbe. Trap, n. Akbe; akku. Trace, (of something), n. An mawe. Track, n. Apiri; ru ; kochi; toko ; ruwehe. Track, v.t. Orounu ; ochipunu. Trade, n. Uimam ; ihok. Tradition, n. Ina ; oina ; yukara. Trail, n. Apiri; kochi; ru; ruhu ; ruyehe; rukotchi; toko. Mawe (see under " sign.") To follow a ~, oruunu ; ochipunu ; aneru. Train, v.t. Ramushka. Trample, v.t. Uppauppa; orarirari; otereke; otettereke; tapunatoine; shirikoteye. To ~ on one another, auweotettare ; chari. Transfer, v.t. Tupte. Transfigure, v.t. Kat-itasare. Transgress, v.t. Oitaksak. Transgressions, n. Uhaitarep; ohaitap. Translate, v.t. Auonnuyetasare. Translation, n. Tunchi; itak itasare. Transmit, (as a disease), v.t. Ipara. Transparent, adj. Oboso-akoingarabe. Transport, v.t. Tupte; teke-apashte; kusa; erura. Trap, n. Akbe; akku. A ~ bait. imok. Travel, v.i. Payekai. Traveller, n. Payekai guru. Traverse, v.t Hokush; kush; koekushna. Tray, n. Otchike , isapte otchike , ita; nima ; moshkara; oroge nima ; shuke nima; itata yara. Tread, v.t. Uppauppa. Treasures, n. Ikoro; tombe; kashkamui. ~ corner, sopa. Treasury, n. Ikoro omare ushi. Treat, v.t. Epotara. ~ badly, akore wen. ~ with respect, ainukoro. ~ with indifference, ainu, shikashishte. Trees, n. Ni; nitai ; chikuni ; chukuni; pokin nitai. A standing ~, an ni. Tremble, v.i. Tusushke; kotususatki; moimoige ; uyotsak. Trembling, adj. Tususke; oreuorewe. Trench, n. Pinnai. Triangular, adj. Re shikkeu an. Tributaries, n. Au; ai; awe; awehe; yau; makun pet; naipo; naiyau. Trickle, v.i. Chikonoiba; chiriri; pesh. Trident, n. Re a ush op. Trifle, n. Paure; saure. Trigger, n. Topopke-ni; topopke-kane;
hechawe-ni; hechawe-kane.
Triumph, v.i. Yaiokkainere. Trouble, n. Ekonramnup; mokiri; yaioknatarabe ; shitne; ekonramushitnep; ramusarakbe; eramchuptekbe; erampekamambe. Troubled, v.i. Akoöyamokbe; aeramusarakbe; aeramusarakka; aeramchuptek. Trough, n. Tarai ; kitchi. Trousers, n. Omompe; omunbe. Trout, n. Kitra; kitcheppo; chirai chep ; tokushish ; yaichep ; ichanui chep. True, adj. Son no an ; so ne; sonep; chikoro; sou; shi ; so ; ambe; pase; ari. Truly, adv. Son no ; shi no ; son no ne wa ; son no poka; shi an no; aäshi ; eashiri; chiesonnere; ashitan ; ashitan no. Truth, n. Son ambe. Trumpet, n. Rappa (Jap). To blow a ~, rappa rekte. Trunk (of a tree), n. Tumam; tumama; an-ni; ni-kema; net. Trust, v.t. Eishokoro; yaikopashte ; eshikopa; eyaikopashte. Not to ~, akatchiu; eishokoro shomoki; hanne eishokoro. Truth, n. Sonep; son no ambe ; shi an ; son ambe. Try, v.t. Shitotkere; usaimonkire. Tub, n. Niwatush; ontara; taro; taru; konkai; shintoko-emko. Tube, n. Kiseri. Tumble, v.i. Hachiri; hotari ; hokush. Tuck up, v.t. Horikiraye. Tune, n. Ekaye; kaye; kut-kayekai; shinotcha-ibe. Tungus, n. Kiren. Tunny-fish, n. Shimpi ; hokush-chep. Turban, n. Aesapamuye; epanup; ampushi. Turbid, adj. Nupuru, nupki. Turbot, n. Sorokoni-samambe. Turn, v.t. Hosari; kiru; shikiru; hekittekka; hekiru ; shitutanure ; chupu; kohekiru. To ~ upside down, eupshire. To ~ round, shikarimba; shikarimbare. To ~ oneself round, shikoshikarimba. To ~ towards, emakatesu. To do in ~, uosakari. Turtle, n. Echimge; echinge; fureechinge. Twelve, adj. Tup ikashima wanbe. Twenty, adj. Hot; hotne. Twenty-five, adj. Ashikne ikashima hotne. Twice, adj. Turai. Twigs, n. Chaha; nau; nause. Twilight, n. Aro-numan; shittum-kunne; kukke. Twinkle, v.i. Ukomerimerik; komeremerege ; iyenenumba; meri; merimeri; meru; meriat; merimerige; mirumiru. Twins, n. Chieuko ; cheuko; eukopo. Twist, v.t. Noye; inoyenoye; eka; eshirikokari; teshteshke; shitesutesu. Twisted, adj. Shinoye ; komge; chinoye ; ekomomse; hematu; noige; oikaru ; chikama. Twitch, v.i. Kurukush. Two, adj. Tu ; tup.


Ugly, adj. Ipokash; katu wen; pashta; tumu-aishirika. Unable, adj. Aikap; eaikap; eyaikush; chiniukesh ; etomochinne; heki ; inukuri; koyaikush. ~ to swim, mahauge. ~ to catch, eomken. Unamiable, adj. Akatchiu. Uncle, n. Acha; achapo; achipo; chacha; keushut; acha-ne. Unconscious, adj. Kuru-kotunash. Uncooked, adj. Fu or hu. Uncover, v.t. Soshpa. Under, adv. Chirai; choropok; choropoketa; empoke; empokta; mompok; koropok; arapok; ra ; rau. ~ cooked, ruchi; aruchire. To ~ estimate, iramisaikara. Under-growth, n. Cha. Underneath, adv. Hopoknashi; choropokita ; koropokita; munpok; rau ; rawe; tok. Understand, v.t. Eraman ; Eramu an; ramepakari; anu; nu. Not to ~, erampeutek ; ramusam ; uwa. Understandingly, adv. Anu no; eramu an no Underwood, n. Hash; toto. Undo, v.t. Pita; hechawere. Undress, v.t. Imi-ashinge. Undulating, adv. Nukannere. Unequal, adj. Eturupak shomoki. Uneven, adj. Tokitokik; teshke; toksetokse. Unfasten, v.t. Oiki-oiki ; pita; epittekka. Unfortunate, adj. Maukowen. Unhappy, a. Ramu-oknatara. Unitedly, adv. Shine ikinne no, eukotama no; keutumurenga. Unexpectedly, adv. Nisap no. Unlearned, adj. Automotnoka. Unlawful, adj. Hatto an. Unless, adv. Shomo yak anak ne. Unlucky, adj. Maukowen. Unmixed, adj. Yaisamne. Unprincipled, a. Shirun. Unproductive, adj. Anin. Unravel, v.t. Hechawere ; pitatpa. Unreliable, a. Ashkoba eaikap. Unroll, v.t. Esopinu ; Pinu. Unsightly, adj. Anukara humi wen. Unskilful, adj. Aikap; katchak. Unstable, adj. Utumashi. Untidy, adj. Uokok. Untie, v.t. Pitatpa. Until, adv. Pakno. Untouched, a. Chiaraita. Untwist, v.t. Pi. Pita. Unusual, adj. Oyamokte. Unwise, adj. Wayasap. Up, adv. Herashi; rik-peka. ~ a stream, heperai; turashi. Upbraid, v.t. Kopao. Uphold, v.t. Nitatpa. Upon, adv. Enka ; ka; ka-ata ; kata; kashi; kashke; kashiketa; ta. ~ which, aine ; aige ; kuruka ; tapka ; kurukashi. To put ~, kashiomare; ukaomare. ~ one another, ukata. Upper, adv. Hokannashi; pa ; pake penge ; kam ; kamu ; peni. Upright, adv. Kuwash; oupeka; oheuge sak no. Uprightly, adv. Oupeka no; oupeka wa. Uprightness, n. Oupeka-ambe ; oupeka-i. Uproar, n. Sakayo. Upset, v.t. Kuta; uwehorokare; upshi; upshiri ; auponi; kuttoko.
Upside-down, adj. Kuttoku no; kuttoku wa ; aupshi. To turn ~, aupshire. Upwards, adv. Herikashi; heriko; tuk; erikitari. Urinate, v.i. Okuima; hange esoine; hange-a; yaichinani; shishki; yaitektek. To desire to ~, okuima raige an. Us, pro. I; un. Use, v.t. Uitek; eiwange. Useful, adj. Raka an. Useless, adj. Raka isam; aeiwange ushike ka isam; raka sak; shirika sak; aeiwange eaikap. Usher, v.t. Teshkara. Usual, adj. Rama korachi. Utensils, (for eating), n. Aibep ; aeyairamokotep; inepki. Chioinepi. ~, for drinking, Aikup. ~ In general aeiueayep. [Bat. is foolish.] Utmost, adv. Orara ; toiko.


Vacancy, n. Oha ambe; isam ambe. Vacate, v.t. Maka; orowa no oman; eshishiri. Vacillate, adj. Ukomutte. Vajina, n. Achike; chipoki; ichike; ho; poki; chinuina korobe. Valliant Valiant, adj. Manka; rametok koro. (B. is foolish.) Valley, n. Nai; pinnai ; kot; nupuri uturu. Valuable, adj. Oro an no ; ataye an; aännoko ; nishka; riye. Value, n. Oro; ataye; shiri. Value, v.t. Kashiramu; aoshkoro ; aäinukoro ; aäinukorobe kara. Valueless, adj. Raka isam ; oro isam ; toiki. Vanity, n. Ohap; raka isam. Variance, n. Autasa; akowen ; shiruturu wen; eiyukoikire an. Variegated, adj. Hesho; shirikio; ushiush. Variance, adj. Utasa keutum koro. Various, adj. Arusa; usa; usaine an; usaine-usaine ; uoya. Varnish, n. Shirikihi. Vat, n. Konkai; ontaro; taro. Vegetables, n. Toi-haru ; toi-tum-unbe ; haru. Veins, n. Rit; richi; kem-rit. Venison, n. Yukkam. Verbose, adj. Ikopatempatem ; itakporo; itak-rui. Verse, n. Ik. Ikara. Vertebrae, a. Ikkeu; ikkewe. Very, adj. Shi no ; son no ; so; ekash; eashka; eoro; oro ; shiri; ruibe ; ot; shi; shit; shitto ; ara; tekoro ; oha ; erakasu; te-ekoro ; teikoro. Vessel, n. Op; aop; etunnup; oroomarep. Viburnum, n. Hapitun-ni; riten-ni. Vie, n. Annukippo kara. Vigour, n. Okira; mundum; mau; mawe. Vile, a. Katchak; ichakkere. Village, n. Kotan; chisei-tai; kotange. Vine, n. Pungara. Vinegar, n. Shukkakep. Violence, n. Niwenbe; niwen-buri. Violent, a. Niwen ; wen-ikiki. Viper, n. Tokkoni. Visible, adj. Chinukara. Visit, v.t. Hotanu ; hotanu-kara; uonnekari ; koiwak; uonneka; utasa; uweman. Visitor, n. Chiesorore guru.
Viper, n. Takne-hike. Visible, adj. Chinukara. Voice, n. Hau ; hawe. Void, a. Oha; sak; nepka sak; nepka isam. Volcano, n. Uhui-nupuri; ekai-nupuri. The crater of ~, Fuji-so; huchi-so; fuji-sokot; so. Voluble, adj. Aitak-epishte. Vomit, n. Aeatup. Vomit, v.t. Atu; eatukopashte ; aeatukopashte. Voyage, v.t. Atuikoro; atui tomotuye. Vulgar, adj. Momok.


Wabble, v.i. Shit-tunaktunak, tunaktunak. Wad, n. Chiai; naka-iri (Jap). Wadding, n. Wata (Jap); oshkeomarep. Waddle, v.t. Houtauta; nunanunak; nunannunan ; tereke-apkash ; homakatettereke apkash. Wade, v.t. Kush ; kashui; pechi; peichi ; wa. Wag, v.t. Shuye; taritari, shuyeshuye. Wages, n. Iwayehe; iwai ; pummaha. To pay ~, pummaha kore. Waggle, v.t. Taritari ; shuye; shuyeshuye. Wagtail, n. Enumnoya; ochiuchiu chikap; chichiu; ochiu-chiri. Wail, v.t. Chish; chish-kara; chishan; keichi; uchish; uchish-kara; uwen. Waist, n. Tumam ; tumama; kutkoroushi. Waist-band, n. Kut. To wear a ~, kutkoro ; kutkuru. Wait, v.t. Tere; antere; ara; ehuye ; ehuyepa; shikaotere; hoshki. To ~ for anxiously, iyekahunara. To cause to ~, ashiterere. To ~ on, epuni. To ~ upon with drink, iyomare-ki. To ~ upon with food, eimak. Waiter, n. Iomare guru ; imek guru ; tekepak-un-aeiwange guru. Waive, v.t. Eshuyeshuye. Wake, adv. Mak; osh; oshmak; makta; oshmake. Wake, v.i. Mosh; ioposo; ankoyoinupa. Wake, v.t. Mososo. Wakeful, adj. Shiki-shokso; mokoroetoranne. Walk, v.i. Apkash; urepuni; kourepuni ; kochimpuni ; urekushte. To ~ alone, yaikiri no apkash; yai-apkash. To ~ slowly, shiwende. To ~ by means of the hands, tek-kutwapo echararase. To go for a ~, yaineusarak an. Walking stick, n. Kanni; kuwa. Wall, n. Tumama; tumam; asso. Wallet, n. Pusaru ; husara. Wallop, v.t. Shirikik; kikkik. Wallow, v.i. Yaikirukiru; pesa-kara. Walnut, n. Ninum. Walnut tree, n. Neshko-ni; ninum-ni. Walrus, n. Etashpe. Shietashpe. Wander, v.i. Ekeshne no apkash; keshirikari. To ~ in speach speech, (B. is foolish.) kuttoko itak. Wanderer, n. Keshirikari guru. Wane, v.i. Nin; konin ; ko-okere. Want, v.i. Kon-rusui; eishiramne. Wants, n. Aeishiramnep; kon-rusuibe. Wanton, a. Hoiyo ; ramupekere. War, n. Tumi; tumiram ; rorumbe; tumunchi; itumi; ukotumi. To go
to ~, tumikoro ; ukotumikoro.
Warble, v.i. Pon hauki. War club, n. Shitu; shutu. Ward, v.t. Kikituye; Hayok. To ~ off with a sword, tamchash. Wardrobe, n. Amip; aumashnu amip; eyaiyupki amip. Warfare, n. Tumi; uraige; sara; kotumi. Warm, a. Popke; seisek; ikopopke; shiri-popke. Warm, v.t. Seisekka; popkere. Warmth, n. Popke-ambe; seisekbe; seiseka ambe. Warn, v.t. Nure; yomne ; epakashnu ; ekambak ; ekambakbe; pakashnu. Without warning, ekambak isam no. Warned, a. Aepakashnu wa an. Warp, n. Aturi-ka. Warp, v. Teseshke. Warrior, n. Tumi-koro guru. Warship, n. Tumi-chip. War-song, n. Tumi-shinotcha. Wart, n. Eremutambu. Wary, a. Ikowayashnu. Was, pret of the verb "to be." An nisa; anna; nisa; amma; awa; an manu ; manu. Wash, v.t. Furaye; ewonne; huraye; yashke. ~ a corpse, uweuonnere an. Wash-basin, n. Yashke batchi. Washer-man, n. Shifuraye guru. Washing-water, n. Ewonne wakka ; furaye wakka. Wasp, n. Toi-soyoi ; soyai. A ~ nest, soyai-set. Waste, n. Aemakap ; aemakbap ; koshinip. Waste, v.t. Ehochari; ehosatara; ehosatari ; koatcha. To lay ~, wentoikantoi kiru. To ~ food, aep chari; haruboso. To ~ money, ikoro-koshui. Wasteful, adj. Ehochari an. Watch, v.t. Pungi; ikaeyoko; epungine ; shiruwe ; onuka ; shiruwande ; oshirumuke; yairamatte; shik-tokoko; shitchimichimi; oshikkurukote. Watch, (out of sight), v.t. Aoshirinukere. Watchman, n. Pungi; ikaehotanu guru; epungine guru; shiruwe guru. Water, n. Wakka; aka; akka; upepe; pe; na. Hot ~, usei. Cool ~, nam wakka. To draw ~, wakka ta. A ~ vessel, wakka op. ~ gods, wakka ush kamui. (Compare pe.) Water, v.t. Teinere ; teineka. Water bird, n. Ma-chikap. Water-caltrops, n. Pekambe ; ineaush-pekambe. Water-closet, n. Ashinru; esoine-ru; soine-ru; ru; esoyun-paye-ushi. Water-cress, n. Kisesseri ; nisesseri; risesseri. Water-fall, n. So or sho. Pl. Sorapchi. Water-fowl, n. Ma-chikap. Water-ladle, n. Wakkakep. Water lily, n. Kapato (Nuphar japo-nicaum). Water-spout, n. Kamui wakka tap ; Kamui wakka nise; nish orowa wakka etayep. Watery, adj. Wakka-o; wakka-ush; pepe an; wene; tene. Wave, n. Koi; rin; riri; ruru ; ruyambe. Wave, v.t. Shuye ; shuyeshuye; heshishuye. Waver, v.i. Utumashire. Wax, n. Shum. ear ~, kisatturu ; kisara uturu. Way, n. Ru; ruhu. To make ~, eshotki. To be in one's ~, monrerampa. Wayfarer, n. Payekai guru. Waylay, v.t. Etokoma. Wayside, n. Ru-cha; ru-paruruge. Wayward, a. Itakkashi. We, pro. Chi; chi-utara; chi okai
utara ; chin.
Weak, adj. Achan; chan; apte; aäpte; katchak ; tumsak; okirasap; tumsap; eyotsak; iyapi; hauge; pan; mausak; heune; oibe-sak; rene; reune; hapinnu. Weaken, v.t. Chanka; chakka; panka; tumsak. Wealth, n. Ikoro; ikon; oteknu ambe. Wealthy, a. Oteknu. Wean, v.t. To-sarare. Weapon, n. Eshipopkep. ~ of war, tumi eshipopkep. Wear (as boots), v.t. Ush; keush. To ~ as beads round the neck, mukatchi. To ~ as clothes, mi ; utomachiure. To ~ as a sword, kut pok echiu. To ~ in a belt, mut; kutpokeunu ; shitomushi. To ~ on the head, epaushi. To ~ one over the other, utomchiure. Wearied, a. Shingi. Weary, adj. Shingi ; noitek. Weasel, n. Eremu-koikip; upas-chironnup; kurusurap; atanika. Weather, n. Shiri; shukus. Dull and cloudy ~, shiri-kurun. Weather-wise, a. Shukus ikowayashnu. Weave, v.t. Shitaigi; shitaige ; attushkara; ishtaige; tesh; tese; teshkas; teshkau. Web, n. Yaoshkep-ya. Web-footed, a. Assap-chikiri ush. Wed, v.t. Ahupkara. To ~ a wife, mat ahupkara. To ~ a husband, hoku ahupkara. Wedding, n. Mat ahupkara iwai; hoku ahupkara iwai. A ~ feast, iparoshuke iwai. Wedge, n. Sempi. Wedge, v.t. Sempi omare. Wednesday, n. Suiyobi (Jap). Weed, n. Kina; mun. Weed, v.t. Mun risei ; kina kara ; kokina kara. Weedy, a. Mun-ush; kina-ush. Week, n. Shine isshukan. Weekly, adv. Shine isshukan range. Weep, v.t. Chish; rayaise; chishrimimse ; chish hara; chish-ochiwe; pichish ; chish-ochiu ; chiukush. Weigh, v.t. Pakari; koskoso; esannyo; tumu-nu; koskoso wa inu. Weight, n. Mekata (Jap). A ~ for fishing nets, apseipit. Weir, n. Pet-etoktuyei ; kutu. Welcome, v.t. Eyairenga. Well, n. Shimpui ; wakka-o shimpui. Well, adj. Pirika; irammakaka; iwange no an ; urenga an ; tomte no ; tomte wa an. Well-behaved, a. Puri-pirika. Wen, n. Nin. Went, v. past tense. Oman nisa; oman manu; arapa nisa; arapashi; omanshi. Were (of v. "to be"). Ashi; okai an; an; ai. West, n. Shum; okoipokun; moshirikese; moshirigesh; ochupka-un; chuppok; nishoshitchiwe; koipok; ahunchuppok; chup-pok uton-ne. Western, adv. Anruru ; koipok un; koikokita. ~ part of the sea, Atuigesh. Wet, a. Teine ; petchepne, peot; chi. Wet nurse, n. Reske habo. Whale, n. Humbe. The tail of a ~, sannakara. ~ bone, humbe-reki. What, adv. Hemanda, nepta ; nep; nekon a; manak; ene ; temana; temanak; mak; makanak ; makip; nep. Whatever, pro. Nep ne yakka. Wheat, n. Mungi (Jap: mugi). A ~ field, mungi-toi. Wheel, n. Shikarip. Wheeze, v.t. Kererese ; hererese. Whelk, n. Mokoriri. Whelp, n. Seta; reëp. When, adv. Aige ; chiki ; ke ; hine; ine ; ko; koro; anko; ankoro; i; hembara; rapoketa; an-ita; hembarata ;
kunibe ; mana ; manak; hike ; hita ; ankikkumbe.
Whence, adv. Nak wa; hunak wa; nak orowa; nak we ; onon. Whenever, adv. Hembara ne yakka. Where, adv. Hunakta; ine; an ushuketa ; inani; neita; nakta. As, neita e an a ? "Where are you ?" Whereas, adv. Hunakta yakun ; unakta gusu. Whereat, adv. Gusu; tambe gusu; nei ambe gusu. Whereby, adv. Onne-kaiki. Wherefore, adv. Tambe gusu; mak ne. Whet, v.t. Eënka. Whether, a. Ka; ya. Whether...... or, conj. Ka...... ka. He an..... he an. Ya...... ya. e.g. Nei guru wen shiri he an, pirika shiri he an ? Is he a bad or good person ? Tambe ne ya, nei ambe ne ya ? " Is it this or that ? " Whetstone, n. Rui. A soft ~, hapun rui. Which, a. Inan; inambe; a; nei a; neëra. Which, rel. pro. Sekoro; seko. While, adv. Rapoke; rapokta; tuikata ; kane ; aige; an aige ; ko; koro; ankitek; eatrapoketa; ankan. A little ~, iruka ; irukai. Whilst, adv. An ita; an hita ; koro; tuikata ; hontomoge. Whine, v.i. Rayaise, mik; nuinuise. Whip, n. Shirikikbe. Wire, n. Haina-kani. Whirl, v.i. Koshiniwatki; kohumumatki; kohumhummatki. Whirlpool, n. Koyakoyak. Whirl-wind, n. Rerashiu; kopoyerera. Whiskers, n. Rek; reki. Whisper, v.t. Pinu-itak; pinu-pinu; pinu no ye; chapish; hakmahakmaka. Whistle, v.i. Maushoro; maushiro; paurekte; huse. White, a. Retara ; retara-tom ; tatara ; tetar'ush. Whiten, v.t. Retaraka ; tetarake. Whiteness, n. Retar-i ; retara ambe. Whither, adv. Ine un ; hunak un ; enon; nakan; nen. Who, pro. Hunna; nenta; sekoro; a ; seko. Whoever, pro. Nen ne yakka. Whole, adj. Hamne; ramne; emukne; obitta ; iworo ; ebitta; koarue-un ; tu. The ~ inside, tu onnai. Wholesome, a. Aenisashnu. Wholly, adv. A, oara; ramne no. Whomsoever, pro. Nen ne yakka. Whore, n. Hoiyo guru. Whose, pro. Nen korobe; hunna koro; nata. Whosoever, pro. Nen ne yakka. Why, adv. Nep gusu; hemanda gusu; nakan guru ; mak ne; nep ne gusu. Wicked, a. Wen; katpak koro. Widow, n. Shiyompiyara shiwentep. A widow's hood, chish konchi. Widower, n. Shiyompiyara ainu. Wide, a. Sep. [Bat. is foolish. err seq.] Widen, v.t. Septe. Width, n. Tomotuye. Wife, n. Machi or maji; matchi; an-machi; maine. Wild, a. Niwen. Wilderness, n. Nup; nitai-sak kotan. Wilful, a. Itakkashi; yaikire. Will, n. Irenga; mondum ; keutum; kuroro. Will be, aux. v. Kusu ne; nangoro; kushki; nanko. Willing, a. Itaknu ; ramuoshma an. Willingly, adv. Itaknu no ; ramuoshma an no. Willow, n. Susu-ni; ura. The various kinds of willow known to the Ainu are these ; Chip susu ; shiu susu ; toi
susu; urai susu; pet susu; and yaiyai susu ; peitat.
Win, v.t. Epirika; oiripak; eiripak. Wince, v.i. Shionini. Wind, n. Rera; mau; rera-mau; pekan rera; taskoro. A land ~, torush pesh. The north ~, matne au ; matnau. The south ~, shum rera. Wind, v.t. Saikonoye ; yaikoshaye ; noye; kokari. Winder, n. Karakarip. Winding, a. Chikaye ; chikai ; furushittok : ishikari. Window, n. Puyara; puya; purai; rorun puyara. A ~ shutter, puyara otbe. To shut a ~, puyara shi : puyara ashi ; puyara otbe ashte ; puyara otbe shi. ~ frame, puyara nimok ; puyara shikrap. To open a ~, puyara otbe sarare. Puyara otbe range. Puyara maka. To be by a ~, puyara otta ; pussam. Window blind, n. Puyara otki; puyara attep. Wind-pipe, n. Seuri. Windward, adv. Rera-paraka. Windy, a. Rera an ; rera an shiri. Wine, n. Ashkoro; chirange-ashkoro; arak ; (perhaps from the Russian) ; tonoto ; sake (Jap). A ~ cup, tuki. Wine-bibber, n. Iku-guru. Wing, n. Tekkup, chikap-rap; rapuhu. To flap the ~, shirapurapu. Winged, a. Tekkup-ush. Wink, v.i. Shikrapa ; shikraparapa. Winkles, n. Chipiyeto-sei. Winnow, n. Mui; isoyep ; muikarabe ; tuyetuyep. Winnow, v.t. Muikoro; ituituye; tuyetuye. Winter, n. Mata ; mata-pa; mata-unpa. The end of ~, pekere-mata. Winter cherry, n. Chiukomau. Wipe, v.t. Piru; piruba. To ~ up, ninka. To ~ the nose, etu-ni; etuipiruba; etu apiru ; koyaiki. Wire, n. Haina-kani; tukap-kani; anekani. Wisdom, n. Waya. Wise, a. Wayashnu; waya-ashnu; ramu-an; pawetok-koro. To make ~, wayashnure. Wisely, adv. Ramu an no. Wish, aux. v. Rusui ; ramkoro ; konrusui; rusuige ; rusui eishiramne; yaikotomka; ikoitupa ; ishra ; ishran. Wisteria, n. Oikara-ni. Wit, n. Waya an. Witch, n. Ikonnup; ikonnu guru; Itakko-bakko (tem). Witch-craft, n. Itakko. With, adv. Itura; tura no ; tura; ani; ko; ari; chiko; ukoiram ; tura okai; ani wa ; koro wa ; ishinne. ~ one accord, shine-ikinne. Withdraw, v.t. Shietaye; shishirikire; komake; komo. Wither, v.i. Shumumge. Withered, a. Chi; shumumge an; shum; shumun. Withers, n. Pen-sereke. Withhold, v.t. Shikkashima. Within, adv. Oro ; onnaige ; onnaigeta ; oma. oshke. Without, adv. Ana-sak; sak no; chak; sak ; sap ; nak ; tek-chashnu no ; shomo no. Without, (of place), adv. Soi; soita ; soine. Withstand, v.t. Kikikara; tam-kikkara. Witness, v.t. Ikokanu; iyonnupa ; paweteshu ki. Witness, n. Ikokanu guru; paweteshu ki guru. Witty, vdj. adj. Wayashnu no. Wizard, n. Tusu guru. Woe, v.i. Shirikirap. Woeful, adj. Shirikirap-kashpa. Wolf, n. Horokeu ; wose kamui. Woman or women, n. Mat-ainu ;
mat-chin; maine; mat-utara; shiwentep ; meroko ; meneko ; merekopo; morokopo; utaragesh ; menoko; matneku ; mainep. An old ~, ikonnot.
Womb, n. Honi ; po-pukuru ; makun apa. Wonder, v.i. Erayapka; erayapshi. Wonderful, a. Aehomatu ; aeiyokunnure. Wondrous, a. Ainushkari. Wondrously, adv. Ainushkari no. Wood, n. Ni ; chikuni ; chukuni ; cha ; chaha ; nina. Woodcock, n. Riyachikap. Woodland, n. Nitai. Wood-pecker, n. Eshokshoki; setpokun-chikap. Woof, n. Ahunkaha; ahunka. Wool, n. Wata. Word, n. Itak; itaki; shongo; ashpe. Work, n. Mon; moni; mongo; monraige; nepki. World, n. Moshiri; ingi-moshiri. Worm, n. Tonin; toimok; tuimok; toimuk. Worm, a. Amire. Worn out, adj. Pichitche; pitchepitche. Worried, adj. Aeshirikirapte. Worry, v.t. Ishirikirap. Worse, adj. Sambe-muruse; oyupupke ; naa wen. Worship, v.t. Ongami; ko-ongami; kamui nomi. Worshipper, n. Ongami guru. Wort, n. Eremutambu; erumtambu; numashut. Worth, n. Oro; ataye. Worthless, adj. Peshta. Worthy, adj. Uk-kunip; uina-kunip. Wound, n. Ampiri; piri. Wound, v.t. Piri-omare ; piri-ore ; nikapte. To dress a ~, piri-kokarakara. Wounded, adj. Piri-aomare; chikoapushke. Woven, adj. Atesep. Wrangle, v.i. Ukoramasu. Wrap, n. Kokarakarip. Wrap, v.t. Kokarakara, echup uchupu. Wrapper, n. Kamasu. Wrath, n. Irushka. Wreck, n. Koyangep; koiyangep. Wrecked, adj. Akonere; akonerepa. Wren, n. Chakchak. Wrest, v.t. Ukopa. Wrest (ones words), v.t. Itak eyaishishire; eukopa. Wrestle, v.i. Ukotereke, uok; ueerikiki; ukoshinoiba; upo; upok. Wretched, adj. Wen. Wriggle, v.i. Hochikachika; honoyanoya; kokon-noyanoya. Wrinkle, v.i. Yomiyornikte. Wrinkled, a. Isa. Ukokotne. Ukoshiyoni. Shiyoniyoni. Wrist, n. Amunini ; tekukot; amechish. Write, v.t. Nuye. Writhe, v.i. Shitesutesu; teshteshke; yayemoshkara. Writing, n. Anuye ambe. Written, a Anuye wa an ; chieshinnuye wa an ; eshinnuye wa an ; an nuye. Wrong, a. Oitak-sak; wen ; oheuge. ~ end first, oshipi. Wrote, v.t. Nuye nisa; nuye manu.


Yacht, n. Chip. Yatch-man, n. Chip o guru. Yap, n. Mik; mek; kaukotantariki. Yard, n. Mimdara or mindara. Yarn, n. Ka ; kaha; tush. Yawn, n. Maushok. Yawning, adj. Maka wa an; aopushi. Ye, pro. Echi ; echitara ; echi-utara; aokai utara. Year, n. Pa; paha. Next ~. oya pa. The ~ after next, ioya pa. Yearly, adv. Kes pa; shine pa range ; pa pish no. Yearn, v.t. Yaikatekara. Yeast, n. Shiruwe shipushkerep. Yellow, n. Shiunin. Yellow tail, n. Koyanchep. Yelp, v.i. Mik; mek. Yes, adv. A; e; o; ruwe ; ruwe ne; ruwe un ; ohaine , kon ne; wa un ; opukun; opunki ; hawe ne. Yesterday, adv. Numan ; numani. Yet, adv. Naa ; yakka; shui. Yew, n. Rarama ni; raruma-ni. Yield, v.t. Kore ; ketukure ; koropare ; ramuoshma. Yoke, n. Rekutunbe; rekuchi orunbe; rekuchi oumbe. Yolk, n. Nok fure ambe: fure nok numi. Yon, yonder, adv. Taäda ; taända ; to ; toada ; toan ; toan ushi ; ekushun; toan ush. You, pro. E; eani ; aokai; anokai ; anun; eshiroma; echi; echi tara; echi utara. Young, adj. Upen; peure ; pa pon ; ponram ; oipakari sak. Younger brother, n. Ak ; aki; akihi ; aktono; aktonoge ; akpo; amak tono; pone une guru. Younger sister, n. Turesh; tureshpo, turesh mat; mataki. Youngest, adj. Wara. Your, pro. E; ekoro; ekorobe ; echikorobe; akoro. Yourself, pro. Eyai; eyaikota; yai ; yaikota; eani yaikota. Youth, adj. Shukup tuikata. Youth, n. Heikachi; hekachi; seikachi; sekachi; okkaibo ; upen guru ; shukupbe. Youthful, adj. Upen; upeure.


Zeal, n. Opopmau; keutum opopmau; shiyupu keutum. Zealot, n. Keutum opopmau koro guru Zealous, adj. Opopmau koro guru. Zepher, n. Rera. Zigzag, adj. Reuge-reuge ; henoye-noye; honoya-noya. Zoöphites, n. Shuyupa num.

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