Cherry Blossom Viewing 2001

This year the blossoms have been a little earlier to bloom here in Toyono-cho, northern part of Osaka Pref. Take your time and have a good viewing of them.

(Pictures: April 13, 2001)

These blossoms are not SOMEIYOSHINO, which is the most popular all over Japan, but the kinds who bloom later than SOMEIYOSHINO. The center and the right are of the same tree. I am checking the names now.

(Pictures: April 7&8, 2001)

These cherry trees are SOMEIYOSHINO, which blooms with no leaves coming out, and the blossoms of which are regarded as "the cherry-blossom blooming of the local area." The weather forecast predicts the cherry-blossom-blooming line every day in this season, just like they show the air-pressure line. The blooming forecast starts around March 20th in the South, Kyushu and takes time going up north to Hokkaido till the beginning of May.

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