LL-Archive - The following links are for the LL-Letters spanning the time period from the end of 2000 until the beginning of 2006.  They began at the end of 1996 and basically have stopped for several years due to everyone having their own blogs now, so the need has mainly evaporated - although I still think it's a good idea, and would like to revive them again at some future date.  For now, I'm busy with blogs, videos, etc.   Some blog links and links to YouTube are below the LL-Letter links below. - Lyle H Saxon

The LL-Letters by Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon & E-Pals

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Here are some links that might be of interest to members of the old LL-Letters group.  Incidentally, I apologize for not contacting you about developments via e-mail, but the spam blizzard made it extremely time consuming and frustrating, what with people constantly changing their addresses, etc.  Anyway, here are the links:

blog-LyleInTokyo - There is both profound in the mundane and mundane in the profound
Tokyo Art & Music - Articles, videos & photos covering art and music discovered in Tokyo
YouTube Videos - Mainly of Tokyo, from 2008 on, with some from 1990, 1991, 1992...