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This page links to a page for each of the... items listed below.  This is mainly commercial in that most of the following people and/or organizations are people with something to sell.  I'm putting this information on my site as I strongly believe that artists need to help each other out and create a virtual organization so they can... like, eat, ya know?  I think everything on this page is on the up and up but I haven't detail-investigated anyone (except Lyle), so use your own judgment and realize that I will not, can not, be responsible in any way for anything on this page, but if there's something wrong, let me know and I'll take it off or do whatever I can (within my power, within reason, etc.). - Lyle

Kanji - by ShoIchi (written to order)
- Kanji by order - Y5,000 for each original work, available as a high resolution .tif file.  These are original characters, written with a brush, not created with a computer in any way beyond scanning the paper original at either 600dpi or 1200dpi.

Rui Ricardo Illustration
- Rui is an innovative artist from Portugal - a few examples of his art and a some words on Portugal can be seen by clicking here, and Rui's site with more samples can be seen by going to Rui Ricarda Illustration.

Images Through Glass
- Japan pictures from Lyle (that name sounds familiar...).  Let me know what kind of pictures you need and we'll take it from there.  A few examples of pictures I've taken can be seen by clicking here.  Lyle can be contacted at lylehsaxon(at)

Beach Art
- Trans-Atlantic Jane's site is and there is a combination image of some of her art here.

Job's Page
- Resident of Tokyo from 1948-51 - Recollections of those days.

The Comic Critic
- Manga movie reviews.  Pretty cool actually.  Check out a few by clicking here, or go to Mark's site "The Comic Critic".