[ 1040] Quick and Slow Friday ,October 7 ,2005



どうなるかな? 自分でも様子を見てます。

[ 1039] The sound of a Sansin Tuesday ,October 4 ,2005

I bought China Sado's album yesterday .
The sound of a
Sansin makes me remember Okinawa .

My friend , SLOW is going to go to Okinawa this month .
At last he is going to learn to play the Sansin .
He doesn't have a Sansin yet , but he will buy one soon .

Everybody who goes to Okinawa never forgets it and misses it when they're gone .
I too left my heart in Okinawa .

[ 1038] Goodbye MD ? Sunday ,October 2 ,2005

I put 511 songs , 40 artists , 47 albums , into my iPod Nano .

I used to use a MD player a few months ago .
Only a few months ago ?!

I think sometime soon the MD player will disappear from the world .
The world is changing in a flash .

So , I must consider what to do with this MD .
Should I clean it up ?
It's my memory !

[ 1037] Congratulations ! Saturday ,October 1 ,2005

At last , Wain got his doctor's degree !(Diary)
Congratulations Wain !

I hope he will make a good doctor !

Anyway , today is October first .
Do you know the reason that this month is called October ?
Octa means No.8 , for example octopus (eight legs ) and octave (eight scales ).
The calendar was made by ancient Romans and their calendar started from March . So the reason is October was eight month from March .

Let's start a new month !

[ 1036] Exploring Shibuya - Shinsen Friday ,September 30 ,2005

I had some free time last night , so I asked Conna ,"Do you want to go to Shibuya - Shinsen ? "
Earlier that day I had read the magazine ,Danchu and I found a good restaurant .
But we couldn't get into that restaurant , because it was crowded .
We explored Shinsen and we found another a good restaurant .

Finally we ate Chinese noodles -which I don't usually eat .
They tasted good .
Shinsen was a good town .

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