Japanese Study Course Guide
■ Long-term Japanese Language Study Courses (student visa)
<Preparation for higher education>
1. Graduate school and Undergraduate school of University, Vocational school
Support to write the Research Proposal (Graduate School)
Support for JLPT (N1,N2), EJU Selective Subjects:General Study; Math1&2; Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
2. General Japanese Language Study Course
• Business Japanese Course
• General Japanese Language & Culture Study Courses
3. Free Classes: Kanji, English Conversation, Basic Japanese
■ Intensive short-term Japanese Language Study Courses
1. General Intensive Japanese Language Study Course (1-3 months)
2. Japanese language & culture Study Course (April, July, August, October, December, January)
Half-day-lesson and half-day-activity. Excursion to Osaka, Nara or Kyoto
■ Private Japanese course
1st Step is sending your E-mail (int-cul@mte.biglobe.ne.jp) to ILA.
2nd Step is sending documents: Application form, Personal History etc.
* Check the deadline for application of Long Term Course.
Characteristic: Many nationalities of students, Profesional and Experienced Teaching Staff, High rates of get into the advanced education (Graduate School 20%), Principal - Graduate Professor and teaching at University.


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