Hướng dẫn quá trình học tiếng Nhật
■ Khóa học tiếng Nhật dài hạn (Visa du học sinh)
(Các khóa học tiếng Nhật theo hướng dẫn dưới đây)
1. Graduate school and Undergraduate school of University, Vocational school
Support to write the Research Proposal (Graduate School)
Support for JLPT (N1,N2), EJU Selective Subjects:General Study; Math1&2; Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
2. General Japanese Language Study Course
• Business Japanese Course
• General Japanese Language & Culture Study Courses
3. Free Classes: Kanji, English Conversation, Basic Japanese
■ Intensive short-term Japanese Language Study Courses
1. General Intensive Japanese Language Study Course (1-3 months)
2. Japanese language & culture Study Course (April, July, August, October, December, January)
Half-day-lesson and half-day-activity. Excursion to Osaka, Nara or Kyoto
■ Private Japanese course
1st Step is sending your E-mail (int-cul@mte.biglobe.ne.jp) to ILA.
2nd Step is sending documents: Application form, Personal History etc.
* Check the deadline for application of Long Term Course.
Characteristic: Many nationalities of students, Profesional and Experienced Teaching Staff, High rates of get into the advanced education (Graduate School 20%), Principal - Graduate Professor and teaching at University.


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