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Series: The Silent Pulse
@My mind gets healed when I am away from the city and place myself in nature. I think I feel that way because mountain climbing in my youth felt both refreshing and attractive. But as I got older, I started to believe that it comes from sympathy with providence of nature. At times, the trees and the animals in the forest shine, shelter from threat, and pass their lives to the descendants. The way of life of the trees and the animals in the forest had been repeated unremittingly and will continue without change henceforth. Also, at a river running through the forest, a drip from a leaf forms a current that shaves the rock to make the gorge and the waterfall, flows down the flat land, and pours into the sea. At the sea, an endless waves rush from the faraway horizon toward the coast. The river current and the sea waves shave the ground gradually to the shape of today in daunting length of time. The providence of nature world had been repeated unremittingly and will continue without change henceforth. From the nature, I strongly feel the eternal pulse of the universe that connects today, linked from the past, and with the future.

Collection: The Forest
  The sky suddenly turned bright as I walked in the silent and thick forest. A circling sky hung above a big and old tree lying on the ground from natural death. The old tree passes over the sky to the next generation by making a fall. There are many young trees on the ground born from the old fallen seeds from the aging tree. When the tree was still alive and healthy with thick leaves spreading over, there must have been some young trees that died from lack of sunshine. All at once the young trees that were waiting for this moment accelerate their growth toward the bright opening of the circling sky. However, only one tree is allowed to obtain the sky. This is one of the dramas that have been playing in the forest from the ancient time. My mind is healed by the pulse of eternal life that I feel in the silence of the forest that has repeated such providence.  

Collection: Sakura

@The country of Japan awakens from hibernation as the cherry trees blossom and becomes spring. It is a hope for cherry blossoms to bloom magnificently but I think, other than the cherry blossom, it has to do with the deep relationship with people from the old days. The existence of sowing cherry trees that are conserved in various part of Japan speaks clearly of the fact. Japanese had been an agricultural people and made blossoming period of cherry to be the timing for sowing their staple diet, rice. It could be said that cherry lived together with people. Although the life spans of cherry tree, rice and human being are different, the lives themselves are the same and the providence overlaps on them like a pulse. And I am confident that the relationships between cherry tree, rice, and human being will continue eternally henceforth. The confidence is a hope, a relief and what heals me.
Collection: Benches
   Benches that are placed at street corners and parks are artifacts. Various types of people - lovers, an old man, a mother embracing a child, and a tired office worker - sit on the benches and gain a moment of relaxation. After a while, people get up and leave, and quietness returns to the benches. Then, like upcoming waves rushing to the seashore, another person sits on the bench and leaves in a while. When I see the deserted bench, I find there must be various stories of happiness and strains, wishes and hopes for tomorrow that are imprinted by the people who sat there. I feel the pulse coming from the bench in the silence when there isnft anybody around. The memory becomes a fadeless stain and accumulates forever to become a ethingf with eternal life that I could feel the pulse. The eternal pulse is a relief, healing and my hope.
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@The Line-scape of Seashore

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